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“As you open yourselves to more high-frequency energies, you will feel certain vibrations within you that are unfamiliar and even unsettling at times. When you buy something new at the store and you take it home to wear it, sometimes there is an adjustment period. Sometimes there is a breaking in period with your new garment or pair of shoes.

But you recognize that what you have purchased and brought home is something that you want. And so you endure a little discomfort and a little awkwardness because you know that once you have settled in with what you have purchased and brought home, you will find a great deal of comfort and you will experience harmony and satisfaction.

That is what is occurring at this time, energetically. As you take on higher frequencies, you are going to experience some growing pains. You are going to notice what is incompatible with those energies, and therefore, experience a purging process as well. None of this has to be unpleasant, and the more aware you are of what is happening, the better.

If you realize that what you are experiencing is as a result of higher frequency energies being integrated into your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies, then you can allow the process to occur without becoming startled. So we recommend that you see everything in your life that is occurring, and everything in your bodies that is occurring, as a part of this process of evolution.

Know that the evolutionary process is one that is well worth it and that the outcome will be beyond satisfactory. So as you live your lives and observe all that is taking place around you and within you, breathe in more air, drink more water, and rest more. Give yourselves more opportunities to relax and enjoy the process. Acclimation to higher-frequency energy can be absolute bliss when it is allowed.

So that is what we are suggesting that all of you do. And we will enjoy watching you sparkle and shine brighter than ever before in your physical bodies.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

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May 23, 2017 at 5:46 am

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AA Michael 01






Thanks again to Kate for this transcription.

Peace is Love

Archangel Michael


An Hour with an Angel, May 11, 2017

Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow, Host, InLight Radio


Steve Beckow: Good Evening Linda, how is your Inspired Self class going?

Linda Dillon: I think it is going amazingly; the expansion, the insight, the wisdom that’s being shared, concepts and ways of looking at things that we’ve never thought about before. I’m blown away. It is a full time job and a full time joy and it’s amazing. The group, which happens to be a circle of 44, the number of God, is phenomenal.

A huge part of the webinar series is the downloads and the attunements that are happening. And to top it all off it’s happening in the middle of the Mother starting the tsunami of love again, which I’m sure everybody is feeling. The energy has been quite delightful, but very intense.

SB: Yes, amped up.

LD: And it’s not going to stop until each and every one of us on the entire planet is love.

SB: Yes. We ask how we’re going to ascend.

LD: And when you become love you’ve ascended. It’s just that simple.

SB: That’s right. Let me allow you to make your transition. I understand that Archangel Michael wants to talk to us about peace. And with that, let me turn to Archangel Michael and welcome him. We’re eager to hear from you sir.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you. I am Michael. I am Me-kai-el, artist and archangel, Archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. And I welcome each and every one of you this night, this day, this time of magnificent change and a level of intensity and an anchoring of peace, not peacefulness but peace so deep within the core of each and every one of you.

Just to start, then let us say, in the anchoring of peace is the removal and the elimination of turmoil, of core issues, of what you think of as vasanas, of lack, of less than. What is the meaning of peace? Yes, there are various explanations of the human race, as adopted, but in fact most of it relates to the cessation or the absence of war.

Now I am certainly not saying that that is not significant, it is, but it is not the level of peace – or it is not the fullness of the mission of peace that I am entrusted with – with all of you, and with many galaxies far beyond in the name and on behalf of the Mother and Father.

How does war within and without even exist? What has happened to your hearts and minds, your emotional fields, that anything other than peace can even be an option? Yes, you say it has been ignited, but I will fight and I will do battle because I witness and I see injustice and abuse of authority and control. And you are correct. But is this not just the result of the absence of that inner peace that I am speaking of? Now you, beloved Steve, have talked about and mentioned several times the confusion about this word love, and how everything is love.

Well, peace is love. But I wish to drill deeper in terms of what peace is. Because within peace there is a large element – internal, I’m talking about now – of knowing, of yes acceptance, a modicum of surrender, a modicum of trust, a sliver of hope, but truly knowing that there is an alignment and that there is a stand-alone truth that you are the daughter, the son, the hybrid of the Mother-Father One.

When there is not only the acceptance of the knowing of the truth [but also] the anchoring of that, then what happens is there is an up-welling, a surge, not quite a tsunami – peace is peaceful. But there is a surge of simply knowing that everything is as it should be. And even when there is apparent chaos in the outer, there is a knowing by holding that peace that the outer reality, the outer world will fall into alignment.

Because the outer expression of things and behaviors and actions that are not of peace are simply but a reflection and an expression of the absence of that inner peace, the absence of that alignment with the truth and the might and the power, the divine authority, and the acceptance of that authority of who you are.

