New Zero Point Light Encodements – w Lisa Transcendence Brown


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Absorption Of The Incoming Crystalline Light In5D May 27, 2018

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,   Guest writer,

BALANCE is an evolutionary story of dark and light, positive and negative attractors of energies to create an electromagnetic force in the universe to hold each and every creation into ONE. Higher Beings interpret it as a dark force and an invigorating light that enlightens the universal creation thru the various stages of love, light and peace of attaining oneness with Source.

Thanks to

Source Energy (SE) created both dark and light for their particular purposes, the dark for an experience in power, greed and control and the aligning of human ego while the light has energies of power of love-care and service that expands human consciousness into divine mind. The choice is given to human with FREE WILL for his own individual experience. Free will then is the key. You are provided that chance of experience without the knowledge you have from your origin of a higher plane. Pass darkness, experience it to see light where the start of day is darkness and light shows up at dawn, a direction to truth and peace after each experience.

Stay in balance as dark has influence in you for eons in some humans, as you supply dark forces with energies that you get from light as the fragment of light is within your core attracting light energy that supplies the fodder for the dark.

Service to others or “doing good can change the world” while power over others bring us to sinkholes. Failure to understand this concept retards your growth and you start all over again as incarnate from darkness. That is part of the story of evolution and the earlier you understand it, the faster you can join the forces of balance and on to your journey to Oneness with Source.

The demarcation line is now with us and you can cross the line from 3D to 5D if you are fully prepared for the Event. Many of us have seen dreamland- “5D” and how beautiful it is to be in that vibration. To make it full reality, all you have to do is say a resounding Yes, no conditions and eradicate ties to this world, quite a very hard task for newcomers attached to vices.

That is the story of birth and death, dark and light; where dying is the beginning in our climb to higher plane and birth is the start of experience. Imagine as you get out of womb comes the light and an interplay with darkness in a lifetime.

Asleep Volunteers learned to stick to ego protection and earth’s vices– join dark forces flight to total blindness or annihilation, a process of the shift, the risk we took when we agreed to raise Gaia to a higher frequency. Darkness has a purpose for your choice and learning to shift to light as you gather your own experience and pass the darkest night of the soul is your choice. That perception or action taken is the difficult part of volunteerism who embraced the camouflaged deceptive ‘sweetness’—vices, pullers of 3D living of the dark forces. Addicting human five senses- monetary control and power over others, greed…., multiply vices thousand fold, a vital experience for you until you awaken and reach for the light.

Philippines national hero Jose Rizal tells the youth the power of dawn, the breaking of the light in his two publicized Spanish books, “Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo” and “Touch Me Not and the Filibuster”, born of peace but Filipinos awakening from colonization created revolution and chaos. Humanity start with the dark and wake up at dawn as light seeps into your being and you decide when to embrace her at your own sweet time.

Human acts of love, respect, honesty and humility are ‘Light’ teaching modes, gestures that influence earth borne souls and asleep volunteers awaken. Angels call them the power of unconditional love, utmost care and concern, sharing, limitless force until it is time to surrender to Source Energy. OBSERVERS assist thru prayers or when you ask they respond and come their ways: telepathic, wind, whispers , picture transfer or light language, their varied ways of answering.

Integration of all energies of body, mind, thought-emotions, soul-experience (BMS with thought) accumulation to full crystalline light body awakens and transforms us to the road and path to Oneness with Creator. Make Energy integration your work in progress as it is the key to Oneness. Source thru the Giant Red Sun assists/sends us magnetic waves that overflow our bodies with quantum energy thru “solitol particles” penetrating human atomic composition.

Elohim (Dr. Georgi Stankov/C. Thompson )Planetary Ascension Team leaders, who come from heart of Source says “BALANCE is a reflection of all things done, that affords access and connection to the Divine Mind based on purity, unconditional love, loving kindness, balance in all ways and in All Things “.

Balance is an axiomatic equation of Creation=Creator and nothing more, or the ultimate Oneness of the Created=Creator as creation is a thought from Creator, a simple play in the thought of All That Is. Integration of Energy leads to the final axiomatic formula of Dr. Stankov – that is: ENERGY=ALL THAT IS, the universal law. Using our heart as base of reaching the divine mind, you are in for unconditional love emanating from within. That is the balance we all seek, limitless power of love, caring, until we surrender to our Supreme Creator. “With universal law in place, the magnetic light waves fully expand the energy of Peace and the energies of the Red Sun will enforce and make all these Gnostic knowledge reality, happen into form.” This energy is based on soliton particle alignment. Soliton particles saturate the Body~Mind~Spirit system whose orientation is toward Gnostic knowledge.

