Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Dreaming Inter-Dimensionally

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


a message from Gillian MacBeth-LouthanFriday, 25 September, 2020  (posted 28 September, 2020)

As we all around the corner of another Time-space dimensional burp, we come face-to-face with the many octaves and rungs of the ladder of light that seems to be very wobbly at this moment of time. In this dimension of instability there are many memories that come to the surface, seeking the light of day. Interdimensional memories where our random thoughts went and found life in other places of conception. Like A Stitch in Time we try to sew up the Loose Ends looking for the pattern we did not know we were making. In this dysfunctional conjunction is a place where we heal in a circle of time. Like a black hole that folds over itself opening new doorways of travel, we too are searching for parts of ourselves we have lost in the past year.

We have stuffed and sequestered so many emotions, angers, thoughts and fears, like a big old burrito it’s time for us to swallow that which we need to digest. The soul is knowable about all the levels of light and life and how it conjoins, separates and comes together again and again. Like a school of dolphins seeking the entrance to ancient Atlantis we too seek knowledge. Many unknowns bump our souls, testing us like a shark in deep dark emotional waters. Within the interdimensional dreaming sequences is a vast Oasis of Healing, a sweetness that may be too much for the five senses of earth. All that we have not addressed or have not healed completely comes into our dream state and dances with our heart; lost loves, lost opportunity, lost hopes.

Night after night, Dream after Dream we do not totally understand, dances with us removing veils of memories and secrets gone by. Healing us like a well-placed dimensional salve. Allowing us to dream within the dream and heal within that place of safety. Quantum dreaming allows you to insert yourself into any interdimensional aspect of yourself. Interacting with the dimensional coils of time, allows entrance into a place of understanding beyond this single reality. The winding road, the road less traveled is strewn with black holes, karmic holes and interdimensional rift raft. This place, time and energy request you become Avatar of self, of soul and intention. Drive the most-high aspect of your earth-self into a place that will karmically heal the earthly matrix and add to planetary peace.

Some of these inter-dimensional dreams are held captive within the Planetary DNA as it unwinds itself within the bloodline and ancestry of your biology and the soul family of your star that marks your heart. We are Stardust in human form seeking to know itself and its Creator. This seeking exists within every step and thought of mankind. Like an explosion of supernova proportioned in a far-off galaxy, 2021 we awaken to an X-Factor that exists in all of us on Earth. We are the leader of the pack of molecules and biology on Earth, we are the Apex that seeks forward movement past limitations etching itself into history and ancestry. We still stand in the turnstile of dimensional truths as we each seek something to keep us buoyant and afloat thru this experience. All of life seems to sink like the Titanic meeting a Zeppelin balloon during a bionic woman episode.

Grasping at straws, picking up sticks, learning how to walk through the muck of other’s decisions has made us hardened to the touch like an old cow patty. We do not trust what we read or hear but we know something smells like foul play. Like Pavlov’s dogs we have been fooled too many times before creating a cosmic tinnitus. The promised Dinner Bell has brought too many tummy growls and disappointments. In 2021 we will listen to the sound of our own soul, our own thoughts and our divine connection which has been lost in translation this past year. In 2021 We will continue to take flight in and out of time, moving our light towards a homeward beacon seeking to Understand what has been imprinted in our souls during this time of initiation and isolation.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 –

The Art of Holding Space for Loved Ones

a message from Dr. Judith OrloffFriday, 25 September, 2020 

Dr. Judith Orloff


One of the great challenges for empaths and all sensitive people is how to help others without burning out. As a psychiatrist, I’ve observed that my patients get most exhausted when they try too hard to fix or help their spouses, children, or friends. The art of holding space is a skill that empaths must learn. Holding space means that we are present for people we love by radiating caring, nonjudgmental, and calm energy—but we don’t try to fix them or absorb their distress.

Holding space is a loving kindness practice that you can use when you are supporting others. It’s more about “being” that “doing.” Your energy and attitude can make all the difference. Here is an excerpt to guide you from my book Thriving as an Empath: 365 Days of Self-Care for Sensitive People. The more you practice radiating this heart-centered awareness, the easier holding space will become.

A Holding Space Practice

When you’re with someone you care about who is going through a hard time or is expressing joy, it is a beautiful skill to hold space for them. This means that you choose to be totally present with that person. (Holding space is not something you offer everyone in need.) Your mind is still: You’re not overly involved. You’re not thinking about how to change or fix them. You’re not focused on your own emotions, which may be getting triggered. Instead, you look at them with love, listen with your heart, and hold a positive, nonjudgmental space for this person to just Be.

Holding space is a gift that you have to offer. I often do this for my patients and with friends. You’re creating an aura of love which extends from you to them. Never underestimate the power of holding space for someone. It can be a vehicle for deep healing.

Set your intention. I will hold a loving space for someone today. I will be completely present for them.

(Excerpt from “Thriving as an Empath: 365 Days of Self-Care for Sensitive People” by Judith Orloff, MD)

Judith Orloff MD is bestselling author of the new book Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life  upon which these tips and article are based. Her insights in Emotional Freedom create a new convergence of healing paths for our stressed out world. An assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA, Dr. Orloff’s work has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, and in Oprah Magazine and USA Today.
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L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Full Moon, October 1st, 2020 – Restlessness and ANGER

SEP 28

Posted by The New Divine Humanity

The Divine Spark~5th Dimensional Consciousness | The New Divine Humanity


THIS INTENSE Full Moon in Aries is on October 1st, 2020 at 6:05 pm ADT.

The major tension and restlessness is from a very unstable influence of Uranus. OF COURSE those anchored in their heart will find it easy to stay present MOMENT TO MOMENT and flow through the NOW and HEART.

For many this may feel as though a culmination of. stressors has reached their peak. This may be revealed through even greater riots, resistance and a clashing of egos set on winning.

This FULL MOON which always a more emotional time, is AMPED up through the powerful influence of MARS retrograde SQUARE Saturn. ANGER, frustration reaching its peak may be witnessed by many.

OF course on the flip side is the grand opportunity of clearing those hidden areas of anger and resistance, through the heart, transforming it into GREATER LOVE.

BOTTOM line is it may feel as though you are being tested. THIS IS THE now moment to anchor deeply into actually being your DIVINE SELF HERE. The call to the few who live authentically will become even more momentous. AS the pressure will SURFACE what is now.

