Ron van Dyk – Dialogue with Ambassador of White Dragon Society – The Dragon Family’s Vision for Humanity – Please Listen With Your Heart and Mind Open – Let Us Passionately Embrace This Vision Of Our Future – Let Us Joyously Accept Our New Responsibilities As World Citizens – 6-21-14

Steve Beckow – Universal Brothers and Sisters, Sovereign Citizens of the World, and Members of Team Earth – 8-7-14

Sananda – A Just New World – Channeler Dr Kathryn E May

Judith Kusel – The New Earth and Cosmic Citizenship – 5-25-14

Tolec, Andromeda Council – Critical Update 3-28-14 – This Planet’s Transformation into becoming a Higher Dimensional, 4D world – Global Financial Reset

Dr. Kathryn E May – Ashtar, Saint Germain, Zorra (Father God) – Malaysia Flight 370 – NESARA – World Currencies Reset – World Peace – Hollow Earth – – 3-12-14

Crystalai – Responsibilities – Becoming Galactic Citizens – 1-19-14

Repost – Lord Ashtar of Galactic Federation of Light – Your Ascension Is Outlined – Amazing Detailed Summary of Our New Life – New Technologies will transform our daily lives – We are leaving the Hologram Earth and moving into the Real World – You are Pure Love, Pure Consciousness

Saint Germain – Channeler Andy Bojarski – Teleportation Will Change Your World – Energy Projection of the Heart


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