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Published on Apr 23, 2019


RV / GCR Update – Operation Disclosure – 4-25-10

RV / GCR Update – Operation Disclosure – 4-25-10

India.Arie Sings – “I Am Light” – SuperSoul Sessions – Oprah Winfrey Network


Published on Jun 13, 2016

Watch as singer/songwriter India.Arie performs the song ‘I Am Light’ from her new album, ‘Songversation’. Watch exclusive #SuperSoul content on http://www.SuperSoul.TV

About SuperSoul.TV: SuperSoul.TV features all-new SuperSoul sessions and short films, exploring themes and issues including happiness, personal fulfillment, spirituality, conscious living and what it means to be alive in today’s world.

Lisa Transcendence Brown – New Earth Re-Incarnation: Rebirthing Through Your Current Physical Body Form – 4-24-19

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lisa Transcendence Brown

NEW Earth is birthed anew from within each one of us… in the silence, in the peace and through Pure Presence. It’s all of those creative and inspirational ideas…. combined with our skills and natural abilities, which are infinite when we are wide open for this… 

NEW Earth is a “new” earth, a whole new version of our earth… where all live in unity and peace, honoring our differences, honoring our skills, honoring our beauty and Divine ability to come together to CREATE all new realities, on a vast scale…. together as LOVE here. 

NEW Earth occurs, as we each open up to “see” what’s required of each one of us, as we each open up to “see” what’s distorted, an illusory belief and what’s possible by breaking away from all of that and shifting our focus, energy and all that we are and have…. towards something completely different than the old ways….. 

It’s a birthing of all new, that we each bring forth from inside… it’s each choosing to drop their own density, linearity, duality and find that place deep inside where ONENESS EXISTS and then SEEING HOW to shift everything over to this….. 

WE are in the re-birth of HUmanity, yet as with all…. all occurs in cycles, stages and phases…. 

In-vision if you will…. this as a “re-incarnation cycle” of our whole earth right now. That as the ego dies/dissolves and each’s higher self comes forth, as each’s SOUL emerges, each is reincarnated into this current now. Resurrected, yes… rising from the ashes, yes…. NEW INCARNATIONS from within the same physical form….. can you imagine? Can you “see” how re-birthing occurs….. ? Can you see, that rebirthing as a new baby, a child… an INFANT and INNOCENT, that you see with all new eyes…… fuzzy at first, vibrant colors and bright lights…. almost blinding at times, your heart beating and bursting open, ready to learn and explore and PLAY and in-JOY this whole new planet and multi-dimensional world you’ve found yourself on/in, yet you are in your same human body and it doesn’t “fit” anymore. Everything looks different, feels different, very subtle and serene…. yet if you look at the outside world with your old perceptions, then the old reality is what you’ll see….. NOW a new phase begins… 

If you look “out there”, it no longer matches your inner world, your inner reality…. of vulnerability, softness, caring and pure love….. and your body often doesn’t work like before either. The rapid acceleration processes, rapid aging/de-aging process is confusing, as your body is literally going through death cycles and being re-born too. Your body is confused as to what to do, as now it’s going to “run on light”…. a whole new way of functioning and living…. you have this “form” that requires certain things….. yet you have this LIGHTBODY, ALL OF THIS PHOTONIC LIGHT activating inside constantly and rewriting everything constantly … a-new.

What you inJOY now is different, what you desire now is different, what matters is very different, because being birthed as your SOUL…. nothing is as it was “before”….. everything must be fully aligned here with your PUREST HEART…..

It’s going to take a backbone though, as you have entire realities to re-align AS YOUR HIGHER SELF AND PURE LOVE. This is where you allow your inner power to emerge and you bring this forth fully as love too. You are now in the “recreate/reconstruct/realign/reconfigure your own reality phase”, through all new “Light codes and higher consciousness knowledge” that you hold within.

