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Unity Consciousness 111

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Those that are choosing to participate in ascension on Gaia, are going into a “heightened awareness” of Unity Consciousness. And this means that as we remember our inherent, Unity Consciousness, we return to perceiving the reality in a vastly expanded way.


This is why the “knowledge” gained during this transition is exponential, compared to the knowledge gained in the “past”. We are beginning to recognize that this Unity Consciousness is available to us in ways we hadn’t realized, until recently.

An example of this is when we read material now, like, when we read a book or blog. We are able to “perceive” much more of the author’s experience/intent in the material. And these “heightened” feelings and communing even expand into those “persona’s” that the author’s experienced and expressed teachings from.

We truly do perceive an energy that we receive from all those individuals that are brought up in the book or article. As all is in Unity Consciousness. We gain access to these same ones, through Unity Consciousness. We start to “feel” more of what they “felt” as they went through their experiences, as we read about them. And this is becoming more visceral to our experiences. We go into a “knowing” what they went through and/or felt.

When our various “teachers and guides” give us information, they also are fully aware that their energy goes to those that will access the same information. They can perceive all of those that will partake of their material/information. And so, they direct their energies through the book/article to precisely all of these ones.

This is why we are instructed, many times, to share our “insights” we’ve gained through our interactions with our guides. This is how we contribute in a “physical” sense, to match what we have already discovered through our interactions in Unity Consciousness. We are merely “physicalizing” what has already occurred in the etheric/astral realms. And we contribute to all on Gaia through grounding and crystalizing this energy/information. This is the intent of all of our guides. For this allows them to contribute, energetically as well. And even this energy, is an aspect of a physical participation. And our teachers and guides are desirous of this contribution/participation, in our level of physicality.

When we realize that we are truly all One, we bring together our “highest intentions” for all, as we recognize that we are bringing that same energy/intent for ourselves. The One for the All and the All for the One. Our “sites” are set on the expansion of the whole, as this expands us as well to the greatest extent possible. We become entirely “inclusive” as we recognize that all are important in All That Is.

And we’ll begin to see this “reflected” back to us, in our reality. We will see Gaia become harmonious. We will see a “return” of certain animal species that are “already” on the ascended Gaia. As when we live through “knowing” that we are all One, we go into “resonance” with that reality. And we notice that our reality is changing, first internally and then “reflected” to us in the external reality. We start to “suddenly” find more material that “supports” our path. We easily come upon the information/experiences we need, to fulfill our desire/joy of service. Whatever that may be. We ascend, gradually, as we see this all come about.

For we change our life to BEing one of expressions of our joys and our passions. We realize that we are “at our best” or in the flow, when we are BEing as well as doing all that brings us joy. When all that we do, is bringing us joy and exciting “challenges,” we then flourish. And this naturally increases our frequency.

This is why we’re taught/reminded that when we ascend, we start to see our realities change to that of being experienced as synchronistic, in a harmonious sense. In other words, we end up with those of “like” minds. And this is also a result of coming into a resonance with the Unity Consciousness with those that are of very similar frequency.

And those that are of a disharmonious experience, show up less and less in our reality. For we are “attacking” those that are a vibrational match that begets benevolence and harmony.

We begin, or already have, more and more, to gather and experience very synchronistic realities. We get attracted to similar “time-lines” and experiences. We co-create a unique reality, with those that have similar energy.

And since the whole of the reality is one of “fractals”, we see this expression occurring all throughout our Unity Consciousness. This is how we all bring about greater and grander experiences to the Whole. Our contributions to this Unity Consciousness are “bigger” than we initially thought. As we are contributing on many “levels of consciousness” perceptions and expressions.

Since each of us is a multidimensional expression, we each bring about a wealth of information and experiences to the Unity Consciousness. As we recognize that each of our own, Higher Selves, is “included” in this same Unity Consciousness.

This is why we have seen the Ascended Host offer us their own “conscious/perception” for our use. They “know” that we are each already contributing to this Unity Consciousness. And this is how, we “dawn” their consciousness as an experience and aid for our learning.

