Scare Event – It Had to be Done by the Book – RedPill78 — Blue Dragon Journal

Scare Event – It Had to be Done by the Book. RedPill78 Click the link below:….html Breathe, Patriots. It’s not over… People had to see the darkness for what it is… How did you like those pedo flags flying over Washington D.C.?

Scare Event – It Had to be Done by the Book – RedPill78 — Blue Dragon Journal

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January 20, 2021 Update #2 Oooops! Recalculating… [videos] ~ January 20, 2021 — Rose Rambles…

Don’t be glum, folks. Don’t you dare. This is not over. Far from it. I hardly see anyone “doubting” and that’s wonderful. We have been trained well. The Plan is so intricate, so sophisticated, and so tweakable… brilliant minds know how to use it to full advantage to evoke the most pain to the enemy. […]

January 20, 2021 Update #2 Oooops! Recalculating… [videos] ~ January 20, 2021 — Rose Rambles…

“The Frequency of The Earth Plane” – audio of channelled message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy — Earth Message Press

Kay channelled this message during a meeting of our meditation group. Please click below to hear the message.                             ——————             Feel free to share or reblog our messages. ——————- Channelled by Kay Meade  – 8 December […]

“The Frequency of The Earth Plane” – audio of channelled message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy — Earth Message Press

Fake Inauguration Aftermath… Don’t Give Up Hope!! — Indian in the machine

Not sure what is going down, but Biden is definitely not president of the corporation of America, or the United States republic, even though it may look otherwise, because fraud is fraud, and fraud vitiates everything. America though, has to learn who it’s friends and enemies are, that are already in the henhouse, and perhaps,……

Fake Inauguration Aftermath… Don’t Give Up Hope!! — Indian in the machine

Q & A with Magenta Pixie, The Inspire Health Podcast — Blue Dragon Journal

Q & A with Magenta Pixie, The Inspire Health Podcast Magenta Pixie Ascension.

Q & A with Magenta Pixie, The Inspire Health Podcast — Blue Dragon Journal

New Era for Humanity — New Earth Central

Can you feel the energetic shift happening today in America? We are entering a brand new era based on unity, compassion and concern for the greater good. In the past 24 hours there was a massive power shift into a new timeline that was chosen by the people…a united choice for multi-racial democracy. It is…

New Era for Humanity — New Earth Central

You Got This! Remember, THIS IS ASCENSION! — Blue Dragon Journal

You Got This! Remember, THIS IS ASCENSION! Lorie Ladd When we begin to hold higher states of consciousness, it impacts the entire field in which you standing. The consciousnesses of that field (a spectrum) the lower frequency consciousnesses begin to be seen. We have to begin to get comfortable in seeing the lower frequency (the […]

You Got This! Remember, THIS IS ASCENSION! — Blue Dragon Journal


D.C. is fenced off and  the President is never going back to the White House. But not for reasons you may be thinking. Fear not, there will be a new capitol built and an end to income taxes paid to the tax collectors of the Corporation that is now in the hands of a new […] […]


We are birthing the New Earth… Starseeds you were born for this ~ January 20, 2021 — Rose Rambles…

Dearest brothers and sisters, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this significant moment of your time on the 20th of January, 2021. With much news to share with you ever-evolving humanity. There are so many different levels of a chess game that are currently being played out within the collective at […]

We are birthing the New Earth… Starseeds you were born for this ~ January 20, 2021 — Rose Rambles…

“My True Honor” President Trump Farewell Speech From White House * 1-19-21

NewsNOW from FOX

News and Views (PM) * 1-20-21





Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Sworn in as US President and Vice President

video link


Joe Biden Inauguration: Biden sworn-in as president; live updates

Biden’s audience:

Biden inauguration day: Schedule, celebrity lineup, how to watch - Business  Insider


Source: Natural News | By Mike Adams Wednesday, January 20, 2021 Situation Update, Jan 20th – Day of Reckoning: Will the republic DIE or b

Mike Adams’ Situation Update, Jan 20th – Day of Reckoning: Will the republic DIE or be REBORN? (1hr 10min) / MP3 and text links for Mike Adams’ Situation Update, Jan 20th

Simon Parkes: Letter Trump left for Biden

YouTube: Inaugural Concert


 Justice and Peace — Where Can America Go Now?

What is coming your way now. Caution, no rose colored glasses, ‘no hopium’

 Video: Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, David Nino Rodriguez and Tiana Islam (1hr 10min

RedPill78 News: SCARE EVENT, It Had To Be Done By the Book

X22 Report – Military Control?

Watch the MSM create the illusion of a war zone in DC


Is Martial Law Coming? by Tiger

DUANE; Read the following articls carefully, and you will figure out what’s about to Happen

January 20, 2021 Update #2 Oooops! Recalculating… tHE[videos] /  Starship Earth: The Big Picture  January 20, 2021 / tHE dAY tHE eARTH sTOOD sTILL /


Read the 1776 Report on America Beijing Biden Deleted the Instant He Became “President”

President Trump Boards Air Force One for Final Time: ‘Goodbye, We Love You, We Will Be Back in Some Form’

President Trump in Farewell Speech Warns Against Political Censorship and Blacklisting

The Ultimate Irony: How a Threatened Swamp Fulfilled Trump’s Doomed Dream to Crack Down on Riots

President Trump’s 1776 Commission Releases Final Report, Calls It Rebuttal to Reckless ‘Re-Education’ Attempts




An Open Letter to Trump Supporters

SOPHIA LOVE and ONE * 1-20-21

A true Christian spirit desires to spend eternity with God in Heaven - The  San Diego Union-Tribune



As we all await the Inauguration in Washington DC on the twentieth, here are a few words I heard today, just a few hours ago, from One.

I had reached out with primarily personal questions, and threw one in there about the date that is on all of our minds. I was blown away by the clarity and force of the message. It is quick, clear and absolute. It is being shared here just as it was heard.

If the internet goes down, it may be a bit before you hear from me again. I don’t really expect that, but then, I do not have any visuals for what is to come.