“Awakened Volunteers have gone deep within, communed with Higher Self, the bearings of preparation for absorption of incoming crystalline light and magnetic waves from our Red and Central Sun. Source activated and utilized awakened human frequency gliders who passed light body processes and experienced the darkness of nights in their past and current lives”.

The AWAKENED seek divinity that provides truth and light shining 3D worlds of the galaxy. They are the brilliant light magnetic waves, the cog that lifts each part of this universe into one knot higher in vibrational frequency. Fantastic, we happen to be participants in this magnificent Event.

Light from ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.


About the authorANGEL JR. shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With Capitalist, he had provided livelihood to where he can at PH, SEAsia-ME, a concept that a “full stomach learn new ideas.” Read Knowing the Infinite Creator by author at or link with him at or listen to universal channeling, link at


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BEVERLY NATION UPDATES! – Ascension, New Earth! – 5-26-18


Published on May 26, 2018

Beverly discusses the events of May 24th, the weapon and the wave of energy, and who experienced it. She also discusses where the New Earth is and the structure of our galaxy. Beverly talks about her life as a 9th dimension Acturian and her mission here on Gaia at this time Beverly’s website: To book a private or group energy transfer session, or channeled writing (automatic writing) go to The Norb Theory :…


ANASTACIA KOMPOS – 5-22-18 – Last 24 Hours was a major BIG BANG BREAKTHROUGH! – In Spirit – by Ascension Energies – Writing Over Our Akashic Records!


Anastacia personally shares: While we are in the last days of May, so much has been going on with life saving, literally, healings with many….this is an extremely deep and intricate (interesting word given, as one of the meanings of this word had ‘serpentine’ in it, you will read further on how ‘ironic’ this is) energy update – yet it is what is happening and you are here reading this as you have chosen to know what is going on with our link from Spirit to Soul of the Divine…

Thanks to Ascension Energies

So even if you cannot fully relate, please mark this update for future reference, as there really is so much to this…that needs to come directly from my 6-7D human embodiment energy and 9D in Spirit of our reality that is happening right now…

As this is THREE days of Energy Updates in one!

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

So let me share this, that this Energy Update is like a once-in-a-lifetime update for myself – this is at FULL 6/7D energy in the HUman and 9D in Spirit guided with, of and from the Divine that I am bringing through here….please know that my heart and soul and spirit is FULLY in and through and/of the Divine of course in a healing with this that is MULTDIMENSIONAL

That for me, felt and was very very powerful and empowering in me doing so…so again, THANK YOU for BE-in part of this not just for us yet for ALL OF HUMANITY – Namaste…

I need to add here, that during writing this and coming back to it, I am assisting a few souls who are feeling paralysed, that they are not ‘doing anything’ or don’t feel they are shifting or they cannot cope or handle what they are feeling right now…where the head can ‘kick in’ with wanting to put this in a box to understand or analyse, that WILL NOT WORK…this is the pressure one can put on themselves, that stems from childhood, of where we really really need to ‘put the stick down’ – more about childhood in the update below

This is what I have said to three souls just in the last two hours – that you are right in the middle of when in the past, you left or walked away and now you need to be here to push through the past of doing this…it was painful before and so to come back in or through, we are re feeling the pain or those feelings of in the past when we did this!!

And not only are you feeling this for you, you are feeling this with ALL connections and contacts COLLECTIVELY! This is just Beyond and so massive!

So my loves, all I can share is to keep going and keep hanging in there…with the realisation of the bigger picture…that one can re read recent past updates where I shared about what this was for myself – I send so much love and blessings to you all and those who are so bravely re experiencing what they have endured in the past, in coming back through and clearing from Spirit to Soul of what one endured in the past

Again, this is a very intricate and core and soul and spirit deep energy update….

Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide – WE ARE NOW RE-WRITING OUR AKASHIC RECORD! – Part 21 – 26th May 2018

The last 24hours was a major ‘BIG BANG’ – BREAKTHROUGH – IN SPIRIT – of ‘heading off’ from what ‘was’ going to occur in the human – mainly as far as health goes in the human – whether it be emotional, mental or physical – as they are all linked with = EMOTIONS

Processing all our old programs!! As there is more than one…it is a collection or ‘collective’ of them…

Of what we ‘knew’ we were feeling and saying to ourselves deeply within, in our inner inner voice, that we have been choosing the positive and shifting these in words and actions, yet the old negative words and feelings were still there – in our private inner inner voice – our own private ‘recordings’

Of what in our inner inner souls ‘record’ has been ‘playing’ for so long…and this goes back to childhood – and is to do not only with ourselves, yet our link to our collective energies we were part of back then, which was our families….

Well, this is now being able to be re-written as we are:


“The Akashic Records are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. In other words, the information is stored in the Akashic field (also called zero point field). The Akashic Records, however, are not a dry compilation of events. They also contain our collective wisdom” – –

(Notice how it mentions the zero point field!!! With all else I have been sharing about this)

This is so big and there is so much to this, I am taking a moment and a breath to write and share what I can right now, as I am coming back to myself after what I have just experienced in the last 24hours..

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Of our words to ourselves and what we say and what we say to others are different

This has been confusing many souls and those enlightened on their journeys especially more so…

This is so core core deep and is also linked with our Spirit – as we live ‘two’ lives, one in the human and the other in the astrals in spirit = the unseen – as our Spirit is linked with our Higher Self

Let me start in a loving way of faith and trust, coming from unconditional love in saying that there has been ‘life-threatening’ situations, whether for the immediate now or for the near future, of situations that for the last week or so have arisen – where many are hitting a ‘brick wall’ as far as SOMETHING WE ARE DOING (OR NOT DOING FOR OUR HIGHEST GOOD) needs to majorly be changed or shifted

The Crystal Serpentine has come to assist with this and am guided to share this now before I continue…please read and feel this as one taps this vibration into their crown chakra:

“Serpentine is a grounding stone that will help you with meditation and spiritual exploration. This stone clears the chakras and stimulates the crown chakra. It opens your psychic abilities and helps you understand the spiritual basis of life. This stone opens new pathways to kundalini energy. It will help you remember past lives, retrieve wisdom. Serpentine promotes compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others.

Serpentine helps you feel more in control of your life, it corrects mental and emotional imbalances. It helps with the conscious direction of healing energies toward problem areas. Serpentine clears emotional baggage. If placed on the throat, it will help you review the past and be able to speak about it to others.

Serpentine is a good cleansing stone, it detoxifies the blood and the body. It is said to aid longevity. Serpentine eliminates parasites, helps calcium and magnesium absorption. Treats hypoglycaemia and diabetes. It helps with pain relief, especially muscular and menstrual” – healing with crystals

I wrote previously about many feeling the symptoms and effects now as those of one who has been abused, and from childhood mainly this starts – that can then set off a chain of events in ones life over and over – of how one felt ‘something’ occurred in the past, yet they could not actually recall or remember what that ‘something’ was – yet ‘knew’ and felt something ‘did’ occur

And I previously shared how this occurred in Spirit and that this was the ‘missing piece’ that took me years to ‘work this out’ myself personally and knew it was absolute truth, yet kept this to myself – and now others are finding this is also the ‘missing’ part for themselves as well when I share of what I needed to ‘work out’ for myself over the years

Of where we may not have been physically abused, yet the ‘symptom’s are now present that are the SAME!

This is not taking away from or saying this is identical to one who has suffered physical child abuse, as that is a whole other experience one needs to ‘deal with’ – yet I will share again, the symptoms are the same/similar

As I have found with all I have spoken to in the last week in particular, this has been traced back or linked to the abuse that was ‘felt/taken on/picked up’ – on the astrals as children – when there was no physical/sexual abuse

The symptoms of this have fully surfaced right now – again, apart from the memories and visuals and actual physical/sexual abuse soul deals with – as I deeply deeply honour those souls and all for what each soul has personally endured/experienced in their lives

I have been part of being a support for many many souls of ALL types of abuse for a while now as in many years going back to the 1990’s – it is something that is part of my journey to do so in this lifetime…as I have suffered so much abuse myself in past lives and different forms in this lifetime, especially in the Military at a time when there were not many females at that time..