The Higher Heart is where we each access this Unity Consciousness. We are each established in this Unity Consciousness through this aspect of our Being. For love is the energy behind our transition/remembrance of life in the 4th dimensional realms and higher. Our passions always come forth through the love of what they bring to us. And this contributes to the Whole in the perfect way.

These “new” energies are bringing about an entire change of consciousness on Gaia. Very different, then those of us that have been here a while have experienced. And this is a glorious and much longed for, transition.

The only “gotcha” for those of us that have gotten used to the “older” energies, is that we tend to notice that much of what we experience, we have been experiencing because we have made a “habit” out of that expression. And many of these disharmonious expressions have merely been brought forth out of habit. And now, we must “let go” of these. As they no longer, and probably never really did serve.

I remember when I first learned that ascension is ALL about letting go of ALL that is not your truth. I was astounded! And yet, as the process has “unfolded” I have seen that the entire change is indeed, letting go, of all that is not my truth, and does not serve. And this naturally increases our frequency. For we no longer allow “baggage” that is not truly ours.

The “biggest” issue ALL of us face, in this process, is leaving behind the victim/perpetrator/hero; paradigm. This is the “triangle” all live while having experiences in “duality”. This is the triangle we transcend to become creators and not be “victims”. This is a must, for ascending.

The “victim” perceives the “outer reality” as limiting their expression. And thus, the universe gives them that experience. By bringing forth the perpetrator, of similar resonance. They “agree” to go into the expression, together. As you can’t have one, without the other. So, the perpetrator takes the expression of “limiting” the victim’s experience, by taking what is not theirs, from the victim. And this plays out in relationships with one another, as well as societies and countries and so forth.

Then the “hero” comes forth to “save the day” by “stopping” the paradigm. And in truth, the “hero” goes into “resonance” with the “victim” state, in so doing. The hero limits the free will of the victim to “Create” their own change of state/circumstances. This harms the “hero” and the victim. For the “hero” can never “save” one from their Creations. We all must account for our energies and their constructs. No one can “save” another. For this would not honor free will.

As none of these expressions can exist in the Unity Consciousness of the 4th dimension. As co-creators we must be willing to Create only harmonious expressions, as well as honor the fact, that we ourselves Create our own reality.

And we must realize that there truly are no “victims” as well as “perpetrators” and “hero’s” as these are “dualistic” 3D illusory games. They are “dis-functional” experiences that only perpetuate the “illusion” of separation. Of their not being a Oneness that we all are aspects of. And this is completely false.

This is a “significant” marker for ascension candidates. To have integrated and moved beyond these expressions and paradigms. For the victim/perpetrator/hero is a triangle of expression that is born of fear. And this is the polar opposite of love and unity consciousness. As love and unity is inclusive, in recognition of the Oneness of ALL. And what is there to fear in this loving Oneness?

The access to the “realms” of Unity Consciousness is through the within. Through accessing this realm from the Higher Heart. There is where we find ALL who say they are “always” with us. We may commune with these as easily as we would with our friends, if we chose to silence the without and go within.

This precious aspect of reality is available to any who are willing to expand themselves and trust their experience. For those that are “awaiting” the call are anxious to hear from us. We have made a “leap” in consciousness that many are eagerly joyously of seeing us express.

So, realize that when we read a wonderful book from someone that has had a beautiful expression/experience, we have access to that exact same energy as they felt when they lived it. We have access to that same “aha” moment, that brought about a great/grand change in their perception/life. We have access to these same Beings that assisted them, their own Higher Self and guides. For they are within the same Unity Consciousness. As this consciousness contains all of these energies, by all those that interact with it.

This is the beauty and power of Unity Consciousness. This is why we return to this state of being, as we ascend. For our ascension is on a “fast track”. Not that we have to be on this fast track. As all will ascend when they are truly ready. And yet, for those that are anxious to return to these experiences/expressions, the “barriers” are no more. The option to “fast track” is here. As Gaia, is ascending. And this will happen for Her, within our lifetimes.