Your innocent you just desires PEACE, SILENCE AND JOY…. simplicity takes on all new meaning…. and now it’s time to start to CREATE YOUR REALITY…. as your higher self. Now it’s time to LIVE YOUR HEAVEN and let go/release all no longer highest aligned anymore….. 

Every moment a new expansion of consciousness will show you what’s not conscious, what’s not pure within you…. and where anything in your own reality still represents your old, for you to align vibrationally….. yet now you set an example for what love is….. and it’s neutral and brings no human ego judgments forth, like your old aspect did…. it’s not playing out the old ego games anymore…. if you are present and consciously aware of yourself… you only care to BE A LIGHT and touch all as LOVE, so that they can REMEMBER FULLY too…. and LIVE THIS MAGNIFICENCE and BEAUTY….. so now, your reality starts to shift….. as you realize everything has to be reconstructed anew, everything has to be reconfigured to match your “new inside of you”……… a massive undertaking, yet you are up for the task. It will get daunting and challenging at times, because of all of the density still held, yet clearing this consciously means you truly get it….. and because you are present, creating, inspired and honoring your SOUL/LIGHT/ENERGY BODY that now “runs your physical body”, you have “plenty to accomplish”…. now to CREATE all new ways of BEING and DOING…. so you can inJOY while fulfilling much higher purposes and roles here…..

You’ve transcended the immense death/rebirth cycle that occurs within your body…. which is a “whopper” for sure. Working through all of that deeply embedded programming to get your whole body’s vibration high enough to HOLD YOUR SOUL’S LIGHT…. well, a massive undertaking within itself. Repairing all of your own degraded DNA, recalling/reclaiming all of your aspects HOME inside….. to BEcome SO COMPLETELY WHOLE AND ONE AGAIN… so that you can LIVE a REMEMBERED REALITY from deep within you, from beyond the Veils of Amnesia (Separation) and realizing that your entire REALITY is yours to now RE-create, build, hold and experience fully, as your highest versions and aspects…. as the old, no longer has an appeal for you. You SEE what’s possible, available…. and NOW it’s YOURS to LIVE….. through your physical vessel that requires whole body template re-writes constantly to continue to upgrade and integrate all of the Cosmic and Universal Codes to support you and all of HUmanity in accomplishing what “appears” to be “impossible”. You know better….. ♥

Anchoring HEAVEN ON EARTH within your body, means clearing all your own separation/inner HELL (distortions) out….. a heroic process within itself. Give yourself a huge pat on the back, as the next phases will be just as monumental, yet “others” won’t get it, unless they’ve had these experiences themselves…. so be PATIENT….. because you are going to SHOW THEM/ALL…. how this is done…. through LIVING AS YOUR HIGHEST ASPECTS AND VERSIONS FULLY….. and being the “proof” that the critics and naysayers (ego) don’t believe and doubt, because it had never been done before…. WE are the ONES that DO THE PERCEIVED UNIMAGINABLE here…… 


where we each LIVE as our highest versions and aspects in physical forms here. It’s where Purity and Innocence prevail, which means the physical body has to continually go through clearing anything and everything on a cellular level that is “not”. This deep programming is just part of the process, yet you have access to ALL NEW REALITIES NOW….. and these “new realities” already exist. You are just here to anchor them, open the portals/gateways and travel through them to “arrive” on the “other side” constantly… where all new vibrancy, beauty and simplicity is…… 

NEW EARTH IS EXPERIENCED through your own Light…… Literally, through the embodiment of high frequency photonic Light. Your cells jump, spin and move and your realities’ shift/change constantly too. Because all is vibrational and energetic and you function from this Quantum Space of Consciousness from within you, you don’t hold attachment to anything at all. You move and flow energetically as all occurs, all in DIVINE TIMING….. full alignment inside means that outside can easily align.

