KAREN DOVER – The Removal of Filters and the Awakening of ALL – 10-10-15

Karen DoverKaren Dover


When we look out of our human eyes we look out onto a version of reality that is viewed through the filters that run at foundation level within our human vehicle.  There is no co-incidence that our eyes have “lenses” and that we look OUT onto the world. Human language is often used to confuse and to contain and much is often hidden in plain view within human language. As the filters are dissolved internally then the outer waking reality will shift and change as the reflection gets clearer.  At this time within the human race the emotional landscapes that we have been taught to tend and to grow are being cleansed and dissolved. As patterns of behavior and patterns of societal behavior and response is highlighted and seen then these filters will be cleansed more deeply.  It has long since been talked about the need for change within the human race but change has always been perceived as being EXTERNAL to the human race.  This is not TRUTH and is not supported on any level, change must also come from within for it is only from within that life is experienced on any level.

There are a lot of false teachings that seek to play to the human ego in response to the awakening process with a portion of the human race fully believing that they are the only ones to wake up and that somehow the rest of the human race are asleep. Nothing is further from TRUTH, ALL are in different stages of the evolution process that affects ALL within the human race, no one is exempt from the evolution of a species.  For those who believe that somehow only a “chosen” few will enter the new earth then the next phase will be a huge wake up call.

The big question that is always asked from a human logical brain point of view is “how do you wake up a race that has been asleep for eternity?”.  The answer is always found within the heart space, many are still attempting to use logic alone to move into what they are perceiving as a new reality which in TRUTH is just a variation of the old earth construct that is seen from a different vantage point. We are moving into EVOLUTION which will see us move OUT into the wider universe. The old earth construct is a deliberately designed and constructed dimensional space which is now being illuminated fully for the human race. We do not live on a spinning ball in the middle of some universe, we have been deliberately been contained and separated from the wider universe and our evolution has been prevented due to the frequencies used to create said dimensional space that is taught as “earth”.

The events that are predicted but which of course cannot be placed in any linear timeframe (linear is a construct designed and taught repeatedly within the old earth to again prevent evolution) and which is often filtered out, dismissed or laughed at are the very events that will wake up an entire race.  It is one thing for debate but quite another to actually experience, the old earth has sought to turn the human race back to logic, debate and theology repeatedly in order to stall that which cannot be stopped.  We are but one race that exists in TRUTH, for the human race to be moved into evolution then the human race must be aligned with and join the rest of the wider universe and creation in TRUTH.

Many people reference “star seeds” and “E.T’s” with much of the debate centered around some sort of “help” arriving to “save” the human race, the human race do not need saved so much as they just needed to be moved into evolution and break down the barriers to said evolution.  It is the DESIGN of the old earth construct, the division and deconstruction that creates that which the human race interpret as the “end”.  When you design something to divide itself then division is not infinite, even if it took a billion years the division would eventually reach a point where it can go no further, THIS is the point that the old earth construct has now reached. The human vehicle aligned with the old earth into which the entire human race have incarnated has reached saturation point, it can be divided no further, this of course is taught and presented by the old earth construct as the human race being on the brink of no return. This is not TRUTH, it is the CONSTRUCT into which the human race have been deliberately placed into and up until very recently prevented from expanding out of that is on this brink NOT the human race.

In order to push past the fear that the old earth construct pushes into the human race and triggers within the human logical mind there needs to be a catalyst that brings MASSIVE change to the entire human race. There is much talk of a “fake” alien invasion which of course is the ploy of the old earth construct, what better way to induce fear into a population which has been TAUGHT it is alone in a universe than to introduce something outside of said population.  TRUTH JUST IS and we are not the only race that exists, GOD did not create humanity alone, the entire universe and beyond is a creation of GOD.  At this time many are being updated personally through visions and dreams in preparation for this next phase which is the REUNITING of the human race with the rest of creation.  Many who are still within the concepts taught by the old earth construct will filter out anything that is not human, there are little reference points and many of the reference points which are taught are way off base. There are MILLIONS of different races in the universes, not just the “preferred” and very “humanized” versions that are presented within the old earth construct.

