Lisa Gawles – Shambhala in the Living World – Living Peace, Love and Harmony – 7-8-14

Gaia Portal – Strategies of accords are but embellishments to the original – 7-7-14

Gesanna from Contact2Ascension – Update on Changes – 7-2-14

Sandra Walter – July Gateway – Timeline Splicing – The Romance of Self – Revelation of Unique Expression – Revelation of the New Creation – 7-2-14

High Council of Orion via Krista Reiser – Current Energy Report – July 2014

Thetawave – A Powerful Triple Realignment Is Here – Center of the Sun

Uriel Heals – The Energies of July 2014 – Predictions Second Half of 2014 – That time we have been hoping and waiting for is now here – All we have to do is decide what we’re going to do with the energy – 7-1-14

Gaia Portal – Establishments of Light with Divine Feminine Gaia-Centric energies are in process of manifesting on planetary scale – 7-1-14

Co-creating the New Prosperity Template Energy – Golden Light Channel – 7-1-14

Suzanne Lie – Higher Light – Your Ascension

Mother Mary via Fran Zepeda – Beautiful Transitions – Ascension Update – 7-1-14

American Kabuki Blog – Liquid Love Light – It Is All New

Jennifer Hoffman – Enlightening Life – Energies of July 2014 – 7-1-14

Aisha North – A Message From Mother Goddess – 6-27-14

Jim Self, Sandie Sedgbeer – Keeping Pace With The Shift – Summer Solstice Edition – 6-19-14

Channeler Aisha North – A Short Update on the Energies – 6-23-14

Archangel Uriel – Initiations To Anchor the Universal Christ Consciousness In You and Mother Earth

Natalie Glasson Meditation (Excerpt) – I Surrender To The Light Of The Creator

Sisterhood Of The Rose – Anchoring The Energies of Peace and Harmony

Alexandra Meador – Solar Flares and Freedom – 6-13-14

Lightworker Bill Ballard – Going with the Energetic Flow vs Dis-Ease – 5-31-14









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