So it is not simply hope. Hope is a beautiful, supremely-divine quality, but it also entails an element of trust. Yes, hope is not wishful thinking. It is the absolute trust in the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. And in many ways it is the holding of that vision. But that is another conversation. I wish to truly focus on peace, and yes, these are all interrelated and so it is very difficult at times to separate them, especially when they are all blue.

Let us return to peace. You say that you have had experiences, and when I say “you,” I mean yes, you beloved Steve, but I also mean all of you, or most of you, because some of you have never had a moment of peace, in body, in form, in existence of this incarnation that you are currently occupying. But most of you have had that knowing of peace.

When you feel there is a rightness to who you are, to circumstance, to environment, to relationships regardless of where they are at – now this is important, because this is what I am speaking of – but I am also energetically anchoring in each and every one of you this night.

It is time for humans to remember to claim, to anchor and to be peace. Now this would not be occurring, if in fact, individually and collectively, you had not reached a place where you are willing, where you are given permission, where you have made the decision to anchor that wondrous peace within.

So often, because peace has been defined externally, it is associated with tremendous effort. We are going to bring peace about! That is not possible if in fact the peace is not resting within you, within your beloved sweet soul, and within enough of you.

Yes, we are talking about the collective, and you know that when we are talking in this way – and this day we are addressing the issue of peace – that you understand that we are talking about the collective moving forward once again in those final steps in what you think of as Ascension, so that this can be completed and you can get on with the business of truly creating and co-creating Nova Earth.

Now of course that is partially already underway. But this wisdom factor of peace is one of the essential ingredients. Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, you talked about ‘truly knowing’ and I just wonder if we don’t need to clarify something here in the same way we needed to clarify love, that when you say truly knowing you’re not talking about intellectual knowledge, not even talking about having a feeling or an intuition or a sense of something, you’re talking about something much deeper than that, right?

AM: That is exactly what I am talking about. It is about the true, true knowing, wisdom. It has, well, I would say nothing, but I will adjust that and say very little to do with emotionality or intellect or the mental body. It is heart-and-soul knowing, what you call realization, what we might even hint at, in terms of enlightenment, or illumination.

The true knowing will filter through to your feelings and to your intellect and to your beautiful mental body, and reassure the ego and delightful personality that you are, but it is heart-and-soul knowing.

There are things, sweet angels of light, that you truly know about yourself even when you sometimes – occasionally, I’d like to say – deny about yourself,  you truly know that you are alive even when sometimes you think, “Oh this is just a dream,” you truly know that you breathe. (1)

And that is not simply a mental or emotional or even a physical quotient. Yes, your understanding about the body is truly expanding, genuinely deeply expanding. There are not these artificial separations.

Truly knowing comes from the deepest and the highest part of yourself. It is where the union of your universal self, your higher self, your what you may think of as human self in your soul center comes together to inform you, if you wish to think of it as that, of truth. And one of these truths is peace.

Peace is that feeling of a sigh, if you want a physical explanation, that there is no need to rush about, that everything truly is in order. It does not negate the need or the desire for action, particularly concerted or directed action. In fact it allows it and enables it to take place, but not in a helter-skelter kind of fashion. When you truly know something about the universe, about us, or about your sweet self, then it is beyond question. It has the depth and the density of fossils and bones, of rock, of boulders, of the ancient existence of mountains. Is this clear?

SB: Lord, is that why, when I felt peace I felt very substantial? I felt like granite and I thought to myself, “How could it be that I could feel peace and feel so substantial?”

AM: Yes. I use those examples very specifically. I did not say that peace feels like water or air. I am likening it to the elements that you will recognize.   So it is like stone. It is like bone, fossilized bone. It is the Rocky Mountains.

SB: That’s why Jesus said you could build on rock or you could build on sand?

AM: That is correct. I am preferential to rock.

SB: So am I. When I went into this experience of peace it was like an experience of returning to something. It would be as if I walked into a warm house wearing an overcoat, a sweater, a shirt and I took off the overcoat. I took off the sweater. I took off the shirt.

You were talking about how it’s not a place where you are passive, you don’t act. I found that it was the natural self that was acting. I’d taken the obstacles out of the path of the natural self, which is naturally peaceful.

AM: That is correct. And in that, the mental, emotional, egoic subterfuge of having to wear many layers – because you yourself are not substantial enough – disappears.

So in coming to this place of peace and of knowingness, of the substantial nature of who you really are, what you are doing – and this is why I want to talk about it – is the anchoring, like your granite, of what the Mother has made, what the Father has made.

