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Archangel Michael – Ascension Bodily Changes – Steve Beckow – 9-15-14


Steve Beckow – An Ascension Unique in the Multiverse – 9-13-15


EVOLUTION OF THE BODILY FORM – ASCENSION IN CONSCIOUSNESS – Archangel Michael via Ronna Hermann – LM-10-2015


Sheldan Nidle Update – New Ascension Symptoms – Potential for bodily pain in lower chakras – Health care professionals will be confused by what they see, sometimes massive change – Call upon us, dear ones – Know deep in your heart that you are truly Loved by us – 4-21-15


Saint Germaine via Méline Portia Lafont – Liquid Gold Blood, The Inner Changes – 1-6-15


‘The Collective’ via Caroline Oceana Ryan – A Message to Lightworkers – Your Consciousness is Raising, Shifting, Re-forming Itself – Series of Shifts, Lessons – Energetic Language-Learning for your Entire Bodily System, Emotional and Etheric – 12-19-14


ContraMary – Proceeding Forward – Getting Close To Ascension – Pronounced Ascension Symptoms – Activation Codes – 5-27-14


Marilyn Raffaele – Ascension Symptoms – What Is Happening To Me, 2 of 3 – 2-14-14



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