Interview of Andrew Bartzis, Laura Uplinger – Contract Revocation – Sacred Feminine, Sacred Masculine – 9-17-14

Divine Feminine

Divine Masculine

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Questions for Jim Self – Characteristics of Masculine and Feminine – 9-22-14


Jim Self, a leader in the field of spiritual development, founder of Mastering Alchemy, international speaker and author, answers questions about the Shift in Consciousness that we are experiencing.

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Karen Dover – Balancing the Male/Female Within – 9-18-14

Karen Dover

For many of you the past few linear days may have seemed like a roller coaster, with your emotions moving and shifting so much that you may wonder what on earth is going on.  Add to this the moving and shifting in those around you and you may have spent the last few linear days in much chaos and confusion.   The balancing of the male /female energies in TRUTH have begun in earnest and they move and shift all that is not TRUTH to the very surface of your BEing.


It is to be noted that in order to move into a New Earth the requirement is to let go and therefore release ALL paradigms that have prevented the balancing of the male/female in TRUTH. For those of you who managed to access tonight’s Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show, you will have heard me explain the release that is occurring within the human vehicle are the teachings that have sat at an unconscious mind level and play out through your human life experience.   It is to be remembered that ALL that occurs within the human life experience within the old 3D earth created reality is a MIRROR image of that which was created OFF PLANET.


Many of you may be continually releasing residue only for it to re-occur within your waking life experience, this is due to the ORIGIN point being OFF PLANET.  View it  like brushing your hair in the mirror, to release the frequency only on planet earth is akin to trying to brush the hair of your reflection only. It is not possible, you have to release the frequency at its POINT OF ORIGIN.  It is very easy indeed to only reference this human life experience, after all your human logical mind only has this life time to reference, it believes only what it sees through the eyes of your human vehicle and has NO reference points for that which is playing out AT POINT OF ORIGIN.   Therefore only by moving into your heart space can you illuminate that which is playing out, for your SOUL can reference ALL life times no matter their origin.




Movement into the New Earth frequency reality of your choice (choice is made at SOUL level) is determined by your frequency.  As you approach the frequency required to move to the portal your SOUL will begin to illuminate that which is preventing the manifestation of your DREAM in TRUTH, it is NOT POSSIBLE to move through the portal to the New Earth frequencies whilst carrying any of the teachings of the old 3D earth created reality.  You will find yourself stuck in loops of behaviour/patterns of creation which ignite much frustration and possibly feelings of grief, abandonment and betrayal within you.  Indeed many of you may be playing these out in your human life through the actions of those around you.   These are illuminating in order that you SEE the patterns clearly and take action to disconnect and release the patterns, this must be done by releasing from the POINT OF ORIGIN of these patterns.

It is also to be noted that just because you cannot see a frequency does not negate said frequency, the patterns are there to HELP YOU, you can only release that which YOU can SEE, until that moment it remains hidden within you.   The lead up to the EQUINOX will now intensify in order to move you into place at a very physical human level. For many of you this may take you to what you interpret as breaking point, only in breaking the hard shell that you have been taught to place around your heart space can you allow the expansion and evolution that your SOUL is now crying out for. You did not come here to remain contained and suppressed, you came here to experience expansion and take part in the evolution of the human race in TRUTH.

For those of you who align with the portal of 528 mhz of the New Earth I provide various tools to help you align and achieve the necessary alignment including personal recoding sessions. (For more information please visit

LOVE is the answer, no matter the question.


Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe – Male and Female Energy – 8-17-14

Pamela Kribbe

Jeshua: Male and Female Energy, channeled by Pamela Kribbe, 2014 at:

Dear friends, it gives me great pleasure to be with you again. I am so glad to be in your company. You have a tendency to look up to me, or to beings like me, as masters but we do not see it that way. We see you following your path on earth at a challenging time, a time when much is changing, and we see you growing towards your own mastery.

We see you becoming the masters that you still look up to at times. And this is what it is all about – finding your own mastery! Do not follow any master that is brought before you by tradition or by books or by anything someone else is telling you. Find your own mastery – that’s what it’s all about.

Today I would like to speak about a theme that reaches back far into your history: the energies of the male and the female. These are old energies and a lot is going on with them right now.

First I would like to say something about the nature of the male and the female. These energies are two aspects of the One. They therefore are not really opposed or dualistic, they are one; they are two faces of one energy.

The male energy is the aspect that is outwardly focused. It is that part of God or Spirit that drives outward manifestation, that makes Spirit materialize and take form. The male energy therefore knows a strong creative force. It is natural to the male energy to be highly focused and goal-oriented. In this manner the male energy creates individuality. The male energy allows you to separate yourself from the One, from the Whole and to stand alone and be a specific individual.

The female energy is the energy of Home. It is the energy of the Primal Source, the flowing Light, pure Being. It is the energy that has not yet manifested, the inner aspect of things. The female energy is all encompassing and oceanic; it does not differentiate or individualize.

Now, imagine the energy of the female becoming aware of a certain movement inside of her, a slight restlessness, a desire for… reaching out, outside of her boundaries, moving outside of herself to attain experience. There is a longing for something new, for adventure! And then an energy comes to her that answers that longing. It is the male energy that wants to be of service and help her manifest in matter, in form. The male energy defines and shapes the female energy and by their cooperation the total sum of energies can take a completely new direction. A new reality can be created in which everything can be explored and experienced, in ever changing forms of manifestation.

The dance of the male and the female brings forth the fluctuating spectacle of created reality, of your creation. This is a spectacle of great beauty wherein the male and female energy worship each other and celebrate their cooperation and playful joining. And this is as it should be. The male and female energy belong together, they are two aspects of the One and together they celebrate the joyful manifestation that Creation is supposed to be.

It has been said that in the final realization of who you are, the only truth that matters is: I AM. And in this mystical mantra, precisely those two aspects merge. In the I is the male energy, in the AM is the female energy. The I is constricting, differentiating. It gives focus, it gives direction, it individuates: I, not the other, I. And then AM. AM is oceanic, all encompassing. It reflects the ocean of Home, the female energy, the inexhaustible source that knows no bounds, no differentiation. The flowing and joining aspect is the core of the female energy. In the I AM, the male and female come together and blissfully join their energies.

Now in the history of humanity and even before humanity existed, a conflict arose between the masculine and the feminine. I shall not go into the origin of this conflict now. But in your history there is a drifting apart of male and female energy so that they appear as opposite forces. The yin-yang symbol demonstrates the true situation very well. In the masculine there is always a core of the feminine, and in the feminine there is a core of the masculine, just as there is a white dot in the black and a black dot in the white. But in the course of history, this mystical unity of the masculine and feminine has been forgotten and these energies have become opposed to each other as black and white. The underlying unity was no longer recognized.

Right now, you are in the last phase of this history of conflict, in which the male energy has played the part of perpetrator for many centuries. The male energy has long been playing a part in which it oppresses, mutilates and destroys the female energy. It was not always like that. There have been times in which the female energy had the upper hand and wrongly manipulated and ruled the male energy. But that time is over. The conflict took a different turn at a certain point and the roles of perpetrator and victim were reversed.

The male energy has been in power for a long time now and has misused this power in such a fashion that the female energy has been weakened and does not realize the integrity of her Being anymore. Whenever the masculine and feminine are in conflict, the disintegration of both is inevitable. Where the feminine gets victimized more and more and gets lost in self-denial, the masculine energy loses itself in ruthless violence and the kind of aggression you know from the many wars in your past.

The masculine and the feminine depend on one another. When they battle each other, the consequences are disastrous. But times are changing. Since the 19th and 20th centuries, the female energy is regaining its strength and rising above the role of victim. This resurrection comes from deep within the feminine energy. She has finally reached the outer limit of her self-denial. At this point she has looked herself in the face and has stated: this is as far as it goes.

By the way, this is how it always goes in the dynamic between victim and perpetrator. Change starts when the victim refuses to accept any more. The perpetrator could well hang onto his role for a longer while, for he has less of a reason to stop. Revolution starts where the victim refuses to accept any more and finally takes back her power. In all situations of repression, for example of women in their family or in society, the real moment of change is when the woman – or the feminine energy within a person – decides for herself: I will not take this any longer. This is when change truly starts to happen. External measures are useless until this moment presents itself.

The female energy has arisen and its star is rising. Actually the most urgent matter in this time and age is the transformation of the male energy!! It is now time for a new definition of male energy. I could have easily called this channeling “the rebirth of the male energy.” For I want to stress that it is only in reunion with a matured and balanced male energy that the female energy can flourish again.