A fixed star also linked to combat, outrage, resistance and explosions of energy that are war like, also AMPS up this already, testy vibe. Those not in their heart will or may go full tilt into this anger. Stay clear of angry environments if you desire peace and the anchoring in of your heart.

This includes internet also. ANYTHING promoting anger may take many to the so called deep end of no return.

Those in their heart well GLORY awaits the truly authentic beings walking their talk.

If unsure, go in silence and reflect on what is means to you to be DIVINE.

It all starts with self love. OFTEN the rage is out of self anger and loathing.

Be present, we activate you through LOVE into your consciously being more of your DIVINE PRESENCE. N0W AND always, we see it all now. Many worlds, many universes. AND ONLY ONE NOW.


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VLOG 186 – STEP 4 – PREPARATION for PLANETARY REBOOT – by Patricia Cota Robles

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal


The Art of Internal Knowingness


Lord Adama shares his expression on our Internal Knowingness for an Ascension Mastery Message. Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden is an Integrative Messenger for Lord Adama in his role as High Priest of Telos assisting the Spiritual Ascension of Humanity along with the Agarthan Council of Light of the Christed Inner Earth Cities.

Alunnah!  Alunnah! Alunnah!

Greeting My Dearest Ones.

Let us first take some deep breaths and open up the Antahkarana bridge with the Deep Blue Violet Light filling up your entire central canal and all your chakras with the illumination of the Higher Mind of the Divine essence that you are, opening your Third Eye perceiving these Divine energies in a way than you’ve ever experienced before.

Let it spin within you with your Soul Star and your Earth Star creating the most beautiful light field within your four-body system. As we gather together, we ignite this Divine energy…

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Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)


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Dark Structures and Systems are Crumbling – By Jennifer Crokaert

Dark Structures and Systems are Crumbling

By Jennifer Crokaert

Many on Earth at present, are consolidating enormous amounts of LIGHT, rapidly changing DNA structures and Pineal Gland decalcification… that needed time to BEcome Embedded.What happens on HIGHER planes takes time to trickle into physical sight… but that does NOT mean it is not there

.It will not come as News to anyone reading these channels and others like them, that the Structures and Systems on the planet are Changing. Rapidly.We wish to convey that although you may Not see Obvious, Massive Cracks within the Political Realms or within the Banking and Finance sector, that does NOT mean that they are intact.

The opposite is True… for those who seek to control you… the Walls are Crumbling.They feel that everything is about to fall in on them and there is no escape… BE-ing stuck on a sinking submarine would be a good analogy.You can imagine the claustrophobia and desperation this would induce.It creates such an internal pressure cooker that many are having internal ‘splits’, psychotic breaks… which are resulting in desperate acts to regain their position.

But the cracks are there… soon these Systems and Structures, which you may describe as hierarchical, are about to crumble.This does NOT mean chaos and devastation.Those who are of the LIGHT have worked tirelessly to make this transition as seamless as possible and… with the Ever-HIGHER vibration on Earth… several more Challenging Potential Timelines NO longer exist for you… you have Evolved BEyond them Spiritually.This process will be rather ‘stop start’.

There will BE some Big Announcements which result in Great Changes… these will have some time to embed, and then there will BE more Changes.This is a Process.It is not a “one-night wonder” … where you wake up tomorrow and the Golden Times are upon you.This is a Process.You grow and expand your Compassion and Forgiveness with each NEW Revelation and each NEW Leap.

You Re-conceptualize the Structures of Power – whether they are Politics… Finance… Religion… Ethnicity… Education – BEcause Everything… Everything, will BE Changing over the next Decade.Some Changes will swoop in unexpectedly and create some degree of psychic shock among those who are still sleeping… in order to assist in their Awakening.Much of it will BE more Gradual.

Gradual does NOT mean slow.Re-organizing the Structures of your planet in such a short time frame will be an enormous undertaking and an exceptionally satisfying one for you… as you BEgin to remember why you came and how you wanted to share your Gifts.Fulfilling our SOULS Destiny is the Reward… the Purpose and the Path.Some NEW Structures and Systems will come into place.There will be much flatter organisational principles in operation moving forward.

There will still be some Macro-Structures… but they will BE almost fractal-like… reflecting the needs and beliefs of those they serve… born of their Conscious Consciousness, created to liberate and expand… NOT to diminish or depreciate.The days of Hierarchy are almost past.Flat NOT tall… Giving Back NOT taking… Local NOT remote… Flowing NOT rigid… Cooperative and Collaborative NOT coercive…

Nourishing NOT depleting … these are directions your NEW Structures and Systems will move towards.As Generosity and Compassion increase… you will Evolve NEW ways to organize together for the purpose of mutual Benefit and Upliftment.There are already Positive Templates in place… Structures and Systems that can BE grafted into the old structures… to support various aspects of life during the immediate transition… then more Organic…

Reflective means of Organisation can Evolve.The most probable Timeline is a decade of rebuilding. In that time… you will also open up to contact with us and our assistance with some of the more challenging aspects of your ‘clean up’ process… such as radioactive waste, for example.We are here to assist. You have all chosen to incarnate NOW so that you could do it.That is the reason you are Here. You created the Energetic Surge to bring this Ascension Process into BEing…

NOW you are Re-modelling all that you have Rightfully Reclaimed.It is All within you. It will BEcome increasingly Clear as you embed your Upgrades and the Energy increases… soon you will remember what you wished to bring forth in this Time.In the meantime… Follow your Hunches… continue to KNOW that LOVE – in its infinite variations – is the Building Block of NEW EARTH.It is always our pleasure to collaborate with All of You of the LIGHT


Channeled through Jennifer Crokaert

News and Views – 9-29-20



Breitbart: “Nancy Pelosi Prepares for House of Representatives Vote to Elect the President”

CGI: Likely TIMELINE of events to take place from Sep. 20 to Jan. 20


Fulford preview

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Sept. 29, 2020

 AskAPrepper: “Avoid These 5 Signs On Your Property”

 CDC’s credibility is eroded by internal blunders and external attacks as coronavirus vaccine campaigns loom

@ETheFriendly: Biden doesn’t want a pre-debate drug test because he is on Memantine and Donepezil to combat his severe cognitive decline

XXXXX XXXXX  Work Hand-in-Hand to Rig Elections Around the World

SORCHA: “Durham Goes Apocalyptic

Project Veritas Outlines Ballot Harvesting Fraud in Ilhan Omar Minnesota District

Getting smoke here from the North and the East…Geez / TWEET: FIRES have reached SANTA ROSA. THOUSANDS EVACUATED. THICK SMOKE and ASH everywhere. BLOOD RED MOON #Agenda21 [PHOTO]

 Reader: “It’s heartbreaking, hobie. I’m a native of Sonoma County. My ancestors were there in the mid-1800s.

