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Posted by Spiritual Marcus on January 23, 2021 

Most of us just ignore the emotions that are thrown towards us and don’t realize that the universe is showing us these emotions in other people because its a reflection of our own

Blossom Goodchild * The Federation Of Light – 1-24-21

Blossom Goodchild - YouTube

Hello there, my Light friends. The title of the last channeling was ‘The wait is over!’ Clearly, it’s not, as there was no announcement made … and you were so sure. What happened?

Dearest Blossom, and All of Light that come to this place to hear or read our words. We wondered what approach you may take with us, as so many are once again disappointed with the continual waiting process.

My friends, I have been through so much with you over the years. I either stick with you because I TRUST YOU or, I leave because I don’t … and … here I AM. As the week went on … I felt the announcement would not occur and knew you would also get a lot of backlash and many would lose heart. However, are you able to put some Light and Hope and Truth back into those hearts at this time?

Dearest Blossom and all those who are part of this movement alongside us. Yes, plans are susceptible to change. That we cannot change. Yet, we can change your feelings of downcast despair and lift you once again into the heights.

Because plans changed … they had to … does not mean that an announcement will not come at all. It has simply been delayed.

Which with all respect, will make many roll their eyes and give up following you.

Blossom, as you know, we cannot and do not wish to control the minds of others. We desire that one feels into their Truth and acts accordingly. We are not here to win votes!

So, I ask with trepidation … what happened?

That which was in place concerning an announcement to be made, had to be aborted due to unforeseen circumstances.

Yet, it is a Divine Plan … how can that be?

The Divine Plan has an ultimate outcome. If you were to look back over many of Earth’s years, there have been, what would appear to be major ‘works’ taking place that certainly were not of The Divine … and yet … The Divine plan was still in place.

There are two forces at play here.

Not happy with ‘at play’ … sort of trivializes the situation.

Yet, we choose to remain with that description.

There is dark and there is Light. The Light has won.

So, there are not two forces at play?

Blossom, we can see down the track. We tell you THE LIGHT HAS WON. The plan continues to play itself out.

Ok, following that track then, can you say any more about the unforeseen circumstances? Other than of course, they were unforeseen!

Regarding the announcement … it was no longer able to be announced … because ‘the state of play’ changed course VERY UNEXPECTEDLY.

This obviously then was an announcement concerning the inauguration that took place last week?

Indeed, it was. This ‘same’ announcement shall come about a little further down the track.

With the greatest of respect Blossom, it would be far wiser for us to concentrate on bringing one’s Energy and indeed, the Energy of the Planet into the Highest possible form.

With the greatest of respect to you … many will feel that after all you have been speaking of regarding this announcement … they would like more of an explanation than the one you are giving. Everyone was so geared up … so happy at last, that it was imminent.

Yet, Blossom, it was not THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT that put a spanner in the works. We are not accountable for the announcement not taking place.

This I understand yet, can you not at least give us more as to what happened?

The conduct of the dark will stop at nothing to remain in the position they have held for many a year … many a lifetime. They do not have regard for human life and therefore, they will go to any lengths to protect their clan. Any lengths.

The Light has regard for ALL LIFE and would not put at risk the possibility of many lives being taken.

This to me is so reminisce of 2008*, when you explained that if the ships were to show, you were informed AT THE LAST MINUTE that the dark ones would ‘nuke’ a great deal of the Planet and this, you could not accept.

Then you are aware of which we speak. The dilemmas that The Light found itself in.

What I don’t get is how the dark can keep pulling out these last-minute surprises’?

Because they are fighting for their existence in the same way the Light is. Yet, of course not with the same strategies.

Quite a few have asked me to ask YOU which ‘party’ is for the Light in these confused times. How would you answer that?

We would say we are not for a ‘party’ as such. We are for those who desire to follow their hearts in Love and to stand strong in their KNOWING of bringing your Planet into its new home.

We do not desire to get wrapped up in politics, for politics, since derived, very soon became a place for Light and dark to begin their battles.

Yet, here on the Earth plane, one feels the battles between Light and dark are Highly connected politically, especially at this time.