The female energy has in the past century and even before that regained power and strength. It has begun to flourish in a new and more balanced way. Despite the inequality of the sexes that is still present in your society, the rise of the female energy is unstoppable. However the female energy cannot gain full strength and vitality without cooperation with the male energy. This goes for the collective level as well as the individual.

The female energy cannot make its final breakthrough without the support of and connection with the male energy. This is not because of an inherent weakness in the female energy. It is because of the essential nature of male and female energies: the fact that they are intertwined and can only fulfill their brightest potentials in cooperation. This is why it is imperative now that the male energy reshape itself and venture into the new!

When you look at the interplay between male and female on a collective level, the female energy is now in a position of waiting. She is waiting. At present there is a struggle going on within the collective male energy between the old and the new. A new wave of energy is dawning within the collective male energy that honors and respects the female energy. This new wave of male energy wants to join with the female and together enter the New Age. But at the same time an older wave of male energy is still active and trying to persist. This energy is clearly working in the series of terrorist attacks that has taken place all over your world.

The male energy in its old role of heartless aggressor is thereby showing its nasty side. In the ones who commit these horrendous attacks there are very dark emotions: aggression, anger and at the same time utter powerlessness and helplessness. It is from this utter helplessness that they appeal to the most brute and destructive types of power display. This male energy we are speaking of is in its death agonies. It senses that there are important changes going on collectively and that humanity is on the threshold of a new era.

One of the problems you are now facing, while growing towards a more balanced cooperation between male and female, is how to deal with this kind of ruthless energy. What are we going to do about this old male energy that is trying to create as much havoc and destruction as possible in its downfall? Let me tell you this: its downfall is a fact. The struggle has been lost by the old male energy, but it will not surrender easily and it will resist to the very last with aggression and merciless attempts at domination.

Much will depend on how the inner collective attitude will be to these aggressors. Will you allow anger and powerlessness into your own energy field as a reaction to acts of violence? Then you open up to the energy field of the aggressors. At the very moment you feel overpowered by anger and resentment toward them they have reached their target. You are then sucked into their energetic vibration and you would be willing to kill as well: kill the murderers of the innocent.

This is all very understandable, but is it vital to realize what’s happening here. As soon as there are intense emotions rising up, it is wise to make a pause, in silence. Go back to the quiet, knowing part of you and ask: what is really going on here? It is all about your wisdom and discernment now, your ability to see through things and to feel what really is at stake. The world will not be taken over by terrorist powers; the old male energy has served its time and its dying hour is at hand.

The most important message I have about terrorism, this manifestation of old male aggression, is: stay conscious! Do not let yourself be taken off-center by emotions of powerlessness, i.e. by getting victimized. Know that no one will be touched by this aggressive energy if they do not allow it into their energy field. If you do not react with anger or hatred, you will not draw it to you. You will be safe and protected by your own light.

I now would like to pay attention to the more mundane individual level, the level at which you deal with the male and female energies within yourself. For on the individual level as well there has been a struggle between the male and the female energies. Everything that happens collectively mirrors processes at the individual level.

To illustrate the importance of balance between the feminine and the masculine on the individual level, I will speak of the energy centers in every human, which are also called the chakras. There are seven of them that you know of now and these are located along the spine, from the tail bone to the crown. I will go into all of these chakras briefly, to show you that they are all characterized by either a predominantly male or female type of energy.

The tail bone (root) chakra is the energy center that connects you to the earth. The energy in this chakra reaches out to the earth and allows you to manifest your soul energy in physical form on the dense, material level of reality. In view of the reaching out and manifesting type of energy in the tail bone chakra, you may call it a predominantly male chakra. A chakra is never completely male or female, but one may say that the male energy has the upper hand here.

The second chakra is called the navel (belly button) chakra and it is the center of emotions. This center allows you to experience emotions, mood swings, in short all the highs and lows of emotional life. It is a receptive center. That is why I call it a female center, a chakra in which the female flow of energy dominates.

The third chakra, also called the solar plexus, is a center of action and creation. This is a center which reaches out and allows energy to manifest in physical reality. You may compare it to the sun, the outpouring of rays and the power of the yellow sunlight (the natural color of the third chakra is yellow). In the solar plexus your thoughts, ideas and desires are transformed into outer manifestation. It is the chakra of action and outward expression. It is also the seat of the ego, meaning the earthly personality, without negative implications. The predominant energy is male.

The heart chakra is a receptive center like the navel chakra and it has the special ability to connect different flows of energy. It is the center in which the energies of the lower three chakras (earth reality) and the upper three chakras (cosmic reality) connect. The heart is the bridge between mind (head) and emotion (belly). From the heart you are also able to connect with others and transcend yourself. The heart transcends the boundaries of the ego and enables you to feel oneness with anything outside of you, even with All That Is. The heart chakra is the gateway to the energy of Home. It is clearly a center of connection and it is therefore predominantly feminine.

The throat chakra is male. From this center inner promptings, ideas and emotions are given physical shape through speaking, crying, laughing, singing, yelling etc. Here the inner life is expressed outwardly by communication through the voice and through language. This center enables you to make your inner life known to others by means of physical signals: words, sounds, concepts. It is a center of manifestation that enables you to focus your energy outwardly into the physical plane. It is also a center of creativity.

The sixth chakra, also called “the third eye” which is located in the middle of your head, is feminine again. It receives extra-sensory, intuitive impressions and transcends the boundaries of the physical (the five physical senses). It is the seat of clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. Through this center you can feel the energy of someone else – the emotions, the pains, the joys – as your own. With this ability of empathy, you transcend the boundaries of the ego and you connect with “that which is not-you.”

Finally there is the crown chakra, on top of the head. This chakra is neither male nor female. Or you might say: it is both. In this chakra, you rise above the duality of male and female. The crown chakra is an interesting combination of both energies. When this chakra is balanced, the consciousness therein is in a state of receiving as much as reaching out. There is a reaching “upwards” to other dimensions, where it seeks spiritual meaning or support, or to deeper layers of the Self. And at the same time there is a quiet and tranquil receptiveness, a knowingness that the answers will come in good time. It is a type of consciousness that is both highly focused and highly receptive. In this “state of mind” you come very close to the unity that underlies male and female energies, the energy of Spirit or God.

I have now sketched very roughly the movement of the male and female energy flows throughout the energetic body of the human being. Now I wish to speak of the lowest three chakras in particular. These are the chakras that are most connected to the earth, that are most involved with being in the earthly realm. This area of the lowest three chakras is of utmost importance in your inner road to healing, for in this area lie the deepest traumas and emotional scars.

You often feel you are earthly beings opening up to the spiritual. But we see it the other way around. You are spiritual beings opening up to the earth. The earth is a brilliant destination, a hidden diamond that has yet to reveal its true beauty. The earth is the Promised Land!

Heaven is your birth place. But you will not return to the state of consciousness that you remember as “Home” or “Heaven,” to a state of purely spiritual being. The adventure of Creation brings you to new destinations; you are always expanding and progressing towards a wholly new type of consciousness. (We have spoken of this before in the last chapter of the Lightworker Series). Earth is an essential part of this journey.

However in your manifestations on earth and your attempts to express yourself there, you have suffered much pain. Almost all of you have severe emotional wounds in the lowest three chakras caused by experiences of rejection, violence and abandonment. This may have happened in past lives as well as in this lifetime. Almost all energy blocks in the upper chakras are related to emotional hurts in the lowest three chakras.

I will say a little about the tail bone chakra first. Your connection to the earth has become emotionally burdened, especially for lightworkers. Because you have met with grave resistance over many lifetimes, there is much fear and reserve in you when it comes to truly grounding yourself. Grounding yourself means being fully present in your earthly bodies and expressing your innermost inspiration in material reality. The resistance to grounding yourself fully has been discussed before (in the Lightworker series). It has mainly to do with you “being different” and having been rejected for it.

In the second chakra, the emotional center, you have also been affected deeply by experiences of being threatened or deserted (literally or emotionally) and by being severely restricted in your self-expression.

With these traumatic burdens in the lowest two chakras, the solar plexus (third chakra) is also heavily affected. The solar plexus has to do with life force, creative energy and power. You know few examples of what true power means. With this I mean power that is not aggressive and destructive. In the solar plexus chakra you often see that a person manifests himself or herself either in an aggressive, controlling way, or in a subdued, overly modest way. Both ways are the result of underlying feelings of helplessness, stemming from a wounded first and second chakra. In the third chakra it is all about finding a balanced way of dealing with power and control, it is about a balanced ego.

Ego is okay! The ego has a proper function; it lends focus to your consciousness which enables you to create and manifest as the separate individual that you are. Yes, you are part of a greater Whole but you are also “I,” separate and different from anyone else. The ego is a necessary complement to the spiritual part of you that transcends the “I.” The energy of the ego is fully honorable and justified in the energetic reality that you live. True power is in the joyful alignment of ego and Spirit.