You see so many humans, especially, and I will use the past tense, believed that they needed to be lighter than air, that they did not attach to the Earth, that they wanted to go to the higher realms. Peace is the knowing that you experience it all in form. This is a fundamental quality of Ascension.

SB: Well, it’s a fundamental quality of Ascension as it’s becoming – the new mass, physical Ascension. Is that not correct, Lord? I’m not sure that it was the quality of ascension, say 2000 years ago, was it?

AM: You have not had the experience of Ascension in this manner 2000 years ago. Yes, you are correct in that.

Let us go back to some of the sages, or the saints, or the brilliant prophets, etc. Think about, feel how they behaved. They came from a place that was often called faith. Peace is more substantial than mere faith, trust, hope.

We are not dismissing them but we want you to understand the sense of knowing in form even then that you could go forward and do the Mother/Father’s bidding, which is exactly the same as your bidding, and do it regardless of what was happening externally – that you would have felt the external but the external wasn’t going to determine you.

And so in that, those ascended ones that simply took on a different realm of existence, did have an anchor piece. Because before their departure they still anchored that knowingness and it was that knowingness that allowed the platform, as it were, the liftoff.

Now, what you are doing is you are anchoring peace. And we know this is a difficult conversation but you will also note we are having more expansive,  difficult conversations of late.

So let me say what you are doing is you are anchoring the peace, the knowingness, the truth of who you are in that substantial, natural self in physicality, not so you can leave, but so that you can stay. Those who are not anchoring the divine qualities, who are literally saying “No, thanks. I’m not interested” can’t stay. They will not have enough substantiality, materiality, wisdom to hold the vibration to be able to physically exist on Nova Earth. So this is a very important part of what you are doing. And what we are doing with you and even as I am speaking, I anchor this blossom of peace, this granite of love within you.

AM: Do you feel it?

SB: I certainly feel peaceful. That’s for sure.

AM: Then I am doing my job.

SB: (laughing) Wow! God knows how many thousands of people you’re affecting right now.

AM: This is my joy. When all is done, when peace within you exhibits on the outside, which is not just no war but truly harmonious relationships and ways of being and behavior, then I will invite you to come and listen to our music. (2) More importantly you will hear our music and you will see me painting the sky.

SB: That means something, Lord, a little bit more than just the words might seem to indicate, does it not? If I were to hear your music that would transport me to another realm, would it not?

AM: That is correct.

SB: Lord, a word about hope.

AM: What word would you like, my friend (laughing).

SB: (Laughing) This is the spiritual supermarket. I can order anything that I want. (Laughing)

Yesterday, in the reading that we had, you talked about not living in the past and in the future. I have two conflicting teachings here. One is that hope is trust in the Mother’s Plan, that hope triggers the law of attraction – it brings something to us.

And the second is that it is not living in the moment; it is postponing things to some distant future, “I hope it will happen.” And, I’m not doing things to have it happen. Can you help me reconcile those two teachings?

AAM: Oh, I would be happy to! Now this is part of the other course that we have been running, which is the redefinition of words. So let us talk about hope – hope and trust.

Hope is the trust in the Mother’s Plan, in the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. And there are many, many upon your planet, who I claim as my Legion of Blue as well, who are holders of hope. Their job is to hold hope for the Mother.

Now why am I starting there? Because it is important, even in that very beginning, to realize that there are human beings whose mission and purpose in current reality is to be those anchors – think not the wings but anchors, and beacons at times – cell towers at times – of hope.

In physical reality, hope is holding of the belief, the trust in the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. Hope that you are in the right place at the right time, in the right mood, in the right frame of existence does not negate action, quite the contrary. I am so glad you have asked me about this!

What does hope translate as? When I talk about the holders of hope – and all of you, all of humanity is to a greater or lesser extent holders of hope. But there are some for whom that is their primary purpose. It doesn’t mean that you sit and twiddle your thumbs. It doesn’t mean that, “Well, I hope that that happens tomorrow.” It means that that trust that is in unfoldment gives you the impetus, the catalyst, to act according to that today.

There is no point in simply holding out hope for tomorrow when you are living in your now. Yes, time is fluid; the Mother’s Infinite Time is completely fluid. But even as I speak to you we are in your current existence of now. So what you are doing, you are not playing the hope game as the delay game. You are saying; “I hold hope. I hold trust. I hold the vision.” Actively holding it. And, because of that alignment, I take actions in certain ways right now.

It is not a permission slip to negate or ignore your current life, quite the contrary. So there is an action piece in hope that has mostly been ignored. Do you understand what I say?

SB: Yes, what you are describing comes very close to intention too. We set our intention and it is to achieve whatever the object of our hope is.