I will add this to the message you’ll soon read. There were two visuals. In one there was a fading image of huge Reptilian-like beings with their hands outstretched. I think there were three of them. It was clear that they were leaving, but while doing so they were attempting to grasp or hold on to the massive group of humans on the other side of them. They could not.

The second visual was of the light. It was the light of the sleepers, those star-seeds who, once awakened, were brilliant beams of luminescence. The light of a thousand suns, the flash. It encompassed and protected the earth. It was exquisite. It was breathtaking and the force it held was like nothing I’d ever imagined. It continued and continued and what I saw were generations of humanity, all of them protected and enveloped in this light.

So, if you are feeling anxious or concerned, rest well. It’s a done deal. It feels as if the moratorium on predictions is thrown out when we are moments away from a scheduled event. (smile)

I just wanted to share this with you all as it has eased my mind and my heart as well. So many of my loved ones remain, even now, in the dark and afraid.

So sleep well and keep shining that light of yours! Here we go!

Blessings and love in abundance.

With appreciation for all that you are,

PS — Click the link here or the book image below, for Words of One. Volume III.
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January 19, 2021

Your President will lead a new America towards this country’s rightful place and secure place in the sovereign world. For it is sovereignty that you walk into now – you rest tonight on the eve of a new country – one put forth not by men or their rulers for the purposes of conquest, but one begun on a bright new day – dawning on the heels of absolute despotism; none of which was visible to man.

What happens to your President is that he is freed at noon tomorrow to facilitate this birth of a new nation; and he plans to. Not until, however, he does so with the consent, approval and choice of the people backing and supporting him; selecting him to do the job he has wanted to do since initially making the choice to run for office.

Your President is not stopping, not going anywhere out of the public eye. He is moving locations. He is not abandoning his post. He will serve the wishes of the American people as he has pledged.

You will see a transfer, not from president of USA Inc. to next president of USA Inc., but president of USA Inc à out of the hands of the Cabal/Draco/Reptilian Structure and into the hands of the American People.

Many great things and wondrous changes emerge from your country tomorrow. Many great changes and shocking truths are to be announced as they occur, and this is foretold and a guarantee.

Your President remains at the helm of this freedom ship, and steers you toward a bountiful, beautiful, prosperous shore. Watch. The moment approaches quickly now.

I had some personal questions. They concerned family members and friends who are not aware of what has happened here or of what is coming. Here is some of what I was told.

This will play out in a way that ensures everyone maintains and discovers their personal truth and belief system. It will not be overnight and it will not come from you. Know this. It will not come from you.

How long?

Months, not years and not many. But not weeks, not days. Months. Not too many months. Maybe two. Maybe three. Not four.

There are things you cannot alter. This is an individual journey taken collectively. You will each color it and take from it what you need to and what serves your ultimate and chosen agenda.

I will tell you this. Theirs will an uprooting so powerful, that their light will protect this race into the future, into next generations and eons.
So strong will be their light. So deep will they comprehend the betrayal possible. In ways you have not fully understood yourself.

Although you too had your awakening, it was not as hijacked.

See them in full knowing and complete awareness, acting on full authority and with vision that is clear. They, like you, came for this.

You will only get in the way should you attempt to interfere now.

You each have individual corridors of belief for a reason. You will get to the core of self and this truth, on your own and in your own time.


This is when the good part begins.

Thank you.

Cleansing is begun… The Light of Life enters — GaiaPortal

Caretakers take flight. Harbors of old elements are cleared. Cleansing is begun. The Light of Life enters.

Cleansing is begun… The Light of Life enters — GaiaPortal

The Cosmic Reset ~ Matt Kahn ~ 18 January 2021 — The Earth Plan

I’m feeling the pressure to get all these out asap, before the 20th dawns. To listen to Matt Kahn’s offering, please continue here.

The Cosmic Reset ~ Matt Kahn ~ 18 January 2021 — The Earth Plan

Chakra Energy Forecast Wednesday January 20th, 2021 — SoulSistersTruth

We have a double Minor Chakra day tomorrow with Mars and Uranus energy, with chakra and meridian upgrades. January 20, 2021 is a palindrome where the date is the same forwards and backwards. Tomorrow’s energy is all about awakening a desire so you can take action. This desire is going to cause a revolution for […]

Chakra Energy Forecast Wednesday January 20th, 2021 — SoulSistersTruth

LISA RENEE * Astral Bliss — Circle of the Dolphins

“There is a delusional psychosis that is spread and promoted to shape and reinforce very bad behavior as acceptable behavior in some of the New Age circles. This New Age hijack is what has been created in groups who refuse to grow up to be accountable for ethical behaviors and be responsible for their life, […]

LISA RENEE: “Astral Bliss” — Circle of the Dolphins

RED SPECTRAL EARTH11 CABAN – KIN 3720 JANUARY 2021 — ༺♥༻ New Earth Energies ༺♥༻

RED SPECTRAL EARTH11 CABAN – KIN 3720 JANUARY 2021🌍🙌🌎🌀🌏🌬🌍🙌🌎 EARTH SHATTERING!!!💥💥💥 LIBERATING EVOLUTION 💥🌎 NAVIGATING A NEW PATH 🚩🚩🚩🏁 MANTRAI DISSOLVE in order to EVOLVEReleasing SynchronicityI seal the matrix of NavigationWith the Spectral tone of LIBERATION💥I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!🌍🙌🌎🌀🌏🌬🌍🙌🌎 20/1/2021 = 2012021 = 2/1/5 =8 20 – The […]

RED SPECTRAL EARTH11 CABAN – KIN 3720 JANUARY 2021 — ༺♥༻ New Earth Energies ༺♥༻

Learn to Identify and Heal Your Emotional Triggers — Blue Dragon Journal

Learn to Identify and Heal Your Emotional Triggers Marc Abrams

Learn to Identify and Heal Your Emotional Triggers — Blue Dragon Journal

KIM RUSSO (The Happy Medium) This Will Be The Unveiling Of Hidden Illusions That May Make Your Head Spin — Dreaming With Dolphins