This may be the case, Blossom. Yet again, we do not speak of a ‘divide’ in/of Light.

For there are many souls of Light to be found in both parties. Many who have their strong beliefs in one particular side, do so because they believe they are living their Truth.

They feel that those on ‘the other side’ are misled and asleep.

Fascinating isn’t it? That Lightworkers in both parties believe that those not of the same belief as themselves, are in great need of waking up!

The fact that both ‘sides’ … for want of a better word, KNOW THEMSELVES to be right is because they are following their own path to get to where they are going. To get to where everyone … eventually … is going.

Fascinating isn’t it? That those who read these words believe we are for their side because our words resonate with them so well.

And the reason our words resonate with both parties is because we are non-political.

We are sharing knowledge and wisdom regarding ‘REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE’!

Whichever party resonates for a soul … it is their right to follow it.

However, that which we do not concede to, is condemning the souls who do not feel the same way as you. Having thoughts about them that are not of Light and Love and Understanding and Compassion.

Where is the “GODLINESS’ in that?

One should not be against another because of their choice of path they walk.

One should not be against another. Full stop!

If one were to continue to pronounce … I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM …

Then that is what they are!

We did not ask you to keep repeating this in order for one’s TRUTH to be the knowing that they are in the ‘right party’. We ask for one to repeat this over and over so that their hearts are in the LIGHT PARTY!

When you do this … when you say this … you are not doing so to confirm that the thoughts you have politically are the right ones, the ones of Truth. You are doing it to make sure that on your Planet Earth right now … YOU … EACH INDIVIDUAL … ARE ANCHORING THE LIGHT IN.

You are not asking it to be anchored into just the party that you think is correct … or at least you shouldn’t be. If you are, you have misunderstood our point.


THE WHOLE HUMAN RACE … not just ones who resonate with you on political grounds.

Do you see, Dearest Souls?

That which took place regarding the inauguration in these last days … will have thrilled many and at the same time, deeply disappointed many.

This does not and should not change YOUR TRUTH.

And what is YOUR TRUTH?

THAT THE LIGHT IS HERE UPON YOUR PLANET NOW … To bring it into its rightful place as we have spoken about many times



Trust that whichever path you have chosen … to take it into its rightful place … will lead you there.

We reiterate …






Well, I was really unsure as to what to expect today … yet once again, you’ve put it into perspective and reminded us that LOVE does not divide … yet, conquers all. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM … Still waiting!

  • To find out about 2008 … watch the video here.

The Golden Key

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lightworker eraoflightdotcom


The 1920’s, the Roaring Twenties, ushered in the technologies of radio entertainment and movies with sound tracks. Before that, ‘the movies’ had been silent moving picture dramas with subtitles. Now, with the addition of sound, they became ‘the talkies.’

The new media of radio, as well as the newsreels that played before each movie, began providing people with new sources of information and entertainment. Henry Ford’s mass production of motor cars was creating a demand for the dirt roads of the day to be hard-covered with tarmac. Progressive towns began boasting that, as well as a hard-covered main street, they also had a traffic light!

Television was still twenty years into the future, but the telephone was becoming a fashion statement, especially when its use was demonstrated by glamorous starlets in the movies. With the separate earpiece held up to one ear, they would loudly and clearly intone the magic words, “Hello, calling long distance!” in order to be connected with their intended party through a relay of human telephone operators. In the movies, if not in real life, they always succeeded in getting through on the first attempt.



James Gilliland – Personal Power

January 23, 2021 by Sitara

James Gilliland (@eceti) | Twitter

James Gilliland

Courtesy Of Golden Age Of Gaia

We have spoken about our solar system moving into a highly energized area of space. We have also spoken about how the higher dimensional beings, saints, sages and masters use these events to further the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth.

We are in the apex of those times, the veils between worlds are becoming increasingly thinner and the effect of their consciousness and energy is being felt globally. They bring with them the consciousness of how spiritually and technologically advanced civilizations live. What many refer to as Universal Law.