NEW EARTH IS YOUR ENERGY… it’s where you LIVE FROM INSIDE fully…. and AS YOU DO, how you act, how you show up, what you allow changes…. you will no longer accept the old, accept less than purity, deep sacred respect and love in your own reality…. and ass all LIVE THIS… this is how we “change” “the world”…. We don’t change “that world out there”, we do it from the inside and the outside changes as a vibrational response…… to us. 

NEW EARTH IS UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS… which means each live from Unity inside. Through ONENESS, which means you will “see” when this is not present, then what you “do” will be dependent on what’s highest aligned within you during the current “now”. 

NEW EARTH IS LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS…. which means for each to access NEW EARTH, their hearts and minds and whole being have to be wide open for this, otherwise “they” are energetically refusing/saying “no” to a new/alternate reality….. for themselves. 

NEW EARTH is born within us as we are “re-born”/re-birthed. NEW Earth is our love emanating out and touching the lives of all, to assist “them” with REMEMBERING (FEELING/SEEING) the possibilities and what’s available to all who are ready for this too…… 

NEW EARTH is the opposite of old….. it’s living from pure freedom, because your SOUL is the one present and living fully here. Old Earth’s purpose was to suppress this, which means that you have to break out of the old, dissolve the old, let go of the old, otherwise YOU keep re-creating it to experience until you are truly ready to fully shift to all new realities too…… 

RE-INCARNATION CYCLES: Increasing and accelerating faster and stronger than ever before. If you did not choose, on a Soul Level to remain here to complete re-incarnation from within your body to RISE again to live this cycle here, then you will relinquish your earthly body vessel and possibly choose to return in a child’s/baby’s form (or other form) to clear your karmic timelines and “start all over again”, to being your process of evolution again here (or wherever). If you chose to continue on, to be a part of NEW EARTH, then you will do this from within your body, which means love and take care of your physical body, as it’s an immense process we undergo to fully transition over with these bodies here…….. 

LIVING AS YOUR SOUL (PURE DIVINE SOURCE CREATOR LIGHT)…. is a whole new existence. You don’t come in “grown up” and “all-knowing”. You do have access to “all-knowing”, yet you have to re-learn everything all over again, just like a baby, toddler, teenager…. growing into a young adult then aging to become the WISDOM KEEPERS HERE…… You will be both a child with wisdom and still possess old aspects that you have to observe/clear, because the programming is still in that body of yours that you chose to “carry over” and awaken to/through/into the 5th Dimension, where all “new” comes forth in every moment…. so all the old ways completely go…… 

It will be “weird” (understatement). You will feel different, things will distort, contort, bend and breathe…. take new shape and “materialize” into form differently than your old everything….. 

You will feel displaced, different, “not you”, it will be surreal, bizarre and pure peace, calm and silence, so that you can hear the symphonics of the whole Cosmos playing inside of you….. 

You won’t be enticed by the old, you may even denounce the old (take care not to try to influence or judge, as this is your ego aspect still). Letting go of “earthly possessions” is a part of this process too, for many/most, as humility and a new humbled existence replaces all of that. For some, you can awaken without having to do this, because you “get it” and understand the purposes of all….. yet if you do not, you will take a different path, as every path brings us all back to ONENESS, yet not everyone takes the same path to awaken, learn, understand and UNIFY BACK INTO PURITY fully from within….. so it’s important to deeply RESPECT EACH’S JOURNEY and not measure anything by the “old” anymore….. go deep inside, sit with yourself, look at yourself and then see what you have to offer as LOVE, without re-engaging the old or going back to play in the old anymore….. 

LEAD THE WAY, LIGHT THE PATH, SHINE BRIGHT and BE THE WAY….. hold your Christed Light fully… AS LOVE… which doesn’t condemn, crucify or try to save (distorted “Savior Complex”). Create opportUNITY for each to bask in the glow, for each to embrace their own beauty and Divinity fully too….. 

Release your own judgment, your own struggle, your own inner turmoil and fight. Allow peace to wash over you and breath the Light of Love as your “new breath” and hold this….. fully…. to emanate out through your own Simplicity of BEing here. 