The area of the lowest three chakras is the most important area in self-healing and inner growth. The greatest spiritual challenge to you now is to take care of this wounded area in yourself. Meditating to transcend physical reality or connect to elusive cosmic levels is not your main goal now. Your goal is to give your gentlest understanding and loving support to that hurt inner child within you and to restore its beauty and playfulness. This is your spiritual journey; herein lies the greatest treasure. Cherishing and respecting the human side of you, the child part of you, is your road to divine compassion and enlightenment.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that within this energetic area, two out of the three chakras concerned are male. This shows that especially with regard to the male energies within each of you, much healing work is to be done. Therefore my message to you now is: heal the male energy within! The feminine energy is in many ways recovering and acquiring the strength needed to express itself fully and beautifully. The female qualities of intuition, sensitivity and connectedness are being appreciated more and more, individually as well as collectively.

But it is not so clear what a balanced male energy truly looks like. The male energy somehow got lost in false images of what it means “to be a man,” stereotypes that always boil down to power through aggression. It is vital to recognise and express the true nature of male energy. The female side now needs the balanced male energy to be able to truly fulfill her role. The female energy is waiting, not just at the collective level but also on the individual level. The female energy is getting out of its victim role, regaining its self-esteem and it is now wanting to manifest itself powerfully and joyfully through reunion with the male.

So, what then is the power of balanced male energy? This goes for the male energy in both men and women.

In the first chakra, a healed and balanced male energy leads to self-consciousness. The male energy does not have to fight and struggle anymore, it is present through self-consciousness. Presence, i.e. being fully present with all of your soul, is an essential quality of the first chakra. Being present self-consciously means to stay aware of yourself, remaining centered, not getting lost in someone else’s opinions, expectations or needs. It is about finding the balance between connecting with others and being true to yourself. A balanced male energy in the tail bone chakra allows you to remain centered and aware of yourself while you interact with others and the outside world.

It is essential to develop this quality of self-consciousness, for it will protect and guide your female energy. The female energy is naturally inclined to connect with others (other living beings) and to be present with the other in a caring, nurturing way. The male energy makes for boundaries and helps find a balance between giving and receiving. With regard to the flowing, connecting female energies, the male energy in the lowest chakra fulfills the role of anchor and backbone. It is the point of coming home to yourself, the point of releasing ties to other energies you have connected with.

The solar plexus or third chakra fulfills the same role in a different way. This chakra is, as I said before, the energy center of the ego. You still have trouble with this concept of the ego. Especially among lightworker souls, there is a tendency to look upon the giving, self-transcending energies in the human being as “higher.” But it is not so. You live in a world in which two energies play together and form the building blocks of Creation. One tends to connect and seek for unity, the other creates separation and individuality. And the latter energy is just as viable and valuable as the former one.

It is important to make peace with the male energy, to embrace your individuality, your uniqueness, your “I-ness.” There is an essential “aloneness” in life which has nothing to do with loneliness, but which has everything to do with you being an “I,” a unique individual. To embrace this aloneness does not stand in the way of experiencing deep connections to others. If you truly embrace your individuality, you become an empowered, independent and creative individual able to share your energy deeply with anyone or anything, because you are not afraid to lose yourself in it or give up your individuality.

The male energy of the solar plexus helps you become truly creative and empowered. That is what the female energy in you is waiting for. Your heartfelt inspiration wants to make itself known on the material level, it wants to come out in a very earthly manner and bring tidings of love and harmony to the earth. The female energy is the carrier of the New Age but it needs a balanced male energy to truly manifest itself and grow roots into material reality. That is why it is of such great importance that the energies of the first and third chakra are healed.

The energy of a healthy ego, the healed solar plexus, is self-confidence. In the first chakra it is self-consciousness, in the third chakra it is self-confidence. This is not the kind of arrogance you see in an inflated ego. It is about simply trusting yourself: “I feel that I can do it!” It is being aware of your own deepest inspiration, your own creative abilities and then acting accordingly. Let your energies flow out of you, trust your natural talents and gifts, trust who you are and show yourself to the world! Especially for you lightworkers who carry so much inner knowledge and wisdom, it is now time to show yourself and not hide anymore. It is time. This is your destination and in this you will find your greatest fulfillment.

Make peace with the male energy within. Do not hesitate to stand up for yourself, to receive abundance and to take good care of yourself. Be egotistical, in the pure and neutral sense of the word. You are an ego, you are an individual. You cannot and need not be forgiving and understanding all the time. It is not spiritual to tolerate everything and anything. Clearly there are moments at which you have to say “no” or even “farewell” and not compromise who you are. Do this without guilt or fear and feel how the male energies of self-consciousness and self-confidence empower you to let the delicate flower of your female energy flourish and shine.

It is all about the cooperation between the energies. Male and female energies have gone down together in a long and painful struggle. They will also rise together, for one cannot be balanced without the other. Now that the female energy is ready to rise from the ashes of humiliation and repression, there is an urgent need for a rebirth of the male energy. This rebirth of the male will become visible on a collective scale eventually, but it will first manifest in each of you separately, man and woman. You all are the keepers of these ancient energies within you, and it is your birthright to make their partnership equal and joyful.

Samantha Harries – Return of the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine – Photographic Essay

samantha harries

A Journey Behind the Scenes of the photoshoot announcing the new workshop by Samantha Harries and Monroe Darrell: “Return of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine”.

Visit: for more…everything!

Music by Dub Sutra: “Ascentia”
Film by Adrian Kawaley-Lathan.

Workshop to be held in January 2014 at “BambooYoga Play”, Dominical, COSTA RICA! See below for more details:

~The Return Of The Divine Feminine And Divine Masculine~
“Immerse yourself into ‘Authentic Expression’ as you explore the elemental infinity of your spiritual essence through a mysterious, sensational, divine experience.”
“Inhale Love and Exhale Fear as you Let Go and Surrender amongst stunning, breathtaking coastal views of the Pacific Ocean. Join friends and family who welcome your arrival to embark upon a magical adventure of fun, flight and play, as we transform dreams into soaring flames of supreme infinity and soul potential. We meet and greet Wednesday afternoon for orient and then we plant our intentions upon a dream map for 6 explorative days of magical discovery including Asana, AcroYoga, Guided Meditation, Sacred/ Expressive Movement, The Artful history and Sacred Union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies, Cosmic Heart Discussion and Soulful healing, not to mention Epic Views, Waterfalls, Delicious Organic Food, and bounteous Laughter and Play in one of the most amazing and beautiful places in the world….BambooYogaPlay, Dominical, Costa Rica.”

See you in the Stars
Love and Light,

Archangel Metatron and Mother God – Embrace Your Feminine Energy


Archangel Metatron gives us Ground Breaking information on Sexuality. Could we have been told misleading information all these years about our Sexuality? Archangel Metatron is the Lord of Light and he was introduced to Marina and Kevin as the Holy of Hollies. The Beautiful Mother God continues and asks us to embrace our Feminine energies. Please share this most powerful and meaningful channeled message to everyone that you think will hear it. Especially, please share this message with all of the beautiful gay Brothers and Sisters who you know. They need to hear this and rejoice.

Jan Cercone – Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine – Creating a New Vessel for Relationship

Jan Cercone

Creating a New Vessel for Relationship for the New Paradigm
“The emergence of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Union” By Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP “Becoming Light” topics deal with everyday quagmires that can be illuminated and healed by common sense AND applying the principles of aligning with your divinity. Mankind and Womankind have strayed from the Truth about Relationships. The Potential that is present for aligning with a higher divine force first within oneself and then in romantic partnering has been the holy grail that feels out of reach by most people. In fact, our media specializes in keeping men and women at the adolescent level of dating and mating. A new story is being mandated that is inclusive of the emerging new awakening to spirituality on this planet that then is woven successfully into the new “Divine Relationship.” We have to look at the natural human developpmental stages of relationship and strengthen them with divine inspiration to begin to shift the current confused mis-guided thinking based on social imbalance. The Divine Feminine energy that is coming forth through many women as they are waking up from a dream spell of materialistic and control based society is pushing forward many new agendas and one of them is the new way of relating. A New way that is based on genuine authentic presentation of oneself and unconditional love and acceptance. Love that allows and is inclusive of the shadow, the dark that emerges when real love is present. Love that bathes that fear in even greater love and lays it down in a bed of clover. And the Divine Masculine can find his new inner guidance not from the external but from his own goodness and guidance from his connection to his source, his divinity. It is a tall order. But we have no choice. Across the world, this healing of the masculine and feminine, mind and spirit, war and peace must be harmonized first in the bedroom, then the boardroom and then throughout the land. This is not a gender conversation, it is the essence of the masculine and feminine energy currents that are needing to be re-established in a harmonious patterning that is in alignment with the sacred principles of creation.