For many who have fallen to the old earth teachings in respect of “who is who” in the vast chess board that is the old earth construct the coming few linear months may be challenging.  To understand that we have never been alone, merely placed into a construct that seeks to TEACH this is part of the process.  There are no good and no bad “E.Ts” there is CREATION and we have simply been prevented from interacting at any level with said creation.  Much like a child learning to walk the human race are remembering their creation, they are remembering that they are part of a much wider creation than they have ever been shown or allowed to remember prior to this moment.  This remembering comes from the understanding birthed through the HEART space.

The human logical mind will filter OUT anything that it cannot find a reference point to, there are people within the human race who have never seen snow or experienced snow, they have no reference points for this so the experience is never entertained, in their reality this is something that never happens.  This very simple example is given to show just how much the human logical mind filters out.  We are now in the process where we move from referencing FROM the human logical mind to referencing TO it.  The heart space shows the understanding through physical experience which is then referenced TO the human logical mind. This is the only way to understand expansion as the human logical mind is but a reference tool, it is not connected to anything other than the human vehicle, the HEART space is connected to our creation point, therefore expansion can only ever be achieved by opening the HEART space and allowing the physical experience to move us into said expansion. This experience is then used as a reference point by the human logical mind, it through this process that we bring our human mind into the expansion process, it is not possible to do it the other way around as the human logical mind will simply stop at the point beyond which it has no information.

Many people when faced with an experience that their human logical mind will not accept will simply try to detach and dismiss said experience. There are many people who cling to “that is impossible” whilst having the experience they are telling themselves is impossible. “Impossible” is a tool of the old earth for CREATION is beyond the scope of humanity, we were not created to “create”, we were created to EXPERIENCE CREATION, just because we have been restricted in what we have been able to experience does not make our experience finite, it just shows the strength of the containment we were placed within.

There are many who are still holding to the “rules” of the old earth construct which are in respect of how to manifest when in TRUTH we do not require to manifest, we require to be able to experience creation in TRUTH, for ALL already exists, we have simply been placed in a frequency construct that prevents our experience of said creation.  View for example a house sitting within a snow globe on a table, in this example the house is our human vehicle and the snow globe is the old earth construct with the table being the wider universe.  Without coming out of the snow globe in this example the wider universe (the table) cannot be reached. The “snow globe” is now dissolving allowing our access to wider creation and our EXPERIENCE of said creation, we are moving into evolution in order to navigate the experience of creation.

At this time many will be in chaos as the human logical mind rejects this phase of evolution initially, we may find ourselves trying to rationalize experiences that cannot be explained “logically.  We may try to default to behavior patterns that we created to make ourselves feel safe and where they are no longer found a sense of panic and rising uncertainty may build. This is all part of the entire process that sees us reverse that which we have been taught in order to align with the wider universe and creation in TRUTH.  We are stepping OUT of containment and remembering our freedom which in TRUTH is our birthright.

This may be a confusing and anxious time for many but our sense of safety is birthing a new in our heart space, to FEEL and understand that we are fully supported in this process no matter what our human mind is trying to persuade us to the contrary. The old earth construct MUST dissolve and it must be permitted to dissolve internally within our human vehicles for it is not the safety that we have been taught, it is the prison that we were persuaded we needed in order to live a human life experience.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

KAREN DOVER – Why 5D is NOT the new earth – 9-28-15

Karen Dover

Karen Dover


The old earth construct is a construct that has many layers but NO depth, this image may at first confuse n the human logical mind and it must be acknowledged that it was DESIGNED to do this.  Many are talking at this time of reaching a “5D” experience and this article will outline and fully illustrate why this is but another ripple of the original old earth construct. Much like managing to get out a burning building or a building that is being demolished there is an “area” that appears to be safe, in this example those escaping from said falling down building will use a lot of energy to exit the building and rest at the first “safe” spot they find to catch their breath.  This “safe” zone is just out of what they perceive is the area that the rubble from the falling down building can reach.

The old earth construct knew it was never going to remain, it was DESIGNED with various illusions that seek to tempt the human being exiting to remain in place. It is to be noted that the old earth construct has NO power, it can never make us do anything, it simply sets up an illusion and persuades us to interact with it. At the moment it is going all out to push the emotional buttons of all within the human race. Using various emotionally charged pictures, words and scenarios and pulling on the emotional residue that is left within the human race.  This blinds those who are exiting the old earth construct, as soon as there appears to be a plateau or a space where it feels a bit calmer then the old earth will seek to persuade that it is other than it is in TRUTH.

