Welcome to the 5th Dimension and how to stay there – by Enchanted Mermaid



Published on Aug 18, 2013

Welcome to 5d. How to stay there. song: Avalon by: The Orchard Music
We have noticed that as you go through your day that you are fluctuating between 4d and 5d.
You may not notice it, but you will be able to tell by your emotions. Everything feels fine for a moment, and then a thought will enter your mind and you feel fear, confusion, or anxiety.
This is a very special and critical time. You are experiencing a tremendous cosmic upgrade.
Those who are ultra-sensitive can be experiencing tremendous anguish. If you are picking up the energy of others in turmoil, this can cause great confusion in our energy fields. Right now you need to be selfish. You cannot help anyone unless you help yourself first. The Wayshowers, Lightworkers, and Starseeds are feeling this energetic blast first.
This is your test n learning how to stay in 5d for longer periods of time. This is extremely vital for you! Tune yourself to the trees, the sun, Mother Earth. Allow yourself to feel deep, deep peace. Allow yourself to breathe in the fragrance of gratitude. Let images of your beautiful new world emerge into your consciousness.
As you are doing this exercise, your experiencing how your 5-d world feels. At that time, take another deep breath and resume where you left off earlier. Let that deep breath remind you of the blissful feelings of the higher energies. You are building a foundation for your own stability. As you become more aware of the differences of 4d and 5d, it will become easier to reach the higher states.
It is vital that you learn to develop stability during these times of intense cosmic influx. As your bodies integrate these energies, more and more are absorbed, so you need to continue the process just to keep yourself grounded and stable. This will help tremendously to keep you calmer and fully functioning in your daily life.
You must drink lots of water to help your body to integrate the crystalline cellular structures. This keeps you from having too much down time and allows you to be helped during your sleep.



The Lions Gate Portal – 8-18-18 – 3rd Eye Activation – via Awakening 5d Healing,

888 is the number of ascended beings, angels and Archangels, our higher self, it facilitates third eye activation and heart chakra expansion. Revered by ancient societies as a time of profound spiritual importance, the alignment with Sirius, earth and the sun is believed to activate a cosmic gateway, a portal bathing earth in high energies, higher frequencies of light bringing enlightenment and love. Whilst this has occurred many times, the effect of these portals of light on humanity now is greater than it has ever been. The legends of the Great Awakening, the Age of Aquarius, the Return of the Divine Feminine, going back millennia, across galaxies far and wide, all speak of a profound transition, the transcendence of a planet from lower dimensions to higher realms of existence. Instigated by the goddess Gaia, whose soul currently resides in planet earth, aided by planetary and intergalactic intervention, and driven by technological advancements combine to create a maelstrom of higher wavelengths from above and below. Humanity chooses her path, each individual makes their choice, to ascend with Gaia or remain in the third dimension, plagued by the demons and parasites of the fourth dimension. We are finally here.

Nuclear warfare, the world wide web, CERN, the inevitable birth of AI, genetic and scientific advancements all conspire to propel humanity into a new world. The question is what new world, the new world order or the new earth. The new world order is the agenda of the elite, the puppets of the anunaki, who sold their souls for power, fame and fortune. Explicitly stated on the Georgia Stones, the machinations of the illuminati, the freemasons and other power player brotherhoods aim to limit the population for the protection and long term security of the very wealthy. Their owners, their demonic possessors have no interest in ascension, no need for spiritual evolution or collective unified consciousness, this is what frightens them most. Their primitive drives demand warfare to retain their power. They seek to divide and conquer, to isolate the individual, to assert personal blame for personal circumstances. They flaunt their wealth, their plastic beauty and their possessions for the world to see, just as the kings and queens, emperors and pharaohs of humanities past did, to ensure their position at the top of the pyramid. The American dream has worked in a similar way to prevalent religious teachings, success is down to us, bench marked as material wealth. We may be in poverty, fear and desolation in our present, we are told great riches await those who obey their masters, in the heaven. Any threat of revolution, of unified demands for fair distribution of the planet’s resources, for peace and harmony are anulled.

The elite ritualise their greed to honour their fourth dimension overlords. They embed these rituals into our daily lives disguised as culture and religion. Conditioning starts young, its our fault we are poor, we are lonely, we are ill, we are lost, unfulfilled, unhappy and unimaginative. Creativity is pushed to the outer edges of our societies. Enquiring minds are forced into little boxes of obedience and we are told from day one conform, conform, conform or there will be negative consequences. How do a people free themselves when they don’t even know they are enslaved?

A lot of different events are conspiring to bring down the annunaki control of humanity on earth. Volunteers, starseed, offering to come down to earth and raise the frequencies from ground zero and the rainbow children, the indigos, whose natural light radiates and cannot be extinguished, are pushing up the frequencies every single day, despite derision, abuse and intimidation from the conforming masses. Intergalactic allies are working in multi dimensional realities to raise the vibrations across and around the planet, as are higher realm beings in earth’s oceans and in her core. Adding to this the planets themselves, Gaia’s brothers and sisters, are moving, aligning, working with Gaia. Creating geometric gateways that allow higher wavelengths to flood the planet and her people. All of this has been predicted for millennia.