“This is not one party over another.  It is about how we are going to grow into our highest spiritual being.  The bigger picture is why this will happen.  No fears.  It must go down this way.  I feel it will be for the highest good.  It will open our eyes to many truths.  I […]

KIM RUSSO (The Happy Medium): “This Will Be The Unveiling Of Hidden Illusions That May Make Your Head Spin” — Dreaming With Dolphins

LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog) Discernment — Circle of the Dolphins

“The ego mind tends to confuse discernment with wishful thinking or confirmation bias, these are ego defense mechanisms from the subconscious that are designed to make yourself feel better about what you already have developed as a personal belief system. We all have formed some kind of belief system to make sense of the outer […]

LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): “Discernment” — Circle of the Dolphins

Saint Germain * The Storm Is Upon Us — Era of Light

I am Saint Germain. I ask you now to take a moment as you are coming back into your body to take several deep breaths.  Breathe.  Hold the light within ⇲

Saint Germain: The Storm Is Upon Us — Era of Light

News and Views * 1-20-21

Mighty Eruption of Etna Volcano in Italy

 Lin Wood on Telegram: “January 20, 2021 has arrived. History will judge us for our efforts in the name of freedom…”

 Trump Gives Farewell Speech: ‘The Movement We Started Is Only Just Beginning’ 

72 Hour Emergency Broadcasting!”

#78 Explosive Remote View! IN@UGUR@TION DAY, 20 Jan 2021 – DJT vs JB – who will win?

Idaho Internet Provider Blocks Access to Facebook and Twitter After Customers Decry Censorship

: If Americans don’t push back right now, we could lose all the freedoms we have,’

Mike Lindell on Cancel Culture: ‘We Have to Make a Stand

EBS TO ACTIVATE WEDNESDAY – 8 AM – Turn on television

RedPill78: POTUS Farewell Address, Clock Is Ticking, Panic In DC 

First Trump declassified Russia document: xxxx xxxx ’s 2017 confession to the FBI | Just The News

Biden Team Furious After Twitter Refuses to Transfer a Single One of Trump’s 33 Million Followers | Western Journal

“We the People” are the Winners by the Hands of the Mighty Alliance, Trump, and God! || Mark Baughman

Anna Von Reitz: ‘”Second” Declaration of Independence — ? No Contract


These are days of vengence, destruction, weeping, pain, and sorrow. These are also days of repentence, mercy, redemption, joy, and triumph. Who are we to battle between one another like the children of Israel in the wilderness yelling at Moses (America’s Trump) and blaming him for not saving all of us from our misery that […] […]


News and Views * 1-19-21 (PM)

DUANE: I will be offering updates throughout to night, Beloved Family.. Use CTRL + R keys to refresh the page. I Love every One Of You! We will get through all of this together as one family…Breathe in that Prana, be in peace and Pray. Expect internet to be patchy at best for 10 Days. When I can, I’ll respond to Comments – (Try talking with each other with the comments section.) ALSO, YOU MIGHT WANT TO GET LAST MINUTE FOOD, WATER AND SUPPLIES.




First Lady Melania Trump Farewell Message

ALERT !!! EBS Today – Emergency Broadcast System

: RDS / Charlie Ward update — All in Hand, POTUS Owns TV Stations from 0800 January 2021 /  “TO THE CONCERNED ANONS” /

President Trump to issue dozens of pardons, commutations today

President Trump Issues Executive Order Preventing Career Bureaucrats From Having Final Word on Federal Rules

The XXXXX administration is now using Jan 6 to justify PATRIOT Act 2.0 which criminalizes all dissent as domestic terrorism

After Conservative Deplatforming, Purge Moves to Ham Radio



Mike Adams’ Situation Update, Jan. 19th, 2021 – Declass delayed, DC militarization / MP3 link for Mike Adams’ Situation Update, Jan. 19th, 2021 / TEXT SUMMARY for Mike Adams’ Situation Update, Jan. 19th, 2021

CGI’s Space_Commando: Simon Parkes – January 19th Update (Video)


Gavin Newsom Plans To Buy All California Real Estate Foreclosures



Secretary of State Determines People’s Republic of China Committing Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

Peruvian judges accused world elites of conspiracy

Message from Juan O Savin (meme)

A New Monolith: A Caveman Encased in Ice Has Appeared In a Minneapolis Park – PIC

The B xxxx xxxx is now using Jan 6 to justify PATRIOT Act 2.0 which criminalizes all dissent as domestic terrorism

 Last Chance Showdown 1600 Pensylvainia Ave – General Mike Flynn – DR. STEVE PIECZENIK

President Trump Declassifies 

Mighty Eruption of Etna Volcano in Italy (in powerful pictures)


Michelle Fielding -Spiritual Coach

If my work adds value to your spiritual journey then you can join me for FREE at PATREON:…

Saint Germain, One Who Serves and Shoshanna * THE STORM IS UPON US … Via James McConnell – 1-19-21

Posted by James McConnell on January 18, 2021

Saint Germain


Sunday Call  1/10/2021    (St. Germain, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell

These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ  on January 10, 2021. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

If you would like to join Ancient Awakenings and participate in our Sunday calls, please go to our Meetup website ( and join there

SAINT GERMAIN(Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Saint Germain. 

I ask you now to take a moment as you are coming back into your body to take several deep breaths.  Breathe.  Hold the light within you.  Be the light within you.  Allow yourselves now to feel the love that is coming into you.  Just feel it permeating throughout your body:  the love of the Creator, the Source.  The Source that is within all of you, all of us.  Feel that immense love.  That higher consciousness coming over you and through you now.  Know that you are going to be taking this love of this higher consciousness and assimilating it within yourself, and then spreading it out.  Spreading it out to all that are ready for this. 

For this is the awakening.  The awakening that you have all been working for, and working toward, and preparing for.  Not only for this lifetime, but through many lifetimes you have been preparing for these moments now.  This great awakening that is upon us all. 

