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Zarton’s Second Message from Space – 1-18-18

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Zarton Messages from Space – Part 2

Greetings, I am Zarton

I return to you, the awakened members of Earth, to tell you about my Starship. Some may call it a space ship, as it moves through space.  However, I call it a Starship, as it comes from the Stars.

In other words, my Ship is an “inter-galactic ship,” because I move from galaxy to galaxy within this Ship. My ship is also an “inter-dimensional ship” because I can also travel from dimension to dimension.

In fact, the fastest way to travel from galaxy to galaxy is to move into the fifth dimension, in which there is no time and space as you know it in your third/fourth dimensional reality. In the fifth dimension, “time” has a much different meaning than it does in the third and fourth dimension.

In the fifth dimension “time” is only NOW. In other words, time is not something that stretches out across space, as it does in your third dimensional world. In fact, in the fifth dimension and beyond, “time” is only HERE and NOW.

When you examine the above rendition of my Ship, it may appear to you that it is coming out of a cloud. However, in your reality, it is coming OUT of No Time and into your 3D Time. I say “3D Time” because time is very different in every dimension and on every planet.

For example, on Earth, one day means that planet Earth has made one total revolution of Her Sun. A week on your world would be counted by seven revolutions of your planet around your Sun.

You also have segments of time known as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. However, since I do not consistently travel around your Sun, my concept of time would quite different.

In fact, my concept of time is innately the no-time of the NOW. However, that concept is almost impossible for a Earth human to understand. However, once you remember your fifth dimensional SELF who resonates to the “no-time” of the fifth dimension, such as I do, you will understand.

I, Zarton, have learned from my many inter-planetary and inter-dimensional travels that the inhabitants of every world/reality are bound by the rules of that reality. I used the term “world/reality” because I am aware that the citizens of the third/fourth dimension often believe that the terms “world” and “reality” are different.

To me, and to my inter-dimensional people, the term “world” means “planet” and/or “Star System.” And the term “reality” means the society/civilization that these people have chosen to create on that “world/planet.”

For example, Gaia’s sister planet, Venus, has a very different reality from Earth, as well as from Mars. In fact, each of the planets in your Star System have very individual expressions. You may find it hard to believe that that is not the norm.

In my Star System, which I have chosen to leave un-named so as to keep the focus on Earth, most of the planets have a very similar “reality,” even though they exists in different orbs around the Sun. However, “Sun” is an Earthly title. On my world, the Sun is known as a “Star.”

Therefore, instead of having a “Home World,” we have a “Home Star.” I realize that those of you who reside on Earth, the third Star from the Sun, think of your world as only “a planet.” This is correct within your third dimensional perceptions because you are “time-bound.”

Being “time-bound” means that the beings of your Solar System are “bound” by the perceptions of reality of each “time,” such as sunrise and sunset. In fact, there are different experiences that you have within the different “times” that appear to be separate on your world.

However, on many worlds, such as your neighbors on Venus and Mars, the residents have a very different concept of time because they are on a different “place” in your Solar System.

We will not go into the civilizations of other planets within your Solar System within this NOW, as the inhabitants of Earth seem to be having enough difficulty with the concept of their “singular planet – Earth.”

It is only when a civilization reaches a state of “Planetary Consciousness” that they will be able expand their minds to embrace the concept of  “Solar System Consciousness.”

We are sorry to say that many, if not most, of the humans on Earth do not even have a sense of “Planetary Consciousness,” and are still living within the concept of different and separate continents, countries, states and civilizations.

There is also a huge gap in humanity’s perceptions of a reality formed in their past, and a reality that is being created, or destroyed, within their present. In fact, many members on Earth, who you call humans, have never experienced a different form of Earthly Reality, and are completely unaware of the many different forms of the beings from the many Galactic Realities.

In fact, many humans believe that Earth is the ONLY inhabited planet in their Star System. In fact, there are many humans who believe the Earth is the ONLY planet in your Universe. However, these people usually have no sense of what a “universe” is.

If one cannot understand the concept of a united planet in which all the inhabitants are aware of each other and chose to live in peace and camaraderie, they will not be likely to be aware of, or care about, another planet.

We have viewed, with great regret and compassion, that there are still many areas on dear Gaia’s planet in which people die of starvation, live alone with NO support from their society, or even their family, and die alone and uncared for by others.

We, the members of the higher dimensional realities, are shocked and abhorred to discover this situation. We wish to assist you, but Gaia’s operating system has not been upgraded to include the concept of an inter-planetary reality.