AAM: That is correct. And that is where you are doing it. It is in the creation formula in alignment with Universal Law. When you set your intention – whether it is a chant or a prayer or thought or a deeply-held belief – what you are doing is setting your intention. Even when you are screaming at God, you are setting your intention.

And what is that based on? The hope, the intention is actually heard and responded to. So it is in the expression of intention and hope that the beginning of the co-creation – the conjoining of the sacred partnership begins.

SB: Well, if that’s the case Lord, then talk to us more, please, about how we do this. In our morning meditation do we set our intention? How do we work this Divine process?

AAM: Morning, noon and night and in between. Now let us talk about this. Let us break it down into, shall we say, big intention and smaller intention, personal intention and global intention. Now there is also a – I was going to say habit but I am saying – addiction, because it has really reached that point and this is a flashing yellow caution light for lightworkers and loveholders. So please heed what I have to say.

Global intentions, collective intentions are beautiful and sacred and holy and when you come together in global intention miracles happen. We have seen this. And you will certainly see more of it.

But do not ever think, feel or believe, my family and friends, that somehow global intentions are more important, more valid, more worthy than the personal whispers of your heart. That is why I have started today by talking about the peace within you and the anchoring of that ‘truly knowing’ within you.

So when you are setting intentions, we do recommend every morning. There needs to be time. And if you think you do not have the time, you are deceiving yourself, you are fooling yourself and you are robbing yourself. You take the time, whether it is an hour or ten minutes or five minutes, to set your intention, not only for your family, the planet and the galaxy and the universe, but also for your sweet self – for your day, for what you are working on.

So, from that sense of peace comes the expression of hope, of what you intend. Not only to draw in. Attraction and repulsion is but one Universal Law. But you express – not only to all of us, not only to your circle of guardians, but to your sacred self – what you intend to experience.

So, it can be small, “I am going to work today and I have a big meeting. And, I wish to be heard and seen for the brilliance of my ideas, for what I have to contribute. I wish to be seen for who I am. And I wish to be a cooperative team player.”

And then you intend, “Things have been rocky with my children and I know in accordance with the Mother’s Plan and unfoldment that we are intended to see each other, to be in peace relationships. So I intend that that will be harmonious. And in accordance with that, my intention is that I will behave kind and loving. Not permissive, but accepting and expansive today in relationship with my children. So help me do that.”

You see there is the joining of forces when you are expressing that intention. And then we would love to see you, of course, express world peace. But it starts with the personal. You cannot be praying and intending and hoping for world peace and have your home front a battleground or have your internal self out of harmony, out of balance, having an internal battleground. It will never work.

So, it starts with you. And then, yes, by all means, move to the grander intentions. And do it in conjunction with your community – whatever your community is. Whether it is a temple or a community center or a coffee klatch. Intend it and do it.

And, know that we are joining with you to do this. That is what intention is. It is setting out. It is sending the spiritual, telepathic, electronic, light wave communication to say, “This is what I want. This is how I choose to express and experience love.”

And, it is very proactive. It is not simply sitting in a chair or on the sofa watching TV saying, “I intend to win the lottery.” No, you have need to take action that is in alignment with your intention. And sometimes, sweet angels, the action is sitting on the couch perfectly still. So, you have to pay attention to the guidance. But it is in accordance with what you want.

And then we would love to see you take action and to again express intention at a midpoint in your day. So sometimes you would set your little watches or your phones that have such remarkable capabilities these days, and you would say, you know, at twelve o’clock or one o’clock or two o’clock or whatever the middle of your day is, take a few moments, not only to visit with us, not only to visit with your intentions – to check in. How is it going? But to check in with your sacred self, because sometimes there is need for a little reset or an expansion.

So your business meeting is completed and you are feeling pretty good. And you think, “Well, I’ve done it.” When you go to the middle of the day and reset, it gives you a chance to expand what just happened, so that the rest of your day is not simply in time out or not being fully present and aware, but expanding that energy of that intention – of being seen, of having harmonious conversations, of being a team player.

And then at the end of the day, and particularly – we will take ‘thank you’ whenever we get it – but particularly at the end of the day.

SB: When the job is done. (Laughter)

AAM: That is correct. Well, we have all been working hard to help. We are extraordinarily busy. And so of course, what we want is for you to be busy as well.

SB: Aren’t you simply describing the ways that the natural self, what you call the sacred self, acts or operates – hope, intention? We talk about peace or we talk about intention and it sometimes can be a little disembodied. We’re really talking about the unveiled self. Can you talk a little more about that from an overview perspective?