GMI: “11 Things Better than Drugs or Supplements for Healing”





Greetings I am Yeshua, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus, I am Yeshi, I am brother, I am ally, I am friend. I want you to know that – I am friend. So often when I say to you come and walk with me, come and sit with me, come and be with me. I am not saying that as ascended master as enlightened being, I am saying that as friend.

Those labels that you have given me and that I have accepted, those are part of how you explain me, how you know me. But that doesn’t explain – at least not to the extent to which I wish to touch your hearts today – our friendship, our kinship, our relationship. I teach you as you teach me. I embrace as you embrace me. I walk with you, not because I need to carry you, although I will. I walk with you because I love you, because I enjoy your company, because I wish to speak with you, to discuss with you not merely what lies ahead. There is much that is in unfoldment right now.

But I also wish to speak with you about you, and, yes, often about me. And when I say this, I do not also mean me as the Yeshua you have known thousands of years ago. For I mean, Yeshua, Sananda that you know right here and right now and that you’ve always known. For, beloveds, we have travelled together for a very, very long time.

Sometimes I wish to walk with you to say thank you. To express my gratitude. Not merely to your sweet heart, but to you the enlightened, ascended, struggling personality and being that you are. And when I say thank you this day, I am saying thank you, I am expressing our heartfelt gratitude on behalf of all and on behalf of One. For you are the fulfillment.

You say, oh, no, lord, the unfoldment the fulfillment of the dream, the fulfillment of the Mother’s plan has not happened yet. And of course, we all look to the glorious day when love is truly re-anchored and the form of behavior, beliefs, actions upon this planet called Gaia.

But what about now? I say thank you because you are the fulfillment in this moment, in this time, in these actions. Because unless you are present – yes, in victory, endurance, struggle, hope – unless you are present as the bringers, the anchors, the embodiment of that love then there is no future fulfillment. You are the brave hearts; you are the angels in form that have said yes.

I will go and yes, I will do this hard work of helping the collective of humanity remember and reengage with the truth of who they are. Not only who they are meant to be or intended to be, but who they are.

You live in tumultuous times and you live in the time of fulfillment. It is so important not only that you hear our gratitude, our encouragement, our hope, our trust, our love, but you realize in the turmoil is the light, is the peace.

Yes, we speak this day of gratitude but understand: inside gratitude is charity, is purity, is humility and trust and faithfulness. There’s an acknowledgement of the grace of another and that you are brilliant, bright and centered enough to acknowledge that and express it as love.

There are many, many things to be grateful for. All you need to do is walk outside and see the sky, with the grass or even the pavement and a single flower shooting through. And might I suggest to you that the turmoil, the upheaval, the revelations that are coming through the chaos is part of what to be grateful for.

You have this dis-ease. It’s an ancient dis-ease called cancer that is so often hidden in bones and cells and organs and it eats away at you because it lays hidden and it destroys the very life force.

That is what ingratitude does and that is what chaos does if it is not brought to the surface. We do not guide you in terms of now turn left, do this, do that. We have far more faith in you. Of course, you abide by love. You live in love, you embody love. That is your direction. That is your internal and external GPS.

Be grateful for the turmoil. When you see untruths, cruelty, abuse revealed then be grateful that this has come to the surface. You are not saying thank you for the abuse, although you are leaving compassion and latitude for the redirection, the correction and understanding that even the greatest abusers have played their role.

But what you are saying thank you for is the revelation, is the bringing to the light of what needs to be exposed so that it doesn’t eat and destroy the fiber of your being, the fiber of your communities, the fiber of your societies, the fiber of Nova Earth.

Yes, there were times when I had great difficulty to think and say thank you for the Romans, for the Pharisees. It was much easier to thank my Mother, my friends, my disciples, my circle of which you are an intimate part.

But when you see the shadow it defines the Light. It is important that the spectrum be acknowledged.  Yes, you say, “but Lord I want to move into the Light.  I wish only to live in the Light.” Think of it in this way – think how many shades of white there are. Think of how many shades of magenta there are. Think of how many shades of your beloved soul color there are. That is the richness. That is the texture. That is the gift of Love.

Think how many expressions there are of Love, that there are of gratitude and commit yourself, your sacred self, your human self to be in gratitude. Yes, to the externals. But more importantly, my beloveds, to yourself, to the essence, to the spark, to the truth of who you are. Be grateful for you, for each other as we are grateful to you. You are not just appreciated. You are adored. You are honored. You are ours as we are yours.

So, come and walk with me. I am waiting. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at]

The Inevitable Positive Convergence – through the Looking Glass with Magenta Pixie and Patricia Cori – 9-24-20

Magenta Pixie * Intuitive Consultant, Consciousness Coach and Channel for  The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine - Home

Magenta Pixie

Channels Magenta Pixie (for The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine) and Patricia Cori (for The Sirian High Council) share insights and galactic perspectives… through the cosmic looking glass on the convergence of timelines – and the probable positive future. In this highly energised meeting of minds and spirit, Magenta and Patricia delve into the prospects of what we are passing through, and the struggle of darkness and light – as we chart our course for the inevitable horizon – THE AWAKENING OF HUMANITY. Recorded on the autumn equinox, September 22nd 2020.

https://www.patriciacori.com * Magenta Pixie *

Jesus through John Smallman – Humanity’s awakening is occurring – NOW!

September 26, 2020 by John Smallman

John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday September 26th

Here in the spiritual or non-physical realms we are watching with joy and wonder as humanity moves very rapidly forward toward the collective awakening.  You have made enormous progress during these last few months, even though the stress of current world affairs is causing you so much uncertainty and anxiety.  What needs to arise into people’s conscious awareness to be released is arising, and is being released.  Love is flowing abundantly to assist each individual in the collective to move most powerfully along their path Home to Reality.

For many of you it appears that the spiritual evolution that you are each experiencing has slowed down.  It has not, it only appears to have done so because the mainstream media has been further distracting you by encouraging you to focus your attention frequently and regularly on world events, when you need tobe focusing within yourselves as you set and reset the intent to be only loving whatever arises.  You have set that intent many times already, but, as humans in form, you do need to reaffirm it at least once daily.