I would state very clearly that we are moving into an EVOLUTION of species which means that the expansion is ongoing, there is no destination and no arrival point, this is simply another false teaching of the old earth construct created to have many rest and fall to the belief somehow they have made it to shore and they need do no more. The old earth construct is a DESIGNED dimensional construct and the exiting of said construct as we reach the limits of said construct are dense and require at times vast amounts of energy to keep going through them HOWEVER as soon as the old earth construct itself is released fully there is an internal polarity shift.  What was a struggle will no longer be a struggle, we are, on exiting the old earth construct, no longer working against the natural flow of energy, we reverse our polarity (this is part of the exit process) which allows us to swim WITH the current. This sees life take on a velocity of its own.  Everything becomes easier and this is physically interacted with. We no longer have to spend vast amounts of our day meditating or doing anything that we were taught we HAD to do within the old earth construct as the rules of said construct NO LONGER APPLY.

Many who are accepting the false teaching of reaching 5D are still using the “rules” of the old earth construct which in itself shows that they are still within said construct.  The new earth is not a spiritual destination it is a physical, everyday, eat your toast and tea in the morning reality.  If this is not a personal experience for you at this time then you have simply chosen to rest in the perceived “safe zone” after exiting the building, you are not out of the old earth construct and I would guide you strongly to continue on the journey.

What is wrong with staying in the “safe zone”?  well plenty, it is a PERCEIVED safe zone which sees those resting here still emotionally charged and aligned with frequencies of the old earth. If you are still worried about what you put in your body in terms of eating and drinking and believe that anything can harm you physically in respect of this then you are in the “safe zone”. If you still hold to the belief that we keep anything at all from the old earth and somehow just improve it, then you are in the “safe zone”. If you still hold to the belief that there is a construct that is holding you in place and can control ANY part of your human life experience, then you are in the “safe zone”. The list is endless as those resting in this dimensional space which has been taught as the 5th dimension are still holding deep emotional residue.

Those who constructed the old earth and the darkness that is prevalent within said construct CANNOT go beyond 5th dimensional frequency bandwidths, hence the huge illusion presented in relation to reaching 5D.  The outer waking universe into which we are EVOLVING and EXPANDING does not define itself into dimensional spaces. The very teaching in respect of dimensional space shows that there is a logical frequency that wishes to remain hidden. It is the human logical mind that wishes to define the space it exits within, in TRUTH there JUST IS but the human logical mind does not like this, it will reject it and ask for a defined space and then it begins the containing procedure all over again. The heart space on the other hand UNDERSTANDS the infinity of eternity and needs no such definition.

The old earth is at the verge of complete destruction, just as in my example we would not remain within a demolition site we are not asked to remain in any of the outer ripples of the old earth construct. To use another example for clarity view the old earth construct as a boat on a lake, many have not only made it out the boat but are towards the edges of the lake but the entire influence and control site is the ENTIRE LAKE INCLUDING THE BOAT, until the lake is exited then the effect can still be interacted with, the old earth construct can still influence and can still control through the emotional responses it triggers.

At this time we are asked to allow understanding to emerge from within our heart space. To let go of the need to define ANYTHING and to allow the process to unfold naturally. For many at this time the war that has raged for eternity will begin to implode in their everyday waking lives as those who hold on tight to belief systems and are still running frequencies that require control/definition of spacial reality are triggered deeply. Understanding comes through physical experience it does not come from knowledge / the human logical mind and this reversal of living is what the phase we are moving into shows. Many will stand on the edge shouting knowledge and digging their heels in believing that the knowledge is superior to the experience, this is not TRUTH and not supported on any level of this our human life experience.  We are moving into evolution, for a race that has simply been taught it is living whilst it is sitting on the sidelines then the actual experience of living at first may feel very confusing and may see much fear arise prior to taking the next step but the next step is TRUTH, we are here to have a human life EXPERIENCE, we are not here to discuss life or argue how it should or should not be lived.  It is up to each and every individual human being alive on this planet how much movement they do or do not allow into their waking lives, however as the old earth construct now dissolves fully the option to remain static and “wait” is being removed each moment of each moment.

