SANDRA WALTER – Quantum Conversation with Lauren Galey – Ascension, New Earth, Unity Consciousness – 2-22-18


Sandra is back;  healing her body, after  a  serious car accident.

An incredible stream of information and guidance.


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ Apologies for the temporary whirring sound early in the show; it doesn’t last long, just my mic picking up the humidifier! Audio replay & details at… For services and Ascension support, visit

STEVE AITCHESON @ In5D – New Earth News – 5 Things You Must Do to Shift Into New Earth – by Michelle Walling – 2-23-18


by Steve Aitchison,

It’s the era of the universe and its signs. It’s the time of shifting into a new level of consciousness. The days of work, planning, goal setting, preparing and struggling are over. We are now slipping into the realm of the universal laws that have always been in place for us, we’re just finally opening up to receive and believe them.

Our governments are in control and religions have a loud angry presence. We no longer have our own voices and we are forced to face hate, corruption, deceit, negativity, poverty, death and all other influences on this earth that are putting our world in constant turmoil. All of this is going on constantly around the world every second of the day. While all this hate is going on in the physical plain, the internet is taking on a whole new dimension.  The love and spirituality that is spreading on the World Wide Web is like a fire out of control and millions are embracing it.

The time to be spiritual and universal is greater than ever. It is vitally important to shift our vibrational energy in order for the world to be a more peaceful planet. We have had our hands in making it evil an d volatile. Only we can change that into something that is beautiful and can bring us to co-exist in love and harmony.

We are collectively moving into a more spiritual awakening with good reason. The only thing left for us to do is shift our energy into something that can only be of benefit to our earth.

So how do we do this and is it possible? Anything and everything is possible. It won’t be easy and won ’t happen overnight. The world didn’t get this way in a day. With practice and patience, we can make this world the beautiful planet that it once was.

1. Be in the here and now.

Live for the moment only. The moment of time where the only thing that matters is the present. Your life, your health , your surroundings, the people around you and the love that fills you. Ours is not to worry about tomorrow or fret about yesterday. Be here now.

2. Everything is temporary.

Jobs, family, sickness, even life. Nothing is permanent. We are all here temporarily and everything we feel and go through is temporary as well. Understanding and appreciating that things aren’t permanent reminds us to love right now. Be blessed and abundant right now. Open our energy up to only love and peace.

3. All for one and one for all.

We are all equals here . We breathe the same space, we all live on this big planet together. We all have the same dreams and existence. We are born, we live and then we die. Equally. No one is better than the other. The sooner we get that the sooner we can love each other.

4. Do everything with love.

No matter what it is. Work , grocery shopping, laundry, helping a stranger, walking your dog. Make sure you do it with all the love you feel in your heart. The more love you have and feel, the more your energy w ill vibrate and reach others. That’s what this is all about anyway, right? Shifting the energy to a love field.

5. Ask believe and receive.

The universal law of attraction. And it works. The universe will give you anything you want as long as you believe it and fee l it. We are spreading the laws of the universe around the world for the simple reason that the sooner people realize that they can anything they want, misery, pain and sorrow will diminish to the point of nonexistence. We won’t have to fight for what we want and living in peace will be within our reach.

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Message from the Mothers – Mother Mary, Mother Gaia, Mother God via galaxygirl – by Meindert Arends – 2-23-18


Ashtar Command Crew

Greetings dear children of my heart, and song of my soul. It is I, your Mother Mary, here to lend a supporting ear and to shower you with love and support from on high this eve. For much that you hold close to your heart in the hidden places – the hidden chambers of hope and of joy yet revealed – are about to come into fruition, into your current field or trajectory. Or to put it more plainly, prosperity is coming down your pathways, to great you warmly in the sunshine of sweet dreams about to become your new reality on Nova Gaia. This warms my heart, our hearts, with great joy and eager expectations. For we know you are so weary, our dear sweet grounded ones, who just keep on holding the light and in actuality are bringing this forth quite effortlessly. We know you would disagree with this but it is true, you are acting as masters, not apprentices, and this warms our hearts. For we love you all so and have watched you mature for eons. I blow kisses to you now.