As you well know, being in form is a very limiting experience, and, time being a major aspect of your lives in form, you need to focus on being mindful from moment to moment!  It takes lots of practice because each moment is different and brings you notifications and alerts that your body needs to notice and to which it needs you to respond.  When you are aware of the notifications that your body offers you, and you acknowledge them just by being aware of them, then your body relaxes because it knows that you have “heard” it and that you will take any necessary action.  When you do not pay attention to its alerts your body has to repeat them, and if you still remain unaware it will present you with evermore powerful ones until you do respond.  These can be painful and far more difficult to deal with if you were not or could not (due to unawareness) respond previously in a timely manner.

Your bodies are totally appropriate vehicles for you to inhabit while you undergo the physical human experience in form.  However, they are vulnerable to damage that can be caused in many different ways, and so it is necessary, as you grow from helpless infant to fully developed adult, for you to learn to be aware of them and honor them.  Initially, in the early stages of infancy,your body is all that you are aware of, but, as you grow and start to develop an intellect, this awareness starts to be controlled and even closed off from your conscious mind as you focus your attention more intently on what is outside your body, and on the thoughts and ideas flowing through your brain, thus losing or partially losing your innate sense of awareness.  You notice this, often with shock, when for instance, not being fully mindful of what you are doing,you either do not grip an object firmly enough as you pick it up and it falls from your grasp, or you grip it too firmly and break it.

As the intensity and strength of your collective awakening process continues to bring awareness of the infinite power of Love to ever greater numbers of people all across your beautiful planet, you will begin to see – if you have not already done so – signs of this Love arising in many unexpected places, as people who had previously been overly egotistical in their way of living – from the neighbor you might have judged as thoughtlessly selfish, to people in positions of power arrogantly exercising their authority – begin unexpectedly to demonstrate Love in action. You are awakening. Love is filling and bringing into alignment the hearts and minds of all on Earth.Therefore C E L E B R A T E !!!

Yes, I keep on telling you to celebrate, and the reason for this is because when you celebrate you raise your frequency enormously, and the intent that you set to be only loving whatever arises is greatly strengthened and intensified, so that Love flows through you and on out most abundantly to assist all in their awakening process. That is why you, you who are reading this and similar messages, are presently incarnate in what appear to be extremely unsettling and divisive times.

So, whatever may be going on in your personal lives – enjoyment, anxiety, suffering, grief, confusion, uncertainty – do please CELEBRATE. Doing so will raise your spirits, and the intensified Love flow that results will greatly assist those who seem to be deeply asleep and totally unaware that humanity is awakening.

Humanity’s awakening is occurring – NOW!

Remember, there is only NOW!

And, therefore, CELEBRATE!!!

Your loving brother, Jesus

Blossom Goodchild – Galactic Federation Of Light – 9-27-20



Good morning to you, my friends.  A while back when asking you how long it would be until the Announcement that would then lead us through to a second lockdown … you said, that it would be a matter of knitting a tea-cozy as opposed to a jumper! Well, I’ve knitted 50 tea cozy’s,10 jumpers, and 25million masks! Many remain in lockdown …  Your thoughts, please.

Welcome to all who choose to access our words and that which we choose to send out, in order to uplift and assist. As you know, Blossom, much can alter and change depending on actions and reactions … of those/to those … who are completing the vastly complex cleansing of that which is occurring upon and within your Planet, right now. This is why we do not and cannot give specific dates for one has to ‘run with’ each and every day and its contents.

Nothing has changed when we state that there will be a Huge Announcement and there will be a more ‘rigid shutting down’ of the normal everyday running’s of that which you used to call ‘normal.’

Yet, you are unable to tell us roughly when this will be?


Why can you not tell us even roughly?

Because IF things changed dramatically for a time and nothing is out of the realm of possibility … then once again there would be concerns from those of you whose patience is running very thin that, that which we offer, is not as we say it would be.

We are not saying this is to be the case. We are stating all possibilities can arise and would have to be dealt with as and when they do.

I think my problem was that when this all began for me, returning from Hawaii at the end of March, I naively thought this ‘whole matter’ would be done and dusted in a couple of months. Realizing now, of course, this is far from the reality we are living in. You said there would be Five Phases and apparently, we are not in Phase Two yet! Sigh!

This is so. And yet, with respect, is this not assisting you in realizing how enormous this Divine Plan is? Your world cannot be changed with an overnight flick of the switch. Gradually, bit by bit you will see the changes unfold. You will see the Truths revealed and as more and more LIGHT POWER enters into your Planet, you will … become /feel … the strongest version of yourself that you have yet experienced.

Your role, Each One, is to hold the LIGHT in these times. To send it out to all corners of your Planet and continue to do so.

As much as you may not ‘see’ what effect this is having … you have to TRUST within the core of your Being that this gesture is making a vast difference.

Dearest souls … are you allowing these suggestions to sink in? Do you … KNOW/UNDERSTAND … this action? You may say ‘Yes, of course I do’! Yet, we ask you to do so, on a much deeper reality of yourselves.





You are not keen to wait. Yet, wait you must. So, within that waiting … CHANGE YOUR WORLD.

The time NOW is different from before.

You are feeling and therefore, recognizing … the Light of who you are and the need to ‘use it’, in order to see this transformation through.

I know. Yet, I have said this before and I am going to own up to it again. Sometimes, too many times, I am not doing the best I can. I get dragged under. You have told us not to feel guilty, yet, I do because this is why we came and what we came to do … and I feel so despondent about doing it sometimes. Yes, it could be the Energies, chemtrails, poisons, we could go on and on with excuses … yet, we are here to rise above all that and I don’t always do so. WHY???

Because at the moment, you and many, are processing all that you are discovering.

Even though I don’t know if it is a Truth or not? And if it isn’t a Truth … what a waste of time!

Yet, you are considering all possibilities of that which has been brought to your attention.

You would not be human if you just ticked off another ‘possibility’ without processing much of which it entailed.

I know we should detach, for it brings our ‘power outage’ down. Yet, as I say, I need to mull it all over.

And then detach. Or should we offer the thought of not attaching in the first place?

You can offer it … and I know its point. Yet again, with respect and Love … pop down here for a month, quarantine in a hotel at your expense for a fortnight, and reside within the ‘human capacity of understanding’ for another fortnight and see how you score. Marks out of ten. I am being childish I know … for I KNOW the answer. RISE ABOVE … TAKE MYSELF BEYOND.