This is A NEW PROCESS that when we get very real and identify that inner inner voice we can then say it, own it, bring this into our awareness and then we can shift it each and every time, yet this needs to be identifying it firstly IS THE KEY

I am a template for this, and am doing this/being a support with a soul that endured sexual abuse as a child and another that had a warning about a stroke (yet his has happened in the astrals, more on this further) another that could have lost part of a limb due to a ‘diabetes’ warning and there are more…

That a heads up was given that if they did not TAKE ACTION NOW in the HUMAN, that this will transpire…

It is just so different for everyone and these are just some examples…and these have many layers to them, as it is not just a simple case of just do this one thing and this will ‘fix’ this, no not at all…it’s is very complex as this is from Spirit, to Soul, through the Mental, Emotional and lastly on the physical body – as this is part of ones ‘lessons’ they need to learnt to LISTEN to our inner inner voice and our bodies!

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It’s like giving ourselves ‘gold stars’ (like we did at school when we did ‘good work’) – as in the past were looking for gold stars from others!!

Here are some more examples…someone’s AKASHIC was to get diabetes – And because they recently finally were able take notice in accordance with the recent energies and so much more of working with and through this for years was finally able to listen very deeply take notice and action from their soul and spirit and the divine – they have now made changes where THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN!

This is a very definite changing of their akashic record

Someone else was (actually more than one soul was in this old loop) of focusing on not being well and seeing themselves go to hospital – as guided by the Divine this energy and they were ‘snapped out of that energy’ – and the next day they felt so much better!! From being laid up in bed, totally wiped – to changing their akashic record!!

WE ARE RE WRITING OUR AKASHIC!! LITERALLY HERE AND NOW IN THE HUMAN – we now have the opportunity to do so – with these current energies of zero point unity energies starting to come through!

And as I have been through this myself as a template and now personally guiding quite a few souls very closely with this, is how I can share this all with you!

This is so unique and personal and this is a brief yet in-depth sharing of what is occurring….that instead of me taking ‘time out’ to go through this with all I am, that I am sharing with you what is actually occurring right now…such is my commitment and dedication that I have taken to share all with you, as it occurs – as I am always right here with you! – and I so thankyou for being here and honouring my sharing of the Divine in being here with me as well :-)!

As when I say something is ‘Life-Threatening’ I actually do mean this as I do not throw my words around ‘loosely’ – and I do not say this out of fear yet this does need to be said or shared as it is the actual truth and reality of what really is occurring right now

And now I am guided that I can take this one step further and share, that ones inner inner voice or what they are saying to themselves needs to be firstly identified and then acknowledge and most of all we need to OWN THIS

And this takes extreme and utmost HONESTY WITH OURSELVES

As we have ‘no where else to go’ with this now….as if we do not take notice and stop ‘mucking around’ and I say that lightly, then we may and I say we may, continue on with what our inner inner voice is saying and this is manifesting in some major life threatening dis-ease!

This is actually happening here and now…and I have been beyond involved with this 24/7 with those closest to me recently – to where I finally broke through and with a ‘big-bang’ in the last 24hours of re-writing my own akashic!

Many are re-experiencing what they originally felt deep within as a child and unless they know what that is, will subconsciously continue that path of re-creating now the same ‘pattern’ – albeit as an adult…

Here is a glimpse of an actual transcript of one who suffered sexual abuse from a family member and what they are feeling and going through right now and part of the process I am able to guide them through with, remembering this is still in a process of deep unconditional love and trust – with them as K and myself replying as A:

K – I just feel really overwhelmed. And I haven’t felt this type of removed in a very long time where I feel extremely separate and isolated

A – You need to be right now…You are facing extremely separate and isolated from when you felt this as a child…Would you give up on or push yourself now, when you already have been through this?? You are feeling what you felt then…to shift this…and to change this…and to rewrite your akashic…

K – Okay…that makes sense

We have been working through what they felt at the time of the abuse and more…and for them to bring up, face and feel what they actually felt as in not protected or abandoned by family…as these feelings of what was felt deeply within, need to be identified to be able to be SHIFTED – to be owned and acknowledged -to now be able to change this feeling or feelings NOW – and this is without going into any intimate details of what occurred – as this transcript is just a step in a very massive process of this for them

To identify and own these in the adult human, of like that realisation this soul had of ‘Okay that makes sense’ – allows a beginning of a NEW PROCESS to commence…

Of not allowing this inner ‘record’ to continue playing, to have this identified to be able to ‘change the record’ or better still to RE WRITE ones AKASHIC RECORD!