This law is woven into all sacred books and religions yet it has been muddied by kings and institutions which altered them to fit their needs. These kings and institutions separated themselves from the Omnipresent Creator residing within all Creation. They elevated themselves into chosen ones, go betweens the ones with the only true knowledge and connection. They perpetuated external Gods separate from man and nature. Limited versions of omnipresence.

This was to control and dominate the people and for personal power and wealth. God forbid the people find out God resides within them and a go between is not necessary. Many masters from many cultures all agreed upon an Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient God. The path was to go within through prayer and meditation.

“Personal power comes from the realization that you are not a person. You have a body and a personality yet in truth you are a multidimensional being existing in a vibrational continuum in more expanded states of awareness all the way back to Source.”

The controllers have set up a system designed to lock you into the body and the personality. Survival, sex and power are the first three energy centers or Chakras.

Love felt, Love spoken, God seen in all things and I AM God are the next four. (1)

By now hopefully some grand revelations are starting to stir. What does Hollywood, the music industry, mainstream news social consciousness in general bombard you with 24/7 hijacking your focus and attention?

Fear is the main one locking you into survival. Sex is number 1, porn number one in the search engines. UFOs are number 2 so there is some redeeming benefit.

Power is completely twisted. Real power comes from knowing your own unique purpose for living and service to others. Love is the ultimate power; love serves and empowers.

Do you see the Sun asking for something back; does it have any hidden agendas?

The altered and twisted forms of survival, sex and power reside in the personality. They also reside in the body as cellular memory.

The lust for false power and wealth by ignorant and morally challenged individuals throughout history has scarred and inhibited the evolution of humanity.

Ignorance of the Omnipresent Creator within all Creation has created the divisions between races, cultures and nature.

This one realization could restore heaven to Earth.

The Creator loves diversity; it created the polarities to come together in their own creations.

There is a big difference between positive/negative Good and evil.

Evil is best understood as attitudes and actions outside of Universal Law mostly born of ignorance. There are people and beings seen and unseen that fit into this category.

Enlightenment is to be in knowledge of both, not in denial of one or the other.

Self-Mastery is the ability to maintain one’s self authority, discern the difference, create sacred space and remove or heal unseen negative influences.

It is mastering judgement, one’s emotions, practicing loving detachment yet maintaining discernment through the heart.

Your soul sits right next to the heart; it is the connector to the higher dimensions.

Heaven on Earth is a work in process with lots of maintenance.

We are getting a lot of help.

Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion, Part 2

Jim Self

Jim Self Roxane BurnettFriday, 22 January, 2021


Excerpt from the book: What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away? 

Continued from part 1

Compassion, on the other hand, is an upper fourth-dimensional expression. It operates in the present time moment and allows you to neutrally, objectively observe the situation that is before you. It is nonjudgmental. It’s allowing and accepting of things exactly as they are. The act of being in your Higher Mind and surrounded by your Octahedron offers you the ability to be compassionate. Facing your friend who is in pain while you are in this compassionate space, gives you the room to see and offer the wise, helpful information they can benefit from if they choose to.

Conversely, when you are in the third-dimensional reactions of sympathy and empathy it is impossible for you to guide and mentor your friend. Compassion allows you to observe without becoming entangled in the drama, emotional reactions, and physical pain of others. This place of power then enables you to be of greater service. You can assist others to release their unbeneficial patterns, beliefs and habits in greater ways—if they wish to do so.

Reaction versus response

For many, the coming months and years of the Shift will be very confusing and emotional. Those who rely on reactionary patterns of sympathy and empathy to understand or help others will experience a charged, emotional and physical, electromagnetic pull into those people’s feelings, thoughts, and pain. Let us say that again: As the momentum of the Shift continues to increase, if you choose to rely on empathy and sympathy you will find these charged electromagnetic patterns pulling you into the erratic, unfocused, painful feelings, thoughts, and drama of those standing before you.

Most of us can clearly remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard about the events of 9/11. As the event unfolded, two ripples of energy moved around the world:

  • A third-dimensional reaction steeped in fear
  • A fourth-dimensional response that stepped up and asked, “What can I do? How can I help?”