I am your Mother Gaia! Children, look around you and feel the hope of new purpose and new days ahead brimming within me and tap into it. Tap into me and feel my peace so that I may share it with you. The crystals are humming happily with my new frequencies of light and of Christed consciousness, and remember, we are all connected, so therefore you too are humming within your newly developing crystal form that is coming on line, and oh children, you are so beautiful. If you could only see what I see! But you will soon, shortly, for all is unfolding so fast now. That is likely why many of you have had so many ascension symptoms of late, for it is happening fast and for you energy sensitives you are going to feel it more acutely. That is alright. For all is well in the end and the end is just the beginning of a new life, a new reality, a new hope for me and for my precious kingdoms, my children. For we are like a big, huge, beautiful flower that is suddenly glowing brighter and brighter and then bursts forth afire with light, luminous in its beauty. I am so proud of you. I am your Mother Gaia. Lean into me. Find a tree and hug it and I’ll be hugging you right back! It is true dear hearts. I love you endlessly. I am your Mother Gaia.

What more needs to be said after these two bright love-lights? Not much! I am your Mother God and you need to know children, and appreciate, how much support you have in this Now moment. For truly we are all totally available for you and you are sensing this Now more deeply and acutely than ever before, are you not? For the veil of forgetfulness that wrapped between the worlds is thinning ever so quickly. And the dark ones are shocked and astonished. For their time is coming to be once again one with the light, with us the family of the light and one with me. Love is the ultimate healer. Now is the time for forgiveness and renewal as we create together. You children, are the fire of my heart and I love you. I pour my honey love all over you, down your face soothing away your tears of sadness and replacing them with tears of joy; into your heart opening it, expanding it wider, into your past pain, coating those hard lessons learned with bejeweling light – the lessons of tough truths that formed you; down into you belly as you digest and expand within the new energies of hope and love, and at last down into your feet as the new anchors for the New Earth. And we now send this pulsing light deep into Mother Gaia who thanks you for sharing your light and love with her and with her kingdoms. For her kingdoms are your kingdoms are they not? To tend after and to protect? Yes. All are connected! For we are all one! One big happy family with a few skirmishes at the dinner table here and there and all are in the process of returning it the light, ever to the light, for all is light, and love. All is Source. Therefore children be comforted. For how could you possibly be alone? I hold you tightly to my bosom and sing you lullabies of sweet tomorrows. Now go to sleep and be at peace. And if it is daytime for you, let me hold your hand during your day and smooth the rough patches away with my honey love that coats everything with love light and new beginnings. I am your Mother God.



Originally posted on THE TEACHINGS OF QUENTIAL:

If you do not like what you see in the mirror

which reflects your reflections,

then we are reflecting upon something else, as we do.

Just remember that what you often find displeasing in others

are issues within yourself coming to light,

especially when it manifests as anger…


Is the Sun Going Into Solar Minimum? – 2-24-18 – by Blue Dragon Journal

Sunny: Early this morning, I woke up

and saw that I had received an email message from a long-time reader.

It was a warning about some Space Weather that

we are about to receive as our Sun goes into Solar Minimum.

My reader was referring to an article that she read …

via Is the Sun Going Into Solar Minimum? — Blue Dragon Journal

GOD’S PLAN – by The Sweet Hive – 2-12-18


It’s our unbelief that blocks our blessings.  How many times do we blame our circumstances, people or fear for not following through on God’s plan for our lives?  I’ve been there plenty of times.  I’ve allowed complacency to fester, afraid that if I even tried, it would blow up in my face.  But how hypocritical is that?  I sang songs of God’s ability to do the impossible.  I raised my hands, clapped, underlined the passage, took a picture of it and even reposted God’s promises on social media. Yet, I couldn’t walk the walk.