AAM: Yes. And it does not matter whether you call it your sacred self or your natural self or the truth of who you are. It is as if you have read, studied, ingested, digested the entire owner’s manual and you know exactly how and why you operate.

And you are fueling yourself correctly. You are not revving the engine or idling the engine. You are simply moving forward. And when you do that, when you add your intention – we are talking in action now. So, you’ve gotten up out of your chair and you’ve gotten up off the couch and the radio or TV is off, or your computer.

And it is important, dear ones, to turn off your electronic computers etc. from time to time to really be in the silence and the still point and the spaciousness – to really feel the energy waves, particularly the Mother’s Tsunami – so that you can differentiate what is the collective, what is yours, what is ours, without any other interference. So, yes, there are many opinions on this and it is constantly discussed. We see your conversations so we are throwing that in gratuitously.

But back to the natural self, you take action – can I make it this simple – that is pleasing, that is joyful, that is pleasurable, that is fulfilling to you. And in that, it is because of that alignment, it is pleasurable, and enjoyable and loving and kind to everyone. That is how peace outside, without, occurs.

It is you expressing that peace, that true knowing. So you don’t do things for yourself that you know are harmful. You don’t attach or reattach to old patterns or paradigms of behavior that you know are going to hurt. It is not that the knowing and the wisdom isn’t there, it is. And it is already ignited in you. It may not have been 10 years ago, but it most certainly is now.

So when you do something, when you feel that you are in step, when you reattach even for a moment and you know – that’s not me, I’m not behaving like who I truly am – then correct. That is why we suggest that reset during the middle of the day.

And when you misstep, do not just apologize to the person that you may or may not have offended, or to us or to Source. Apologize to your sacred self and then with clear determination, not just determination – but with the clarity of the Mother – continue on.

You see, often you think that there is expectation on our side, on the part of the Mother. And expectation is a dangerous thing and it does relate to hope. But there is not an expectation that you are already saints, let alone martyrs, in body. Now do you have that full capacity? Yes. And do you behave saintly? Yes. For what is that delineation anyway? It is absurd. It means a kind and loving, gentle, determined, clear person in alignment with the Mother. We are right back to peace.

And there is no expectation on any of you ever to be martyrs. That time has come and gone. Do not engage it! “Oh, I will do this, I will sacrifice myself because something else is needed.” No. There is plenty of whatever it is you are thinking of to go around.

We live both tangibly and etherically and esoterically and intangibly in an infinite universe. There is no so such thing as shortage. And that is where your natural self, with a little help from your friends, will take you.

SB: Lord, you say a little help from your friends. There is this equation between the steps that we take and the Divine response. Is there not?

AAM: It is exponential. You know, there is this thing that we are always talking about, this quality called free will. So we do not interfere. And think of this as Divine Source 1. So we allow you, and you allow you and we assist you for every little step you take. And so yes, say you take a step forward – now for you it is going to feel substantial – and we want it, we desire it. Not expectation, desire. We want you to take that step, to know the Divine Authority of taking that step. But say you take a step and it is a foot long. The Divine comes millions of miles toward you. It is that big.

Now, the only proviso I put on this is now you shudder and you think, “Oh no! That means the Divine is billions and billions of miles away from us.” Yes, I can read your minds. I say it for purposes of emphasis. The Divine is right there in front of you. It is as close as the air touching the skin on your face and the Divine is already fully and clearly imbedded within you.

So what are you doing when you really take that step in hope and trust from that solidity of peace? You then become the Divine meeting the Divine. You are meeting yourself and you are meeting the without.   So, yes, the Divine will meet you wherever you are – right there. And then what happens? It will take a step backwards to give you the room and the spaciousness to take the next step, and then the next step, and the next step.

Have you ever watched a parent trying to encourage their child, their baby, to walk? And they stand right in front of them with their arms extended ready to catch them. And then they back up and then they back up. And, they are so excited! The baby is walking! That is exactly what we are doing.

SB: And precocious children? What about them? (laughing)

AAM: We love precocious children.

SB: Well, all lightworkers must be precocious children.

AAM: They must be. Now what we do not like are destructive adults. So then, you would think, “Well where are we? Where is the Divine?” Exactly in the same place, maybe even a little closer. Because those destructive adults, they need the help.

And that is where your global work comes into play of holding peace, of holding the vision of a world that works for everyone. Of holding a vision where there is not a separation between human beings – that some are good and some are bad, that some are in and some are out.

Hold that vision. That is the global work at the moment. Hold the vision of what you are desiring, what you are intending, what you are bringing forth in tandem with us.