Those that are desirous of a “slower” pace of exit from 3D experiences, may proceed with their “lessons” through the “inner realms” before incarnating once more, on Gaia. Since their next incarnation will be of the 4th dimensional experience, as Gaia will no longer be serving 3D experiences. Or others may choose to go to another planetary body that is serving 3D experiences. And much of this is taking place as we speak. Souls are choosing their preference of expressional experience. And all is taking place with NO judgement, whatsoever.

Let us ask our guides for greater “knowing” of how we may each best benefit from this relearning of working within the Unity Consciousness. So, we may contribute in the way we envisioned before we came for this transitional experience. Let’s bring about the “brightest” illumination of enlightenment and experience for the Whole. As we are the Whole, and the Whole is us. Recognize the power we each individually and collectively have, as a result of such a grand Oneness of expression. The Beauty of Unity Consciousness, here and now.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran




ARCHANGEL MICHAEL via Genoveva Coyle – NOVA YOU – MASTER ALCHEMIST and CREATOR – by Council Of Love – 2-25-18

Your only desire is to bring home the lost ones, with love and gentle guidance, one soul at a time.  Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! I am Mi-ka-el, I am Archangel Michael, Archangel of love and peace, bringer of the truth, your family, friend, and protector, your ally always.


I come here this day to reassure you that there is no moment that I am not with you on this journey you are traveling on Earth, in this universe and anywhere else, for it is my promise to the Mother and to you to overlight thee, to hold your hand, to protect thee and your loved ones at all times. There are times when you hear and see me clearly, and there are other times when you are deeply involved in your mission of light. Thus, just because you are not quite aware of our connection and presence around thee it doesn’t mean that we are not always with you and fully aware of your deeds and your most intimate thoughts.

You gave us permission a long time ago, and you have called on me and given me permission to sit close by and to intervene when there is need. And this is what I am doing despite the fact that you are not always aware of how we have designed this mission of bringing and anchoring the light into the farthest and darkest spots of the Earth. You are traveling far and wide, you are the bravest of the brave to engage in these rescuing adventures, and your only desire is to bring home as many of the lost ones as you can.

Yes, you are stepping fully into your multidimensional selves. Yes, you are embodying the master alchemist and the creator – Nova You – the founder and builder of the Nova Earth. Yes, you are working continuously at balancing the masculine and the feminine divine energies, clearing and transmuting many of the painful memories and suffering of the old Earth for both genders, but mostly for the women.

But, at the same time you are persisting in the ongoing mission we have to bring others home, by diving deeper and deeper into the darkness and lighting up the paths, showing the way of the light and truth. There are still so many engrossed in fears and lies. There are still so many that are confused and lost, entangled in the ways of the old false constructs. These false constructs have been dissolved and dismantled as you know, for we have done this type of work together. But there are brothers and sisters of yours working and functioning in ways that are based on the previous conditioning patterns who have a difficult time seeing that there are no sustaining energies left in the old fearful ways.

There is so much light and hope anchored on our beloved Earth that fewer and fewer human beings are acting out in fear and despair. There is a refusal to follow the old patterns of lashing out in anger and rage and then being manipulated into the low vibrational abyss of guilt.

Everyone can see now that there are lighter and more loving ways to deal with the imbalances and the remaining heavy baggage of the past. And this is what you are doing, this is what we are doing now together, showing others that there are easier and much better and more graceful ways to evolve and expand into your greatness and multidimensional ways of being.

Yes, there are parts of yourselves that still need some more polishing, some revision and reworking from the old dense ways of being; they still need the focus of some of your energy and attention. But you are doing it now more efficiently in increasingly masterful ways without spending extraordinarily huge amounts of energy and time.

At the same time you are paving the way, you are lighting up the path and bringing home some of the most recalcitrant ones. You are showing them the truth in your loving and gentle ways. You are allowing them to feel and experience love, that genuine and unconditional love of the Mother. You are reminding them of the happy and bright days of being home, free, playful, and at one with the Source, and that they have no other choice but to review their methods and then to drop the fears and denials of the old separation.