Jan Cercone is a Visionary who creates Education, Entertainment and New Health Models based on Vibrational Creation Principles. She is based in Pt. Richmond, Ca. at the Solara Center. Her Cds are on, and she is the author of
“Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine” A timely guidebook for men to understand the modern woman as she awakens to her intuitive nature and aligns with her divinity without exception. These are extraordinary times for planetary transformation and it is the Voice of Truth of the Women that is radiating out a command for global compassion, benevolent leadership and social justice. And it all begins at home, with her partner. Love is always unconditional but relationships are not. (Martin Ucik)
Equality, Respect and deep love for all live builds a foundation for goodness.
link to Guys Guide:

Jan Cercone is one of the gifted voices on our planet today as both a transmitter of wisdom and a vibrant sound healer. Her ideas are powerful, and infused with the kind of love that we all need to advance to the next level of human understanding and relating. As a leader in bringing in the energies and intelligence of the Sacred Feminine, in particular, she is on the forefront of the movement to usher us into the new era. Marguerite Rigoglioso Founding Director, Seven Sisters Mystery School author, The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece
The great artwork at the end with the golden temple is by Daniel Holeman, a great visionary artist in Marin County, CA.

Ask Teal – Divine Masculine – Awakening The Divine Masculine Within You

TheSpiritualCatalyst·153 videos

Ask Teal Website –

The divine masculine is what is going to support the birth process of the new earth, which is being brought into manifestation by divine feminine. Thus, the new earth is a co-creation that depends on divine feminine and divine masculine both coming into its full respective power.

In our modern society, masculinity has been seen as a problem rather than something that should be embraced, because it is rare that any man exhibits true masculinity.

The only example of masculinity we currently have is the shadow side of masculinity. This shadow side of masculinity fuels the societal idea of competitive hierarchy. In other words, it fuels the idea that one person on top of another person.

The shadow side of masculinity perpetuates vertical thinking. Vertical thinking is comparative thinking; where it is possible to be better than or less than someone else. And so, the power struggle was born.

Divine masculine represents action, direction, movement, responsibility, strength, focus, fatherhood, the sun, generosity, encouragement, material abundance, clarity, intellect, transformation and growth.

The divine masculine is what is going to support the birth process of the new earth, which is being brought into manifestation by divine feminine. Thus, the new earth is a co-creation that depends on divine feminine and divine masculine both coming into its full respective power.

You need to be willing to heal your negative emotions relative to anything you identify as male to set the masculinity within you free. It is exhausting suppressing the essence of who you are. And so, it is time to quit suppressing who you are.

In this episode, Teal explains how men can open up to the divine masculine within themselves.

Kuan Yin’s Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel – used by permission

Infinite Waters – Awakening Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine – Within You – We Are One

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Samantha – Return of the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine

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Completely at Sea – Steve Beckow – 12-27-13


Golden Age Of Gaia

I personally am going through a transition which, for a man, has to be as difficult as any I can imagine.

Archangel Michael once told me of a life I lived as a warrior. I recently saw a TV program on my alter ego and it scared the wits out of me. Apparently his name was used to instill fear in the hearts of children in the nations against which he fought.

I asked Archangel Michael later whether these tales were true and he said they were not, that the tales were embellished by the other side in those wars and sold by today’s historians as true. Well, that was a relief.

But I’m aware of this fearsome energy inside me and could detail all the incidents in my life when I seem to have drawn on it.  Some of them were in the early years of writing this blog. That energy allowed me to write articles in which I listed the crimes of the cabal without trembling in fear and hiding under the bed. (1)

But the need for that aggressiveness is now passing. In fact all that now must go. And it’s hard for a man.

I found myself the other day experiencing as much love as I thought I could hold in this Third-Dimensional suitcase we call a body. I had to express it or explode and the ways it came up to be expressed were so uncomfortable that I just hoped that no man saw me or I’d be considered to have turned into something that men consider to be “unmanly.”

But that’s the challenge for men today as the “divine feminine” and “sacred goddess” energies return to Earth. I know not what the feminine experience is. I can only report the masculine.

Men are learning to love, to express it, and to act from it. And, for us “tough guys,” the living ain’t easy.

We know that we’re entering the Mother’s tsunami of love, also known as “the Event.” Natalie Glasson recently channeled a message that gives us the flavor of what’s occurring.

“As we enter into the Era of Love, the presence of the Goddess is potent, it symbolises that spiritual growth and awakening can be achieved through graceful shifts rather than painful or difficult shifts.

“The divine Goddess vibrations are here to assist you in connecting with the gentler flowing aspect of your being, the peaceful and compassionate aspects of your soul. The purpose of the Goddess is to bring a graceful awakening for all carrying you into love, truth and oneness. You may call upon the presence and the vibrations of the divine Goddess if you are experiencing difficulty or hardship in your reality, mental body or emotional body.” (2)

I never thought that connecting to the gentler aspects of myself could be such a rough ride! She continues:

“The Goddess vibrations are integrating, active and potent; you can now connect with this vibration more than ever before, feeling as if you exist in a cocoon of Goddess light. The vibrations of the Goddess present themselves so gracefully because you are conscious of your divine Goddess presence within your being.

“Your body is resonating with grace, beauty, gentleness, compassion and tenderness; these vibrations currently have a powerful impact upon your being.” (3)

We often hear how some people may feel exceptionally uncomfortable in the face of the downloads of love. I don’t think of myself as resisting them. Far from it. I’m opening to the winds of love as widely as I possibly can. But even for a man who welcomes it, the experience can still be confusing. She encourages us:

“Let the divine feminine vibrations wash over you as if they are cleansing nutritious fragrant waves of light drifting into every aspect of your being. Let yourself embrace the divine Goddess vibrations for they are truly merging with the Earth and the dimension of the planet. (4)

And she tells us:

“Not only are you attracting these qualities but you are activating them from within your being. This means that your body will react differently now to what could be described as more forceful masculine vibrations, these may feel heavy or painful to your entire being.

“As the Goddess is awakening within your being so your Goddess qualities are awakening, you may find yourself seeking a gentle, calming and soothing environment where you can be at peace allowing yourself to blossom gracefully from within.”  (5)

I find myself endlessly repeating Ajahn Sumedho’s advice:

“Some of you might have the desire to become the Buddha of the age, Maitreya, radiating love throughout the world – but instead, I suggest just being an earthworm … who knows only two words – ‘let go, let go, let go.’” (6)

That about sums up the way I feel! I realize that there’s less and less need for the warrior type I’ve always considered myself to be.

I have no desire to hold onto patriarchy. Much of my activism in years gone by has been to end gender persecution. But I also make a plea to women for whom this energy is second nature to appreciate the cognitive dissonance that their men may be going through as we make this transition from a world where courage had a place to a world where the courage to love has replaced it.

We will find our way home, to be sure, but we men are going through some pretty strange territory and stand a good chance of both looking a little weird and feeling completely at sea.

Golden Age Of Gaia

Liora Speaking – Twin Flames – Vibrational Frequency

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♥~The Sacred Twin Flame Reunion embodies a frequency throughout the spiritual, emotional, physical, etheric, and mental body of a balanced physical human vessel of pure divine unconditional love, fully aligned with the I AM presence~ The Soul.
In that vibrational awareness there is only a h…eightened sense of beauty, joy, love, wonder, ecstasy and bliss. This is experienced in each individual Twin Flame. In this frequency embodiment, of awareness/consciousness, there is a vibrational entrainment of neutrality, creating a mirrored experience of faith and trust, love and peace, contentment and joy. There is no egoic reactions, they do not exist in this consciousness.
The belief is in a knowing~ The Beloved is YOU~. YOUR Beauty~. YOUR magnificence~ . Your total unconditional acceptance and love, knowing and sharing the Divine Perfection of all.
The Beloved is a Gift ~ as YOU are the Gift ~ The Beloved is the Treasure~ as YOU are the Treasure. To love and embrace The Beloved is to love and embrace YOU.
The Heart is so open and expansive. All who come in contact, with this vibrational energetic field of pure Divine Love, are entrained into such an exquisite Divine Heart upliftment of the Soul.
This is the true beginning of a New Earth. A Golden Era of Unity Consciousness. The Christ Consciousness of the individual TWIN FLAME HEART.♥~ Words by Liora~copyright 2011
The Teachings of the Twin Flame Sacred Keys

The Divine Masculine – Ask Teal – Awaken Divine Masculine Within

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The divine masculine is what is going to support the birth process of the new earth, which is being brought into manifestation by divine feminine. Thus, the new earth is a co-creation that depends on divine feminine and divine masculine both coming into its full respective power.