However, we are pleased to see that some members of Gaia’s Earth are beginning to awaken to their own Multidimensional Consciousness. Especially on Earth, the frequency of your consciousness determines how your perceive your reality and how you perceive your self. Therefore, if a human’s state of consciousness is still governed by the low frequency operating system of “power over others,” there will be victims and victimizers.

On the other hand, if humans, one-by-one, in small groups, then hopefully in larger and larger groups, can choose to expand their consciousness into “power within,” many changes for the better will occur on your greatly suffering planet.

Yes, we have observed that many humans who have now, yet, gained their “power within” are so at a loss of self-esteem that they cannot even believe in their own potential for their own inner power. We find this situation to be extremely dangerous for the health of the entire planet.

If humans are bound by “power over others,” or are so damaged by their life that they cannot remember their INNATE “power within,” that victim/victimizer scenario will infect dear planet Gaia.

What the Power-Less, and the Power-Over humans do not realize, yet, is that YOU, the inhabitants of Earth, are NOT alone. You are members of your wonderful Galactic Family of the Milky Way.

However, just as human parents my need to allow their adolescent child to make their own mistakes and “fix them themselves,” we, your Galactic Family, are waiting for you, the inhabitants of Earth, to fix the grave problems that YOU have created.

We are pleased to see that more and more of your human population are connecting with their Higher Dimensional SELF who resides on a nearby Starship or on their Homeworld.

Hence, we suggest that you all keep a journal in which your document all of your Inter-dimensional experiences. This documentation is important, as these higher frequency experiences do not remain in your human brain for a very long amount of your “time.”

We, your higher dimensional family, are no longer subject to the limitations and confusions of what you call “time and space.” We are all fifth dimensional beings who resonate to the NOW of the ONE. Therefore, we can be in constant contact with several realities within the same NOW.

Because we are not bound by time, we are not bound by sequence. Therefore, many experiences can occur at once, and our multidimensional brains can collect them all in a manner that allows us to, as we say, “Relax into the Knowing.”

The relaxing part is very important, as the state of relaxing allows us to open up our consciousness to the higher dimensional perception of your many, simultaneous possible realities.

Once your mind is open to accept events, or experiences that are not bound by a sequence, time, space, your whole brain can collect the information within the NOW of no-time.

Within the NOW of no-time, there is also no space, as it is known on your third dimensional world. Without the limitations of time and space, you can experience realities that simultaneously exist on many timelines and many different spaces.

Our Starship is among the many Starships that circle your Galaxy. Some of us even circle your planet. However, because our Ships and all the inhabitants, resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, only those who can remember how to expand their consciousness, and hence their perceptions, into the fifth dimension and beyond can consciously perceive us.

However, because humanity need to “sleep,” their perception has an opportunity to look inwards instead of outward.  When you look inwards, especially while in deep meditation or sleep when your 3D thinking is “off line,” you will be able to “remember, perceive, hope for, or even actively engage” in the adventure of exploring your inner perception of reality.

When you look out, you see your third dimensional, physical world. On the other hand, when you look in, you have the possible reality of perceiving your own “imagination.” To your human indoctrination, the term “imagination” is perceiving something that is NOT real and that you are “just imagining.”

However, as you expand your consciousness, you will begin to remember the higher dimensional version of your Multidimensional SELF who is able to consciously perceive the higher dimensions of reality that are not visible to your third dimensional perceptions.

I, Zarton, would like to close this communication by inviting all of you to join us on our Star Ship. Likely, you will do so either in your meditations or during a dream. However, if you continue with your process of “looking for the Higher, fifth dimensional Light, you will begin to receive information that you have never received before.

Please remember that our Galactic Information will come to you via a “fifth dimensional carrier wave.” Your third and fourth dimensional perceptions will likely think that what you are perceiving is “just your imagination.”

However, I Zarton, wish to remind you that:


Therefore, keep using and enhancing your natural “imagination,” as it has the ability to open you to your higher dimensional perceptions of reality.


We will return to converse with you again.


