Brad Johnson – Adronis – Hybrids, Historians of the Future and Looking Glass Dimensions

Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings

In a private session, Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson speaks on Hybrids to inhabit Earth in the future, Historians of the future and the technology of looking glass dimensions


The New View of God

Owen Waters

Owen Waters


When I was a child in Sunday School classes, I was taught to view God as someone very personal. We were given an image of a human-like God who personally watched over each and every one of us. That was long before the Hubble Space Telescope started to show us how incredibly huge the universe is. In the decades since, our appreciation of the size of the universe has increased enormously. Likewise, our view of the size of God has increased enormously.

Today, we realize that God, as an omnipresent being, must be at least the size of the entire universe. By current estimates, the universe contains over a hundred billion galaxies, each one containing an estimated two hundred billion suns. That means that there are countless trillions of planets, each one filled with the all-pervasive presence of that which created them. This brings us to today’s prevalent spiritual dilemma.

With God’s presence being so far-reaching, how can there be any semblance of the personal attention that we were taught to expect from a father-like God image? Today, you are left wondering whether God is, (a) personal, or (b) so large in scale as to be infinitely impersonal. Surely, one idea would exclude the other.

Or would it? A paradox is something that contains opposite statements and yet both are true. The secret to solving paradoxes is to start using the word ‘and’ instead of ‘or.’ The question is not whether God is infinitely large or personal. The question becomes, how can God be infinite in size and personal as well?

The answer lies within the Paradox of Infinite Being. The term Infinite Being is used here as the ultimate concept of God. The word Infinite, as in omnipresent. The word Being, as in omniscient awareness. Infinite Being is the perfect, unchanging consciousness behind all of Creation.

Because Infinite Being is consciousness, and nothing but consciousness, it is appropriate to note here that nothing in Creation is anything but consciousness in one form or another. Energy is simply a compressed form of consciousness set into motion. Matter is energy. Therefore matter is a form of consciousness. It can’t be any other way, because consciousness is the only tool with which Infinite Being has to work. We are a dream within the mind of the Creator. The universe was created within the consciousness of Infinite Being.

I remember being told in a science class at school that space must be infinite in size because there couldn’t be anything beyond the end of space; therefore, it had to go on forever. It didn’t sound right at the time, and now I know why. Space is actually finite, because it was created within Infinite Being. The created must be less than its creator, therefore space must be less than infinite. Beyond the envelope of space lies that which created it.

In order to create the universe, Infinite Being divided the ‘waters’ – its consciousness – into two aspects: Creator and Preserver. In the West, we are used to thinking of the Creator as God the Father, while the Preserver aspect is called the Holy Spirit. In the East, the names are different but the principles are exactly the same. For example, the Hindu name for the Creator aspect is Brahma, while Vishnu represents the aspect that preserves and sustains the universe. Stories of Creation from all over the world share the common thread of two complementary aspects coming together to bring light into existence.

The two aspects of Creator and Preserver were set into complementary motion in order to manifest the universe. Through the interaction of these two aspects of original consciousness, the universe was formed and, along with it, the capability for Infinite Being to view itself from an infinite number of viewpoints.

The human race today represents approximately seven billion different viewpoints of the one Source. According to the rules of the human adventure, we were born with spiritual amnesia. We have forgotten our inner connection. The challenge of the game is to discover and consciously reconnect with that to which, in reality, we are and always were connected. Self-awareness and free will are included in the rules of the game. The illusion of separateness from each other is created by an intense focus upon life in an outer, physical world, as viewed by the five senses. People are free to choose to interact with other people in the ways that they see best.

People can even choose to believe that they are separate from that ultimate Source to which they are connected. Atheism, therefore, is not a lack of belief. It’s a belief in something that isn’t so. If you have an inbuilt connection to God, yet believe that you don’t, you are expressing a belief, not a lack of one.

Mystics talk of experiencing a sense of oneness with the infinite while in deep meditation. Those who can go still deeper into the realms of consciousness report that there is more to it than just a feeling of oneness. Deep within, you aren’t so much an individual who is as one with Infinite Being. You are Infinite Being!

You are Infinite Being, observing itself through the one viewpoint that is you. You aren’t a part of Infinite Being. You are Infinite Being, acting from one specific point of view. Likewise, every sentient being is also Infinite Being, looking at itself from their own unique points of view.