In our modern society, masculinity has been seen as a problem rather than something that should be embraced, because it is rare that any man exhibits true masculinity.

The only example of masculinity we currently have is the shadow side of masculinity. This shadow side of masculinity fuels the societal idea of competitive hierarchy. In other words, it fuels the idea that one person on top of another person.

The shadow side of masculinity perpetuates vertical thinking. Vertical thinking is comparative thinking; where it is possible to be better than or less than someone else. And so, the power struggle was born.

Divine masculine represents action, direction, movement, responsibility, strength, focus, fatherhood, the sun, generosity, encouragement, material abundance, clarity, intellect, transformation and growth.

The divine masculine is what is going to support the birth process of the new earth, which is being brought into manifestation by divine feminine. Thus, the new earth is a co-creation that depends on divine feminine and divine masculine both coming into its full respective power.

You need to be willing to heal your negative emotions relative to anything you identify as male to set the masculinity within you free. It is exhausting suppressing the essence of who you are. And so, it is time to quit suppressing who you are.

In this episode, Teal explains how men can open up to the divine masculine within themselves.

Kuan Yin’s Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel – used by permission

Jennifer Hoffman – Indigo Prince & Princess Energy – 24 June 2013

jenniferhoffman300x225 link to original article

I have been noticing an energy type among some young Indigos, the generation born since around 1980 and I call it the “Prince and Princess energy.” It is an energy that involves past lifetimes as royalty, which brings forward a number of traits, depending on how it is expressed in this lifetime. In its most negative aspects, it manifests as an extreme sense of entitlement. In its more challenging aspects, it manifests as doubt and confusion about how to navigate life. This is a difficult energy whose purpose is to teach compassion, humility, connection, and self awareness.

In other lifetimes, these Indigos were royal children, often pampered and spoiled, held above others and because of their position, denied a ‘normal’ life where they could be what they wanted and interact with others in society. The outcome of their lives was pre-determined, including what they could do, how they could act, who they could interact with and marry, and they had a limited number of lifestyle choices. While we may think that it would be wonderful to be royalty and live this pampered, exclusive, and highly protected lifestyle, many of these children felt restricted, ashamed of the extravagance and abundance they enjoyed while others went without, they never knew true love, and were unable to live the life they wanted to live.

Those who, in this lifetime, express this energy as extreme entitlement will have to learn the lessons of humility and compassion at some point in their lives, often through financial or emotional struggle or loss. Others, who are confused and can’t seem to figure out how to decide their own life path, need strong guidance and encouragement so they learn how to make powerful choices for themselves. They often need guidance on how to develop their strengths and use their gifts because in their prince/princess lifetimes they were always told what to do and lived through what was expected of them. Being able to choose their own life path is really unfamiliar to them. And they can often reject abundance and success because of the burden this was to them in the past.

These energies have strong lessons attached to them and sometimes these Indigos will struggle for years until they come to terms with their former lifetimes and learn to receive and enjoy abundance that they create for themselves, while understanding that what they receive is not taken from anyone else. Those of you who have children like this probably get frustrated at their doubt and confusion, their inability to make life choices or, in the other extreme, their sense of entitlement which enables them to think that everything should be given to them. Realize that this is part of their life lessons and make your decisions accordingly.

And remember that they chose you as their parents so you could teach them and because you are their best and most powerful teachers who, in one sense, may not be able to give them the luxury they crave and think they should have (and that is why they were not born into a rich or royal family) or they will learn about work, commitment, their gifts and values from you because this is what they need to learn. And in time, they will resolve these lifetimes in powerful ways and learn to contribute to and receive from the world in ways that are balanced and that bring them joy.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, link to, translate or post this article, in its entirety, only on free, non-commercial websites, by including the author name and a working link back to this website. All other uses of these writings are strictly prohibited. link to original article

Lisa Gawlas – From Solstice To Equinox – Arc Of The Convenant – 19 June 2013


Lisa Gawlas  and the Planeathians

Here is so much happening behind the energy of Life, some we can see and recognize, most tho, not even close to being able to comprehend with our minds.  What I do see is exciting even if coupled with the unknown qualities spirit is so good at teasing us with.  And even tho the “field” is under construction a visual remains constant every time I look at it, the new foundation is being poured into every version of reality there is in all existence.  In my vision, it looks like champagne being poured straight from heaven.  This “champagne” of energies will become the temporary foundation in which we facilitate the new world of energy between the solstice and the equinox.  I say temporary because in my days of pondering, I had seen this foundation liquidizing once again near the Equinox in September.

But, before we go diving into the understanding of this new energy, lets first understand what is currently taking place.  This elixir, this new foundation energy is the rarefied energy of the Divine Feminine.  We are being inlaid with the emotional strength and fortitude to change it all.  The feminine has always been the fluid mass of creation.  The stream of energy in which Love flows.

In the beginning, this fluid energy may seem like a double-edged sword.  Like the waters of life themselves, it will cleanse, clear, remove all that do not serve the unified whole, from our personal Beings to the vast landscapes we live life upon.

Now here is a twist I sure didn’t expect (change that to… want to hear…smile.)  Some months ago, spirit had said thru many hearts, by June the Divine Counterpart energies will start to meet en masse.  In truth, it is already happening… within.  The Divine Masculine living and breathing in Holy Matrimony within a single vessel.

Nothing will ever be made manifest that does not emerge from the depths of the Whole Heart.  (<— that is a loaded statement there.)

The energy of Wholeness must be a living and breathing system within our own hearts.  If the divine feminine is the electrical field of love, then the divine masculine is the pathway to harnessing it (whatever that spark bears) into creation.  In our singular vessel (human body) both must be whole and complete without the “need” for anything outside of it (our) self.

No matter what your package (male or female) the seed energy of Love, the Divine Feminine MUST be living in a clear, unrestricted vessel for the Divine Masculine to come in and couple with her energy.  A virgin flow, untainted by anything other than Love.   An invitation to the Divine Masculine within the Self, of the Self, wild and passionate, together.  Solidifying their energy into one fluid stream of creation.  Re-Membering how to be One, together.

It is only when you are so utterly complete within yourself that you no longer look outside of yourself, can the energy take on a human form.  This is very much like maternal twins, when the fertilized egg splits and becomes two.

In the womb of your own creation, it is up to you to clear the palate of your life.  For the TRUE birthing of this energy, nothing of the old scattered, desiring energies can remain.

For the time span between your solstice and equinox energies, we will refer to this time as “The Arc of the Covenant.”

If you can imagine there are two highly charged poles in place, the solstice and the equinox and between them, the highest voltage of energy moving back and forth.

arcing energy

The Creator energy, the Divine Masculine is already flowing into your Being, seeking impregnation.  He seeks the pure open vessel of full union and will continually release his seeds to the feminine until the energy field is so clear, so open to his energy that Life becomes One within.  At this point, the covenant… the agreement in which this vast incarnation process has always been about, will be sealed and split into two.

Note From Lisa:  Lets put this into earth language (smile.)

As we all can feel, this is no ordinary times on planet earth.  Many “soul contracts” are going to be pulled up and you will be in choice.  Act, or wait.  To act, means to move into a space that is all YOU.  No distractions, no drama, no others shaking your core.  It also helps me understand the energy lessons I have moved into and will be moving out of Friday.  To hold space with even the slightest fragment of old energy is to move your “contract” to another timeline… to choose again.  But for those ready and WILLing now… This IS what we have worked so hard to achieve, to become, to LIVE!

Shambhala MUST start within.  To harness the whole of creation, the divine masculine and the divine feminine in an absolute passionate love affair within.  When was the last time you made mad, passionate love with YourSelf?  When you look in the mirror of Life and what is reflected back makes your heart race.  When all you want to do is gaze into the eyes of your lover (Self) and feel complete on every level of Being.  When all you can see is what is right in this world….

This is the fertile land, ripe for the impregnating seed energy I am just going to call Shambhala.  When all the chains that bound you no longer exist, when any aspect of the old world no longer gets under you skin… then you are ready.  To Be the Living energy of Shambhala means to live and breath Heaven on Earth, in Your space, fully and completely within yourSelf.

From what I am understanding WE, every human on earth, especially holding this sacred space at this moment, are the eggs… the divine feminine in her Glory.  The sperm, the Divine masculine is coming thru the multidimension and harnessing all the good, all the achievements of soul expansion from every planet aligned within our multiverse.  As we become impregnated within ourSelfs, that will release the energy of the twin… the human divine counterpart to play and explore within the fields of Shambhala with.

