Charlie Chaplin – As I Began to Love Myself – Self Love Poem

Liora – Sacred Self Reunion – Angel Ascension Message

Understanding The Love of The Divine and Sacred Self – Archangels and Devas Blog2-13-14

Celestial White Beings – The Healing Power of Dissolving Self Rejection – 8-20-14

Jayme Price – Weekly Lightblast – Forgetting Shame – 8-21-14

Wes Annac – The Sacred Self – Free of Limitation, Distortion – 9-20-14

Mother Mary via Natalie Glasson – Gentle Practices for Self-Love, Empowerment – Sacred School of OmNa – 8-31-14

Heavenletter #5092 – Self-Discovery – 11-3-14

Suzanne Lie – Entering The Violet Fire – Arcturians, Mytria, Your Inner SELF – 10-6-14

Mother Mary – Divine Trine – Inner Child, Forgiving Yourself – 10-1-14

Anna Merkaba – How to get through Ascension Symptoms without Going Mad – A short guide to various remedies that you can use to re balance yourself instantly – 9-7-14

Christine Day – Breathe…and Let Go: An interview on Self-Transformation in 2014 with Christine Day – 8-29-14

Mother Mary via Linda Dillon – My Beloved Angels, Why Do You Not Choose to Nurture Yourself? – 8-19-14


3 thoughts on “SACRED SELF”

  1. Mr. Elliott,Letters via USPS sounds so novel in the internet age even when it is a single letter produced for many, but it doesn’t sound like a pen-pal relationship. Can one write back to your author in the letter?


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