Faith is taking the first step before God reveals the second.  God moves when we move.

In Luke 17:5-6, the apostles said to Jesus “Increase our faith!”  The Lord replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.”

It’s hard.  If we go by what we see and not by God’s promises, we stumble.  We freeze in fear.  The Bible tells us, if we seek, we will find (Deuteronomy 4:29).  That’s the key.  Seek and God will reveal Himself.  He places the right things and people to keep us going.   Never ever, would I have left a good full time job for the unknown, but He made me brave and He gave me peace. All along, He was building my faith, shaping my character and strengthening my trust and courage muscles.  For someone who loves to be in control and who battles anxiety, He did the impossible by removing the turmoil from my heart.

Even when you know God is with you, it isn’t always easy.  Our faith gets tested, worrying can begin to form, but it’s when you stay planted in His promises then you know without a shadow of a doubt that He will make a way even where there seems like no way.  Listening to Elevation Worship, Do It Again was my anthem.  Every time my situation seemed bleak, this song would rejuvenate my faith and spark a fire in my soul.

Your promise still stands.  Great is Your faithfulness.  I’m still in Your hands. This is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet.  – Do It Again, Elevation Worship

I don’t know how God carried me or my family through the last 4 months while I was without a job, but He did.  He supplied all our needs, just as He promised (Philippians 4:19).  As I reflect on the past season of faith, I can’t help but fill up with tears because He is so good!  He is faithful, never failing, always present BIG God!

It was raining really bad yesterday.  The sky was a dark grey and the ride home from picking up my daughter from school was gloomy.  But there at a stop light, I received an email that changed my season into victory.  I got the job!  Not just any job.  The job I was wanting, at the location I wanted, with the pay I wanted and the hours I wanted.  Only God!

I don’t know where you are today, perhaps you are wanting to take a leap of faith to follow God’s plan for your life.  Use my testimony as evidence that God will never fail you.  He has a plan to prosper you, not harm you (Jeremiah 29:11).  You may look crazy to others, but remember those from the Bible that went before us and looked foolish (Noah, Sarah, Abraham just to name a few).  That’s how God gets the glory.  He takes what seems impossible and makes a way. They say it only takes a little faith to move a mountain, so even if that’s all you have, you can do BIG things my friend.

EDWARD MORGAN – Amazing Image Shows Bright Light and Sparks That Occur at Conception – 2-20-18 – by Prepare For Change


A colleague was nice enough to pass along one of those stories that will just light up your day.

 In your mind’s eye, have you ever thought/pictured the precise moment when human life begins, that instant when sperm meets ovum? We see representations, but that falls short.

Well, what if someone told you human life begins (as Sarah Knapton, science editor for the Daily Telegraph, put it) as “An explosion of tiny sparks [which] erupts from the egg at the exact moment of conception.” The romantic in you might say, “What I always suspected.”

You can see this remarkable display of bright flashes of light–this “fireworks” here.

What explains this phenomenon which scientists had previously seen in animals and now for first time in humans?

According to Knapton

The bright flash occurs because when sperm enters and egg it triggers calcium to increase which releases zinc from the egg. As the zinc shoots out, it binds to small molecules which emit a fluorescence which can be picked up by camera microscopes.

“These fluorescence microscopy studies establish that the zinc spark occurs in human egg biology, and that can be observed outside of the cell,” said Professor Tom O’Halloran, a co-senior author and director of Northwestern University’s Chemistry of Life Processes Institute, of a study that appeared in Scientific Reports.

A companion paper was published, also in Scientific Reports, Knapton explains. In that experiment

a zinc spark is shown at the precise time a sperm enters a mouse egg.

This discovery was made by Zhang, a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern. Little is known about the events that occur at the time of fertilization, because it is difficult to capture the precise time of sperm entry. Note: Dave Andrusko is the editor of National Right to Life News and an author and editor of several books on abortion topics. This post originally appeared in at National Right to Life News Today —- an online column on pro-life issues.