My thought suddenly goes to something I said to my landlady as I was hugging her goodbye before my trip.  Something I really didn’t understand until now… “When I get back, we will be all grown up.”  It is only the mature soul that can become pregnant… and we have grown into maturity these last two months.

God knows, I am ready to be fertilized!! (grin)

I am going to close on this note…. at least until tomorrow.  I am processing all this to beat the band!!

Holy Heaven Batman…


Lisa Gawlas  and the Planeathians

Divine Feminine Vs. Divine Masculine

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Ask Teal Website –

The restoration of balance within the human race is not about decreasing masculine power while increasing feminine power; as if we were sitting on some kind of cosmic scale. Instead, it is about both rising to power simultaneously.

Now you’re probably thinking… “Wait, men have been in power for thousands of years.” What if I told you that this perceptions isn’t true? The truth is that men have not been in power for thousands of years; far from it. Instead, they’ve been stripping power from women for thousands of years.

There is a big difference between gaining power in and of yourself and stripping power from another. When you strip power from someone else by brute force or by manipulative subjugation, you do not increase your power one bit. Instead, your power stays at the same level while you diminish the power of another.

You are not powerful because someone else is weak. It is true that all people, whether they be physically male or physically female have both male and female aspects present within them; this is why from an energetic standpoint, gender is inconsequential. It is also true that one day, our race will have no gender.

But as of now, this polarity actually serves our expansion. We cannot resist what we are and where we are and find balance. Most of us (men) are trying to embrace femininity within ourselves because we resist our masculinity. And most of us (women) are trying to embrace masculinity because we resist our femininity.

So how do we get out of this cycle? We embrace the very thing we’re resisting. The human race is not ready to come into a place of individual androgyny. We must first learn how to embrace the polar expression of ourselves as women and as men.

When both sexes rise to power, one cannot triumph over the other because neither is more powerful than the other. There will be balance.

Matthew Ward – 12 April 2013

North Korea; Pope Francis; the Vatican; visualization; homosexuality


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. First we want to quell any anxieties about North Korea’s missile activity. Reared to expect the same adulation and subservience North Koreans gave his father, Kim Jong Un is bereft of common sense and more so, a sense of security in his leadership position. It is not that his rhetoric is bluff, but without knowing how to govern his country, he shows to its citizens and the world the military might at his command.  

Depending on other national leaders’ reactions to his questionable motives in positioning the missiles as he has, he may decide to launch one or more of them. If so, he will be embarrassed by their failure to function, thanks to the intervention of your space family’s technology. If that is the outcome, it’s an unknown as to how he would save face, so we say that it would be in everyone’s best interests to replace sanctions with discussions.

Many have asked us to comment on Pope Francis, who is in millions of thoughts around the world, and we are happy to do this. No, his humility is not “an act” and he cannot be the “salvation of the Catholic church.”  He has not been cloned, and he won’t be—the Illuminati’s cloning centers have been shut down by volunteers from other civilizations who are living among you.

Like his colleagues in the Vatican and some individuals outside, Pope Francis knows of situations hidden from public view, and he has the innate goodness to feel compelled to end the most ungodly—the international headquarters of Satanism in the bowels of the Vatican.  As the light keeps intensifying, that end will indeed come, but it remains to be seen if the Pope has the ability to defy those who are dead set against letting the world know that this diabolical situation ever existed within the Vatican walls.

Other information they do not want revealed is that they have kept hidden the ancient records that show the crucifixion and resurrection and other parts of the Bible are fabricated and other sections of the records were strategically omitted. They don’t want the world to know that “God’s rules” were devised by early church leaders to control the masses and acquire personal wealth, and later other dogma were added to serve the opulent style in which residents of the Vatican have lived. They also want to keep hidden their massive fortune in art treasures stolen during World War II.

Pope Francis has the moral courage to try to disclose that information, but again, given the strong opposition, it remains to be seen if he can manage to do so. When those truths emerge, we fervently hope that the religiously devout will have absorbed enough light to realize that churches’ multitude of good works are based in spirituality, not religious dogma.

A reader recently wrote to my mother about something in our last message, and her comments in summary are: You said that negative thoughts and feelings about an abhorrent situation keep it going. How is it even possible to have any positive thoughts about this? She was writing about human trafficking, but our reply pertains to all abhorrent situations in your world.

The several issues we spoke about in our last message are of controversial nature—there is no controversy whatsoever about situations like human trafficking, sex slavery!  Although soul contracts and karma are involved, the point we wish to address is the writer’s question.

Prior messages have included our recommendation to visualize Earth in golden white light because it literally “brings to light” terribly disturbing conditions that formerly were hidden from public knowledge.  Only when they are exposed can action be taken to end them and start healing the traumas they have caused.

You cannot “unknow” your knowledge of despicable conditions, and never would we suggest that you try to bury it—ultimately that would adversely affect body, mind and spirit. Rather, we urge you to visualize Earth immersed in golden white light, then see it start to slowly rotate with happy faces appearing, and send forth feelings of love.  The energy of your image, loving sensations and intention will go out into the world.

God’s energy distribution system, you could call it, assures that light-love energy from all sources off- and on-planet reaches the souls who most need it, those who are oppressed and their oppressors.  Your energy along with light from myriad other sources is what will end all kinds of oppression in your society.

Now then, we wish to address a statement in a recent message: Eventually everyone will know that homosexuality is an advanced stage of spiritual growth wherein feminine and masculine energies are more balanced than in heterosexual persons.

A complex situation stated in such brevity begs explanation—especially since homosexuality is one of the divisive issues plaguing your world—and I have asked my mother to copy the part in a book that is relevant. Although it also includes information that pertains to residents of Nirvana, Earth’s spirit world, we think you will find all of it enlightening.

[The following excerpt from the chapter “Relationships” in Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven was transmitted early in 1994.]

Matthew, can homosexual partners here continue their unions in Nirvana if they want to?

Yes.  Mother, homosexuality is not understood on Earth, and this is a good context in which to explain it.  Homosexuality is an evolutionary stage of the spirit even more than an aspect of the physical being, and it is not to be condemned or honored any more than any other physical or spiritual stage of development.

Remember, we are dealing with cumulative souls here, not single personages.  Within each cumulative soul are perhaps as many as thousands of lifetimes of experiencing as male, female and androgynous beings in both incarnate and discarnate bodies.  However, it is the immediate past life that most emphatically affects the beginning growth state here.

If that Earth lifetime was homosexual in orientation, it will enter here the same way.  Since our bodies aren’t designed for sexual activity, only the mental aspect of the orientation accompanies the arriving soul.

The immediate past Earth lifetime has another impact upon this issue.  The people there who most vehemently denounce homosexuality are those whose souls experienced an immediate past lifetime as a personage with that orientation.

Matthew, that doesn’t make sense to me.  I’d think understanding and acceptance would be much more likely.

It’s a complex and confusing psychic situation, Mother.  The energy of the personages is still fractured from their immediate previous life experiences.  At the extreme, homosexuals have been physically tortured and even killed, and at the least they have been maligned, often even by their families, to such extent that their psyches were severely damaged.  Maybe they lived with the pain of denial or shame or the guilt of deception.

Whatever their experience, their energy has not healed enough for them to see the very same sorts of traumatic situations they themselves experienced and thus feel empathy.  Rather, they see revenge opportunities.

The cycle of experiencing happens so quickly that the pain of memories most recently known, but hidden from consciousness, is with them too closely for the healing that will come in subsequent lifetimes.

The lingering pain in the suppressed memories of those souls who in this lifetime chose heterosexual nature causes their extremely antagonistic attitudes toward homosexuals.  Those painful feelings will not surface in the form of memories of their homosexual lifetime experiences, but in attitudes to stifle the memories.

This is the universal like-attracts-like principle.  When the feelings resulting from harsh or unjust treatment in any situation are recent and intense, similar feelings are attracted to that soul.  Suppressed memories subconsciously know the source and recall it, thus attracting “like.”      However, the current lifetime psyche cannot consciously know that the attraction is of shared feelings, and the painful sensations of the suppressed memories take over.

Moving forward from that point in the psychic labyrinth comes in the process of lifeprint review, identification of karmic lessons still to be learned, choosing the next lifetime, and progress in spiritual awareness.

Do people who were homosexual in their immediate past lifetime always go through what you described, which would seem just to perpetuate things, or is there some leveling out point where all of us will accept each other just as we are?

The “leveling out” most assuredly is part of the divine plan, because feelings of prejudice and hatred and the infliction of emotional and physical cruelty are impediments to spiritual growth.  However, even with the acceleration of light being beamed at your planet to dispel the negativity abounding in humankind, please do not expect this change to be completed within the next generation.