Respect all, yet hold your own for yourself. This is a part of the process of each returning to full Sovereignty from within. Take great care with your words and actions, as these CREATE and ACTIVATE your own Experiences (vibrational returns) here.

Expand and elevate, uplift, inspire and hold your new…. and awaken to a “new dawn” constantly within you. Wipe your eyes (veils) and as the blurry goes away, see through your PURE HEART, feeling the beauty available as you do. Embark upon your day, full of wonder and vigor, excitement and ready to explore and create, ready to activate HEARTS with your every word, action, exchange………. to re-UNITE with other Light BEings incarnate/in form here. ♥

NEW EARTH = INCARNATE SOULS and STAR-LIGHT BEINGS in form…. living through Purity and recognizing each other’s ENERGY (signature), vibration and codes…. In order to “find” each other and connect, you/each must transmit these “coordinates” out constantly….. so if you go small/hide/disconnect, you won’t be able to “find” all of us/each other, because your human ego transmits out different codes that bind you to a different/alternate dimension/reality and we can’t “intersect” if our vibrational frequencies are of different bandwidths, because we will literally be operating in different dimensions and versions of Earths. 

I love you. Open up fully and shift out of the old inside fully…. so that the outside can take new form easier as you hold your highest everything fully too! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. The “challenging” part of reincarnating through your own current physical body, is you still have “memories” of your old ways and programs that are no longer applicable to living your INFINITE realities here, yet there’s enough of your ego programming in your body still to “create challenges” for you to see the old patterns and habits yourself, so that you can clear the density from your physical body and your body can complete the ascension process too. This takes total presence, awareness and release of all beliefs once held and ACTing fully as your highest everything to transcend and shift the physical density enough to unanchor from the old dimensional realms with your body. 3D is a karmic timeline/life cycle that must be cleared/reverse by each within themselves. As each does this, their Merkaba will organically and natural build “over time” and “each time” it activates, the next phase of physical body ascension will occur, until this process has been completed fully…. where NEW Earth becomes each’s “whole reality” and all Live in Service in all new ways (nothing like before). “How” you do this will be relative to your own Soul’s agreement prior to this incarnation to be in this physical form here. To comprehend and see all fully, means that your every ACT is highest aligned…. yet because you live in a physical reality, it’s confusing to you and others for awhile too. Comic Universal Laws (of Oneness) rule your new realities…. as you build, create, align your entire physical according to this too. ♥ 

This is where you embrace and love every aspect of yourself fully and merge/dissolve them into Light fully from within you as ONE too. As you do, you are able to BE your highest aspect of Pure Love here. You hold nothing but LOVE for yourself and each other/all here. This is how all “return”…. through REMEMBERING fully from deep within and Living this fully here. ♥

Physical Body Ascension is full ego death (on every level) IN THE BODY…. which is an immense process of deep programming and every cell, the bones, teeth, blood, oxygen, organs, glands, emotions and correlates to the external physical/realities too. 

Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all. 
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Soul Full Heart Healing – Feeling Is Healing – 4-23-19

Soul Full Heart Healing

Feeling is Healing

PUBLISHED ON April 23, 2019by Raianna Shai

By Raianna Shai

Healing and awakening are very often incredibly difficult things to do. It’s not always high frequency, good vibes, and love and light. It’s diving deep into the shadow, letting go of what once meant everything to you, and realizing what needs to be shed and felt in order to continue your growth.

I had a day today where I felt like the last thing I wanted to do was heal and grow. I felt a deep sadness that, when in the middle of it, feels immovable and permanent. It was a process that required many rounds of tears that I couldn’t quite place. They were triggered by something specific, but were clearly about something much larger.

A part of me didn’t care where they came from to be honest, and just wanted to feel sad. She wanted to medicate all of the sadness away and forget about getting to the other side of it. But even though it was hard to feel in the moment, I knew that each time I felt this sorrow, I was healing something deep on a bigger scale.