The people in the New York City area first experienced the third-dimensional reaction of fear, followed by the second response, which moved many into a fourth-dimensional vibration of compassion, which involved no thinking and no conditions. Some friends of ours hung their landline phone out the window so others might call home and offered their bathroom to the firefighters. All that mattered was that well-being is brought back into balance. Communities joined together to serve and assist. Others around the world were also affected by these events. Many who were not even directly involved felt empathy and sympathy and chose to feel physical and emotional discomfort, which also included fear, tears, and worry. Many others chose compassion, and in their own way stepped up to help. How did you respond at the time?

Both reacting and responding are very available choices during this time of Shift. You have this choice every moment. Remembering and using your tools to stay focused, observant, clear, and purposeful will allow you to hold a vibrational tone that keeps you well above the reactions of the lower three chakras and out of the third-dimensional fear.

This is an excerpt from the book, What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?  by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

Universal Copyright 2020 is authorized here. Please distribute freely as long as both the author and is included as the resource and this information is distributed on a non-commercial no charge basis.
This message was originally posted here

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love for Lakshmi — my new dawn

bountiful, beautiful abundantly immutable ! Lakshmi, oh Lakshmi ! the blessings you bring are beyond irrefutable ! so much pleasure your treasure good as gold made transmutable !

love for Lakshmi — my new dawn

Archangel Gabriel: Holding the Space of Peace and Calm — Era of Light

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Cosmic Logos Mahatma: The Law of Oneness — Era of Light

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News and Views * 1-24-21




  xxxx CHANGES THE LAW To I/NS/TAL/L A xxxx xxxx AND xxxx xxxx In xxxx xxxxt

xxxx ! xxxx xxxx O/RD/E/R PART I

Mayors Of 30 Cities Now Pushing For Universal Basic Incom

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 Carlsbad, CA Says No More to Lockdowns – May It Be a National Model! 

CGI’s Morgan: THE END OF TIME!!! | Ralph Smart 

 RedPill78 Friday Night Livestream – U/ni/te/d S/tat/es xxxx xxxx – SAUCED – With Maryam Henein on Fri. Night Livestream (2hr 4min)

Would You Be Pr.epar.ed for a Blackout?

US Mar/sha/lls Rescue 33 Missing Children in ‘Operation Lost Angels’

Saint Germain’s Message for 2021 – Delivered by xxxx xxxx James Rink (Video) 


Threshold Of The xxxx xxxx xxxx ‘

X22Report Spotlight – 

: German court declares regional l/oc/kd/ow/n UNCONSTITUTIONAL


Longtime Television Host Larry King Dies at Age 87

Anna Von Reitz: “Federal Dual Citizenship

Reader, 23-min video: “An Unexpected Twist In Human DNA Story… Modified & Re – Arranged Beyond Obvious”

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 We Are Suffering Through The Most Painful Economic Crisis Since The Great Depression Of The 1930s

CHRISTINE DAY * Jan. 2021 – Newsletter

Pleiadian Initiations Online Radio by Christine Day Online | Blog talk  radio, Love is an action, Christine


Monday, January 04, 2021

Hi,  Happy New Year! We have undergone an incredible metamorphic recalibration in the month of December, which has lead us into transformational re-openings as we entered the New Year.

The Grand Conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter created and heralded in a next phase of passage for all of us on Earth. Awakening a higher more expanded multidimensional Framework of light consciousness to anchor on the planet. This ‘framework’ has impacted our Hearts as it interacted and brought forth the sacred vibrations of love to each one of us from a higher realm level of Self.

The action of these frequencies of higher elements of love opens you to the potential for Truth, power and knowing that we each hold within our Hearts. This is your time to emerge beyond the illusion of limitation within your day-to-day living and access your multidimensional heritage.

I wish to acknowledge each one of us who have been working steadily on our individual paths for decades now. We have been uniquely instrumental in holding and creating a steady platform from within our hearts to enable this next step of awakening to become manifest on Earth.

The Grand Conjunction set in motion an entire shift within the planet and within each one of us. This happening has reconfigured Earth energetically and has launched each of us onto a higher more fluid path. Nothing will be quite the same because we have shifted within a very different paradigm. We are all operating from an altered arena of consciousness as this powerful conjunction placed us on a diverse distinct multidimensional pathway to Home.