SB: You mentioned to me yesterday in our reading that there is a significant group of people who have invested in the currency revaluation who are coming from a right – wrong perspective. So it is not even going to be that as we begin our work building Nova Earth that all of our colleagues will, for instance, be in a unitive perspective?

AAM: That is correct. But also understand, with you anchoring the peace, with you holding the intention – individually and collectively – and interacting and holding that space, the conversion factor will be enormous.

SB: OK. Well, I have to say that we are nearing the end of the show, Lord. And again, as so often I just wish that we could go on forever.

AAM: We do go on forever, my friend.

SB: Is there anything that you want to say in closing?

AAM: This day, this night, this afternoon, I have given you – I have activated peace within you. Receive it, sweet ones. I do this on behalf of our beloved Sacred Divine Mother. And, I do this on behalf of each of you. Treasure this and allow this granite to blossom. Go with peace and go with my Love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.



(1) Vedantists describe God as Existence-Consciousness-Bliss Absolute. What AAM is discussing now is “existence.”

(2) The celestial music, music of the spheres?

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Peace is Love, May 11, 2017,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, at http://inlightuniversal.com/archangel-michael-on-ahwaa-achieving-inner-peace/

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Fred Greaves @ In5D – Time To Let Go Of The Old World – Step Into The New, From a 5D Perspective – 5-20-17

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Letting Go

Fred Greaves @ In5D   –   Time To Let Go Of The Old World   –   Step Into The New,  From a 5D Perspective   –      5-20-17


by Fred Greaves,  Guest writer, In5D.com


I want to tell you a story that affects us all, and is a road map to the higher realms, and what is called Ascension. My name is Fred, and in the late 1970’s I had a relationship with a girl that was magical yet was also tumultuous and chaotic at times. The energies back then were thick and dark, not like they are now in the 21st century where ”Believing is Seeing” is understood, and not thought of as crazy. Her name was Sheryl and she “passed” in 1981, yet began to reawaken me from the other side of the veil in 2012 so we could fulfill our mission.

I was told that she incarnated only to make contact with me, and so we would reunite over 30 years later, and use our love to build a bridge between the 5th and the 3rd dimensions. Which is exactly what we have done. She is not only my twin flame, yet my mentor also. She has taught me many things (hence, why all my articles say “from a 5d perspective”), and as I have raised my vibration with her guidance, I have brought many other mentors that I speak to daily now, into my life. I now can speak to animals, tree’s (all flora), Gaia/Mother Earth, all the ascended masters and more. The full story is on my website, you’ll notice I call her Lucina now. Well as your vibrations go up, you begin to remember things and that is her soul name, and one I have called her for thousands of years. Realize we are not learning anything new, just being coached to remember what was already known. I have been taught much over the years, and all must realize we need to go to them, as they cannot come to us, so vibrations are the key.

They are right in front of us, yet our convictions (from our beliefs) and our vibrations keep us from them. Since the dawn of civilization we have had to die to Ascend to the higher realms. Well that is just not the case any longer. Our bodies are being changed from carbon based (to live here in the dense energies), to Crystalline (to accept the light, and the higher energies).

The extent of our discomfort during this change is purely individual. We have all heard about the Ascension symptoms, and while many are inevitable, the length of time we have them and their severity is not and definitely on a case by case basis. Many are in self-destruct mode now, because they insist of staying with the old, and just refuse to let go, and step into the new, only making it harder on themselves.

Our bodies have been pre-programmed for this time, and know exactly what to do. If you need sleep, then sleep. Nap if need be. Your body wants food…eat. Doesn’t want food, don’t eat. Just because it is lunch or dinnertime, doesn’t mean you need to eat. Food will become nauseating at one point. I myself go for days now without eating. We are light beings after all, and I look at the Sun as a source of food now.

Solid food is the cause for all disease, and aging. Now “not eating” is not the answer either, because we must maintain these vehicles/bodies we are in here, in 3d. So I will post below a short 6 step list on raising your vibrations and explain there what to do. Yet if you want things in your life to change, then you are going to have to change things in your life. It is that simple!
You cannot say well that is my favorite food, or TV show, and I refuse to give it up. This is unwillingness to step out of out of our comfort zones, will lead us to that self-destruction mode I mentioned.

I have posted the list below before, yet raising your vibrations is the key, and once you begin to, you’ll see why this is so important. It is the simplest of things that work the best. It is only here in the 3rd Dimension, that we were taught (and purposely), that achieving anything meant hard work. This is why people refuse to step out of their comfort zones. They have the belief, that change means HARD WORK. That couldn’t be further from the truth, we are unlimited beings, and we only BELIEVE we are limited.
Believing is seeing and not the other way around. Just believe all is possible and it will be. Just put your positive thoughts out there, and let the Universe bring them to you. Stop forcing things, “Go With The Flow”, and allow.