This awakening is about to happen to many across the planet and to this country, The United States of America, as people are awakened, what has been happening to what is in the process of happening right now.  It is not something they can hold off, even if they try to.  Even if those ones that are yet still asleep, if they say nothing is happening, it will be happening regardless. 

Those of the dark forces cannot hold this energy back.  They cannot hold this destiny back.  It is not possible.  For the dark forces have already been overcome by the Forces of Light.  They just do not know it fully yet.  But they have an inkling.  They have that premonition within them, that they have reached the end.  That is why they are doing everything that they can now to hold it off.  To hold off ascension.  To hold off your awakening.  To hold off the revealing of the truths everywhere.  But deep down within them, they know it is a lost call.  Yet they will fight to the end, many of them. 

Some have already capitulated.  Some have already come over to the side of Light.  Some have already given up and allowed themselves to be taken out of the picture. 

But the picture that is in front of you now is still fraught with disconcerting thoughts and images that are being portrayed everywhere by your media, by those that believe they are in charge, yet they are not in charge.  Not anymore.  Forces of Light, your Alliance, which is comprised of not only people here on the planet, but the Galactics themselves are a part of this Alliance, and have been working diligently with our president, working side-by-side to bring about these immense changes that are about to occur.  Immense changes that, again, those of the deep state, the cabal, the Illuminati, are doing everything they can to hold back, thinking they have won in some cases.  Where they believe they have won the presidency back.  They believe they have won the Congress back.  They believe that they have overcome those of the Patriots, the Right side. 

But this is not a political battle.  This is not Republican versus Democrat.  This is Light versus dark.  This is good versus evil.  You all are in the process right now of bringing this all together.  You, the Boots on the Ground, the Alliance, the President, the other leaders of the rest of the countries that have turned over to the light, and many have.  Some still have not, and likely will not.  But they have been given every opportunity to come over to the side of the Light, and have chosen not to.  They will be dealt with in various ways, some that you will see here, and some that you will not. 

Because it has been determined by many of the councils that only so much of this will be revealed to the public of this planet at this point.  I say “at this point,” because eventually all will be revealed to all that are ready to hear it and to see it.  As always, it is for ‘those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.’  And many, many more are finding those eyes and those ears now to be able to understand the truth, and be able to accept the truth. 

At one time, the Council said that the population of the earth was not ready for the truth, that you could not handle the truth here.  That has been changed.  And it has been changed by the Great Plan that is in the works.  That is why we and many others have said “trust the plan.”  That is why the organization known as ‘Q’ has come on and said ‘trust the plan.’  Because those that are involved in this plan, that are involved in the inner workings of it, know that it will work, and that it is in the process of working now

The storm is upon you, my friends.  It is here now.  And it is going to become quite severe in certain points.  But only to those that are not ready to see it, that do not understand what it is, what this storm is.  A storm to you is an opening, an awakening to fully [know] who you are.  That is what the storm is to you, as you are looking at it.  But the storm is also happening within each and every one of you.  It is happening inside.  That storm is raging within al of you.  But yet, the storm that is raging within you:  you are able to understand and handle it. 

But for those that are still yet asleep, they may well have great difficulty in understanding what is happening and why it is happening.  That is where all of you come in.  All of you who have been preparing for these moments.  That is when you step out from the Light and show them, show them the light.  Show them the vibrational frequency that they can now be in as well.  For in that vibrational frequency, and those higher vibrational frequencies, the truth resides.  Always remember that. 

And you are moving to a point now where the truth will be coming out from many different directions, from many different sources, and in many different ways.  The truth shall indeed set you free.  For it is destined, it is prophesized that these are those end times.  This is it.  You have arrived!  So be ready now.  Be ready for the changes that are coming. 

Prepare yourselves, as you are learning to prepare.  Have supplies.  Have water.  Have all that you need to bring you through these somewhat tumultuous times that lie ahead. 

For we have said many times “fasten your seatbelts for the road could become quite rocky.”  Well, you have reached that rocky road.  Let yourselves now be ready to move across that road, and to assist others in doing so as well.  For this is the time.  These are the moments.  Brace yourselves, for you have arrived. 

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness.  And for you all to know that the storm is upon you. 

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum.   Greetings to you!  Shoshanna is here.  And we are ready for your questions.  We do not have direct message.  We think that message was quite enough for you to go with at this point.  For as you know, there are many things afoot here.  Many things that are about to occur.  So we are ready for your questions.  We know there are potentially some very astute questions that are coming here.  So we are ready for them.  Do you have questions here?  You can unmute your phones now, yes.

Guests:  I have a question.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:  I feel that I’m being upgraded.  Actually, I felt it through the whole meditation.  I mean I can feel the activation of my chakras, and so amazing physical things.  Can you help me out and maybe give me some information as to what I’m supposed to do?  Where I’m supposed to take this, or go with it?

OWS:   What we can say to you, Dear One, we can say to all here.  You are all in the process of being, as you are saying, ‘upgraded.’  Your DNA is being upgraded.  You are receiving what you call ‘downloads’ that are bringing you into the higher vibrations, and sometimes even kicking and screaming along the way, for maybe you’re not ready for it at certain times. 

But it is going to happen regardless, because of your choices.  Because of your being here.  Because of your being a part of all this.  Because of your being on these calls, many of you for several years here, we find it.  You have been on these calls every single week for week after week after week.  And, every time we do these processes with you, you are being upgraded.  It is happening, whether you are aware of it or not.  And, you are simply, what we would say, in the right place at the right time. 

So for you personally, and also for everyone, be ready, because these upgrades you are going to feel different things come over you.  Some pleasant, some maybe not so pleasant at times.  But it is going to only be temporarily.  Certainly if it is unpleasant, it will be very temporary for you.  Possibly a pressure here or there that you will feel, and wonder where is this coming from.  Do not think you are becoming sick.  Do not think you are becoming il.  Certainly do not go get tested for this virus.  Do not do any of these things.  Because all of this is working its way out and working its way through.  So we will turn this over.  Shoshanna, do you have other perspectives here?