And to do this we or they are needing to now finally meet, hear and feel their inner inner child and ‘rescue’ them…it is time for this soul to do so…to now be there for them…no matter how many times one has done so in the past, as one thing I have learned is that we have multidimensional inner children!

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And now it is time to share the other crystal that came at this time of Red Tourmaline – that one read and feels and taps into their crown chakra:

“Rubellite Tourmaline emanates the perfected vibrational pattern of the heart and is an excellent source of positive, nurturing energy for healing the physical heart.
Rubellite is also useful in treating disorders of the digestive system, lungs, pancreas, spleen and liver. It aids in supporting and repairing the reproductive system, as well as stimulating blood circulation and balancing the structure of blood vessels and veins.
Rubellite soothes the nervous system and may be useful in treating hysteria, depression and obsession.
Tourmaline is a marvelous tool for balancing the right/left hemispheres of the brain and bringing mental processes into alignment with the chakras and auric body. It diminishes fear and may be useful in treating paranoia, and to overcome dyslexia by improving eye/hand coordination and the assimilation and translation of coded information.
Red Tourmaline Emotional Healing Energy
Rubellite Tourmaline soothes the emotional heart, helping to overcome fears concerning abundance, survival, stability and safety, and supports those who feel isolated or have difficulty in feeling at home in the world. It draws upon Universal Love for healing, and suggests that “heartbreak” can be “heart-opening,” and grief can be as valuable as joy. For those who are emotionally numb, Rubellite provides the way back into feeling, and allows for those who have become passive to rediscover their zest for living.
Red Tourmaline Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy
Rubellite Tourmaline stimulates and activates a direct pathway between the Base Chakra and the Heart Chakra. It provides energy and vitality to the physical body, while incorporating the healing qualities of the heart with a loving consciousness” –

So much Divine Love to you all, in what each of you are experiencing and I will share more soon as guided.

Please be gentle on yourself, please know that now it is time for YOU to be there for and with yourself WITH THE DIVINE!

As always I am right here with you

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer
You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer – in linking Spirit from 9D to our Soul in 6/7D Human Embodiment – in real-time experience as a template for humanity as a Rainbow Bride for and with ALL of humanity

I am lovingly gifting this energy update as this is a vital time for humanity with these unique insights and guidance of the DIVINE – that comes through firstly of both Spirit and Soul in 6-7D Human Embodiment and 9D in Spirit as a template, Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer and WaySeer firstly for humanity…

As we are now taking new steps forward in our New Frontiers/New Earth Energies…many changes are taking place…from June 1st, to receive unique energy updates by email to you personally this will be by way of a monthly contribution that I have needed to do, to continue to share all I AM

Further enquiries as to this exchange/contribution can be done so to: – much Divine love and Blessings -Anastacia – Blue Beyond Guide

Here is what those who are contributing to receive these personally have to say:

“I feel honoured to be a part of your Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Updates and I feel that it is a part of my journey to continue to receive them as I continue to grow into my Mastership. I feel that the updates assist me in feeling sane, as well as assisting me to interpret my experiences, aha moments, understanding and integrating Universal energies, to be more understanding and compassionate towards others and their unique individual journeys, also understanding my own purpose and journey and to assist me in standing in my own power with more authenticity. I almost forgot to mention the healing received through every update. I look forward to continuing with the updates and I am so extremely grateful to you and all you are & share with us. Infinite love and blessings”

“Bless you and thank you so so much, this update has given me more comfort and healing than I can put into words. Sending you so much love and hugs of appreciation for unconditionally loving and holding us thru thick and thin”

“Oh God my friend, these words you have brought through, are so relevant to what I’m feeling today. So deep and emotional in my human self… very shattering, yes”

I know there is often a LOT of information that I share that afterwards many let me know how they put some together to now form where they are at….so it’s such a blessing to have that Guidance ahead of ‘time’ as I did not have this, what I am sharing and providing for you all…and thats okay, as I am no longer there lol…I am right here with you!

Great and Big Changes are coming and have already started!

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

As always I am right here with you

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer

CARLA HARREN – The Multidimensional Journey with Sounds, Dance, Movement and Ancient Tones – 5-25-18

Squaring the Circle



carla 2014

We are in the Galactic Portals/Passageways Resonance from May 24 to June 2 then we proceed through the Mystical Blue Column Portal/Passageway days and nights from June 8 to June 27 via the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar together with the Ancient Ones in full Circle. Be Welcome!