JENNY SCHILTZ – Service to Others – Service to Self – 1-14-18

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Jenny Schiltz

Published on Dec 9, 2017

Brief video on a concept that must be mastered as we move forward on the Higher Ascension Timeline Keep up to date, like my fb page



MELINE PORTIA LAFONT – Super Blue Blood Moon – January and personal update – 1-19-18


Meline Portia Lafont
Beloveds and precious hearts,
I wish you all a very beautiful and potent, loving new SOLAR year in the Now moment. I have been away and offline for about 1 month after writing a very honest and open article about my current personal situation. I wanted to share an update with you all as many have been wondering and emailing me. After this personal update I will also share a bit about this current moment, the Super Blue Blood Moon and the energies of January.
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the amazing support I have been receiving from you during a difficult time. After my December article I received a tremendous amount of support in the form of donations and emails. I am amazed and still in AWE of how much Love and support was lend to me. The donations that came in have helped me a lot and have allowed me to get through my rough month of December. I was able to breathe and take some rest. THANK YOU all for your donations, emails and support!!! Donations are always and still very welcome as I am very slightly moving, still transitioning through a very deep and difficult pathway. Financial support helps me to worry less and to focus on my health/transformation and have some rest/breather. Inspiration abounds when worries and stress for finances are gone.
December has proven to many that it was a tremendous HARSH time. I have seen more doctors in this month than I have seen in the past 10 years. Physically I have been suffering from some serious conditions, experienced a light heart attack and having all sorts of infections on top of it. It lingered on the entire month and did not improve in any way. For the first time in 10 years I had no other option than to go to the doctor, do some examinations and take in medications. Energy work, healings, alternative therapies did not help. My physical body went over a boundary that was extreme and dangerous. I was obliged to rest and take time off from everything.
At this point I am still climbing out a very deep hole… that is how it feels. My body is slowly getting stronger. And then you have the emotional and mental bodies that are peeling of their layers like crazy.. I feel ripped, vulnerable and empty of all. There is no grip anymore to find. Thanks to the donations I can focus on my health without worrying for finances, which on itself was so healing for me. I am sharing this because I want to be open, many of you will recognize yourself in this. I know what my situation is all about, so please refrain yourself from sharing me your ideas of what this means for me or any type of information/guidance. There is no meaning, it is what it is and I am aware of what this all is to me personally. I am thoroughly working with this and with myself and what it brings.
About my services: I have decided to continue my work. Some things have to change to enable this continuation, which are my rates. The services such as healings and sessions are now at a higher rate. You pay as an investment in yourself and for my investment of time and energy to assist you. These sessions and services are worthy of the new rates.
The donations that came in brought me the insight that my balance was completely off. The giving part of the scale was much heavier than the receiving part of the scale. I realized that I have done and given much more for free than what was given back/received. My rates were clearly too low as well, like many of you have informed me. By receiving all of the support, my scale became balanced again and I could experience an abundance in multiple ways. I have never experienced a flow in that area in my entire life, to taste it very shortly was a blessing and surely a path I wish to continue. As support came in, I felt EVEN MORE inspired to give more to others as well than I was already giving prior to this. And this felt good to be able and give support to others who are in need as well.
The prices of e books, audios, tools and videos remain the same. I keep them very low and some even for free. You tube videos and channelings remain free for now, so are a few audios on my website. This way ALL can work with my energy and energy work through the tools.
Typed readings are officially over. I do not longer perform channeled typed readings anymore. This is old paradigm for me, and I want to continue in new paradigm energies. If you wish information, the readings are now done through skype sessions. These sessions cover all of your questions within the chosen time frame and can cover more than what used to be offered in typed readings. All sessions are recorded and included in the rates.
Crystals will be sold soon. At this moment I am attuning the crystals with special energies of Master Saint Germain. This is new and exclusive! There will also be opportunities to order your personalized crystal with special energies of your favorite Guide Master Being. Keep an eye on my website, I aim to put them online this month.