Shoshanna:   (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

Yes.  We wish to share.  May we share?

Guest:   Please do.  Please.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, the human mind wishes for definitive answers and specific answers.  This is not the way the universe works.  The universe does not provide definitive and specific situations and answers, because the universe lives in the moment. 

We will tell you that that which you are experiencing, you are being made ready, you see.  And the situations will present themselves so that your newfound understanding and wisdom and skills that you are gaining will be useful.  What is important here is that you are on alert.  That when the situation presents itself, you will have the wherewithal to handle it through these new upgrades, you see. 

So just be patient.  And as the situation moves into your sphere of influence, you will then be able to give the information, the advice, the wisdom, the love, the understanding, the compassion that is being given to you.   Namaste. 

Guest:   Namaste.  Thank you. 

OWS:   Very good.   Would there be other questions here?  My goodness, we thought there would be many questions here.  But that is okay.  No more questions?

Guest:   I can ask a question.  We discussed this before, but my original intent was to ask you:  is Q definitely on the positive side?  Or are parts of it psy-op? 

OWS:   It would depend on the perspective that you are looking at this from.  For those of you that are the Lightworkers, the Light Community:  yes, certainly.  This would be a very positive influence.  For those from the dark forces, he is not a positive influence.  It is a very negative influence.  So as we say, it depends on the perspective that you view this from. 

But your Q and all that is associated with this group, we will say (it is not just one individual, it is a collective, if you will), this collective is all about bringing intelligence, bringing truth to the masses, the ones that are ready for this.  The ones that are ready to open up to all that has been happening here, not only in this country, but in the entire planet for quite some time.  The various ones that have been the controllers that are realizing, as Saint Germain has said, that they are losing the control and are doing everything they can to attempt to maintain it. 

That is why they are so adamant about taking out the president, President Trump, because he represents everything that they are attempting to hold off.  He represents the population of not only this country, but the the world.  And the world’s changing in the way that they don’t want to happen.  They want to keep the status quo.  And even more than that, they want to rid the planet of all that would be the dissenters, all that would not agree with their ways.  And those that are doing that are a very small percentage of the population, who are attempting to control billions.  And that is not going to be allowed.  It never could be allowed. 

So be of good cheer, our friends, because even though it may appear to be a tumultuous time, a rocky time, everything is going to work out.  Okay?   Shoshanna?

Guest:   Thank you.

Shoshanna:   We can share.  May we share with you?

Guest:   Yes, please. 

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, the Q resource is informational.  The being that awakens and begins to search and seek the truth will find that resource.  Those who do not wish to awaken, or who are playing the parts of the dark side, will not seek this information, as it will not benefit them, you see.  So the way that this works is that the being that is awakening and is becoming the light, or seeking the light we shall say, will seek out the truth.  And that is what the Q resource provides is information about the truth, you see.  So the question that you ask, and the One Who Serves answered it, is simply this:  if you are awake, if you are seeking the truth, if you are of the Light, that resource will enrich your information and your understanding of your world.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Would there be other questions here? 

Guest:   Yes please.  I have been moved to initiate the Five Tibetan Rites into my morning.  I am a very curious person:  who were the group of maters and where did they come from that created the Five Tibetan Rights? 

OWS:   First of all, the five Tibetan rights, as you are saying, are ancient.  They did not come from anyone here on this planet.  They came from outside, from other systems, and were brought here by those that you know of as the yogis, the ones in the Himalayas perhaps.  And they kept this information secret for quite some time.  Then, when a certain individual traveled there and was able to be introduced to those ones that had these rights and this information.  They were able to show him this information, and others as well, certainly.  And then the one who wrote this book that you are speaking of, of the Tibetan Rites, this one was able to receive the information as well, and then disseminated it out to the public that was ready for it in the form of this book.  Does this answer your question?

Guest:   Yes.  May I ask one more question?

OWS:   Yes.   Shoshanna, do you have anything to add to this first?

Shoshanna:   We wish to share.  May we share?

Guest:Yes, Darling.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, the most important thing here is that if you wish to initiate this protocol into your physical experience, you must experience it, rather than analyze it.  Rather than seek to understand it, seek to experience it.  This is how it works.  When you seek to understand, and analyze and wish to know the resources of where these things came from, you will limit the experience.  So we would ask you, if you wish to benefit from this, that you simply do these exercises, or these ‘rites,’ and then feel the experience of how it is impacting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you.  May I ask one more question?

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Okay.  Recently I was listening to another source and their discussing Pedongeles teachings.  So what popped into my mind…

OWS:   Please repeat that?  Discussing who?

Shoshanna:   Pedongeles.

Guest:   Pedongeles. 

OWS:   Okay.

Guest:   So a question popped into my mind which is, is there is relationship between ‘I am’ and ‘Om.’  Do they share the same or similar purpose?

Shoshanna:   We will share.

OWS:  Yes please.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, ‘Om’ and ‘I Am’ share the same frequency. 

Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.  Got it.

OWS:   Very good.  Then are there any further questions here?

Guest:   One Who Serves, I have one.

OWS:   Go ahead.

Guest:   I just watched a video from Blossom Goodchild when she was doing her channeling of the Federation of Light and they said that at some time in the very near future we are going to be getting energies and frequencies to make us more confident about the changes that are going to be happening.  I am just wondering if that is true, and also if you can expand on that.

OWS:   You are already receiving these energies, as we have already given here.  They have been coming to you for quite some time.  And those that are working, not only with us here in this group, but the many other groups across the planet, are also receiving this, also individuals as they do their meditations and work with their guides.  All are receiving these upgrades, we will say here.  These upgrades that are preparing you for everything that is about to occur, and beyond this. 