The solution to the Paradox of Infinite Being is that, while we are a part of an immense universe of almost unlimited proportions, we are also Infinite Being itself. As you experience life through your eyes and ears and senses, you are Infinite Being, acting through yet another viewpoint of the infinite variety of life. Every fiber of your body is Infinite Being, every dream that you manifest is Infinite Being in action, every tear of joy that you shed in the finer experiences of life is a tear shed by Infinite Being in its form as you.

You can be closer to God than ever before when you realize that every part of your body, mind and spirit is God. Even in this strange world where we appear to be separate from everyone else, the conscious awareness of the presence of God is a mere thought away.

Courtesy of Owen Waters,



Life has no charm or meaning without motivation, it is just an existence.
Your life’s purpose is something you must find. Enthusiasm can be for a negative and destructive cause or a positive and uplifting cause and is amplified in numbers. Static people will look for anything to bring motivation. In short, we all need something to live for and when you are locked up, muzzled, separated, and distanced from each other and programmed with fear, then society can easily be herded to the agenda of the government.

We are in epic times and the leadership of America has a chance to rebuild itself and clean house, or it will be facing destruction and a new government of a socialist nature, all of which has been proven in society to not work. The young, unemployed, mentally programmed, and brainwashed are looking for something to participate in and are being manipulated by the extreme left ideology that is about to be exposed for its corruption.

While patriotism and love of the country are at an all-time high on the opposite end, elements of fact and clarity are coming to the surface with computer hard drives revealing the nature of some leaders. The whole world is being enslaved and tested for outright takeover by the New World Order. There are major disinformation and propaganda everywhere and accusations, which is exactly what is happening with the political left.

Never before has a president been so mocked and hated for uncovering the corruption that the ‘good old boys’ fear may be exposed and removed.

Iran Allows Women to Run for President in 2021 After 40-Year Policy Reversal — Golden Age of Gaia

By Leah Rodriguez, Global Citizen, October 21, 2020 Women have been prevented from running for president in Iran for more than 40 years, but that all might change soon. Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei, spokesperson for Iran’s all-male Guardian Council, said in a recent press conference that women will not be prohibited from entering the 2021…

Iran Allows Women to Run for President in 2021 After 40-Year Policy Reversal — Golden Age of Gaia

Sweden Refuses to Impose New Lockdown Measures: ‘People Have Suffered Enough’ — Humans Are Free

Health authorities in Sweden have refused to follow the rest of Europe by imposing new coronavirus lockdown measures on their population, arguing that those beset by loneliness and misery of being isolated have suffered enough. Despite Sweden mirroring other countries on the continent with rising coronavirus infections, the government has held firm in refusing to…

Sweden Refuses to Impose New Lockdown Measures: ‘People Have Suffered Enough’ — Humans Are Free

The Collective, Message to Lightworkers, October 23, 2020 — Higher Self

Lord Adama ~ Stand-off as the Light and Dark Become One ~ A Deeper Understanding — LORD ADAMA DISCOURSES

Lord Adama ~ Stand-off as the Light and Dark Become One ~ A Deeper Understanding — LORD ADAMA DISCOURSES

Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 31 — Stankov’s Universal Law Press

The Elohim: How We Accomplished the First Planetary Ascension in May 2014 Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 24, 2020 This message of the Elohim contains all the elements of the planetary ascension as we shall experience it this … Continue reading →

Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 31 — Stankov’s Universal Law Press

In UN Rebuke, Trump Administration Leads A 32-Nation Signing Ceremony Of Declaration That States There Is No ‘International Right To Abortion’ — Now The End Begins — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

The Trump administration led a 32-nation signing ceremony of a declaration that affirms there is no international right to abortion. Last night’s debate showed the startling differences between what you would get in a Joe Biden administration versus what we have seen over the past four years of the Trump administration. But there is no more […]

In UN Rebuke, Trump Administration Leads A 32-Nation Signing Ceremony Of Declaration That States There Is No ‘International Right To Abortion’ — Now The End Begins — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Abundance Alchemy 101: Part II ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 23 October 2020 — The Earth Plan