Each tear that drops from our eyes, each feeling of unworthiness, anger and fear, each time we feel how hard it is to be here as deeply feeling humans, we feel something for everyone else in the world. We cry for every human – past, present and future, for every timeline that affects our here and now, every one we are surrounded by and touch every day.

Everything we feel is sacred and as difficult as it may be, your desire to feel it rather than suppress it is changing the world. We may not be able to rid ourselves of our suffering immediately and certainly not for everyone, but each choice we make towards love (including feeling how far we seem to be from it) is making an impact collectively.

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Corey Goode – Huge Disclosure Battle is Taking Place Right Now


Published on Feb 2, 2019

COAST TO COAST AM. According to Corey Goode, a partial disclosure narrative is rolling out from the powers-that-be with the announcement of the Pentagon’s mysterious UFO program. He identified a disclosure battle taking place between opposing sides. “We have elements that want to use disclosure as a way to distract us from a lot of the corruption that’s going to be revealed… it’s pretty significant,” Goode said. He commented on the war in space and battle taking place in near-Earth orbit involving the military industrial complex and other groups trying to prevent War 3. “We definitely have heroes in harm’s way at this moment,” Goode added.

To listen to the full show or learn more about the featured guests, become a COAST INSIDER at https://www.coasttocoastam.com/coasti… to get the best of the Coast to Coast AM podcast hosted by George Noory. A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and often inexplicable) phenomena.

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GREGG PRESCPTT @ in5d – 30 Signs That You Are Wired Differently Than Normal People – 4-23-18 (Repost)

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.,    Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, In5D.com

At times, do you feel like you don’t “fit in” on this planet? Did you ever wonder why things feel so differently to you, but not to other people? Have you noticed strange anomalies within yourself that the general population doesn’t seem to experience?

This article might help you to understand WHY.https://tpc.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-23/html/container.html

30 Signs That You Are Wired Differently Than “Normal” People

1. You have exceptional intuitive abilities

Your intuition seems heightened versus most “normal” people. You can sense and feel things before they happen.

2. Your have body marking that resemble star maps

You may have what appear to be constellations on your body. While some may resemble constellations that are familiar to most people, others may have ones that are not familiar to anyone else other than YOU.https://tpc.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-23/html/container.html

3. You look younger than your physical age

Your DNA is wired differently and your body easily resists the aging process. Most people would have a hard time guessing your actual age.

4. You have unusual sleep patterns

You may experience interrupted sleep throughout the night or have unusual sleep cycles than most people.

I have an unusual sleep anomaly.  Around 2007, I had sleep apnea from gaining weight, so I had a “Sleep Study” done where they hook you up with a number of electrode and monitor your sleep all night. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me except for this one sleep anomaly:  I instantly go into the Dream Stage and stay there all night.  I get ZERO of the Deep Sleep stage.

The example I often use is to remember the times you started to nod off, perhaps while you were sitting on the couch. Your head bobs down and back up again, instantly.  When this happens to me, I’ll have a dream in that instant that seems like it was at least 3 hours long.

5. Synchronicities happen on a daily basis

A synchronicity might be as simple as seeing numbers such as 555, 1111, 333, etc… nearly every day or some other synchronistic occurrence. The other day, my Gregg Prescott Facebook page reached 11,111 followers and I made a post about it. Immediately, I was alerted that the FB page, The Event Is Happening, also reached 11,111 members about the same exact time as me.

6. You go in and out of worlds

At times, you feel like you’re living in a completely different reality.https://tpc.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-23/html/container.html

Here’s a simple example. Have you ever gone to the grocery store and seen a bunch of zombie-like people walking around? You looking into their grocery carts and there’s a bunch of junk food and lower vibrational items in there. They walk around in a daze and their eyes look lifeless. All of the sudden, you make eye contact with an awakened soul and you give a gentle exchange of smiles.

This can also go much deeper where you feel like you’re in an altered reality without the use of illicit substances.