So, as Sananda has said many times, you have been acclimating to these energies so that you can handle them.  And, as these energies continue to come in, there are those that will have difficulty, and are having difficulty with these energies, even if they do not know that there are energies coming in.  They are feeling the effects of these energies on their central nervous system, on their hearts, in their blood system, all of these things.  And it can bring about an out-of-balance situation to them.  So that is what is occurring.  But, as vibrations continue to increase, and those that are able to handle those vibrations and continue to rise up with them, will be able to move beyond all of these discomfortures that are at this point plaquing the world population in many respects. 

We speak of this virus that has gone around that is not anything at all what they have told you it is, nothing even close to this.  It is a virus.  It can be detrimental to those who are not able to handle it.  In other words, their immune system cannot work with it, and that is because their immune system is compromised in some way. 

But those of you that have higher vibrational frequencies most of the time are able to not have to worry about this particular virus because it is not a deadly virus, as they have given, again, only to those that are not able to withstand the immune system difficulties with this.  That is all we have to say about that.  Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We can share.  May we share, Dear Brother? 

Guest:   Of course you can.

Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, may we ask you a question.

Guest:  Sure.

Shoshanna:   What is your belief of confidence?

Guest:    You know instinctively inside that you can conquer whatever challenge you have to.

Shoshanna:   And do you believe that now?

Guest:   Yes, I do.  

Shoshanna:   You do not need an upgrade because you already understand.  Not that you should not have an upgrade.  But we will explain confidence to you, because you have explained it to us aptly.  But what is more important here, is that in this third-dimensional realm, the idea of confidence, of the lack thereof, is a program.  It is not real.  It is a program.  The human that is born as a baby is complete, has all that is necessary to live well, to thrive.  It is the third dimension that breaks that down and changes that.  So we will tell you that you are divine, you are complete–you were born that way.  You do not need upgrades to create confidence in yourself, as you are complete and already have it.  It is a matter of understanding that the lack thereof is just a program.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there other questions here?

Guest:   Yes, I would like to ask a question, Dear Ones.  Hello.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   When we pass through the ascension process.  I know that Shoshanna is able to give us a little more information than perhaps One Who Serves because she has been in the human experience, or JoAnna is in the human experience.  So when we pass through the ascension process, will we be able to be more free with what we can say and reveal and bring forward to the people of the planet because we have been a resident of the planet? 

OWS:   You will be somewhat constrained as well, because you cannot do it for anyone else.  Just as we cannot do it for you.  So this is why we are constrained from sharing certain information with you. 

But please understand now the information that we have been able to give you over the years here has increased tremendously, has it not?  From what we are able to give more in the beginnings of this.  We speak more in terms of years ago here.  We can give much more now because you have raised in vibration, coming closer to the vibration that we find ourselves in, and therefore we are somewhat akin to each other in that respect in terms of vibration, and more information then can be given. 

Now, when you have passed through ascension, you will be in our shoes, so-to-speak.  And you will have the same constraints at some point.  But you will also be able to impart information to those of your loved ones, and friends, and all of this as you are able to, again, without doing for them.  For that can never change:  you cannot do anything for anyone else.  Okay?  Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We will share.  May we share?

Guest:   Yes please.

Shoshanna:   Our Dear Sister, the perspective that we give is the wisdom that can only be sought and heard by those that wish for it, that wish to hear wisdom, that seek wisdom, that seek truth, you see.  So you are free in this very moment to give all that are willing to listen that seek to hear it, your highest perspective.  The process of ascension just tunes you in to that perspective, tunes you in to the wisdom of the ages, the higher perspectives that don’t really ruminate or ramble around in the third dimension, we will say.  So we will tell you that in this very moment, do not wait.  Do not wait to ascend.  Give your highest perspective to those that wish to hear it.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there any further questions here before we release channel?

Guest:   Could I make an addendum on that, maybe?

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   I don’t know if I have a right vision of ascension.  Maybe you can set me straight.  Because I’m kind of thinking we get through the ascension, and then we have all these magical powers, and we’re flying around, we can be anywhere, at any time, in any form, in any shape.  And maybe that’s a way of expressing to other people what’s possible, you know, like Yeshua just kind of showed up after death, and now he was perfect, and he was in several places at once.  I don’t know, maybe this is like a movie idea of ascension.  Maybe it’s not really what is going to happen, so I am curious about that.

OWS:   Yes please, Shoshanna.

Shoshanna:   We can share.  We can share with you, Dear Sister.  Dear Sister, what constrains you, may we ask?

Guest:   What constrains me from doing all that?

Shoshanna:   Yes.

Guest:   I guess because I don’t think I can do it (laughs).

Shoshanna:   Yes.  So that is a hint.  What do you think that ascension is?

Guest:   Well, I do think that it’s going to be actually having a faith and a belief in my divinity and my ability to do anything. 

Shoshanna:   Yes.  And do you have that now?

Guest:   Okay, I’m not going to put it into words that I don’t have it.  Yes, I have…  Oh man, now I’m stuck! (laughs)  As if I have that!

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, we will help.  May we help? 

Guest:   Okay.  Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   All beings are practicing ascension in this moment.  They are practicing believing in themselves.  They are practicing freedom.  They are practicing those things.  So in this very difficult heavy material realm that you find yourself in, this is your test to practice who you are.  And you do that all the time.  You practice movement in consciousness.  You see, ascension is the freedom from programs. 

Ascension is the freedom from being programmed to not believe in yourself, you see.  The third-dimensional consciousness is a program to not believe that you are powerful, do not believe that you are God.  That is the program going around in this dimension.  When you finally let go of that and practice that, the consciousness that you hold rises, you see.  We find that you are doing that, and most on this call are attempting to do that.  Once you release all programs, all attachments, then you are free to do whatever the heck you would like to do.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   And we would say here for you to look at what you said earlier in your discussion about when you were at that rally in Washington, D.C.  And you sat there and you played your drum, and you sang your songs right out in the middle of everyone.  Did you care what anyone thought at that point, as you so wrapped up, enraptured we would say, in what you were doing, and feeling the experience, and the blissfulness you had in those moments, correct? 

Guest:   Yes, absolutely.

