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SOUL SISTERS TRUTH DOWNLOADS: what they are, where they are From – Your Akashic Records – 6-6-19


You probably have heard a lot about downloads and may not know exactly what they are. It is not the tones that you hear in one of your ears. Those tones are messages from your angels and guides or you just hearing energy. You will also hear tones when your clairaudience is starting to wake up. A download is information from your akashic records that you receive while you sleep. The farther you get on your journey the more aware you can become of them. I have woken up during a download and can feel the download happening and vaguely know what they are about. I know what information downloaded was about but not the details of the information.

Your akashic records are kept by your guides under lock and key. No human can read these, heal these, or change these records. These records contain two paths you can take. These paths can intersect and we detour from one to another by decisions we make on our journey. The two paths are the path of the ego and the path of our higher self.

The path of the ego is cycles of suffering we get into and go through over and over if we haven’t learned the lesson the cycles bring. This karmic cycle will repeat until the lesson is learned that the cycle is bringing you. To break a karmic cycle you have to do something different than you have done in the past when in the karmic cycle.

One karmic cycle I was trapped in for a long time was relationships. I was always going from one relationship to another and they all ended the same way. The last one I was in for 6 years and he turned out to be a narcissist. I had on purpose got in a relationship with someone who wasn’t my normal type and seemingly very responsible. This relationship turned out the same way as my past relationships even though  had consciously chosen a totally different partner than I had in the past. This is when I thought deeply about it and realized I was the common denominator here. I was the problem and I needed to change me. I resisted all temptations to jump into yet another relationship and stayed single to work on myself for two years. Me getting into relationships one after another was the path of my ego. Me staying single and working intensely on myself was the path of my higher self. So by making a different choice I broke that karmic cycle and it never repeated again. I had learned the lesson that karmic cycle had been bringing to me over and over again.

Throughout your journey it is very common to jump back and forth between the path of the ego and the path of your higher self. You do have some ways to tell if you have detoured onto your path of ego again.

Here are a few ways I can tell I am on the path of my ego again:

I am suffering and struggling with lots of roadblocks and obstacles.Roadblocks and obstacles are warnings and red flags from the universe that you are on the wrong path. The path of your higher self flows easily and the only thing that can hold you back or slow you down, is your own negative thinking patterns.

Synchronicities have stopped. If I stop seeing repeating numbers for a few days, I have veered off my path again. When I am on the path of my higher self I have synchronicities pretty much all day. Messages and repeating numbers happen consistently and constantly on the path of your higher self. They are meant to guide you when you see them and let you know you are on the right path.

My daily tarot reading has The Hierophant reversed popping up. The Hierophant upright represents the path of your higher self. If reversed it’s the path of your ego and you are following your ego again. I will also ask my pendulum which path I am on when making decisions or something doesn’t feel right to me.

Your guides are quiet and your energy is low. On the path of your ego you aren’t receiving messages and life is a struggle which brings your energy down. You also can’t manifest and your intentions you set don’t come through. To manifest and have intentions come through you have to have a high vibration.

The path of your higher self will have you feeling more energetic, life will flow smoothly, and you will see sychronicities frequently.

The path of your higher self is downloaded to you while you sleep. Not all at once but what you need for that time. Similar to when you download information from your computer or phone. This information flows to the chakra on the back of your neck where it meets the bottom of your skull. There is a soft hollow spot there called the God’s Mouth, Jade Pillow, or Well of Dreams chakra. This downloaded information then surfaces to you in the form of sudden ideas. Ideas that excite you, resonate with you, and inspire you. You may have them during mediation or when you are being quiet. I don’t do formal mediation much anymore. I have lots of alone time and quiet time. I do activities that keep my body and mind calm and relaxed so I can think and my ideas surface. It can be gardening, sitting in nature, doing jigsaw puzzles, or just a calming hobby you have. This is when the information will surface not when you are busy or active.

One way to know you have received a download while you slept is waking up with neck pain. If you wake up with a sore or tender neck especially at the top back of the neck, bottom of skull. You received a download while you slept. This soreness will go away in 30 minutes to an hour. If it lasts longer you may have this chakra blocked from an overload of information. This is more common in the newly awakened. When I first woke up back in 2014, my neck was so stiff and I could barely move it. It just got worse and went into my upper back and shoulders. I finally was guided to an energy healer and in one session found relief. I no longer have to try and keep this chakra clear but when I first woke up keeping this chakra clear, cleared up the constant neck and shoulder pain I was having.