Judge Anna von Reitz – News Report – 8-19-18 – via Operation Disclosure

Judge Anna von Reitz – News Report – 8-19-18 – via Operation Disclosure

THE QUANTUM SHIFT – Dr. Sam Muzzi, Kent Dunn,Drake Bailey – 8-14-18


Published on Aug 15, 2018

New two hour show! New updates on lots of stuff. Please enjoy and take what you want and leave the rest. This show designed to help show you some snippets of our new world. Its up to you to chose which paradigm you want to live in and how you want to do it. Being empowered and knowledgeable creates an opportunity for you to manifest the world you want. Love to all those that help make this happen. We appreciate you and sincerely enjoy being apart of your reality. To start the food revolution, look into fermentation. Sourdough is the best dough for making bread. It has live probiotics and enzymes to help your body heal itself. Rebuild your stomach and get those stem cells generated. You can do this at home and you take your power back. Eat live foods….books on ebay. Winston A. Price Sandor Katz Lose weight and get healthy by creating your own home remedies. Share with friends, its a lot of fun.

KATHLEEN MARY WILLIS – How Things Work in the Higher Realms – Compassion for Negative Emotions – Golden Age Of Gaia – 8-19-18




Past and present, we have been, and are, witnesses to behaviour not of love.

Now is the time for conscious change to LOVE within/without.

How do we LOVE everyone when we do not trust certain behaviour patterns?

For example, those engaging in pedophilia, drug addiction, or leaders abusing power?

Are those behaviours in the without — the ones that trigger us — metaphors, reflections of hatred of self within?


I had a long, difficult marriage, many life lessons to really get what doesn’t work.

I Am Love for my former husband but I do not trust certain behaviour patterns.

With this distrust, I am coming to understand greater compassion, the Love.

From a place of non-judgement, the deeper I go into the heart, the more layers I peel, the greater compassion I have for self/others.

I am the change for the forgiveness of everything, that place of compassion, non-judgement, and the joy, the gratitude for the life lessons.


The movement of Love is everything.

feel compassion for the false grid of hatred within, that behaviour pattern not of love.

I make an imaginary phone call to the Mother/my self/Father, One/others — my former husband — saying I apologize, I forgive, how I LOVE and appreciate you/myself, how I am gratitude for all the life lessons. Over and over until I truly feel this on a deep level.

I invoke the Mother, the Universal Law of Elimination,
and the blessing and virtue of compassion
for the hatred and limitation.

Feeling non-judgement, I hold the highest vision for change, transmutation, and elimination of behaviour patterns not of love within/without.

With deep compassion, forgiveness, gratitude within/without, I come to understand Who I Am with more clarity for boundaries. I have learned what doesn’t work.


With greater Love for self within/others without, we create community.

We are changing the old paradigm of not caring to caring, within/without.

I Am Love and Worth/We Are Love and Worth

Self is All/We are One.

G E N D E R   E Q U A L I T Y   B A L A N C E

DEVOTION to female energy and male energy within
the Mother/Father ONE within/without, above/below.

Movement and the wisdom,
forgiving my self, the forgiveness of self
for not expressing and experiencing my self as Divine,
feeling compassion, non-judgement, holding the highest vision.
I Love and appreciate my self. I am gratitude, the joy, for my life purpose.




Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D – ENERGY UPDATE – 8-18-18 – Connecting with Twin Flame – Removing Yourself from Matrix Programming – via Rose Rambles dot org

Published on Aug 18, 2018

This channeled was made to give information that comes through… not give information based off what people want to hear or based off perception of the 3D programs, if i wanted to do that id put catchy titles and monetize, mention brands that have reached out, etc… if it doesnt resonate, dont force it. Trust yourself and how u feel. Not all are able to access their own soul contract so these times can be confusing and begin seeking info to understand, always trust what you feel, your truth. Get ready people, the ones unhappy in their own situation, will be in attack mode. THE PURGE. Many of you will begin to have visions of the Event soon if you havent already. You will be shown what to expect and whats coming intuitively prior. Many Twinflame waves are being guided through transmission from galactic family to merge together multidimensionally. One ship is sending transmission and activations to twinflame groups on the ground. Stay focused on the beauty of this freedom from the 3d matrix prism. Trust the process. Know you are protected 100% and guided. Ill post Arcturus Transmission channeled message later..already recorded just need to upload.





DANIEL SCRANTON – Awakening 5th Dimensional Data ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council –



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are awakening within you memories of who you have been in your past lives and transmitting the energy necessary for you to integrate those past life versions of you. We are not just awakening past life memories and aspects of you from the Arcturian system. We are activating all past lives that you have led in other parts of the galaxy.

Now, one of the reasons why these awakenings are so important is because you have been fifth dimensional in other star systems. You already have the data from those lifetimes in the fifth dimension inside of you, where it has been lying dormant. You have been waiting for the right moment to unlock that data, and we, and others like us, have been waiting for the opportunity to help you access it.

Again, the reason why you are more ready now than you ever have been in this lifetime is because of how you have handled the most recent energy surges that have been coming to planet Earth from all across the galaxy. You all demonstrate an ability to handle these high frequency energies, and also an ability to assimilate energies from different star systems. And that all shows your readiness to unlock your past life memories and the versions of yourself that you have already been on these other worlds in these other star systems.

So now you can expect to amplify the vibration that you are sending out, and you can expect to receive more from all of your galactic brothers and sisters. You can also expect to access more of your fifth dimensional abilities, as well as more of your memories from your dreams and astral travels where you connect to your galactic brothers and sisters.

This is a time of great integration, and you are re-assembling the parts of yourselves that have been long forgotten and have been lying dormant within you for far too long. We are happy and honored to be able to reintroduce you to these aspects of who you are.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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