OWS:   That is what ascension would be like If you were to do it all the time. 

Guest:   Wow, yeah.

Shoshanna:   That was practicing for your Higher Consciousness. 

OWS:   Yes.  Exactly.  Yes. 

Guest:   Thank you.  That was great.  Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  We take one further question if there is, otherwise we are ready to release channel.  Well, we take two questions.  Yes, very good.

Guest:   I have a question.  Okay.  So I just want to know if I’m on the right track.  If we have a Divine One within us, and that’s God.  Then the Divine One within us is omnipresent and it is also with-out us.  Because when I meditate, I feel pressure pulsing from the outside, and I know that I have that Divine One within me.  So the question is, if I can reframe it, are we more of that.  And we will have a realization of being more of that and our body as a hologram.  And so that’s pretty much my question in a round-about way.  So are we more spirit?  Are we more God (that’s what I call spirit) than we are human bodies?  So the idea is as we are ascending, we will be more of our spirit and see our vessel as a hologram.  That’s the question.  I don’t know how to phrase it, but anyway that’s what I’m getting to.

OWS:   Yes, Shoshanna.

Shoshanna:   We will share with you, Dear Brother.  May we share?

Guest:   Absolutely.

Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, what do you think? 

Guest:   Well, I think that’s true. 

Shoshanna:   We know you think that’s true.  We will just make one correction here.  You are not more of one thing, or more of another thing.  What occurs in the process of higher consciousness and reaching a higher dimensional awareness is just that:  awareness.  You have always been divine.  You are always God.  You are always tied to your Source.  It does not matter if you are a rock, or you are a dog, or a god (because a dog is a god), or any creature whatsoever.  You are still God.  You are still Source, you see.  So the Divine One within is how you define that you are God, that you are divine, that you can reach into your Source anytime you wish to reach that. 

What is happening here in this third-dimensional consciousness is a block to that, is a darkness that surrounds that idea, and many, many, many programs that surround that idea.  You see that in your every-day life.  You see all these programs running around.  These beings that are walking are so programmed to believe that they are not God, you see.  So the breakthrough that will happen for you is that there will no longer be a question about it.   Namaste.

Shoshanna:   Did that answer your question, Dear Brother? 

Guest:   Yes it did.  Thank you very much.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

Guest:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  And then we take one more question here.  There was one more? 

Guest:   Yesterday I quite of an experience.  We were driving up to Payson from here.  My wife was driving, so I had more of an opportunity to look at things and reflect, and think about things.  I got to thinking, what would it be like to be able to do some of these things that people are able to do when they’re ascended.  And one of those things I think would be really cool to be able to do is to bilocate.  Because there are so many people I want to be with, and so many places I want to be.  And I felt, well, I’ll just do a little experiment with it.  Anyway, we’re driving up.  We go past Fountain Hills, and I’m starting to look at Four Peaks within our area, and I thought I would project my consciousness up to Four Peaks so that I can see what it’s like to see things from up there.  And it was really cool, because I could actually see what it was like to look at things from up there!  (laughs)   But I just wanted to share that little perspective.  I got to thinking about that when someone else had a comment about it. 

OWS:   Yes.  We would tell you there is one thing you wouldn’t be doing when you are in the ascension:  you would not need to be driving, as you are talking, here.  That would not be necessary.  It would be if you want to.  Those that would want to drive.  Those that would want to have other conveyances such as bilocating, and this type of thing.  All of that will be possible. 

But please understand that as you move through your ascension, and you move into the higher vibrational frequencies of the fifth dimension and higher, it will be the same as when you first came into the third dimension, and you had to build the world.  You had to create your world.  You will be doing the same thing.  You will be creating your world again.  But this time, you will be creating with your imagination, and your imagination will be immediate creation.  That will be a difference.  If you want to fly, you will be able to fly. 

But it will be a process, we will say here.  You will have to learn, just as you have learned your whole life.  You will learn, and then you will develop, and you will have mentors to assist you, all of this.  And those mentors will likely be right there in front of you.  Not so much in your heads anymore, but right there for you to be able to converse with, and all of this.  All of this is possible here.  Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?

Shoshanna:   We will share on this.  Dear Brother, may we share with you?

Guest:   Absolutely.

Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, the human being must practice.  We referred to practicing ascension earlier on another question.  And now we find that you are practicing ascended consciousness.  How many beings do you know that would say, “Oh, well I projected my consciousness up to Four Peaks, and looked back down upon myself.”  How many do you know that would actually even make that sentence? 

Guest:   A handful.

Shoshanna:   A handful out of billions of humans that traverse the planet!  So we will tell you, what you are doing is you are decoding your brain to accept higher perspectives, higher consciousness.  So we would tell all of you to continue to practice.  And you can look at it this way:  when a human being decides, for example to become an athlete.  Do they sit around and wait for that to happen?  Or do they go practice?  Do they get into their game?  Do they fail?  Do they get back up?  Do they get injured?  Do they move forward?  Do they have the will?  Do they have the focus to become the great athlete?  They must overcome so much to do this.  And the ascension process is identical to this.  You must practice.  You must have practice and higher perspective.  You must see higher perspectives.  You must do things that people would laugh at, you see, because that is now you achieve higher understanding.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Then we are done with the questions at this time.  Shoshanna, do you have parting message?

Shoshanna:   we do not.  We will just say that all is occurring in a timely fashion in this moment.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  And we would say, as we have said many times, you are watching a movie.  Have your popcorn ready, all of that.  And we would say that you are going to enjoy the ending.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one. 

Shoshanna:   Namaste. 

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”

Current Situation Report – SITREP – (from 1-15-21)

DUANE: We’ll see what happens today (1-19-21)

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 15-Jan-2021 19:22:07


Current Situation Report – SITREP

Update – Please remain calm and allow this to unfold.

The plan is brilliant…so we must trust the plan.

FISA brings down the house.

Declassification will come via Lou Dobbs @ Fox news.

The inauguration parade has been canceled.