Much like learning to walk or drive a car, the actual thinking about it is nothing like the actual experience of it and this is what we are asked to ALLOW at this time. To allow ourselves to understand that we simply cannot get any of this wrong, we cannot fail at what we came here to be for that is our very essence.  The divine spark of creation in our heart space is our map to our new reality. By following our heart and by allowing ourselves to be open to that which the wider universe presents to us we find our way home in TRUTH. This is by WALKING TRUTH not by debating or arguing about it.  The time is NOW, it has never been anything other than NOW and the power in the NOW moment will reveal itself to us as we open to each EXPERIENCE and understand that life in TRUTH is beautiful beyond comprehension.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight

Karen Dover – Arrival of the New Earth – GOD’s promise delivered – 9-27-15




Karen Dover

We are told in the Book of Revelations that the old earth construct will be no more and we will see a new heaven and a new earth.  The new earth is a physical reality which is reached through dissolving the old earth construct from within. This process is INTERNAL, all of that which is presented to us in our outer waking reality is a reflection of what we are running internally.  One of the biggest lies of the old earth construct is in relation to “outer waking reality” with false teachings that seek to present a unified reality that ALL experience and share. It is simply not possible to share a reality with anyone else as each person exists within a human vehicle that is unique and interprets the outer waking reality differently.  

To give a very simple example visualize a group of people standing looking at a tree. The human logical mind is taught to accept that everyone standing looking at said tree is “sharing” the experience but this is not TRUTH. Each person will see what they are able to see in respect of the entire scenario. Some people will PERCEIVE the tree to be a shade of green, taller or smaller or wider or narrower than the person next to them due to the physical make up of their human vehicle. It may APPEAR that all are sharing the experience but how each person FEELS will also alter the picture that is presented and the EXPERIENCE that is being interacted with.  I use this simple example to show how easy it is to fool the human logical mind into accepting “shared reality”.

Reality is no more solid than the wind and yet the old earth construct will continue to teach that it is. It will continue to present scenarios to us that seek to teach us that we are at the mercy of those around us, that others can “take” from us and that we must “fight” to survive.  All of these teachings trigger the emotional residue that we are taught to keep tight hold of within said construct. One of the major teachings of the old earth is the “lest we forget”. In this false teaching we are repeatedly taught to hold on to a “previous” experience in order that we never repeat it. If we hold on to ANY experience and the resulting emotional residue that is attached to it then we simply recreate the experience over and over. It may be experienced with other people, in other locations but the experience is simply another manifestation of the original emotional residue. As ALL is frequency it is frequency that determines what we can or cannot experience. Many are locked into this false teaching seeking to “prove” their own pain and filtering out that the old earth construct is designed to trigger said pain, in essence we are taught how to construct and maintain our own emotional prisons.  

The new earth is reached beyond these emotional prisons. We simply cannot walk in a new reality running any of the frequencies of the old earth construct.  Many people believe that the new earth is available only at a spiritual level and this is simply not TRUTH, it is a physical waking reality that lies beyond the constructs we have built internally. 

In order to walk in the new earth we must let go of the wounds of the old earth, we must WILLINGLY give up all of the pain, trauma and grief that we have collected in our walk within the old earth construct. This is not as simple as it looks for the old earth does not let up one bit as we attempt to walk out of it. Indeed many find that the old earth bombards them continually with the emotional triggers and allow themselves to fall once again to said triggers.

The process of ascension to evolution is designed to trigger the emotional residue in order that we both recognize and ACKNOWLEDGE it. Many live their lives in full reaction mode, consciously unaware of the internal wounds and emotional damage that they have allowed the old earth to persuade them to keep tight hold of. Redemption and salvation are tools of RELEASE from the old earth construct.  Unfortunately many have fallen to the construct that is “religion” and allow others to judge them. Judgement sits with GOD our creator and ONLY with GOD.  We have simply been taught within the old earth construct to deny our own pain and indeed we are taught how to defend our wounds.  This is against the WORD of GOD which clearly states that salvation is granted to us upon request. There is nothing that GOD will not forgive us for but to reach forgiveness we have to first of all acknowledge the wound(s) that we are taught to keep hidden from the world. 

Shame, anger, resentment and grief are feeding grounds for the old earth construct.  We must begin to acknowledge that we were never created to be perfect, to acknowledge that our experiences are NOT us, we have simply been taught to accept this lie.  The struggle for life ends when we simply acknowledge that we are enough, that we cannot do this alone, that indeed we are never alone and that Christ will take our hand and lead us home, we need only ever acknowledge to ourselves that we need to come home in TRUTH. 