7. You have adverse reactions to Big Pharma

Some medications will do the exact opposite. Adderall did that to me. Adderall is an amphetamine, but I could take one and easily fall asleep an hour later. These are the types of signs to look for when you know you’re wired differently than others.

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. I remember on the back of my report card in grade school, it would say, “Fails to pay attention.” That’s because I was daydreaming. I remember one time in 4th grade when I was toning very softly but my teacher called me out for it.

Have you ever noticed all of the side effects for Big Pharma medications? Why are there side effects? Because the body is rejecting them as a viable solution.

Side note: I eliminated the ADHD when I removed the clutter from my mind through meditation.

8. You can remember at least one past life

One of mine came to me in a dream. I was a Mayan elder during the Spanish Revolution. They threatened to kill me unless I converted to Christianity. I agreed to do so, but lied, and ended up sharing my knowledge with the youth in my extended family. This probably why I have a disdain for organized religion.

9. You have a “connection” to UFO’s and extraterrestrials

You’ve seen UFO’s and possibly have made contact with extraterrestrials.

10. You’re able to learn information in the spiritual/esoteric/metaphysical genre easily and at an exponential rate

You easily absorb spiritual/esoteric/metaphysical information and wish that this was the type of information we learned in school instead of learning state sponsored propaganda.

11. You see things that other people cannot see

This could include entities, spirit guides, ghosts, etc…

12. You have contact with your spirit guides, guardian angels, etc…

You may even know the name(s) of your spirit guide(s) or angels.  Despite living in upstate NY in the Catskill Mountains, I always had an affinity to palm trees and the ocean but had no idea WHY. A few years ago, I had a dream where I met one of my spirit guides.  She appeared to be a North American Indian with long, straight, black hair and wearing a white, flowing gown.  She introduced herself to me, “Hello Gregg.  My name is Tamara, I’m your spirit guide.”  So, here I am… I can ask her ANYTHING, but what do I do?  I said her name over and over and over again so I wouldn’t forget it.  I said it so many times that I woke myself up out of this dream.

So here it is, around 3 AM.  I’m thinking, “Every name has a meaning.”  I looked up the meaning and it blew my mind. Tamara means “Palm tree”.

13. You’re a natural healer


Chances are, in a past lifetime, you were a healer and these abilities carried over from that (or those) past lifetime(s).

My ex-wife taught me Quantum Touch healing. One day, I was in the kitchen with my daughter and my German Shepherd, Bogey, was acting very hyper. I rubbed my hands together and then envisioned a ball og energy in between my hands. I placed that ball of energy on my dog’s head and he dropped to the floor and went to sleep.

My daughter said, “OMG, Daddy, you killed him!”

I rubbed my hands together and jokingly told her, “You’re next” LOL

14. You have allergies and food intolerances

Your body has a difficult time adjusting to Planet Earth, especially with the inception of GMO’s. Where you’re from, you never experienced these allergies and food intolerances, but you see other people without them and wonder why you’re different from the rest. Now you know why… you’re wired differently!https://tpc.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-23/html/container.html

15. You’re discovering newly found abilities

The more you delve into your spiritual progression, the more you discover new abilities that you’ve had your entire life, but are just starting to master.

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16. You’ve seen beings from other dimensions or galaxies

Some people have the ability to physically see multidimensional beings and/or extraterrestrials

17. You feel that Earth is not your home

You love being on Earth and work to serve her, but you feel like this is not your home planet. You may feel a greater connection to the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, etc…

18. You volunteered to come to this planet

Dolores Cannon mentioned the 3 waves of volunteers that came to Earth because our planet was sending out a call for help and many people volunteered to come here.

Did you volunteer? I know I did…

19. You physically see orbs

Many times, we can see orbs on film but do you physically see orbs?

One times, I was sitting at my computer when I saw an orange orb go upstairs. As I watched it, I noticed my German Sheperd saw it too.