Yet, we would add, whether you are feeling down or up … you are still RADIATING LIGHT … sometimes more Brightly than at others.


This has proven to help so many and we say to you ‘Its ‘effect’ is beyond worldly wide.

It strengthens your Being and connects you with the I AM Godliness immediately.

We are not saying you are not connected. We are saying it … gives/brings forth … immediate connection … of /on … a stronger Feeling and Knowing.

Indeed, so many write in saying it is a lifesaver, and I agree, for which, we thank you.

At all times, simply do the best you can and if YOU FEEL on a given day your best is not good enough, then take the time to forgive yourself, not for not Being good enough yet, for even thinking that you are not!

You are concerned also, that when things get a lot more ‘Topsy Turvy’ that you won’t be able to shine your Light then, if you feel you are not doing so well now?

You read my mind!

Dearest Souls. You were chosen as the GROUND CREW because of the Light you are and all that you would have to endure. In Enlightened days ahead, you will not look back on the days that you felt depleted (with every reason to do so) yet, you will only look forward … into the new days of LOVE.


Yes, we will. I TRUST THIS for I feel it in my heart … And, will now get off the ‘Indulgence train’ or at least move to a carriage with more windows and therefore, a better view. Ok. On to another matter. There is much talk now of ULURU, Dec 21st, 2020, and the Elders of this land Australia, holding a ceremony on this date and big things occurring. It has even been put out there that ‘The Event’ will take place. I could rattle on about my ‘unease’ of asking you such things yet, at the end of the day … I am simply the messenger and need to let go of past phobias about giving dates and just see what you have to say.

…? …? Am I blocking you? Nothing happening!

We are trying to format a new format! In order for your ease.

We metaphorically are showing you THIS ROCK with flames all around it, to signify the phoenix rising from the ashes. We are showing birds from all around flying around this site and squawking loudly … as if alerting your people of what is to come.

There is Drumming …  there is Chanting … there is Dancing … there is Forgiveness.

There is a time of silence as one waits … in great expectancy.


As in ‘the ‘Event’ you have spoken of many times?

No, not of this kind. Yet, a change in Energy of a great degree. The prayers and ceremonies shall be removing much darkness and inviting a MUCH HIGHER DEGREE OF LOVE ENERGY TO ENTER IN … WHICH IT SHALL.

So yes, there shall be a HUGE SHIFT in the VIBRATION OF LIGHT UPON YOUR PLANET which one shall FEEL … yet, we would not consider this to be THE EVENT we have been speaking of.

Do you know and I can only be honest … perhaps I have lost my nerve! I feel so much trepidation when asking you things like this because we have misunderstood so many things you have said in the past … me, probably being the prime offender. I just do not want folk to get all hyped up once again and then blame it on you, me, and the rest of the Light messengers who are just trying to do their best in bringing through the TRUTH. You must find me so frustrating. Yet, this is how it is for me. I’ll work on it. Lordy, Lord! You’d think after 15 years with you, I might have progressed a little further than this. Clearly not! Yet, no point in making myself out to be someone I am not. I Love you.

You speak for so many. You represent so many souls and the thoughts they have. Something will change/shift within you Blossom and within a particular point in time during which much, if not all of your questionings and quandaries shall subside and we shall watch you soar.

Well, I certainly look forward to that … Eh, a tea-cozy or a jumper away?

That would depend on what is taking place within your thoughts and acceptance of what is to be presented to you.

To which I shall reply … Let’s wait and see. I try not to say ‘sorry’ unless I feel it need be said and although I am not depressed, I do apologize to you and to the readers for being such a ‘Doubting Thomas’ at times. Not really what I am here to do/Be … yet, I see little point also, in trying to come from a place where I am not residing at the time of this channeling.


And let’s hope I have ‘grown-up’ by then! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Spinning the Timelines into Balance

Spinning the Timelines into Balance

By Celia Fenn 

As we exit the Equinox and settle into Libra, the key energy is Balance.Of course, this Libra/October season is moving towards the US elections and the Scorpio/November and 11/11 season where the key concepts are Death and Renewal, Change and Transformation and “diving deep” within ourselves to connect with the powers of renewal and regeneration.

The Phoenix is a good symbol for the November energy, where we may seem to be crashing and burning but are in reality in a state of emergence!Right now… we move towards the climax of 2020….the chaos and cacophony is partly the result of the manipulation of multiple timelines as a means of distracting attention away from the Rising New Earth and the Golden Age of Peace that is coming.

Yes, right now you can grab onto any spinning timeline to join the chaos: most notable timelines that have been reactivated as distraction are the Slavery timeline (human trafficking), the Puritan timeline (where everything is about good and evil/truth and lies), the Colonialism/Racism timeline (where various races struggle against each other),

the Middle East timeline (where Christian and Islamic forces push against each other) and so on….Many of these timelines are hundreds of years old, but they always manage to produce chaos if you give them a spin.

So please … don’t spin them further.As Lightworkers we are primarily here to hold energy for the New Earth and the Age of Peace.The New Earth multi-dimensional timeline is open, and we are here to hold this energy for the renewal and regeneration of the Earth

.So, in the midst of the Chaos, hold energy for Peace and for the Balancing of all old 3D timelines based on duality and antagonism. Let duality transmute into complementary and balanced aspects of the One energy of the Human Family.Let’s use the energy of Libra to balance and renew!

Suzanne Spooner, QHHT – The Day that Time Forgot – An Alien Invasion We Can’t Recall

Suzanne Spooner

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Be determined with your dreams hopes and desires. Be positive and fluidic in your mind without attachment and you will walk with the power that you created with your harnessed willpower. Overwhelming concerns and anxieties are often your perspectives and not reality.

Taking action is not necessarily a reaction. By taking care of what needs to be done in a logical and orderly manner will overcome obstacles you encounter with people and situations. Fear is a state of feeling powerless. Approach things in your life calmly and focused.

Overreacting negatively is hard to undo and will cause more complications than the problems itself. Your wisdom and skills will make changes under difficult times so switch off your emotions as necessary to focus on solutions, not problems.