The portals/passageways are of great influence on the activation process of our light body within the physical body here on Earth and that of Mother Earth. We are all within the evolution process on the eve of the birth of a new multidimensional human being and a new Earth.


Note: The Dark Green squares with the KIN numbers 106 to 115 are Galactic Activation Portals/Passageways – May 24 until June 2, 2018.

Every one of us is given the choice if we want to help shape this unique adventure within Pure Heart Love. Take the portal/passageway days and nights with you in your personal vibrational planning. Do you have an important conversation or meeting? Do you foresee an important task? Are you travelling to meet and greet others? Do you stand for an investigation or treatment? You are Now given this opening, “Be” within the resonance of these portal/passageway days and nights or Mystical Blue Column Portal days and nights.


Note: The Blue Mystic Column from June 7 until June 27, 2018

Go consciously within the portal days & nights plus the Mystical Blue Column portal days & nights to experience the difference with the other days. The energy of a portal day or night / Mystical Blue Column portal day or night brings you to the core of the subject, usually takes you to a deeper level in a conversation and has a more intense effect on the wholeness for the Highest Good for All.


The Journey:

Link to the recording


Now Stand with your bare feet on the ground or lay down on a matrass. Breath deeply in and out allowing and surrendering to this flow of the Presence of Now.

We are now connecting your energetic bodies or aura layers with the physical body within. Allow and surrender to the sounds of the Sacred Instruments to go through your physical body as a preparation for communication to let the old be removed that no longer serves wholeness to reveal the multidimensional body in its bliss of Joy of tender, soft power within healing on all levels.



Now in Silence go within your physical body and place your hands there wherever they are guided to go. Feel the Presence in this circle of Ancient Fathers/Grandfathers, Ancient Mothers/ Grandmothers that welcome this Divine Child in the Physical Open Space of Multidimensional Earth together as One coming home to the celebration. Create the sounds or tones that resonate within to allow the movement of the transition to Be!

Feel allow and surrender to the movement of vibrations going through your body Now. Go into movement of a dance in whatever way it presents itself. Like you are in the cradle and the Ancient Ones within move this in a peaceful, tender, caressing power whilst dancing and toning/singing with you in this Powerful Love. If your hands wish to join in allow this to BE AS IT IS!

If tears come out just allow this sacred water to flow birthing the Divine Child with its Multidimensional Body. Welcome Dear One in this Celebration of Return to the Multidimensional Love resonance.


Continue to dance, tone/sing and in between just allow and surrender to the vibration that goes through your physical body.


Take some still pauses in between we just love your Presence!


Do whatever you feel deep within All is okay as it is!


Welcome Home Dear Precious Beloved One.


You may do this whenever you feel the calling and please share it with others as well.


ROBERT SCOTT LEMRIEL – International UFO conference. Part One – Bergen, Norway 2014



Published on Oct 29, 2014

“For the first time, The Seres Agenda adventure
uncovers the recently green-lit hidden truth about what is soon coming to our planet
Earth no one will anticipate. This is not about a prediction of the end of the world, a foreboding Armageddon, or doomed fate for our planet. However, it is the pronouncement of the coming of an event that has never happened before, an event that will liberate all life on our planet in entirely unexpected uplifting new ways. When this event is openly apparent worldwide in the near future, all the people of Earth will know with certainty extraterrestrials exist. We are all about to experience highly evolved benevolent friends in our galaxy because they have finally decided to awaken our suppressed potentials and transform the Earth in a new safe way they only recently experienced as a wondrous transformation. Website: Website for the conference:…




The Lost Years Of Jesus’ Life – from Urantia Book – 5-26-18


Worlds without end by Greg Olsen


URANTIA BOOK   –   Truth Book .com

Everyone knows that Jesus lived a life that lasted into his 30s, but up until the introduction of The Urantia Book into our world, only a small portion of those years have been known; Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem is well-known; his dramatic disappearance in the temple at Jerusalem when he was 12 years-old is recounted; and of course, the events of Jesus’ ministry, from baptism in the Jordan up to his death and resurrection are among the most well-known events of the Master’s life. The New Testament accounts are essentially all that the world has been told about the life of this God/man who has made such a profound impact on our civilizations and religious landscape.