ThePurging Quest package is on top of the list! It is a new package and quest of intense work on the Transformation path. This is all about transformation and assisting you with this journey. A channeling or connecting to your SELF course is included. Check out this package on my website, it is worthwhile to take this journey with me as you will experience my powerful Transforming energy and effect during the sessions. For those who do not know me: I AM a Violet Flame and Ray soul who carries the Lady Portia and Saint Germain Flame within. My Aquarian and Uranus birth chart enhances these qualities into the body form that I AM in this lifetime. Those souls who are already taking this Purging Quest with me are having tremendous special experiences and changes already in their lives. Proving me that this type of energy work is indeed beneficial as it is intended and designed.
Beside of this all, I am also going to study again. Back to adult school 🙂 This is to open new doors and to expand my horizon in the area of my service work. I will combine this with my current spiritual work and grow into something new. Uranus is at my but to make the changes go ahead: there is no room for going back! Bookings are available, make sure to reserve your space.
What December has brought to me as an insight is that things are no longer tolerated. Enough with it and time to keep your head up and move on. Do not linger too long in such place where you wonder or where you are missing something. What you cling onto is taken away, ripped from you. Sudden explosions and eruptions of energies, very drastically. Dangerous vibes hanging in the clouds, running all over you. The summon of “be aware”, constantly repeating itself in your mind.
I have, with pleasure, retracted myself from collective life and the world during the month of December. Just keeping a low profile as everything seemed to be enough to be attacked or to be broken off. Every breath was enough to provoke a chain of reActions. It was a very dark month as well, with weird vibes and happenings. Especially on the physical level.
I, personally, do no longer resonate with or wish to hear the word “Divine Plan”. I have seen and learned that we all do it ourselves and create it ourselves. No more keeping it outside of ourselves! A brutal change perhaps for many who follow my work and know me, yet a very welcomed and relieved insight for me. I know there are some others who are in that same space as I am. I can see that many are opening their hearts and eyes. Many are seeing through the veil of spirituality and what it means, what it IS. All worlds are merely veils, opportunities, expressions. In fact, nothing is real, everything is only vibration as it resides as a world. There it is real.
As for the rest of us, and all, concerning this month of December. The many challenges that were experienced in December have a deeper meaning and a deeper cleansing of things. YAY to the Scorpion energy we have entered in earlier. It says: “let’s go dig deep into the bottom of things, and oh yes: I can sting and be toxic as you go along.” Sounds familiar?! It surely does to me.
Up to better things – in its own way: January
Super Blue blood Moon.
The Super Blue Blood Moon is a combination of a few things. A lot of movement is to be predicted here! It is a super Full moon and a Blue moon (which is so when there is a second full moon in one month) on January 31, 2018. What adds to this occasion is that there is a total Lunar Eclipse happening as well. This Lunar Eclipse will turn the Super Blue Moon into a red-orange color because the moon will pass by in the Earth’s shadow. This can turn the moon into a reddish color.
This particular Super Blue Blood Moon is giving you the opportunity to stand your ground concerning the deeply Feminine energies and powers that might have been affected for a very long time. It is a potent moment to cherish yourself deeply and to reinstall or recover your deeply rooted Feminine self that was issued before to be given away or being hurt. Recover strength, recover self value and recover yourself. The Moon Goddess energies will help you with these empowerments.
There is something magical aligning in this sphere and it is that of resurrection. Those who have been feeling depleted will refrain from further mortification and instead make room for internal realization and take a turn in their life. This turn will no longer be twisted, but bold and clear. It is a moment to see through some things and truths, to face and to make a u-turn. Depletion will than make room for internal request, internal investigation and a change about. It is like you no longer will drive the same wheel nor the same car.
The Total Lunar Eclipse energies on the other hand are rather bringing a shift in consciousness. The question here is: do you dare or not? Are you willing to “leave behind” and do things differently than what you did so far? And when you do leave it behind, are you ready and steady to complete things first? This finalization is a shift in itself. A clear consciousness awakening and moment of heart. A door of new energy waves which opens and allows for new creational potential.
The Blood Moon energies stir emotions, deep emotions, engraved feelings and sensitivity. A rush of things will pass your radar all over again, and so it seems.
We are closing off and still wrapping up final times, as they call it. Only is it final in its chaotic and tumultuous ways. I can see January being one of these moments and months where it goes up and down – influenced by Cosmic triggers and energy waves which are blasting our way. Let us see to it that you can remain descending into the moment and ascending into the Being.
With love
Universal created gift  2012-2018.  We co-create together and share with Love. All Rights to share, blog and use excerpts are permitted by Universal law provided the content is copied unaltered, is distributed freely, and the author + website is mentioned.  Méline Portia Lafont