News and Views – 9-28-20


BOMBSHELL: Federal intelligence officials cloned phones to surveil and map entire structure of Antifa / BLM terrorist operations

: BOMBSHELL: Federal intelligence officials cloned phones to surveil and map entire structure of Antifa / BLM terrorist operations

 Why No Durham Activity Before Election — Likely The Interview of Agent William Barnett 

 Why No Durham Activity Before Election — Likely The Interview of Agent William Barnet

BREAKING: Newly Released Documents Reveal FBI Agent on General Flynn Case Claims It Was Run from the Top and There Were No Crimes

Amazon’s Alexa to Take More Active Role at Home

GMI: “The emerging global ‘Digital Jail’: understanding the deeper implications of COVID-19 with Alison McDowell”

X22 Report interviews M3thods(@m2madness): “The Patriots Are Now Exposing The [DS] To The Entire World”

AmericanThinker: “The parallels between today’s leftist mob and China’s Red Guard are uncanny”

🔴LIVE: President Trump Remarks in ATLANTA on Black Economic Empowerment: The Platinum Plan

French President in UN Speech: We Should Prepare for the New World Order

Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Sept. 27, 2020


Mercury into Scorpio – Digging Deep – You have to Feel it to Heal it!

Bracha Goldsmith


Diane Canfield - Psychic Clairvoyant Medium


Higher Energy Flowing In/ Geo Magnetic Storms Spike For 4 Days

Blessings Everyone

We are experiencing 4 massive days of Geomagnetic Storms with intense solar wind. These are bringing in higher consciousness in a myriad of ways.

One of the main issues / symptoms you may be experiencing is lack of sleep. Another one is extreme hunger. You may notice this with your pets as well. I certainly have.

I have had lots of issues sleeping the past few nights. Trouble getting to sleep and then staying asleep. Lots of intense dreams taking place due to the higher consciousness derived from the geo storms and raising of consciousness.


Last night right when I got to sleep I noticed that the dream I was having was a continuation from the night before. In other words, where my dream left off the night before.. it completely continued into the next night. This is pretty bizarre in that dreams do continue in the same night but not  going into the next night after a full day  in between. I have never had this happen before. I was in a place surrounded by people I knew but not people I know here in this reality.  And what was happening was like nothing I experience here. I can not give details but I remembered this immediately upon waking.

I am also experiencing activations all over my body in different places. These feel like goosebumps or like crown chakra activations but not on the crown chakra.They are on the legs, the back , the ankles and the feet.

I had a extreme dream too the night before last. In this dream I was shown my animal guide/Totem who is working with me. This animal was with me my entire dream! The bizarre other thing about it is this animal does not exist here in the 3D realm. It was a cross between many different animals and very large. A cross between a cat, a dog and a bear and others. It was very big , white and fluffy with small black dots.  My animal totem/ guide was with me during the entire dream and I was best friends with it. Here is the other really bizarre part. When I woke up in the morning, I got out of bed and searched the house for this animal. I was very upset to find it doesn’t exist here. I literally went from room to room in my house tying to find it. This again has never happened to me before where a dream completely takes over my waking life even for the time it took for me to search my house!

You can see how realities can merge during these solar storms and upgrades that are occurring.!  This one has been very intense for me psychically and energetically. The intense dreams are showing we are shifting realities very fast now. Stay tuned for more-  Love DianeCopyright © This article must be shared in whole and intact with the authors name and website. Copyright 2020 Diane Canfield All Rights reserved

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Diane Canfield is a Psychic Clairvoyant who also receives messages from those who have passed over. She is a Prophectic Visionary and Transformational Healer. She is a Psychic Life Coaching Catalyst for change, not only in peoples lives but in the building and creation of the New Earth as well. She assists and heals others through her clients sessions, articles, special events, and videos. As a Prophetic Visionary knowing information beyond this realm. She travels through many different realms at the same time. She lifts Humanity to higher levels of Consciousness through her extensive knowledge of the unseen and unknown. 


Barbara Marciniak (Author of Bringers of the Dawn)



The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist. We represent what is outside of what you have been taught exists. It is where you sometimes venture and where we want you to dwell; it is outside of where society has told you you can live.

You have been controlled like sheep in a pen by those who think they own you- from the government to the World Management Team to those in space. You have been deprived of knowledge by frequency control. Think of frequency as individual broadcasting and receiving through which you dial into the station of your choice. It is the broadcasting of carrier waves of intelligence. The range of frequency is unlimited, and the range of intelligent matter transmitted is unlimited.

Frequency control limits the number of stations you can tune into. As members of the Family of Light, you must anchor new frequencies through static chaos and bring them into the physical realm. The range of accessibility on this planet to a variety of frequencies has been very minimal for a long time because of many things that you most desperately need to become aware of. As you learn about your own personal history and discover patterns of ineffectual behavior that you must break and change, the planet pulses through its own patterns of behavior. You are about to repeat history as a planet in a most dramatic way.

You have come to alter and remove the frequency of limitation and to bring in the frequency of information. When you are informed, you move beyond the need to be in fear. When you feel uninformed and out of control, you do not understand the bigger picture. Each of you came to awaken something inside yourself, inside the coding of your being-the DNA-and you are responding to it. This is why you are on a search in all directions of your life.

You and multitudes of others have begun the mutation process on the planet. As you mutate electromagnetically, you alter your frequency or the tune that you broadcast. You will eventually outgrow the frequency that holds you down and continually blasts you with chaos and confusion. Eventually, when you alter, carry, and maintain your own frequency, you will vibrate differently and thus affect everyone around you. They will feel the availability of this frequency alteration, which will then move like a wave around the planet.

As the planet accepts this new frequency that you have worked very hard to obtain, those at the end of the domino chain will receive it. This new frequency is called knowledge, light, and information. It is called being taken out of bondage. You are being taken out of disinformation and misinformation and you are becoming informed; you are coming into light.

The Pleiadians through the beautiful Barbara Marciniak  

BRAD JOHNSON – Earth Intelligence Report – September 2020

Earth Intelligence Report – September 2020

The Earth Intelligence Report for September of 2020.

INTENSE power packed energies this weekend

By A Gift From Gaia

By A Gift From Gaia

INTENSE power packed energies this weekend

By A Gift From GaiaHello my loves, we are kicking up a storm this weekend which will ultimately be ringing the cellular memory to irk out the programming that is attaching and creating reality experiences no longer serving the new incoming purpose and requests you have been asking for your progression and expansion.

We are bouncing in and out of G1 solar storm conditions and have been for the past few days PLUS the small sunspot that wasnt expected to cause any activity has given off a C1 Class Flare.I have already written the report which I will share again, however, with the added flare energy we can flare up the report and X3 the power.