20. You’re clumsy

As multidimensional beings, you might not be used to this flesh earth suit that we call the physical body. It has a lot of mass and sometimes, this mas causes clumsiness.

21. You’re a master manifestor

This is becoming easier and easier to do as we have entered the fourth dimension.

22. You receive messages and/or downloads from Creator/Source

The messages are always perfect and divine.  While we all have this ability, not everyone listens.

The only reason you’re reading this article on In5D is because after watching “The Secret”, I received a “galactic download” from Creator/Source.  A galactic download is when you receive a ton of in formation in one huge download.  Think of it as a hologram that contains everything you need to know.  I was told that I needed to build a website to help raise the critical mass. I was even given the name, “In5D” from Creator/Source.  I was told that I needed to do public speaking at conferences, on radio shows, etc…  I told Creator/Source, “You got the wrong guy, I’m an introvert!” but I was told, “You’re the one for this job”… and now I know why.  I’m the voice for the introverts, which is over 80% of the people in this genre.

23. You feel somewhat awkward speaking

Where you’re from, telepathy is your normal way to communicate. It almost seems laborious to even try to talk. They say a picture says a thousand words. Where you’re from, you could send someone a hologram to someone else that would speak volumes of information with just one simple thought-form.

24. You’ve experience bouts of vertigo

You may be experiencing vertigo as your body upgrades with the influx of incoming energies.

25. Your body temperature is below normal

In mid December of 2017, I had what many are calling “Ascension Flu” and I documented my body temperature every day. My temperature spiked as high as 103.1 (39.5 C) on the 19th, but by the 22nd, it was below 98 degrees (36.7 C) and has remained there ever since.  The lowest its been since December 22nd was 97.1 (36.1 C) and the highest was 97.8 (36.5 C). A “normal” body temperature is 98.6 (37 C).

After several weeks of noticing this anomaly, I made a post on FB asking people to take their temperatures.  The results were as I suspected.  The vast majority of answers were below “normal”.

26. You’re a rebel and/or non-conformist

Despite what the rest of the world says or does, you follow your own inner guidance and the vibrations of truth, love, and light lead the way in everything you do.

27. You’re like a magnet to children

Children seem to gravitate to you as if they can see your auric field. You may find them staring at you and smiling for no reason. You’ll find yourself smiling back at them as if to acknowledge their Crystal/Indigo/Rainbow presence here on Earth.

One time, I was walking on the beach and a brother and sister were playing paddle ball. She looked to be about 5 years old and he was about 4. He picked up the ball as I walked by them and hit me in the back with it. I turned around and he was smiling as if to say, “I made it here, Gregg! Here I am!”

2The element of time seems awkward

You may feel like time is speeding up or have the ability to live outside of time. You don’t wear a watch and dislike schedules. You prefer “winging it” and spontaneity versus commitments to time and schedules.

29. You’re an introvert

You tend to shy away from large crowds and prefer to observe others than joining in.

In our society, about 70% of the people are extroverted. In this genre, it’s the other way around, where over 80% of our In5D readers are introverts. Why? Because introverts tend to go within for the answers and can do that in many ways, such as through meditation, their higher selves, or simply researching a topic so much that they understand the root of the issue and can figure out the answers on their own.

30. Your body temperature rises at night while sleeping

For most people, their body temperature drops while sleeping but if you’re wired differently, yours will rise.  You may even sweat at night and choose not to wear any clothes to bed because of how hot your body gets at night while sleeping.

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’ll be able to relate to many of these signs!

How many are you experiencing?  Please leave your comments below!

Sending you all infinite Love & Light,


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Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. You can find his In5D Radio shows on the In5D Youtube channel. He is also a transformational speaker and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents

About the Author:
Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. You can find his In5D Radio shows on the In5D Youtube channel. He is a visionary, author, a transformational speaker, and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year. Please like and follow In5D on Facebook as well as BodyMindSoulSpirit on Facebook!