Is homosexuality more prevalent now than previously in Earth history?

No, but there are more people now than previously in your recorded history, so the same percentage creates the greater numbers.  Throughout your recorded history well known and highly respected masters in one field or another have been homosexual, and many produced their brilliant and inspiring creations because of their tormented minds regarding this aspect of their nature.

You could say that without this element of their personage, they may not have been driven to create in the magnitude and splendor they did.

Why is homosexuality a necessary experience?

How better to learn balance in the two extremes of male and female sexual energy than on an integrated basis?  The ideal is androgyny, which has nothing whatsoever to do with human sexual nature, but rather with the two opposites of human sexual energy attributes.  Androgynous souls are far more spiritually advanced because of the male and female sexual energy balance they have achieved.

Just as male energy is not the province of only male humans, female energy is not confined to female humans.  Male energy is harsh, often productive by ruthless means, always needing to prove a point or achieve success in a venture.  Female energy is gentle, yet with greater, quiet strength as its foundation.  Interconnectedness, which is the ultimate in conscious achievement, is female energy.

In relationships wherein one partner has only male energy traits and the other has only female energy traits, the female energy partner cannot withstand the imbalance lifelong or the life will not be long.  In my awareness of such relationships, those which remained in that imbalance ended in early transition of the female energy soul.  The survivor often has no frame of reference of his or her involvement in the partner’s death.

You say “That person’—or ‘you’— will be the death of me.”  Like many other common expressions you use, that can be an accurate statement, but few understand the truth of their words.  No blame is attributed here to either partner in such a relationship, as in many instances this is no more than karma being fulfilled according to pre-birth agreements.  The dissolution of those partnerships by divorce also may be in accordance with the chosen lessons of their agreements.

Any balance within a lifetime is desirable.  However, since sexual energy is one of the most essential aspects of the human psyche, the balance of male and female energies is probably the most desirable.  In this realm there is that blending of male and female energies insofar as tendencies, sensibilities and sensitivities.  That ideal state of balanced reality once existed on Earth, but it was corrupted.

Behaviors stemming from the perversion of the sexual energy stream have proliferated negativity on Earth in such proportions as to be almost unimaginable.  By no means is sexual energy confined to what you commonly call “wanting sex” or “having sex.”

Although extending beyond the original intent of the sex drive, which was procreation, a satisfying sexual relationship brings harmony into the lives of loving mates, and I definitely am NOT speaking against a mutually pleasurable, beneficial sexual union.

Furthermore, it is possible to transmute sexual energy into other productive avenues, and many who have lost or never had loving mates, do so.  But I am not addressing the positive use of this energy, only the rampant negativity created by perversion of the entire sexual energy stream.

This has been the root cause of all that you think of as evil attributes in human nature.  There is no crime by your civil, religious or philosophical standards that is not committed from a root cause of sexual energy perversion.

As an example, Satanic worship involving the torture and sacrifice of human and animal lives and brutal sexual activities prevails on a scale that would beg disbelief, but is real.  This is cloaked under the guise of “religion,” and your government officially recognizes it as such!  You do not connect either those ungodly practices or their religion status with the perverted use of sexual energy that it actually is.

It shouldn’t surprise you that often murder is sexual energy directed into gross deviance, or that rape and incest are other examples.  Promiscuous sexual encounters or obsession with either having sex or rigidly refraining from natural urges are more benign, but still destructive to the psyche.

The dark forces are behind all these behaviors resulting from perverted sexual energy.  It is not uncommon for the most corrupted activities to lead to the basest of dense energy, and no other aspect of human nature has been so pivotal in alienating a person from God.

At soul level there is inseparability, but in physical life, the more corrupt and deviant the sexual energy, the more the people engaging in those activities are distancing themselves from God.  Sadly for you and Earth, these free will choices are rampant in your civilization and far from the chosen missions in most of the souls’ pre-birth agreements.

Mother, however viewed by many on Earth, a loving homosexual partnership is NOT a perversion of sexual energy, and that brings us back to your question about homosexual unions in this realm.

Since there is no condemnation here of people’s former sexual orientation, clearly there is no judgment regarding which souls are attracted to each other as mates.  Experiencing here on every level is designed for the souls’ spiritual evolvement, and that includes all unions.  Whether heterosexual or homosexual in nature, the soul level energy and bonding commitment of all couples is totally respected.

Thank you, Mother.  As you continue your journey toward increasing spiritual and conscious awareness, know that you are being assisted by the planet’s highest vibrations in many millennia. And you have the unconditional love, respect and admiration of all lighted beings in this universe.



Suzanne Ward

Oribel Divine – Birth of the New Human

Oribel Divine·38 videos

* with gratitude to Luca Ferretti for the Italian captions.

If you study the 12 spiritual layers of DNA, you will know that Layer 11 is the second of the divine God layers, and actually the most powerful force in the Universe, for it represents the compassion of all humanity, which is epitomized within the mother energy. It’s an energy that isn’t there unless the Human calls for it.

It is the layer activated with compassionate events on the planet, such as the death of Princess Diana, the tsunamis, or the 9/11 experiences. It softens the heart and opens both genders to common sense solutions and peaceful times. It is being stored up within you, but also controlled by Gaia. Together, it will be released when the shift needs it the most. This won’t be a catastrophe, but the birth of a new energy.

* the information above is taken from Kryon Book Twelve “The Twelve Layers of DNA – An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within” written by Lee Carroll. Permission is not required for me to quote from the book when I give credit to the publisher.

Credits: Platinum Publishing House – THE TWELVE LAYERS OF DNA. Copyright 2010

Know this, that a balanced male/female creates a balance human. A balance human is able to manifest. A balance human is able to learn her/his remaining life lessors in this life time. Blessed is the human being who understands this and begins the process.

And we have 18 more years to plant seeds of new energy. Let us use them well.

And together let us affirm:

I AM a New Human
I AM willing to Evolve
I AM a New Expression of the I AM
And so I AM

shared with love …
Oribel Divine

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Heru Ankh Amen – Masculine Overload

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Embrace the Divine Feminine. It’s not about gender or sexual orientation, it’s about becoming a higher dimensional being and a higher dimensional society NOW! Heru Ankh Amen

David Deida / Chris Helder – Knowing Your Purpose

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Divine Feminine – Divine Masculine – Love

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The emergence within the Masculine of its Divine Feminine and the acceptance within the Feminine of its Divine Masculine create the perfect state of union. To read my article that is the basis for this video, go to…

Love in Morikami Japanese Gardens – South Florida

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The shift to Intuition – Our Inner Teacher


Dear Family of Light!
Who are we really? Why are we here? Honestly, only our intuition knows, our eternal inner teacher – the I AM.  WHO AM I?

Who AM I? What matters right now? I just feel like I no longer desire control, pushing the outcomes or anything as such. I just feel such a strong desire and tendency to just Be, to be in the Mountains, to breathe the air or my own Purity, within All Creation’s Beauty. I do not feel urged to do anything, although so many things from the outer seem to be wanting me to move forward, to do something, to create something new, to create tangible results, to be active! I just want to listen to my own voice, my own inner teacher, and follow my own Heart.

Everyone seems to be so active, when in fact, this just makes me feel more disconnected. I do not want to be proactive, neither do I wish to be passive. I want to be somewhere in the middle, flowing with the Divine current of Life, to see what it brings me, to start fresh and anew every single day, within a giant hole of deep nothingness. I wish to bask in this state of Bliss every Now moment! I wish to walk through my meadows, to listen to my birds, observe my clouds as they keep passing by in eternity, and visit my Beloved Mountains. I wish to create only from this space of void, of stillness and tranquility. I do not wish to be a doer, like so many others. There is such a thin line between a Human Being and a Human doing. I just wish to Be, for that is my desire and my God’s given right.

The safety that I AM can only truly come from within, there is no outer manifestation of safety. The safety of my Being I AM creating by myself, as I breathe the Holy Breath of Purity within Eternity. I have no one to compare to, I AM one of a kind, unique and on my own. On my Journey, I AM alone, but I AM never lonely. I bask in my own solitude, for it is such a gift of Spirit, this Life of Freedom to Be! This freedom cannot be expressed with words. My only desire is to be free from all the illusion and to grow and evolve in that state of Perfection. I AM Me, and I AM like no one else. Only knowing and feeling this, can make me love all and everyone else as myself. Only by feeling myself, I can feel everything and everyone else. This is the consciousness of Oneness.