Struggle is a choice, just because we can physically see no other choice than to struggle to survive does not make struggle TRUTH it simply means that our human eyes can see no other option. THERE IS ALWAYS CHOICE even when we cannot physically see it. Our human vehicles are hardwired to the LOVE that IS.  The dissonance and the feeling that “something is missing” is our key to understanding our own release from the prison of the old earth construct. 

Following our heart and listening to our heart space is key to the process. For our heads may be screaming “stop, hold on” but our heart will always show us how to come home in TRUTH.  At this time the gates to the new earth are being thrown open.  We are being asked to open our hearts and to walk out of the emotional prison that seeks to keep us locked into a construct that wishes nothing more than to destroy us at every opportunity. 

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X 

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight

Ascension Guide, Karen Dover – Q and A – Ascension

Karen Dover – Pushing through the portal of chaos – 9-5-15

Karen DoverKaren Dover   –   Pushing through the portal of chaos   –   9-5-15


For many at this time the world is no longer solid, as this begins to expand and the old earth construct gives way to full fluidity then the various levels of dimensional reality that become available INCREASE. The old earth construct was a deliberate construction of a dimensional SPACE – singular, it was then layered in order to give the illusion of depth.  This has been hidden in plain view for eternity and will now be revealed in TRUTH as those who have reached the relevant levels of frequency bandwidth now move beyond the construct that is the old earth and begin to navigate in TRUTH the wider universe.

It must be noted that those within the old earth construct continue to move and to expand as there is no option to remain static or remain in said construct. It is collapsing at the speed that each individual human being can let go of the teachings in order to cut the cord to said construct.  This means that everyone is moving at a PERSONAL evolution speed and this again will be shown in TRUTH.  The surge in frequencies that now unfold will surpass anything the human race have ever experienced, such was the hold on the dimensional space into which the human race were placed.

Decoding and expanding through many realities in order to anchor in TRUTH is not like walking in the old earth construct. Walking in said construct was like walking on treacle, with a dense, heavy patterning that pulled the outer waking reality into an almost static and un-moveable picture. The wider waking universe which has always existed but was prevented from being interacted with by the human race by contrast is FLUID. The skills required to navigate this are developed during the second stage of the ascension to evolution process that has been underway for some months (for those still using a linear time-frame).

This adjustment is a NATURAL re-adjustment to TRUTH and movement but such are the false and very dense frequencies and teachings within the old earth in relation to “control” that many will seek to put a hold on something that is FLUID, believing their human logical mind which will interpret the inner movement as other than it is in TRUTH. To FEEL vast movement whilst the human eyes are still catching up and trying to prevent the huge shift in the outer waking reality picture will see a vast fluctuation in human energy signature. Many at this time are attempting this, defaulting to the human logical mind which tries to teach that movement should be SEEN with the naked human eyes as all shifts within.  Movement is a catch up in this phase of the ascension to evolution process with the way to work with this being to allow the shifting and movement whilst remaining in BALANCE. The human logical mind will attempt to persuade that the brakes be applied and LOGIC be applied before any physical movement is authorized.

This self policing is the residue of walking in the old earth construct, in order for the movement to be seen by the naked human eyes logic is required to be suspended thus allowing the movement to be seen. Attempting to place logic and understanding prior to movement is like trying to drive a car with your foot firmly planted on the brake pedal. The car will go nowhere and many are now in deep frustration trying to live a human life using the “rules” of the old earth construct.  As said construct broke the NATURAL laws of the universe all that was taught within said construct is now negated.  This is filtered out by those who fall to the false teachings in respect of having to create a reality. We do not require to create a new reality for said reality has always existed, we have simply been prevented from ever accessing it due to the constrictions and frequency bandwidth levels of the old earth construct.

As we are now plunged into a huge surge of expansion frequencies which are designed to move us through the chaos those who are still attempting to work with the expansion using said negated rules will find the coming few linear months challenging to say the least and impossible to work with. This is part of a process that is DESIGNED to align us with who we are in TRUTH, working WITH our energy, working WITH the natural energy of the wider universe is a completely different way of interacting and decoding the higher frequencies and this process must be worked with in order that we can stabilize and begin the full evolution process in TRUTH.