But, what of those “lost years” about which there has been so much speculation and curiosity?

Thanks to

Anyone who knows and loves Jesus must wonder about what Jesus’ life was like…his day-to-day life– with Mary and Joseph, with his schoolmates and friends, when he was an adolescent, a young man, a young adult. What was he doing all those years?

Here in this study, we will take you through those years, and supply all the missing pieces, as told in the pages of The Urantia Book. The entire life of Jesus, including all of his teachings, are narrated in Part IV of the book, a modern-day revelation to mankind.


In Part 1 of The Urantia Book we are given a revelation of God the Father – the Universal Father of all; Part IV of the book is the story of how Jesus revealed this same Universal Father during his mission to our world. Jesus often said: “He who has seen me has seen the Father.” And throughout his life, Jesus did reveal the loving nature and the sympathetic personality of the Father. The Urantia Book teaches:

2:0.2 The nature of God can be studied in a revelation of supreme ideas, the divine character can be envisaged as a portrayal of supernal ideals, but the most enlightening and spiritually edifying of all revelations of the divine nature is to be found in the comprehension of the religious life of Jesus of Nazareth, both before and after his attainment of full consciousness of divinity. If the incarnated life of Michael is taken as the background of the revelation of God to man, we may attempt to put in human word symbols certain ideas and ideals concerning the divine nature which may possibly contribute to a further illumination and unification of the human concept of the nature and the character of the personality of the Universal Father.

This study will help all believers comprehend that religious life of Jesus, most especially in the years before he was conscious of his divinity…during those days when he was growing up, growing in grace, growing to know the Father and to know who he himself really was.

Taken from our special feature: The Illustrated Stories this study will present story after story of those lost years. Can we be sure that they are accurate? Yes, we can. These details from the Master’s life are taken from spiritual witnesses…beings who were actually present during the whole of Jesus’ life and who know what really happened. These stories have the unmistakable “ring of truth” that will resonate in the hearts of any who come with an open mind.

If you think about it, you’ll likely agree that the incarnation of God into a human body is quite an important event…not only for the bestowal world (ours) but also to the personalities who inhabit the universe of his making. Those hosts of personalities followed and chronicled the career of Jesus carefully; finally, here in The Urantia Book, these witnesses give us the whole story in rich detail–details which you’ll find nowhere else.

For the most complete accounting of the story of Jesus, please click to read in its entirety Part IV of the Urantia Book : The Life and Teachings of Jesus

The Urantia Book advises:

196:1.3 To “follow Jesus” means to personally share his religious faith and to enter into the spirit of the Master’s life of unselfish service for man. One of the most important things in human living is to find out what Jesus believed, to discover his ideals, and to strive for the achievement of his exalted life purpose. Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.

Here are the stories, listed in chronological order; just click on the blue link when you find a section that is of interest.

Preparation for Jesus’ Arrival On Earth

  • The Real Beginning Of Jesus’ Lifework
  • Gabriel’s Announcement To Mary
  • Joseph’s Dream, And “The House Of David”
  • Jesus’ Earth Parents
  • Jesus’ Home At Nazareth
  • The Trip To Bethlehem For The Census
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Childhood – Age 3 to 13

  • Back In Nazareth (Age 3)
  • Jesus Receives The Indwelling Spirit Of God (Age 4)
  • Jesus Becomes Inquisitive (Age 6)
  • The Galilean Jewish Child
  • A Six-Year-Old’s Reality Check
  • Jesus And John As Playmates
  • Jesus Creates His Own Prayers
  • Jesus Honors His Mother And Father
  • Jesus’ Play Life (Age 6)
  • Jesus Has An Accident
  • School Days In Nazareth
  • Sabbath Walks With Joseph
  • Math, Music And School
  • Nahor Offers To School Jesus In Jerusalem
  • Jesus’ Artistic Talents Are Thwarted (Age 9)
  • The Weather In Nazareth
  • The Leader Of The Lads
  • Jesus Learns To Keep His Own Counsel (Age 10)
  • Jacob The Stonemason’s Son Defends Jesus
  • What Shall I Be When I Grow Up?
  • Joseph Disciplines Jesus (Age 11)
  • An Unfortunate Rift Develops Between Mary And Jesus
  • Harmonizing Convictions And Obligations (Age 12)
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Adolescence – Age 13 to 20