Triggers will become HIGH for all that is unconscious and attempting wake up, only as we know we don’t like waking up too much, groggy, grumpy, agitated and sometimes aggression is common. When the rumblings of these triggers, emotions and feelings are witnessed or experienced please remember there is a fearful inner child acting up for attention/validation, most often a clueless child that exists in a space of nescience.

When we find words coming up such as “I know I” then we are awakening ignorance to the codes of lights, which is ultimately a brain overload of knowing what is aligned but choosing to stay in a state of unconscious slumber

.Catch it ALL whilst you can, solar power such as this makes it so very easy to spot, most people get super tetchy and so reactions become abundant during these growth spurts, easy pickings to realise the core frequency of Self, in other words the truth of self and not the fluffy avoidance stuff, shit gets real.GROWTH and AWAKENING is the purpose of NOW, it is the GIFT that our SOUL-RA Source activity blesses us with in abundance during storm time.

This is a GIFTYou are attempting lift offIt is the resistance and the attachment to the old that makes it pain filled and uncomfortable.One last thing – there is no such thing as ascension symptoms! There are only symbols/language that is screaming for attention to be validated and cleared from the emotional body.Validate everything showing up


Rose Rambles...

The energies are again asking many of us to be present with the process and relaxing into it all. We are going through a massive !!! cellular clearing and rewrite along with our DNA, especially Mitochondrial DNA. The mind wipe/fog continues as we’re clearing HUGE amounts of lower energies/karmic density, personally, ancestral and collectively as well as the connected timelines/ story lines are being released and cleared at mental body level.

This also shows up as being unable to focus or remember things or thoughts we had only a moment ago. This enables us to stay firmly in the now moment and be more fully present, operating more and more outside of time with less mental chatter. Some may be experiencing a natural ‘high’, as if on drugs, due to natural DMT, melatonin and oxytocin release. Makes us feel a bit out of it, dizzy, vertigo, wobbly, floating sensation, ungroundedness…

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PAUL BUTLER’S JOURNEY – Update – Quest day 3 Power Crystal Vortex Arkansas Lake Catherine – Journey to the Condor – 9-26-20

News and Views – 9-27-20


It’s Official: “Today It is My Honor to Nominate One of Our Nation’s Most Brilliant Legal Minds, Judge Amy Coney Barrett”

 X22 Report

Martial Law In London: Police Brutally Attack Anti-Lockdown Protesters

Tens of Thousands Attend 2020 Prayer March in Washington, D.C.

Voters in 4 Battleground States File Lawsuits Claiming Election Meddling Funded by Mark Zuckerberg

 SORCHA: “Millions Of Americans In Grip Of Lethal Mass Partisanship Face 1776 Or 1861 Choice”

: Q-anon 4772-4775: “What if there’s another prosecutor (outside of DC) assigned by SESSIONS w/ the same mandate/authority? Q”

: Civil unrest on the rise in America

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Sept. 27, 2020

 Sunday, September 27, 2020

 🔴LIVE: President Trump Announces Nominee For Associate Justice of United States Supreme Court

CGI’s empyyrean: COSMIC DISCUSSIONS: Incarnation and Re-Incarnatio

 Live – Did the police ruin the Trafalgar Square anti lockdown protest #antiprotest in London

SORCHA: “Millions Of Americans In Grip Of Lethal Mass Partisanship Face 1776 Or 1861 Choice”


Bolivians try oxidative mineral supplement for COVID-19, despite health ministry warnings


 Video: Pineal / 3rd Eye Chakra Energy Center Guided Meditation With Gold Crystal Singing Bowl

 AmericanThinker: “The parallels between today’s leftist mob and China’s Red Guard are uncanny”


Natalie Glasson – The Yellow Ray Truth by the Pleiadians – 9-24-20

Sacred School of Om Na |

The Yellow Ray Truth by the Pleiadians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings beloved beings of light, we are the Pleiadians beings. We come as a collective energy. We anchor our consciousness, light, love, and divine inspiration into your being and into the energy flow of the Earth; the meridians, the vibrations of light that flow across the Earth. We are present to be of service and we wish to be of service to you today. We, the Pleiadians, believe it is important to focus upon your mind and your mental clarity at this time of ascension when numerous ascension shifts are taking place and multiple changes are occurring on many dimensions of your being, and of course within situations and experiences upon the Earth.

There is a need for mental clarity. There is a need for trust in your own mind and thoughts. There is a need to allow the divine within you, whatever label you give the divine within you, your soul, the Creator, your higher self to fully engage with your mind, your mental body and your thoughts. It is important to trust your mind in order to master your mind. It is often said that when mastering your mind, you allow negative, judgmental, or lower vibrational thoughts to simply pass by or float away, to flow through your mind without your reaction. Many of you will recognise that there is a large percentage of your thoughts which may appear negative, judgmental, and limiting, these thoughts retain you in a certain perspective. You may be comfortable with this perspective; however, it may not encourage spiritual growth, ascension, and the opening of your entire being to the Creator. If you recognise that multiple thoughts are negative or lower vibrational, it may seem difficult to trust your mind, to trust your thoughts, how can you trust negative, limiting, or low vibrational thoughts? You trust your mind and your thoughts, knowing that your mind is engaged with and connected to the divine.

The key is to trust in and acknowledge your thoughts, even the negative and lower vibrational thoughts. Allow negative and lower vibrational thoughts to simply dissipate realising they do not require energising. When you trust your mind, you realise you have a choice, you can choose the thoughts that you energised, amplify, and magnified, this is how trust develops. It is not necessarily accessing divine wisdom or enlightenment, it is acknowledging and observing your thoughts and choosing which thoughts you wish to energise. When you react to a thought and you accept it as your own then you are energising it. If you repeat it, even repeat it out loud or to another person then you are energising it. When you trust in your mind you are trusting in yourself and this is essential.

It is important to feel, sense, or acknowledge the thoughts as they come up and by this, we mean examine your thoughts.

What is the energy of the thought?
What is the origin of the thought?
Is it a truthful thought?
Is it a fear-based thought?
Will it create liberation, or will it create limitations?

When you feel the energy of the thought as if you are feeling the energy or the aura of another person, you come to recognise and unravel the thought. The thought may transform, shift, and change into something else, thus, you are trusting in your mind, mental body and thoughts because you are taking responsibility.