As this is not understood by the majority of those within the human race there will be a period of linear time where chaos reigns within the human race and across the dimensional space that is referenced as planet earth. This chaos is born from a race that has been taught how to prevent their own expansion. Balance is the point between left and right, up and down and yet many will default to either/or and use polarity as their justification. There is NO polarity, only the residue and the false teachings that are anchored at cellular level within each human vehicle. (The justification being the self policing that a frequency kick starts in order to try to remain within the cellular structure).

As we release the residue and let go fully of EVERYTHING we have been taught in relation to EVERYTHING we come into balance, we are not attempting to balance what we know, that would negate the entire ascension to evolution process. Indeed what we KNOW in TRUTH sits beyond our understanding which is why we are asked to walk in TRUST and FAITH of this process, suspending the need of the human logical mind to try to take over and prevent the very steps that once walked through reach the very understanding that we were taught to reach for PRIOR to experience. The new earth frequency realities are UNDERSTANDING THROUGH EXPERIENCE and without walking through said experience there cannot be any understanding. The process was designed this way in order to break down the hard shell of “logic” that was taught and anchored to and by the human race as they existed within a dimensional space that broke the natural laws of the universe.

The coming few linear months will see a surge in frequency and a release of the tight hold that the human logical mind has been taught to place on the human life experience. Those who have used logic and reason to live their life within the human race will hit the hardest as the deeper the teachings ingested within the old earth construct the harder and thicker the shell of logic was created internally. This shell will prevent expansion as this is what it was designed to do within the old earth construct, it cannot be taken out of said construct, it must be dissolved to allow the movement out of the construct.

ALL is not as it appears to our naked human eyes and we are asked at all moments to both listen to and RESPOND to our heart space.  The heart is the seat of TRUTH and the portal to the understanding that all seek at this time.  At a symbolic level this next surge will see us close the book of our “life” and begin a new one, the title being of course TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight

Karen Dover – Removal of the veils of illusion in TRUTH – 8-26-15

Karen DoverKaren Dover


Many of you may have felt the huge surge in frequency over the last 24 to 48 hours and many of you may have a feeling of “panic” that does not recede.  As described in the book of revelations GOD has now removed ALL veils that have blinded the human race.  These veils allow for TRUTH to be seen but TRUTH will remain hidden for many people who will simply not allow themselves to accept what they are being shown.  Many of you are also aware that we are approaching a full moon and that the media has already begun to “hijack” the influence that the moon has on our emotional body.   The latest “news” that has been placed across the social media networks is DELIBERATE MANIPULATION OF EMOTIONAL RESIDUE, again many will simply default to the emotional response that arises within them and run with it. This emotional response is what the old earth construct uses repeatedly to distort and change a picture and turns said picture into what we EXPECT to see in response to the emotional reaction that is triggered within us.  This is how the old earth construct can “hide” but as GOD has removed these veils then the emotional reaction will not be able to maintain the illusion that is presented for any length of time.  It will become increasingly more and more obvious how our emotional landscape is being used to deliberately trigger and manipulate our reactions to our fellow human beings.

As this is already known as there is in TRUTH no linear time, another construct that changes the outer waking picture and allows for the hiding of TRUTH through placing focus away from it, then the fallen angels will at this time be in overdrive. For those of you who believe the false teachings of the old earth and seek to reference fallen angels under “religion” and “conspiracy” then events over the coming linear few weeks and months within this dimensional space referenced as planet earth will show TRUTH.  As there is no linear time, ALL is NOW, whilst it may be more socially acceptable at a human level to place “blame” at the feet of some controlling body what is filtered out is WHO the controlling body are in TRUTH. Fallen angels are REAL for those of you who have had first hand experience of them then I would guide you to prepare for those around you to be targeted again, they will use whatever vessels they can find to come through, around and within. As the human race do not allow themselves to accept that there is a legion of angels that are not only not “pink and fluffy” but have been unleashed across the world prior to the creation of the human race then they have hidden in plain view just behind the illusion for eternity.

