** 29 December: Updated with highlights, below.

The recording for the above webinar is now available, covering the topics shown above.

I will start working on a summary in a few days’ time, for reference and indexing purposes. There is a lot of guidance and updates in the webinar from EM and Blue Solara, so I do suggest that you watch the video first.

I’ll just mention the general development of our collective timeline becoming more positive, made possible after our Event meditation on 21 November where several negative branches were terminated. The overall situation Ascension-wise has become more stable.

Please watch the webinar here.

Webinar Notes (text in ochre are my additions):

  • Starts with purification and relaxation meditation which felt expansive and liberating, reinforcing our connection with the One, Gaia Mom, Alcyone, and stepping into the power of our own Sovereignty
  • EM explained the codes used for a status update on 21 November, one hour after the meditation for The Event: “BDM under process.. TL under change .. CG & DF temporary freeze , asteroid under process , GM under protection, BP pending to active .EM13”, where BDM = Blue Dark Merkabah (not Dark Blue Merkaba, as I had previously thought); TL = Timeline; CG and DF = Chimera Group and Dark Forces; GM = Gaia Mom; BP = Blue Pulse
  • Meaning: BDM supported the The Event meditation and stopped CG and DF from disrupting it; this temporary “freeze” lasted 40 minutes so that free will on both Light and Dark sides will not be affected. As a result, the Timeline became more positive as many negative branches were erased. Hostage situation and cleansing of asteroids (Kuiper Belt) in Solar System still on-going. Gaia Mom came under the protection of Central Civilisation, Avatara and Light Forces. Blue Pulse was activated to a certain degree to raise the frequency of the Earth’s core

Timeline changes (14:14 minute)

  • After the Event meditation on 21 November, timeline is now stabilised although not all negative branches have been erased. Previously, there were 3 possibilities for 4D Ascension scenario; with the timeline now stabilised, the new scenario for 4D is for all to remain on the Planet and go through the Ascension process collectively, no more alternative reality or parallel timeline
3 sub-timelines

  • 3D: those who choose to continue with Life/Death cycle in 3D, their physical bodies will not be able to handle the vibrations ~ they will enter alternative 3D world
  • 4D: Continue their evolution into 4D (on Planet Earth) with assistance from Light Forces until they reach 5D in 7-10 years (2025); about 4.5 billion humans are in this category
  • 5D: Leave for New Earth
  • EM stresses that the Ascension Plan is a Cosmic Plan rather than a Light Forces plan, and it’s not just limited to Earth and her Humanity as hundreds of thousands of other Planets are involved; it’s the end of several major cycles (precessional Pisces-Aquarius, Kali-Satya Yuga, Mayan, amongst others)
  • Mother Gaia already in process of Ascension, and we are all receiving energies from Central Sun in preparation for our own Ascension, ie. Many individuals already undergoing their own process, be it 3D (death) or 5D (Light Body preparation) ~ these are on individual/personal basis
  • Where Light Forces are involved are with 4D collective group, who are unable to undergo the process on their own. Therefore after The Event, this group will receive the required support from Light Forces to proceed on their collective Ascension; so as far as Light Forces are concerned, their general focus and plans for Humanity are for this 4D group
  • EM stresses that each individual has the Sovereign right to choose to ascend, based on one’s spiritual account and past experience. One does not need to “allow” DF to prevent one’s own ascension, nor does one need to wait for Light Forces to initiate the process
  • For Natural Ascension, there’s “vertical” timeline beyond 5D, more on that later.


  • 5D (not Natural Ascension): many portals opened after 15 December to enable Galactic Wave and special Blue Pulse energies to assist this group in their process, so that at time of The Event they will be ready for Ascension. These energies will continue to shower them until The Event.
What stage are we at now? (29:29-minute mark)

  • Natural Ascension: between Light Body process and Transfiguration
  • 5D: between Process of Ascension (awareness) and Ascension, with some entering Light Body process
  • 4D: between Awakening and Preparation
  • 3D: still not awakened
  • Ascension ~ what does it mean? Light Forces define it as going beyond Matrix, going from one state of vibration to another, transcendence from thoughts ~ psychological, emotional, mental ~ reaching spiritual maturity
  • Actual definition: going beyond Light Body process and into transformation and transfiguration; and also an inner process. It’s a two-pronged process: Heart, Navel , Sexual and Root chakras; and Light Body process for Throat, Ajna and Crown chakras. Upon completion of these two stages, we reach transformation phase, then to transfiguration ~ to go from this physical state to another (can be higher physical, or non-physical).








Additional Information: EM and Blue Solara’s Webinar of 20 December 2016

Flower of Life Hexagram ~ Lily A Seidel

There’s some additional information pertaining to the recent webinar by EM and Blue Solara, which I will reproduce as a separate post. This information will also be added to the original post, for completion.

The expanded details are in response to questions that I had submitted to EM and Blue Solara, related to the webinar.

Q1:  If new Ascension scenario for 4D means staying on Planet Earth, does that mean she doesn’t get to ascend to 5D sooner? Previously, 5D were supposed to remain on Planet Earth, meaning she was supposed to be 5D?

A: Gaia, at the end of 2017 will change her core to the 5D “ will ascend ”, and will complete her ascension in 2024 [complete her full 5th Dimension],, this means that the 4D layer will remain from 2017 to 2024, [this period which all people of 4D will be prepared to reach the 5th D in 2024].. so in this period there will be 2 density of vibrations 4D&5D..
The 4th Dimension will stay only to 2024,,, and after that Gaia will include [5th,6th and 7th Dimensions ]..

Even in the previous scenario of the 5D, Gaia will enter the 5th Dimension in 2017, but the people of 5th D will stay with her,, but in the new scenario the people of 5th Dimension will move to another new earth 5th D..(Not with Gaia), but people of 4th Dimension who will be with Gaia in 5th Dimension after 2024 + many of light beings from other planets as immigration whom will inhabit this 5th D earth …