I was totally remade at the moment of the Grand Conjunction, propelled into another space of conscious light.

At the time of New Year I was repositioned energetically on yet another level and had a series of profound experiences. In the night I was taken through a gateway of light within the collective consciousness of Universal God light. A huge pathway was revealed and opened for me to transition within a higher space of consciousness. As I was drawn within this space I was greeted of the Collective energy of the Universe. Here I experienced a profound sacred stillness, a reconnection to the Oneness.

Simultaneously I became aware of a series of electrical imprints from this higher realm aspect from within the Universal consciousness anchoring through my physical Heart. This process of returning lasted the entire night and by morning I was in a profound state of communion. My sense is that this process I went through was to launch me another alignment to the frequencies associated with the Age of Aquarius.

As we journey through this different time, I know we need to let go on a completely different level than ever before. The good news is that we can achieve this now within the higher energetic environment in which we find ourselves.

I look forward to the adventures that are before us and hold a loving platform for humanity as we take our next steps forward.

Love and blessings,


A Short Zorra Call for Jan. 21, 2021 – via New Dimension 2012

Listen To Zorra Call

Balanced Sovereignty

Kate Spreckley

Kate Spreckley – Friday, 22 January, 2021 


The perception of our reality is dramatically expanding, which is enabling us to see beyond the boundaries of our past conditioning. The veils of illusion continue to dissolve and reveal the separation and disconnection that exists both within us and in our world. As a result, the masks of our conventional reality are falling away challenging the status quo of our lives.

You can no longer play victim to your fears and must now move away from bondage and into balanced sovereignty. Embrace your fears and your doubts about the unknown. Acknowledge your judgements and the illusions you have lived under. Call up your anger, frustration, jealousies and hostility and recognize how they affect the world around you. Be conscious of what you carry as an energy within you and do what is necessary to find healing, release and balance.

This article may be republished as is, with no changes made and all links active © 2020 Kate Ann Spreckley

This message was originally posted here

The Dark Night of the Soul * How to Get Through it

The Holistic Psychologist

The Holistic Psychologist

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Alfred Lambremont Webre * with Dr. Eloecea – ET Contact, Planetary Ascension

DUANE: This a very forward expansion into live exopoltics.

The Essence and Projects of Intergalactic Connections with Eloecea…

Alfred Lambremont Webre

The three projects that will flow through Intergalactic Connections (a BC member-funded society – 71397 5936 BC0001) will • begin in the Greater Vancouver BC area and spread throughout our world and omniverse, • create many new jobs, and • plant the seeds of collaboration with other intelligent civilizations for generations to come. The Challenge: Most of humanity today are either not aware of our Intergalactic neighbors due to government cover-up or have been taught to fear ‘predatory’ aliens by mainstream media (news, films, etc.). It is time for earth to realize a bigger picture that includes • operating from Unity Consciousness, • welcoming the presence of and collaboration with beneficent star families here on earth, and • having a seat at the table of intergalactic affairs. The Projects Intergalactic Connections was created to: • establish an Intergalactic Welcome Centre to invite humanity to become Intergalactic citizens Beginning online due to current circumstances, eventually a physical base of operations will be purchased and renovated. Unity Consciousness and the Ascension process will be introduced as the goal of earth’s current evolutionary cycle as the foundation for intergalactic relationships. Interactive displays and exhibits of Earth’s history with UFO’s and extraterrestrials, the presence of UFO’s in sacred texts, as well as other information and media presentations for all ages will ground visitors’ awareness and appreciation of our Intergalactic neighbors. People who are already aware of and in contact with other intelligent civilizations as well as the Ascension Process will be invited to provide this content as Affiliates. Offices and meeting spaces for conferences and workshops will be available, while eventually providing housing for our galactic visitors, rather like an Intergalactic consulate. • form an Academy for Intergalactic Peace and Harmony to prepare people to come together in Unity Consciousness by learning about and experiencing connection with our Intergalactic neighbors Visitors to the Welcome Centre and others interested in Intergalactic experiences will be invited to apply for admission to the Academy program(s) based in the Welcome Centre. All students will commit to learning about and embodying Unity Consciousness. Graduates may choose to do further research, collaborating with our Star neighbours, teach in other settings, or serve as diplomatic representatives to extraterrestrials here or off world. Funding includes the Academy’s development and growth in the coming years, compensating leadership, recruiting faculty and support personnel, creating its business infrastructure and physical presence as well as creating scholarships. • collaborate with our Intergalactic guests in building The Dome: An Intergalactic Space Port designed to be a place of diplomacy and collaboration with other intelligent civilizations as earth takes its rightful place in the universe. The Dome will receive spaceships and their shuttles and serve as a home base for their representatives and crew members. It will provide space for small- and large-scale interactions for diplomacy and cooperative scientific research. Funds may be used to purchase property, design and build structures, furnish dormitory, conference and laboratory space, hire and train staff as well as maintenance and other necessities for those space craft that use the port. Conclusion The focus of these projects is on bringing peace and harmony to humanity so we can welcome our star families publicly. Humanitarian projects are generally designed to aid a specific group of people based on race or geography, to ameliorate social inequalities such as homelessness and unemployment, or address areas associated with ecology, climate change, or economic development. However, unless the underlying issues of separation and fear are addressed, any change cannot be sustained, and our planet will not be safe enough for the public presence of our off-world visitors. Individuals and groups in alignment with our intention will be invited to contribute to the Intergalactic Connections Society through Academy tuition and other membership programs.SHOW LESS