And this is what we have promised the Mother to do in these intense times of chaos. This is how we bring everyone back into the heart of the Mother…with love and gentle guidance, one soul at a time. And for this type of work you are greatly appreciated. I thank you most profusely and I love you more than you can ever imagine.

I will leave you now with my love, peace and fortitude. Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

THE I AM PILLAR OF LIGHT TRANSMISSION – Clear,Seal, Protect Your Energy Fields – 2-25-18


Ascension Energies .com

In this transmission we call upon the angelic forces working in this dimension to help create a forcefield of light around us. Archangel Michael works on sealing our etheric field, repairing any rips and tears. Metatron seals the outer layers of our auric field with Golden-White light from the Christ Grid that emanates from the Central Sun.

This is a good transmission to begin your day. It can also be used before you enter the dream-state. The Pillar of Light will stay with you for a certain period of time. The more you repeat this transmission the more stable the pillar of light becomes in your reality.

COBRA UPDATE – 2-25-18 – by Operation Disclosure – attn: Light Workers

Cobra 2

Light workers please take note: 




via  Operation Disclosure

SANAT KUMARA via Mia Lighthouse – Living Heaven On Earth – 2-15-18

Sanat Kumara


Dear Mia, this is Sanat Kumara contacting you, I contact you and as this is the first time you are in contact with me, you don´t know me yet. Let me tell you a bit about myself; A long time ago I was living on earth, a very different earth compared with today, and then I mean not only regarding technical development, but I mean regarding spiritual development. I lived in what you may call Heaven on Earth. ‘Paradise’ did not exist in a restricted area, as some of you may believe, but ‘Heaven’ was all over the earth. Heaven on Earth was a state of consciousness regarding “I am one with everything, total compassion with all”. In that state of consciousness, you cannot hurt another living being, you can only be happy about them, you can only rejoice with them – that state of being is your home, dear children, this is how you wish to live once more, this is how you long to be again!


I was living in that part of the world you, today, call India. Of course, in those times there were no nations, this is a very late idea, and I was living in great joy and great peace. Yes, in my ancient India we were living in Heaven on Earth, we were living in harmony with nature and with one another. Parts of that still exist in India; they are mostly vegetarians, and this is a very essential part for humanity; to realize that the animals are equally valuable as yourselves. It is wrong not to value another being, it is wrong to put yourselves above another being. Even you, dear Mia, eat meat, and this you should immediately stop doing, I know, you have a diagnose saying you should eat meat for the sake of your health and, yes, you must learn to cook your food in the right way, and you must fill up your food with such power and energy that it gives you strength and energy. All of you should do this, and you should learn to prepare your own food; to grow, to harvest, to care for the earth and one another.

Today you are living on a mountain of rubbish you created yourselves, with all those packages of artificial food you transport halfway over the globe, to get it to your dinner table, instead of harvesting your own totally fresh vegetables, and cooking them with love and joy – and while cooking them you will fill them up with light, with love, with joy, which means you will give them all the energy you need – and you will grow them in the same manner; all the way from seed to plant. This goes without saying; a seed that is loved, a seedling that is loved, a plant that is loved – a dinner that will give you joy and gratitude – yes, in all that there is an enormous amount of nourishment you can never find in things coming from factories where everything is produced on an assembly line without emotions – because you must be on time, you must pay the bills – the food filled up with all that stress you created in your lives – no one will feel good from it and it will poison the whole planet!