Checklist for raising your vibration

1) Meditate (quiet time).

Best time 2am – 4am. Can start for 15 minutes at first though. EX: You normally get up at 7am. Get up 20 minutes early, and arrange your spot then meditate for 15 minutes. Use the same spot all the time, as your energies get anchored there. Make it YOURS. Crystals, feathers, candle, incense… whatever works. This is your spot…make it special for you. As you meditate all the things you need to do, will come up. This is just your EGO mind fighting what you are doing, because it knows once you activate your heart-mind (when the chatter goes away), you will not need it any longer. So keep pushing the chatter to the side, and when it stays there (this could take days, weeks) it is then you activate your heart-mind. Then a whole other world…the real one opens up for you.

2) Shake. Eliminate breakfast.

Have a green drink, or I have a combination green and chocolate drink (with whole foods) every morning. Look at my site in the detox section for instructions. As you slowly remove solid food from your diet, you will notice your vibration goes higher. Solid food, causes a depletion of energy, and is the cause behind aging. Remember though we still have to maintain our bodies, so going without food is not the answer. This is why the word “die” is in “dieting”. The shakes should give you all the nutrients your body needs, follow the labels closely. As you move forward in time, you may add more shakes and eat less food. Keep fruit or berries around to snack on. Try to avoid animal products at all costs. This is a major drain on our systems. Thousands of years ago, our DNA was spliced with that of animals. Think of the hieroglyphs in Ancient Egypt; that depict animal heads on human bodies. So in essence every time we eat meat we are performing cannibalism, and it throws our energy off, at a soul level. As your vibration rises, you will sense this, and the thought of meat will make you sick. I look at a steak now, and only see the leg of a cow. Moderation on all things though. Never deprive yourself. So slow down your consumption, a little at a time. Forget what we have been told, about anything…even nutrition. I was told by a higher being, “Get rid of all your beliefs they are all lies anyway”.

3) No Coffee.

Coffee is a definite no-no. It seriously disconnects you from the higher realms. When I have coffee, which I do have occasionally. My Twin who is within me 24/7, sounds like she is suddenly on the other side of the room, or house. Plus, I lose all contact with my other mentors until my body assimilates it. It is the same with alcohol. So keep both to a minimum.

4) GET SUN!!!

This is super important. It can mean going out and walking in it, sitting on a park bench and letting it enter your body. Gazing at it thru a window (this protects the pupils). When outside try not to use sunglasses. This blocks the rays that enter in thru your pupils and feeds your soul and pineal gland (we are light beings, after all), waking up your 3rd eye. The 3rd eye is your ticket to seeing the higher realms. Where most see just air now with empty space, I see much activity. They occupy the same space as we do, just on another level of existence. Try limiting the use of the sun visor in your car. FEEL the energy, as it enters your body. Soon you will come to love the Sun.

5) Drink pure water.

This is important also, as our bodies are made up of over 70% water. Yet it must be pure and not in or from plastic (plastic is toxic), and you must Alkaline. Google Alkaline water, and find it in your area. I drink a gallon to 1 ½ a day. You can Alkaline your body in other ways also…again Google it. Think of a yucky green swimming pool. You add chemicals to balance the PH, which in turn cleans the water. Well our bodies are the same on the inside, you just don’t see it. They are yucky green, and the Alkalinity balances the PH. Balanced means no sickness or disease, EVER. Don’t you want a crystal clear and clean body operating on the inside? Like a beautiful pool you just cannot wait to dive in!

6) Get the detox services I list in the “Tips for detoxing” on my website.

Again google it, and find in your area where you can get them. We have picked up much debris in our travels here in 3d. Yet we MUST remove them to raise our vibrations to enter the higher realms. We just cannot go there with them…our bodies are just too dense. We need to lighten up, to raise up.

This is good for now, stick with it and above all NOTICE the little changes. Again this will raise your vibration, and one more thing. Get out into nature more. “Want to see how the higher realms work”, I was told? “Observe nature”.

I want to tell you a quick story; Last year, Lucina and I were out walking (I can feel her hand in mine now) and she says to me “Fred look up, there is something I want to show you”. I did and she said “okay, tell me what you see”? I said “the beautiful blue sky, and white puffy clouds”, it is like Gaia/Earth is smiling, because she knows the years of abuse like drilling and explosions is finally coming to an end. She said “okay now look to your right”. There I saw a dark gray sky, with dirty clouds…maybe like I would have seen years ago, before I raised my vibration. So I said to her “okay, what’s the point”? See she is teaching me new concepts all the time. So she says “It is not that your pollution is so bad, it is don’t get me wrong, yet it is more your vibration that has been lowered over the years that has clouded your vision. You don’t see what is right before your eyes” Get it? I can see a ship right in front of me, and in broad daylight, yet the person next to me cannot. This is what I mean, and what she was explaining.