Live your Life as if YOU and everything in it is a MIRACLEThis is perfect ~ I was just thinking earlier today that collective healing for Humanity needs to start NOW, and each of us can contribute to this in some way that aligns. Source: Nicky HamidABUNDANCE ALCHEMY 101: Part IIThe sharing of my private…

Abundance Alchemy 101: Part II ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 23 October 2020 — The Earth Plan

President Trump Makes Stunning Announcement That Sudan Now Third Muslim Nation To Join The Abraham Accords And Make Peace With Israel — Now The End Begins — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

US President Donald Trump announced Friday that Sudan has agreed to make peace with Israel, making it the third Arab state to normalize ties as part of US-brokered Abraham Accords deal since August. If any other president had accomplished what President Trump has done in regards to peace in the Middle East, they would be a […]

President Trump Makes Stunning Announcement That Sudan Now Third Muslim Nation To Join The Abraham Accords And Make Peace With Israel — Now The End Begins — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

News and Views – 10-24-20


First test of ‘immunity passport’ takes place today


????? – Watch Runor Mill News very carefully today

 Public health experts fail to factor in the negative effects of enforcing their radical policies in response to CV-19

40 Min A.I.M. Audio Podcast: “Poor Performers” Trump Executive Order Moves Closer to Dismantling Senior Executive Service ( SES )

Senate Demands…..

Seattle City Council member justifies looting

Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons

ANH: “Supplement Doomsday Coming?”

 “Patreon Joins The Purge

NaturalNews: ‘Research reveals: Humans have a “salamander-like regenerative capacity” to regrow cartilage in joints’

Spiritually RAW Podcast – Gene Decode Part 2 – ‘New World Incoming’ (Decode by Kat)

The “BOOM” promised yesterday was

 NaturalNews: “Are your state lawmakers taking cash bribes from Big Pharma?”

 Anna Von Reitz: “Where Freedom of Speech Begins”

FRIDAY COMEDY with Bartzis and Dean ‘LIVE’ – October 23rd, 2020

Lisa Transcendence Brown – Ascended NEW Earth Light Letter


Meet Lisa - Awakening To Remembering
Lisa Transcendence Brown


Aloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!

Everyone is here to awaken to a whole new energetic world that exists way beyond the old physical focused world. While each will do this in their own “time” and ways, no one has to wait “until later” (the old linear way) … and each can choose/decide to take the steps to do this intentionally/consciously for themselves.

Many have already done this and are sharing the simplicity and immensity of realities emanating from Pure Love, Deep Inner Connected Peace and Deep Sacred Respect, all through their own experiences, realizations and caring/generosity/kindness/softness/Light Energy/Consciousness/Love. It’s beyond beautiful to observe/feel/see…. each bringing their own new awarenesses, ways and Sacred Remembrance forth to power the inner-connected gridwork/networking system that we describe by using the Sacred words “Our NEW Earth”. 

With each that learns (Remembers) how to expand their own Consciousness with each merging/integration process, holding this Divine Essence through their own lives…. there are more Unity Consciousness Opportunities available… through the dissolution of ego separation that existed within each before…

As each learn to tune and consciously shift all as Light (which is Pure Love), the softness, the humbleness, the humility and kind energy opens up portals to all new realities that were once walled up/blocked/closed off. Exchanging the old realities for all new ones that FEED, NOURISH and SUPPORT your/our/each’s SOUL (Light) is a part of the process for us all.

Yes, we have masses awakening through their own individual journeys, which also correlates to many collectives holding specific beliefs. As each works through their own separation programming and the chaos/confusion/turmoil/craziness that early processes of awakening bring… THEIR OWN LIGHT will spark/emerge/become visible from inside (we can see it from outside) and entire collectives hearts will finally burst open and new understandings will start to come forth… offering alternatives, new options and all new ways not visible by everyone before. 

One realization is that we don’t have to fight and kill each other and that we are here to BE/DO so much more through Pureness, through Unity, through working together, through upliftment/supporting each other and bringing our vast knowledge, vast abilities, vast Light together to create/build/accomplish with EASE… instead of the old ways of ego destruction, ego ownership, ego manipulation, ego selfishness and imposing or violating sacred trust.

As all REMEMBER that we are Light Family, that we are Soul Family, that we are Star Family and this RAYdiates out to our Communities that we inner-act with, as well as any/every exchange that we have, the dysfunction/distortions become visible as a renewed LOVE is felt.