Many of you Lightworkers are aware of your energies, but you often keep them inside, and many of you, like Mia, believe eating meat and fish is ok. Mia is very strict in that everything should be certified organic and ecological, but not all of you are even that! Now is the time to wake up and to realize the importance of these matters! If you are to create a new world, you should do it in real terms! It is a matter of raising the energy frequencies! If you don’t have a garden, make sure you grow something in your kitchen window, or in the green outside the apartment building! Create a circle of growers – learn about organic cultivation! Start in a small way and always start with the seeds – of course you will have to buy seeds from a farm where they are farming with love, there are several of those, so start there to begin with. “Where should I buy my seeds?” Feel the answer; certified organic is the way – that shows they are not using pesticides or other poisons – “but is there love?” Use Google on the Internet, find some businesses all selling certified organic products and feel in your heart what is right for you. This is more properly expressed, what is right for you, and order some seeds from a plant you wish to have in your daily life – maybe lettuce? That is readily cultivated and you can even grow it indoors – read about what is easy to grow and what you may harvest frequently – or if you choose to team up with a group, create a small allotment in your area and grow together, for instance some rows of carrots, some rows of parsnips, beetroots – or some other things that will be easy to grow and mostly will give a good harvest. And some rows of things that will grow fast, like lettuce, spinach, those things, and then make a scheme regarding chores for everyone with those essential things, like preparing the soil and the cultivating itself, and then schemes regarding irrigating/those things. Then when harvesting, do it together and then create a feast that you will share between yourselves. You could partly harvest in turns and share between you, but make sure that the last harvest will be for a great feast for all of you, as you celebrate doing this together!

But at that time, when you have prepared the soil and are going to plant the seeds, then talk about the importance of holding the seeds in our hands and loving them – share this knowledge with your friends – if it sounds right of course, but ideally it would be wonderful if you all could do this, if you could be strong enough to dare to share that the seeds, too are longing for love, and when they get love from us they will grow and get filled up with nutrition and they will give us all the nutrients we need, so that we will be able to stop eating meat!

Do this at your own pace, and if you cannot share this with your friends in the ‘cultivation circle’, say it to yourself. Be careful to hold the seeds between your hands and send them your love, preferably you should stand barefoot on the ground while doing this, in contact with the earth and in contact with heaven, being a channel from your foot chakra to your crown – yes, even your feet have chakras of course, very important ones, as your contact with Mother Earth is there. Do your grounding frequently, earth yourselves, live the lives you wish to live.

Yes, I was living in Heaven on Earth, but there were many who took that for granted, and God always gave free will to the human beings, and suddenly the level of consciousness was so low that I could no longer exist on earth, and since that time humanity has wandered around and has in all ways tried to find your way back to paradise, and now you are very close, you are already here. In fact, now is the matter about beginning to live it, it is a matter of making conscious choices in your existence. Yes, there are those who say that you can go on driving your car and living in houses with swimming pools, and yes, this is the first step as I see it, the first step in your manifesting – but I would prefer you jumping that step and finding your direct way back to nature, because it is in nature where true happiness is, where true love is! Because, not before Mother Earth will be whole and restored, can true happiness appear.

You are now once more creating your world, and it is essential for you to ponder what kind of world you wish to create! Many of you are stuck in the world surrounding you, even you Mia, you think you should have a house/a flat, and you think of the earth as it is looking now, with all the different existing nations/borders/nationalities – and yes, this will be the case during a transition period, but you can create heaven on earth and in paradise there are no nations, there is only a living present now! To discover the world there, is walking and rejoicing together with the ones you meet on your path, forming ties and relations where you feel particularly great love, a love so great that you will not be able just to give a hug and joyfully continue, a love so great that you feel, “with you I want to share everything!”

Yes, in this heavenly world you might live for many thousands of years, and during these thousands of years, each day in your life can be like a fairy tale of love and joy for development and invention, of awe for Creation and the joy of being part of Creation.

Take your time to be in nature, to be one with nature. Choose a day with the weather you prefer – sit down by a tree, close your eyes, feel the tree, feel the earth beneath you, sense the wind in your face, hear the song of the birds, and just be, just be in that moment – and do it oftentimes – that is a way to experience eternity, to move into the timeless – at the same time as you are creating ties with Mother Earth. Create stronger and stronger ties with Mother Earth. Mother Earth is a divine being, the most beautiful planet you can imagine, she is The Paradise. Rediscover her and live together with her.

In love and Joy, in Eternity, Amen, Om.

Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, 15 februari, 2018

Opening the High Heart Chakra – by giddeon7 – 2-25-18


Published on Dec 14, 2014