CO-CREATION: Essential Taoist Wisdom for Living in Politically Charged & Chaotic Times — RIELPOLITIK

Source – “…the Master says: I do nothing, and people become good by themselves. I seek peace, and people take care of their own problems. I do not meddle in their personal lives, and the people become prosperous. I let go of all my desires, and the people return to the Uncarved Block. Doing […]

CO-CREATION: Essential Taoist Wisdom for Living in Politically Charged & Chaotic Times — RIELPOLITIK

News and Views * 1-23-21




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video: Dennis Prager – “LIVE: Fireside Chat Ep. 170 — Will America Reunify?”

National Guard Plans to Ask Thousands of Troops to Remain in DC Until Mid-March

: No Dissent Tolerated: Biden White House Channel Disables Comments on All Videos, Scrubs Thousands of Comments

Mike Adams interviews Maryam Henein on the CORPORATION of the United States (59 min)


X22 Report Ep. 2385a&b – Memo Is Just The Beginning, How Do You Set The Stage, Public Opinion (49 min in two parts)

British legislator calls for widespread vitamin D rollout following 82% reduction in XXXX deaths in Spain

Lower cycles = fewer positive xxxx tests. The new rules were issued this week

Trump Makes First Public Comments Since Leaving Office

xxxx Rescinds Trump Order Banning Chinese Communist Involvement In US Power Grid 

California keeps key COVID-19 data out of public sight

Simon Parkes intervewed on The Right Side with Doug Billings

Mike Adams’ Situation Update, Jan. 22th, 2021

xxxx Files Patent to Create AI Chat-bots from your Dead Loved Ones or Celebrities

Reader, links: “German court overturns lockdown-offender’s fine, and makes stunning judgement”

NEW: Google Threatens to Remove Search Engine in Australia Over Proposed Law

Reader, link: NOQ Report – “Writ of quo warranto: How the election can be corrected AFTER inauguration”

video: Jordan Sather – “What if it had to be this way?” /  video: Jordan Sather – “What if PATRIOTS ARE IN CONTROL?

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KaRa of the Pleiades: Operation of Compression Breakthrough — Golden Age of Gaia

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KaRa of the Pleiades: Operation of Compression Breakthrough — Golden Age of Gaia

Topsy Turvy for Sure — Golden Age of Gaia

So far, everything is unfolding exactly as Blossom’s Federation of Light said it would. Unbelievable events, topsy-turvy, things look bleak. Momentum on any level is not with the deep state any longer so I’m really not rock bottom either concerned or anxious or worried. Again it’s as the FoL said: There’s a deep inner knowing…

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