For those of you who have fallen to the whispering of said fallen angels who at the end of the day are ANGELS which can and will take a form in order to persuade that they are still aligned with YHWY you may find the information they give you to be at best erratic and at worst dangerous.  Whilst in the arena of fallen angels, those who walk with them and toe the line as it were are generally left to remain in illusion, TRUTH is revealed when the human concerned makes attempts to change direction and move into expansion.  The main tool of the fallen ones is CHAOS, where you find CHAOS that is beyond human words and can be often physical in its manifestation you will find a fallen angel(s).  They have particular signature frequencies which is why it is vital to FEEL TRUTH. Asking them if they are fallen is a non starter, they will state they are angelic which they are but then will wrap you in further illusion. They NEED permission to enter a human vehicle, where they have found entry it is through open energy signatures of those who are compromised.  Those who have permitted “angelic” entry have often done so in the assumption that only angels that are of “light” are present, ALL fallen angels were originally GOD’s creation in heaven so they were ORIGINALLY born of light but fell. So the question “are you of light” will be answered with a “yes” they are technically not lying but they are not in TRUTH either. Angels can present themselves in numerous forms, the only way to check if an angel is light or not is to FEEL its energy signature. There is NO mistaking an angel of YHWY the overpowering depth of LOVE is often beyond human words.

Many within the human race will simply reject the coming few weeks which will see a SURGE in false flag events, disinformation, acts of “random” mass violence etc. ALL are created in a last ditch attempt at remaining within a frequency bandwidth that is now closing and dissolving.

There is no need to “prove” TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS, any surge within your energy system to try to “prove” something “wrong” is the key in this process, you will at times have an overwhelming urge to prove your belief system and not what your heart is showing. This is part of the next phase of ascension to evolution and is the purging of the human vehicle in preparation for the physical evolution of the human race.  Fallen angels have lived within the human vehicle of the human race for eternity but only due to the genetic dna/rna alteration that took place to keep said human vehicles in the frequency bandwidths necessary for this.

As we upgrade our human vehicles and move into evolution we will NATURALLY evolve out of the lower frequency bandwidths thus preventing the human vehicles that we incarnate into to be used in this way.  The very real “spiritual” war is now fully in operation, for those of you who relate to the book of revelations we are approaching “Armageddon” which has been deliberately interpreted through main stream religion as the “end times” and the destruction of the entire human race. This is not TRUTH and is not supported on any level in the new earth frequency realities which are now opening in order that the human race can physically REBIRTH into them.

This is NOT a spiritual evolution, this is a physical AND spiritual evolution and the fallen ones will pull out all stops to prevent the unlocking of a human vehicle, they will repeatedly teach that there is no requirement in order that they may remain pulling the strings of the human life experience until the last moment.

Lords Prayer

This next phase of the ascension to evolution process will see many leave this planet as the chaos unfolds and many will walk to the edge of sanity never to return until they are reborn when GOD opens re-incarnation which will be ONLY to the new earth frequency realities.

This is a pivotal time in the evolution process which CANNOT BE PREVENTED, CHRIST ALREADY WON and the fallen ones have hidden this by wrapping this TRUTH in religion and pitting one section of humanity against the other.  GOD’s word is beyond human interpretation of mainstream religion which is what CHRIST came to dissolve. Putting one man in charge of interpreting GODs word is akin to putting in place a realtor when selling property, the realtor becomes the point of power as all have to go through him to access the property.  I use this analogy deliberately. We have a connection to GOD at all times and this is only through CHRIST, not a person, not a church or a belief. This TRUTH is deliberately hidden and pushed into distortion in order that the human race DIVIDE ITSELF at all times.

TRUTH JUST IS and we now move into our ascension to evolution process in TRUTH.  There is power in the name of CHRIST, for those of you who can FEEL TRUTH then please find your connection and remain in the power and sanctuary of it. The fallen ones will try to temp you OUT of it for they cannot walk where CHRIST walks, they HAVE to obey which is why many people will refuse to utter the word CHRIST and use the term Jesus assuming it is the same thing. WORDS ARE FREQUENCY and this again is deliberately hidden. Many will talk of Jesus in a way that gives the assumption that they are talking about CHRIST, this is a tool of the old earth construct. CHRIST is power which is why many will seek to prove they can find YHWY through other means. Without a connection to CHRIST first and foremost there is no connection to GOD and this is deliberate in order to protect us in this our human form.