Battles Captured In The Sky? – Intel from Jim Stone via StarShip Earth Blog – 1-19-18 – by – by Ascension With Earth

That “Meteor” and Light Beam in Michigan: There’s Much More to This Story—Jim Stone






MIKE QUINSEY – Channeling his Higher Self – 1-19-18 – New Abilities – Living in Harmony



Yet again I find that Kryon has put out a message that contains very important information that will help to increase people’s awareness and understanding. It also tells us how we are going to helped to learn how to get on with each other. The idea of war will be replaced by tolerant and peaceful intentions. Learn about the new triad that is the new consciousness and realise that with the upliftment of the vibrations, Mankind is leaving the old paradigm behind as it has served its purpose, and makes way for a new one. Have no doubt that a new era has begun, and once the old ways are disempowered progress will speed up as that which has been hidden will be revealed. You the people are already helping create a new future that will be one of peace and loving intentions.

The following is an extract from Kryon’s message, and to read it in full simply enter the undermentioned heading in your Internet Window.


Each Being has their own schedule based upon what they chose when they were not here. Coming on line is what we will call the template. When the Pleiadians laid the groundwork for the seeding of Humanity, giving them the piece of God that you have in your esoteric seeding, you mixed your biology with them, the result was the DNA you have now and inside the things you cannot see that are Quantum and dynamic and carry with them the seeds of God. The original creation template was that Human Beings would awaken with dark and Light awareness and search for the Creator. No other animal on the planet searches for the Creator. It is not simply the intellect of the Human Being that allows this, it’s the template, and as proof of this I give you that over 85% of this planet believe in the afterlife in some way. That cannot be an accident it cannot be chance, it does not fall into the bell shaped curve. It was planned and designed that way in the template that was yours, we told you it also included that energy and system you called karma. It has been the same template until now. The time capsule of this planet created the template through processes you are not aware of that are grand and beautiful that are Quantum based, that is to say multi-dimensional that come from the Creative Source.

The Pleiadians have their DNA working at over 80% they are almost Angelic and in their physics of Consciousness they do not need crafts to travel to other places, they use what you call the process of enlightenment already seen by your physicists, where physical objects can be in two places at the same time. This is not beyond your reasoning it is simply beyond your normal experience, and they gave this planet several attributes that you use today. The template they gave you is not a controlling template, it is an influential one. It makes you think a certain way and gives you free choice about how to decide about them.

I want to talk about the new template. You are going to leave behind the idea of conquering and greed and conspiracy and power. It takes time sometimes generations for one to see the folly in what they did the time before, to realise that there are better ways to accomplish that which you really desire which is health, celebration of happiness on this lifespan you have not had before. The ability to get along with the rest of the planet, and you will have different ideas and different qualities yet you will have tolerance to get along with the rest of the planet, and you will have different ideas and different spiritual qualities, yet you will have tolerance to get along, and you will see that is the prime directive for that will create what you always wanted –not war.

There are three more templates coming, this is just the beginning, there are no markers to pass, but there are places where literal inventions that will make a difference of what you are aware of and what you do next, and a new template will be needed for you to think beyond where you were before, these are templates of awareness and the very fact you have a new one being broadcast from the nulls and nodes, you should celebrate because there are those who said it would never ever happen. The Triad is the new consciousness that involves the three parts of the consciousness that we channelled about specifically, they are the brain, intuition and heart. The heart has the highest magnetic field of any organ including the brain, and in the body there is more activity in the heart than the brain. Science sees it as the second brain.


Re-valuation of the currencies is still the focal point for many people and the waiting still goes on, yet there signs that the final days are upon us. One thing is for sure and that is whatever happens it will eventually come about. It will be a time marker that is the start of great changes in the money markets, and more importantly the making of currencies that fairly reflect their real value. It may start in a small way but will eventually result in a review of all currencies. The days of fixing currency values to the advantage of investors or speculators will no longer be possible, and all dealings will be above board and honestly carried out.

If you take note you will find that honesty in all types of transactions will be the order of the day, and those that are less than honest will be revealed and unable to hide their actions. Honesty will be the byword in all things, and there will come a time when it will be impossible to hide the truth. The new Age will show up all that is less than honest and there will be nowhere to hide such activities. Naturally as a fair society is built up and all people treated as equals, people will begin to live in a happy, peaceful and loving atmosphere. It may be early days to ask you to focus on what is coming, yet the more that do so the quicker those times will arrive.

The changes clearly have to start somewhere, and it may well be the City of Light that Genii has recently informed us is now near to manifesting. Certainly there is a renewed activity where it is concerned, and the impression given is that we are very close to seeing the first City of Light manifest in Sedona. Genii regularly visits her friends in the City and there is great optimism that something will happen very soon. Yes, you have heard it all before but as time passes and the vibrations continue to rise up, the ideal conditions get closer and closer. There are some great celebrations to come and when they do the joy and happiness that will be expressed, will far exceed past disappointments. The time of change is upon you, so keep positive and do not waste your energy on negative thoughts. Unless you still have karma to clear, you should be able to enjoy a smooth path to advance you ever forwards.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light