We wish to summarise that it is important to choose the thoughts that you energise and to feel into the energy of a thought, almost unravelling it, understanding it further. If there is anything to understand it will come to your awareness. If the thought is simply the thought and nothing else then that is all you will receive so do not try to delve too deep, simply have the awareness and time to contemplate. With these two practices, you begin to trust in your mind and thoughts allowing a clarity to flow. Not only will you gain clarity through observing limiting or negative thoughts or choosing what to energise, a new form of clarity will enter your mind. You will create space within your mind for your divine self, soul, Creator, or your higher self to be present. You will create trust where you are present with your mind in a space of openness and receiving. Therefore, allowing divine clarity, enlightenment, and inspiration to flow into your mind.

The Integration of Trust and Clarity

The integration of trust and clarity will allow you to understand the world within you and outside of you. There are so many influences bombarding you from your past, the stories you have created about your past, and the meanings you have given to all experiences. The purposes that you believe are for you to accomplish, beliefs created by you, by your carers as a child and by those around you, also your circumstances. There are impacts from the outer world, things that people tell you, the opinions of leaders, and rules that are created. There are so many different thoughts, imagine listening to the thoughts of every person on the Earth at the same time. Can you imagine how overwhelming that would be? To some extent this is occurring, you are energetically impacted by the thoughts of every being, and then there are the opinions that each person expresses through their voice, different forms of creation and expression. With this in mind, it can be challenging to gain mental clarity and yet mental clarity is so important at this time because there is a need to trust in your own thoughts. To recognise what is right for you, what is appropriate, what is guided for you is essential as that which is guided for you may not be guided for your partner, loved ones, children, parents, friends, strangers or people in other countries. With your mental clarity, you access what is appropriate and necessary for you and that is all that is needed.

When you are able to move through your space and reality from this seat of peace, it is so much easier, you are aware of that which is occurring around you, able to recognise and acknowledge the truth of the Creator within situations, within scenarios, and within people. This brings clarity throughout your entire being so blockages dissolve, it is an especially important process.

The Yellow Ray of Truth

We the Pleiadians labelled our communication the Yellow Ray of Truth, because it is the third ray, the yellow ray, that is flowing over and through your being, and the Earth. Like the sun gleaming, glimmering, shimmering, and shining with clarity and truth from the Creator, it is for you to absorb as much as you can. It will impact your being, creating clarity especially throughout your entire being like a purification and cleansing. If you allow yourself to examine and trust in your thoughts, choosing that which you energise then you will allow Yellow Ray Truth to really impact your being like a golden yellow healing vibration that is so inspirational, purifying, and creates such a beautiful sense of clarity, peace and trust.

There are many of you on the Earth who will receive from the Yellow Ray, truth and will be asked to embody codes within your entire being. These will penetrate your entire being and emanate into the world, creating more and more truth, allowing others to access the truth and clarity of the Creator. Within the vibration of truth, there is clarity and trust, many people may feel that you need to express your truth in a certain way. Allow yourself to be guided. We are in a new world; you may experience the old limitations, but it is time to experiment and step forward into the new world.

We thank you,

We are the Pleiadians

More Pleiadians

A Spiritual Insight With Lorrie Ladd And Charlie Ward

Charles Ward


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Mike Quinsey Message, September 25, 2020

6th July 2018. Mike Quinsey. | English Global Awakening  Portal


25th September 2020. Mike Quinsey.

As we have often explained we cannot interfere with your freewill choice, but we can use any circumstances created from it to your advantage by giving you guidance. The Covid19 virus is continuing to cause much concern amongst you, and until an antidote becomes available there is no way you can completely control it. It means that until it is developed and becomes available, you will be unable to avoid the risk of another pandemic.

Therefore whilst the problem remains it is creating a time lapse, where much that would normally be taking place is still in limbo and life is continuing to be far from normal. Indeed, the changes are such that life can never completely return to what it was previously, and you have been forced to bring changes in to enable it to continue as near to normal as possible. The truth is that the Forces of Light have taken this opportunity to move things on for you, so that you can take advantage of changes that will benefit you. Ones that would otherwise have taken many years to be introduced, holding you back from enjoying the advances that would have made the quality of life so much better and enjoyable.

It is by no means an easy time to be on Earth but in the future you will appreciate that all of your troubles will have been well worthwhile to raise the quality of life. We know that many souls were already experiencing problems, but be assured that prior to incarnating upon Earth they knew of the hardships they would have to endure. Even those who have sacrificed their lives were aware of how it would occur and accepted their roles willingly, and in some instances knew it was for karmic reasons.

To have ample time to re-access your life experiences and determine what you need to see for the final years, is important so as to enable you to project your life plan for the future. Of course you would have brought a life plan with you, but as we have often mentioned, circumstances have changed and you can now decide what you wish to experience in the coming years. Set yourself a goal bearing in mind that unlike previous incarnations you do not need to have a hard and fast plan.

If you only knew how hard you have worked to get to this point in your evolution you would be celebrating your achievement. You took on a challenge that few souls would have accepted with full confidence in their ability to succeed regardless of all of the challenges they would face. Now you are to reap the reward of your achievements and so to say, once the dust has settled your future will become clearer and a lot easier. You will see some dramatic changes take place and the time factor will be partly determined by how quickly you can adapt to them. You are already beginning to see changes that will affect your lives in ways you would not have imagined at the beginning of this century. For example your reliance upon fossil fuels will eventually change and will have far reaching consequences and be welcomed.

Somewhere amongst all of the changes that will take place will be your first open meeting with your extra-terrestrial family. There are truly exciting times ahead but first as a Human Race you have to put away your petty squabbles and live in harmony and peace. It sounds a tall order given that you are prone to fighting with each other, but with the help of the higher vibrations a more peaceful period lays ahead. Your present situation calls for co-operation to put an end to your problems and you will understand that working together for the greater good of all is the only way forward.

As multi-national humans you are slowly but surely realising that you are One Race experiencing according to your needs and beliefs and the differences should be celebrated. They indicate a different view of life that adds to the great expansion and variety of life giving others the opportunity to learn from such experiences. Humans tend to dislike the differences seeing them as a challenge to their own, but they are being slowly accepted and integrated into the lives of others.     

You are strong willed and have great experience behind you that will see you overcome whatever obstacles are in your way to a peaceful conclusion. Come together as a peaceful force for the betterment of Humanity and the good of Earth, and that means co-operation and sharing of the world’s bounties so that none shall want for a roof over their heads or sufficient food to live healthily. It can be done and it will when the governments of the world accept that every mortal is entitled to a satisfactory and happy life. So much misery and sadness is caused by those who reject the differences between them instead of seeing that by adding them to their lives and creating opportunities that are available to others.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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