I also know I have received a download when the Lovers tarot card is upright or the Hermit card is upright in my daily reading. The Hermit card and Lovers card reversed pops up when I need to quiet down to receive a message. Lovers upright is knowledge received and Hermit upright is soul searching, so both these cards can indicate a download was received. I can also simply ask my pendulum. I will get akashic records or spiritual information downloaded  and know I need some quiet time for the information to surface.

Since it is summer I sit outside on the patio with my feet in the grass grounding. This usually is enough for me to start to receiving the message the download has brought me. I don’t do the formal mediation much anymore because I need my mind to wander. I need to pay attention to where it goes and what pops up. I can do this by just being quiet and relaxing on my back porch, driving in the country listening to music, taking a relaxing salt bath, or putting a puzzle together. Also formal mediation might work well for you, just pay attention when your thoughts drift off where they go. I also enjoy listening to high vibrational tarot and intuitive readings on YouTube. It is important your reader be high vibrational or you can be misdirected. I stopped listening to people on Youtube last year. I realized nothing was resonating with me anymore because I had surpassed them on my journey and broken out of the fear based content. I was actually listening to people with a lower vibration than mine. What will resonate with you will be on the same vibrational level as you or higher. I like listening to readings because they can be for many levels of awareness and you just interpret them to your level of awareness. I have a list of about 25 high vibrational readers I listen to and have personally listened to all of them and know they are the real deal. I will include links at the end of this blog to some I like and resonate with.

Another sign you received a download in your sleep is night sweats. Especially if it was just your head and neck sweating. I don’t sweat like this anymore but I do wake up with the sore and tender neck letting me know I got a download. This is different from the full body dripping wet nightsweats at 4 am. That is from a shift in energy. This will be a light sweat that is usually just your head, neck, and upper body.

I am going to write a series of blogs about topics that I can explain in easy to understand terms. I am going to cover old programs, triggers, sychroncities, negative thinking patterns, and how to deal with these issues and more.

Readings: Some are daily and are general and not by zodiac sign. Weekly or monthly are usually by zodiac sign, just listen to the ones for your sign.

Keep in mind that soulmate can refer to the source or your guides it is not always a person. Third party situations are not always a person. It can be you or your partner dealing with a aspect of yourself or them. I kept getting third party situation when me or my partner were doing inner child work and ego healing work. The cards can represent energies and not people in your life.

Love and Blessings.


QUENTIAL – Be Busy in the Attitude of Kindness, and Negavity will Atrophy


For the energy of love acknowledged is best understood by a word and a heartfelt thank you. You term this gratitude. When you are at one with this it is attitude (at a tude). The light of more attention forces this principle. 

The negative energies have no place for a heart that focuses on the joys of goodness. Concern your lives with joy and the negative will have to take a seat and wait for their opportunity of distraction. 

If this is prolonged, negativity will be out of shape and weak so you must mind your hearts. Be busy in your positive actions and the energies of your creations will not have time for the negative.


Kalayna Solais – Aliveness and Love, Feeling It All – 8-22-19

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by Kalayna Solais

As I look out at the horizon, the abundance of natural gifts around me, I feel the vastness of my own future and the potential for all in this human family.

I feel the realness of our struggles. The ways in which we try to bypass but not feel. The feelings that we’d rather not have to experience or relive in order to grow. The past which we would rather forget about than realize parts of us are still living in.

Our true sense of presence is not from obscuring or falsifying our memories of life experiences from this or any lifetime, but from feeling the parts of us and Metasoul aspects still resonating and literally living in these timelines and stories, that still feel the pain we thought we’d healed by now, that still bring all of these feelings of living in these situations into where and who we are now.

As I breathe in and out, feeling my body fill up with prana and light energies, feeling my parts and Metasouls who are vibrating in this and any moment, I feel how alive FEELING makes me. How distinctive this love for myself that grows with each process is from any ‘love’ I’ve been taught or talked at about. I feel this love expanding into the horizon I take in and breathe in. Echoed back by nature, shared with my beloveds, offered to anyone who is ready to take it in and let it support their own journeys.

The love of this world far outweighs the severity of the turmoil… Holds space for it… And IS bringing it into something new, with all of the permission we can give it to do so starting from deep within each of us.

Much love! 


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