Trump has never conceded.

The military has installed 10 miles of fencing with barbed wire for the inauguration.

When the damaging evidence in FISA comes out, they will be done.

The disclosure videos will air for about 10 days.

They are very upsetting/shocking.

Many are clueless and will have a hard time digesting this info.

We are the ones who have been on the front lines.

It is up to us to help those who will be devastated from what they learn.

Remain calm and be the reassuring voice they need.

We are at the point where all will be revealed.

Nesara/Gesara will be implemented. (which should be this month)

The 6,000 hidden/suppressed technologies will be released.

Humanity will take a giant leap forward as they have kept these technologies from us for at least 70 years. (like the SSP ‘secret space program’ now renamed Space Force)

All the money taken by the federal reserve will be given back.

All the money in your TDA (treasury direct account or STRAWMAN account) will be given back.

Humanity will have abundance and poverty will go away.

We are days away from all of this happening.

It is such an exciting time to be alive.

We have waited years for this moment.

Rejoice! Graduation is almost here.

Let’s continue our daily 11:11 am and pm est meditation.

See the cabal arrested and evil removed from the planet.

See the world bright and beautiful and free.

Surround President Trump, his family, staff and military in a shield of protection.

Hang in there…stay strong and keep the faith.

May God bless each and everyone of you.

We are getting our country back.

The Restored Republic. 🙂


email via the patriot grapevine 🙂

We are the news.

ECETI: Common Sense and Critical Thinking (Part 2) || James Gilliland

 Friday, January 15, 2021

Common Sense and Critical Thinking Part 2


Between the Democrats accusations and the main stream and social media one would think the world has gone insane. It has. At least a portion of it. Their entire narrative the radical left, main stream and social media are pushing can be destroyed by just a few simple questions. The second impeachment attempt which will be as successful and the first has no foundation or merit and won’t make it through the Senate. Trump was never impeached if he was he would not be there despite the Democrats and the press claims. The only thing in each case Trump is guilty of is telling the truth something most politicians feel goes against their code. He stated the obvious with brutal honesty. They wanted to impeach him for calling the Russian Hoax a witch hunt, a vicious attack on him and his staff. It was and now after declassification it is proven. They wanted to impeach him for suggesting Hunter [B]iden received massive donations, “Bribes” on his father’s name from Russia, Ukraine and China. Now that has proven to be true with further investigations directly implicating Joe. Wait till the rest of that story comes out, he understated the corruption and decadence of what is on Hunter’s laptop. They attacked him for pointing out the [d]eep state, the two tiered justice system asked where is the Anthony Weiner laptop, Why has nothing been done for years with the Hunter laptop. Why can Hilary who started the Russian hoax and paid for the fake Russian dossier, destroy subpoenaed phones, servers and lap tops followed by the special council erasing their phones? Now he is charged with starting a violent protest. He called for, which is in every Americans right, a peaceful demonstration concerning what now according to the DNI reports given to both houses was massive election fraud, extreme interference by foreign governments. Italy, China, Pakistan, Iran, Germany were all involved electronically switching votes through the Dominion voting system and using scorecard and hammer CIA systems designed to rig elections in other countries. They printed millions of fraudulent ballots drove them across state lines, inserted them in the wee hours of the morning after the polls closed showing Trump the clear winner in a landslide. The politicians refused to acknowledge the foreign intervention and the massive fraud, why? Why would so many politicians ban together on both sides and certify an election they knew to be fraudulent. Why would the main stream and social media viciously attack anyone who questioned the obvious? Before shaming this as a right wing conspiracy theory by some deplorable and jumping on the band wagon to censor, punish, shame, or in some cases physically harm people who see the elephant in the room why not take the time to research, investigate. This is a big event, if your vote does not count then America is gone. This is not a Democrat or a Republican problem this is an American problem. Those involved in this serve their own agendas and the agendas of hostile foreign governments…..

“Why do corrupt politicians, the global elite, the [d]eep state and the mainstream and social media hate trump?”

The answer is obvious. Why are they scrambling to get him out if they won fair and square? Is the trump card undeniable evidence of seditious and treasonous behavior, extreme corruption against the American People? Those screaming the loudest are the most corrupt and have the most to hide. Why have both sides turned against him? Could they all have a lot to hide? He did promise to drain the swamp and now the swamp and its creatures have been clearly defined. There are more Trump cards the biggest of which are the 80% of the people that support him, the silent majority the mainstream and social media are arduously trying to keep silent. This does not and will not fair well in America. In fact it is anti-American. This does not fair well with the military either many who fought and died to insure our freedom against socialist and communist dictators. Do you really think everyone is going to lie down, submit to draconian laws, breeches of the Constitution, the end of free speech, freedom? To think so one would have to be mad, power hungry, arrogant, narcissistic completely insane out of touch with the people. And that my friends is the problem. We still have a choice.

James Gilliland


ECETI Stargate YouTube the Official Channel

Permission granted pass far and wide

Final Phase Is Coming – Galactic Federation – Schumann Resonance * via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 1-19-21


inal Phase Is Coming – Galactic Federation

The final phase is coming. The war between good and evil will come to an end.

After that the ascension will happen, but you must be prepared.

The evil forces are planning their final step. It will be hard, so you must be prepared.

They are desperate to win you over and prevent the ascension, but you must not fear. We’re helping you and you shouldn’t be afraid.

Raise your vibration and spread the message. The world is changing and the world as you know it will soon end.

You must be prepared for the final phase and not loose hope. The reptilians will try their tricks but they will not work.

You and your family and countless others will be saved but you must raise your vibration and send the message out.

The world is changing here and now. You and other people are here to help us during this time.

It will not be easy. The matrix will crumble. The governments will fall and the politicians will be extracted.

You are not safe here or anywhere else, but you must remain calm and keep a high vibration to help yourself and others.

To save others from what’s coming. Keep an open mind and wait for a sign.

You’ll know when it will come.
You’ll know when we will win.

We count on you and wish you a pleasant life in the new world.