See the beauty of the world right in front of your eyes, and step into it!

Much love and light,

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JACQUES FRESCO – Founder of The Venus Project – Passes Away at 101 – 5-22-17

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Venus Project

Source: Truth Theory | by Amanda Froelich

Jaques Fresco, an inspiration to many and the founder of The Venus Project, recently passed away due to complications related to Parkinson’s disease, aged 101. Fresco is best known for his innovative ideas and blueprints for a sustainable society. The Venus Project, for instance, rejects the current models of mass consumerism and self-destruction and, instead, offers a new model for a resource-based economic system.

Fresco holds many titles, which include educator, architectural designer and concept artist. However, his role as a “futurist” is what has won him the most recognition. For years, Fresco has envisioned the world running on a socio-cooperation which utilizes the methodology of science and the advancements in technology which utilizes the most energy efficient systems ever conceptualized.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, in the 1920’s, Fresco experienced first-hand the hardships of The Great Depression. The experience benefited him, however, as growing up around poverty, war and devastation is what influenced his later work in life. For much of Fresco’s young life, he pursued a career in structural design. Later, he worked in a variety of fields. For example in 2942, Fresco served in the army as a technical designer and produced up to 40 designs a day. By age 32, he created the Trend Home, mostly built of aluminum and glass, which gained him access to Hollywood. In the 1950’s, he created and directed Scientific Research Laboratories in Los Angeles. Afterward, he worked as a creator and a designer of science fiction models and special effects.

Throughout his life, Fresco wrote about and lectured on topics such as sustainable cities, energy efficiency, natural-resource management, cybernetic technology, automation and the role of science in society. In an ideal society imagined by Fresco, the monetary system would be terminated. In fact, when he was alive, Fresco envisioned the world developing to a point where the level of production is high enough scarcity no longer exists. In result, anything one would need would be available without a price tag. Explaining his vision, he stated:

“People don’t really want money, but rather they want access to things when they need it, and people in a society of abundance… will really no longer begin to store and accumulate [unnecessary] things.”

Like John Lennon, Fresco was a dreamer. However, his ambitions have affected and inspired many. As a result, he will be missed. Activists can honor his legacy by advocating for equal access to goods and services, and by promoting the idea that abundance and equal opportunity for all is not out of reach.



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ANRITA MELCHIZEDEK – The Temple of Compassion – Elders May Transmission

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Anrita Melchizedek

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AHTAYAA LEIGH – The Divine Solar Feminine and Ascension – dreamweaver333 – 5-22-17

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Originally posted on Dreaming With Dolphins: It’s happening. We rapidly approach the end of a major cycle of fear and separation. We also enter a new cycle of peace and harmony. Many thousands of emissaries of light, now in position around the globe, are ready to anchor the next influx of high frequency light. This…

via AHTAYAA LEIGH: “The Divine Solar Feminine and Ascension” — dreamweaver333

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg – Earth Has Changed Direction – Moving Steadily Towards The Light – 5-22-17

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Judas Iscariot

Sunday, May 21st, 2017   –   Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I am here today to give a welcome greeting to the abundance in the world. A rain of abundance has started to fall today to an extent never previously seen in your world, dear Earthlings. Can you feel it? Can you understand it? Nevertheless it is true. Everything has started and all your dreams can be fulfilled, the dreams of many others as well. It is a special time you live in, so treasure it in the best way you can. Be humble in your mind and generous in your hearts, then you will receive all that you need and more. Yes, it is a senseless time with much joy and many trumpets sounding. Earth has changed direction and is now moving steadily towards the light. Her children are doing all they can to come along with her now. It is a bewildering time, but yet so joyful.

Yes, dear children on Earth, your work has started with waking up those that are still sleeping and give comfort to the hungry and poor – Giving comfort in the form of giving them all they need to live a good life, while you at the same time show them how love leads home. It leads home to the beautiful planet that you once left, but now are ready to return to. Again you take on the mantel of being our dear Mother Earth’s guardians and stewards. You protect again all her fantastic wealth in the form you call Mother Nature. Yes, it is true joy to be part of and witness everything that is happening on Earth today. Finally you get to harvest what you have worked for under such a long time. Know that you are loved beyond all understanding and that you are today’s heroes.

Mother Earth is a pearl in the Universe and …



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