ALL PATHS now dissolve that were created in illusion and the way home is now fully illuminated as we now walk out of darkness and HOME in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Karen Dover – Expansion of the Ascension to Evolution Process in TRUTH – 8-24-15

Karen Dover


Many of you are conversant with what is termed the “ascension” process of the human race. What is hidden within this concept is that ascension is not an event it is a phase that is expanded through and beyond in order to reach evolution.  As a species the human race which were seeded within the dimensional space that is referenced as “planet earth” have been prevented from evolution.  Genetically altered to exist within the old earth construct the human vehicle has remained in a contained and suppressed frequency bandwidth which is addressed when the ascension to evolution process is triggered as the frequency of the energy which has incarnated into a human vehicle reaches the required frequency range.  This kick starts the ascension to evolution process (further information can be found on the main truth codes ministries website) which sees first of all the energy that has incarnated into a human form begin to upgrade and move into expansive frequency ranges.

The next part of the ascension to evolution phase is now fully underway and this is the physical evolution of the human vehicle, contrary to many false teachings (presented by the old earth construct in an attempt to delay the evolutionary process in general) that place focus solely on the energetic part of the ascension to evolution process it is a requirement to also upgrade physically the human vehicle. Otherwise there is little point in the first stage of the ascension to evolution process as the frequencies simply cannot permanently anchor within our human vehicle. View the human vehicle as the radio receiver to the frequencies that require to be accessed to experience the new earth frequency realities. Without upgrading the human vehicle then it is akin to trying to tune into a radio station using a cd player, BOTH the human vehicle and the spirit that you are in TRUTH have to be able to access the frequencies and work in harmony otherwise there can be no equilibrium and no solid physical experience of the new earth frequency realities.

Indeed many are stuck within the false teachings and are attempting to anchor higher and higher frequency bandwidths using what in plain terms is “out of date” human vehicles. Remember the human vehicle that we incarnated into within the old earth construct was DESIGNED ONLY FOR SAID CONSTRUCT. I have often blogged and stated that it is not possible to move into the new earth with anything from the old earth construct and this includes the human vehicle itself.  We are moving into a PHYSICAL EVOLUTION OF SPECIES, this is not an energy upgrade and some dissolving of the human form as many false teaching seek to teach.  Physical evolution of the human vehicle is now fully underway and is a requirement in order to physically experience and thus physically validate the new earth frequency realities.

The old earth will continue to seek to teach it is energetic only as the old earth construct uses ILLUSION which as it has no substance can never be physically validated at any level of this our human life experience. If you cannot physically validate your outer waking reality then you are walking in illusion no matter what your human logical mind and naked human eyes seek to teach. Such is the depth of teachings around what is termed “reality” within the old earth construct that those who are on the cusp of releasing what is referenced as “linear time” will find that “reality” de-stabilizes so rapidly that vast amounts of energy will be expended trying to re-stabilize only for it to once again de-stabilize.  Only TRUTH can be physically validated and personal physical validation is what it sounds like, PERSONAL. We do not share the “same” reality as those around us, this is a deep teaching from the old earth construct which seeks to self police and to contain as many people will simply try to hide within this teaching and may feel intense fear at moving out of this teaching for “fear” of ridicule. To those who believe the illusion that is presented as being “the only one”, you are not alone no matter what your human logical mind and those around you who will gather in a last ditch attempt of the old earth construct to prevent this next phase state to you.

At this time we are asked to remain within our heart space and to understand that the entire old earth construct broke the natural laws of the universe and as such the old earth construct is a lie and simply illusion.  There are many who will step out at this time to validate this TRUTH and many who will attempt at all moments to try to debunk that which is NATURAL, simply put the ascension to evolution process is the NATURAL expansion of the human race.  The old earth construct will attempt at all moments to PERSUADE you to move no further into said evolution process and as the teachings of the old earth construct trained the human logical mind to filter out anything that could not be reconciled “logically” then many within the human race will move into questioning their own sanity. This process is guided by the energy that YOU ARE IN TRUTH at all moments and there is no servitude at trying somehow to “get ahead” in this process which is designed to allow for understanding at a human physical waking mind level in order to remain not only sane when this phase is complete but to have a more full understanding of the process that is undergone.

For further information on the different phases of the ascension to evolution process and for coding and resetting information for both the human vehicle and the spirit that you are in TRUTH please visit the main Truth Codes Ministries website.  TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.