  • Jesus Discerns His Destiny (Age 13)
  • Jesus Graduates From Synagogue (Age 13)
  • The Journey To Jerusalem – Jesus Meets Mary, Martha And Lazarus
  • Jesus At Jerusalem – Questioning Authority
  • Jesus Views The Temple
  • Jesus’ First Passover
  • Jesus Gets Left Behind
  • Jesus’ First And Second Days In The Temple
  • Jesus’ Third Day In The Temple
  • Mary And Joseph Find Jesus In The Temple
  • The Calm Before The Storm
  • The Death Of Joseph (Age 14)
  • Jesus Formulates “The Lord’s Prayer”
  • Jesus Ponders His Mission – The “Son Of Man”
  • Jesus’ First Sermon In The Synagogue (Age 15)
  • The Financial Struggle At Home
  • Jesus, Tiller Of The Soil (Age 15)
  • The Head Of Household (Age 16)
  • Jesus Shuns The Political Arena (Age 17)
  • Jesus And James Travel To Jerusalem
  • Jesus And John Meet Once More (Age 18)
  • Another Tragedy On Top Of Poverty
  • Family Matters
  • Rebecca Falls In Love With Jesus (Age 19)
  • The First “Bloodless” Passover With The Zebedees (Age 20)
  • On The Threshold Of Full Manhood (Age 20)
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Early Manhood – Age 20 to 26

  • “A Normal And Average Life”
  • Jesus Grasps His Dual Nature (Age 21)
  • Jesus Takes A New Job And Passes The Torch To James (Age 22)
  • Simon And Jesus Make A Memorable Trip To Jerusalem (Age 23)
  • Jesus Declines A Tempting Job Offer
  • Jesus And The Alexandrian Jews – Another Job Offer Refused
  • Jesus And Jude Spend Two Nights In Prison
  • Jesus Loved The Children
  • The Troublesome Jude
  • A Wedding And A Departure
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Later Adult Life – Age 27 to 29

  • Jesus The Boatbuilder (Age 27)
  • The “Master” Of Capernaum (Age 27)
  • Jesus Continues To Provide For The Family (Age 28)
  • Jesus, Annas, The Passover, And A Momentous Meeting
  • Jesus And The Indian Travelers (Age 28)
  • The Mediterranean Trip – The Human Jesus
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Early Personal Ministry

  • Jesus And Godiah – Jonah And The Whale
  • The Young Man Who Was Afraid
  • Ezra The Backslidden Jew
  • Stephen, The Young Hellenist
  • Jesus Meets With Roman Religious Leaders
  • Jesus’ Personal Ministry Style
  • Jesus Counsels The Rich Man
  • Jesus And The Thoughtless Pagan
  • Jesus Teaches About Buddhism And Inspires Ganid
  • Mercy And Justice – Self-Defense And Non-Resistance
  • Jesus Rescues An Abused Woman
  • Jesus Befriends Crispus
  • Jesus And The Two Public Women
  • Meeting With The Greek Philosopher
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More Personal Ministry Stories

  • Jesus Counsels A Discouraged Man
  • Jesus And The Young Fruit-Vendor
  • Jesus And The Roman Senator
  • Jesus And The Roman Soldier
  • Jesus And Marcus
  • Jesus Intercedes For A Man Who Was Falsely Accused
  • Jesus Takes A Lost Child Home
  • Jesus, Justus And Paul
  • Jesus Refuses To Counsel The Beggar
  • The Miller
  • The Roman Centurian
  • The Mithraic Leader
  • The Epicurean Teacher
  • The Greek Contractor
  • The Roman Judge
  • The Greek Waitress
  • The Chinese Merchant
  • The British Traveller
  • The Runaway Lad
  • The Condemned Criminal
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The Transition years before public ministry

  • Jesus Says Goodbye To His Indian Traveling Companions
  • The Caravan Trip To The Caspian
  • The Thirty-First Year (AD 25)
  • The Forty Days
  • What Happened During The Forty Days In The Hills – Six Great Decisions
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From this point on, the basic events of the life of Jesus are well- known…his preparation for ministry, events of public ministry, his death and resurrection. Nonetheless, the Urantia Book accounts of these times will add rich detail and meaning to those times, and you’ll find additional stories that flesh out and complete that momentous event in our history- that event of the Creator becoming man and revealing to the material eyes of mankind him who is invisible.

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