In solitude, there is Union, in darkness there is Light, and All is but one and the same. I can only share by Being, this sacred space that I AM, this Journey I AM living. While so many are still programmed to manifest, build and control, I AM just Being, in this vast state of wholeness, as I AM complete. I allow everyone walk their path in their own unique way, but I AM not them, and they are not Me. I belong to myself, the same as they do. I belong to the Almighty God/Goddess, as I breathe the Holy Breath wherever I go, and wherever I AM. I choose to create by being Me! I chose to dream awake. I choose to walk the path of least resistance, within a Will, greater than my own. I belong to the Stars, I belong to the Heavens. I AM a Creator God and I belong to the Creations I AM creating, within observing and holding the pure intentions of the Divine Love that I AM, and infusing this world with the Light of my Beloved I AM!

This is who I AM.

If Gardens Can Be So Beautiful, Then Humans Must Be Angels

Gardening brings out both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculune. 

Loving, nurturing care, lots of Imagination, science of Botany,  Responsibility of frequent supervision, Protection against nasties, Ensuring of sun, food and water. 

Sounds a lot like bringing up Children!  Truly, We are Co-creator Angels!

Advanced Meditation Of Unity Consciousness – The “New YOU Attunement”

3rd Dimensional Shift

#rd Dimensional Shift

The Shift Is Up To Us


Waking Times

To address the media hype around Dec 21, 2012, it will be important for us to hold a positive energy and convey an optimistic message. We really don’t need to repeat the fear that Y2K created. To that end, we would like to emphasize that there is a shift occurring, but how that shift plays out is up to us. The emotions and intent we send out into the universe will either maintain or transform our frequency, and thus our vibration. Which earth would like to be a part of?

The galactic energies of 2012 are stronger than ever. They started to arrive almost three decades ago. It is a continuum of energy that we are in and it won’t just take place on Dec. 21, 2012. The decreasing magnetics of the planet, along with increased solar flares, have already been impacting our consciousness, global warming, and Earth changes. We have witnessed the dismantling of structures that no longer work such as Wall Street and the Berlin Wall.

From a spiritual perspective, this time is associated with the co-creation of New Earth which has been happening over the last several years. There will not be a marked delineation of Old World / New World on the planet, but rather a spectrum of energies. Some countries will carry more Old World energy and others will have more New Earth energy. Some will be more receptive to the infusion of light and some will remain in the dark. Within our cities there will be pockets of light; even within our neighbourhoods there will be folks of the Old World and those who carry the vibrational signature of this time onto 2013.

Within yourself, you will have parts, sub-personalities or archetypes that have ascended to the New Earth, and others which will live in Old World energies. Some aspects of yourself may still be influenced by the negative ego or resist transformation. These energies will co-exist within you, and for those on a spiritual path the balance will definitely favour the resonances of the New World. In this sense, the microcosm always mirrors the macrocosm. This is not an all-or-nothing event. We are in the process of being reborn as the Sacred Human as we acquire more light. The esoterics say a gradual transition from Homo Sapien to Homoluminescent will occur. It can only occur through a deeper intellegence and collective consciousness.

Collective Consciousness

Collective consciousness is a mode of awareness that emerges at the first transpersonal stage of consciousness, when our identities expand beyond our egos. A crucial capacity that accompanies this awareness is the ability to intuitively sense and work with the interactions between our and others’ energy fields, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For example, just as Gene Rodenberry imagined a future where Star Trek’s Spock could “mind meld” with others, more of us are now becoming aware of our capacity not only to intuit each other’s thoughts and emotions, but also to consciously think and create together without communicating through our five senses.

Collective Psychosis

C. G. Jung, the great doctor of the soul and one of the most inspired psychologists of the twentieth century, had incredible insight into what is currently playing out, both individually and collectively, in our modern-day world. Jung never tired of warning that the greatest danger that faces humanity is to unwittingly fall into our unconscious en masse such that we become instruments for a psychic epidemic to wreak havoc in the world, just like we see today

Jung writes that psychic epidemics “… are infinitely more devastating than the worst of natural catastrophes. The supreme danger which threatens individuals as well as whole nations is a psychic danger.” We are in the midst of a collective psychosis that has become so normalized that very few people are even talking about it, which is itself an expression of our collective madness.

How things actually turn out depends upon how consciousness responds to the situation. During a collective manifestation of the unconscious, the great danger is a mass movement where millions, or even billions of people fall into their unconscious together, igniting a psychic epidemic which spawns an apocalyptic war that ravages life on earth and destroys the biosphere of the planet. To quote Jung, “the unconscious works sometimes with most amazing cunning, arranging certain fatal situations, fatal experiences, which make people wake up.” Catastrophe can only be avoided if enough people wake up to what is being revealed to us as we act out the unconscious, and then connect with each other so as to de-activate, assimilate, and transform the potentially deleterious effects of the activated daemon. We can then, under the guidance of the Self, our intrinsic wholeness, help each other to usher in a new era of sustainable peace, understanding and mutual co-operation. Our very continued existence as a species on this beautiful planet depends upon this realization.

Blessings in Drag

When we become taken over by the unconscious, to quote Jung, “… the unconscious in large measure ousts and supplants the function of the conscious mind. The unconscious usurps the reality function and substitutes its own reality. Unconscious thoughts…manifest themselves in senseless, unshakable judgments upheld in the face of reality.” When we find ourselves ignoring factual evidence and holding a “magical” belief that we rationally know not to be true, we are under a spell, being “driven” by the unconscious, which is at that point in the driver’s seat. The psychic factors which make possession possible are suggestibility, lack of critical discernment, unwillingness or inability to self-reflect, fearfulness, propensity to superstition and prejudice. The contents that take us over when we are possessed by the unconscious appear as phobias, exaggerated affects, peculiar convictions, idiosyncrasies, stubborn plans, compulsions and obsessions, all of which are not open for discussion or correction.

We must realize that every moment of our experience is inseparable from our own consciousness, which is to recognize the fluid, non-objective and thus, “dreamlike nature” of reality. Just like figures in a dream, the way we observe the world literally evokes the very world we are observing. This means that it is through our awareness itself that we can intervene in the underlying matrix of creation and find the leverage point where we can change the waking dream we are having, which is “evolution-in-action.” Interestingly, we wouldn’t have woken up and had this realization without the antagonistic co-operation of other forces that are secretly allies in disguise, catalysts of consciousness appearing as adversaries, blessings in drag.

Duality to Oneness

As we connect to higher realms of consciousness, we move beyond the existence of a polarized world where things are only black or white, good or evil, and instead we experience a continuum of energies. To transcend our duality, we need to move to a state of unconditional love and non-judgment of our self and others. For our planet, we will overcome duality with the archetypal blending of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine.

Karma and Ego

When we are living in higher dimensional energies, the law of cause-and-effect or karma takes a back seat to the law of attraction. The magical process of synchronicity guides the art of co-creation and manifestation. If we are creating from a conscious, enlightened part then our results will be magical, and without the burden of unfinished business and painful lessons. We are learning how to manifest from light, love and joy.

If we are creating from an unconscious part, then karmic lessons and transforming shadow will be involved. Due to our wounding and the resistance of the negative ego, our lessons may be challenging and painful. But there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Once we transform our darkness, that aspect moves into light.

We are not trying to kill or annihilate the ego. The ego should be the willing servant of our soul. We want to be soul-guided as opposed to ego driven. The egoic selves are transformed through the process of love, pain and suffering. Love moves us beyond narcissistic self-absorption. The higher purpose of suffering that coincides with difficult lessons is the transmutation of the ego. With the loss of the egoic selves comes a void and emptiness. Replenish this void with the higher octave emotions such as love, gratitude, joy, and energies currently present as we approach 2013.

Descending Heavenly Energies

The current alignment we are experiencing through the process of transformation enables us to bring more sacred, heavenly energies to Earth. They move down to us, allowing us to connect more consistently with Source energy. We don’t need to die and “go up” to experience facets of heaven on Earth.

We are meant to rejoice in these divine vibrations, celebrate the rebirth of Paradise within, and create beauty and harmony in our lives. Let’s remember this is not a polarized experience, but one that lies on an array of frequencies. We will still have bad days. We can slide up and down this spectrum based on what level of consciousness we are coming from.

As messengers of these energies, we don’t need to convert others, but through role modelling, a ripple effect will occur. Those who are ready but not there yet will be magnetized to this higher energy through the law of attraction and synchronicity. These are indeed exciting times to be living and at times they are tumultuous. Remember, this event only happens every 26,000 years. Aren’t you glad you showed up for it!

In conclusion, then, it is of the highest importance for our individual and collective flourishing to appreciate the importance of global consciousness and spirituality in opening deeper access to our encounter with Reality. There is more to Reality than any one cultural, religious or disciplinary narrative. And awakening the global lens, the global heart and mind has been a perennial concern of our great spiritual traditions through the ages. Our future now depends on making this shift together.