From beyond the old linear perceptions, a “new” Sacred REMEMBRANCE is born, and with this, all new “realities” and possibilities too….

While 3D/4D Old earth is magnetized/energized (and depleted) through polarizing energies of fear, lack, pain, anger, hurt and “against”, we unite through polar opposite magnetics of Love, Kindness, Softness and an Empowered State of Consciousness that has the ability to consciously dissolve the separation programming and unify our desire to come together to support, uplift, share and create/grow all new realities into the most beautiful experiences possible…. and expand these out to invite all others ready to do the work/same too. ♥

In every given moment… shifting can occur… when each’s heart/mind/body/energy/Consciousness all are aligned (Unified) AS ONE…. (This is our Light Body).

What’s available is exciting… when we are open/willing/embracing exploring, discovering and bringing forth “all new”…. when we love SHARING with all/others… and live from deep Sacred Respect, Soul Integrity (completely different than human integrity programs) and embark on the adventure of our Inner-Landscape/Inner-Sanctuary/Inner-Realms/Inner-BEing, where NEW EARTH IS birthed/seeded and grows/emanates from…. 

As this new world of AWE INSPIRING WONDER opens up inside, this beautiful and magnificent playground to explore…. the old earth loses it’s appeal, as it’s not fulfilling anymore… What presents is “not fixed”, offering a multitude of choices, directions and options … and the only thing getting in the way is each’s own mind, each’s own believed/perceived limits, each’s own conditioning/programming…. As each realizes this and embraces breaking all of that energy down from deep within and dissolving the separation held inside, they free themselves from previously held dis-empowered states of judgment and fear…. the excuses/stories/procrastination goes….. and shifting occurs easier because the heart/mind/whole body-BEing is wide open and fully ready for this!

We each get to do all of this ourselves … not influenced by anything outside anymore. How cool is that?!!! It’s all up to each one of us now and everyone gets to  choose anytime they are are ready! Way cool! Talk about empowering!

This year is “just the beginning”…. so pace yourself and honor your inner-world fully… consciously creating aligned with your own highest version/aspect of you…. Living the Dream fully by energetically and consciously letting go/releasing/dissolving all that represents the old and no longer supports/has a place in your own beautiful new. ♥

As always, check my site directly for new articles/updates… as more will be added as we continue/flow. Today, I just wanted to share some exquisiteness/feeling/heart/soul connection/expansion photos…. to inspire you to continue to merge your Consciousness with Gaia/Universally/NEW Earth beauty and achieve the ability to hold these higher vibrational frequencies (and Consciousness) with your whole body/BEing to continue/expand/experience more LIGHT PRESENCE too! Continue to open up to fully allow for the magical, amazing, exquisite, pristine, pure and soft experiences… to awaken more beauty within and bring forth more for you/all too. ♥

p.p.s. We always have more “new” we are working on to make available for all. New pages, new reSOURCEs, new activations and Light Intelligence/information…. it just takes “time” to accomplish all, as the linear work is the most challenging when we are doing so very much every day. Some NEW Earth Projects and Programs have been in the works for years, others are recently new …. and all are exciting, support HUmanity as a greater whole, with living/accomplishing through Unity Consciousness and greater ease. We will be posting as these are available too…. over the next few months and into this next linear year. ♥

For now, in-JOY some heart inspiration below from me to you. ♥
Keep Anchoring NEW EARTH CODES, Embracing, Honoring, Building, Shining and Sharing Your Pure Light as Love,

Feel the BEaUty

Cmdr Ashian via Jennifer Crokaert – What to do before the Big Step

Ashian: There is much change afoot.

The challenge is that while most of you can feel it, most of you cannot see it. Yet. The next Big Step is very close.

There are those who will react in fear, but you, our light sisters and brothers – though you may experience temporary overwhelm – will find the next phase reassuring.


J: That’s an odd word to use for such a terrible unveiling (at least that’s how I see it).

A: It will reassure you that the plan is on track. That you are moving forwards, towards a clear goal that you have always felt and known in your beingness.

There is a feeling of ‘hollowness’ that we perceive among many of the lightworker family. Allow us to explain what this is.

At present there is a convergence occurring.

The changes you wish to see can only manifest in tangible form when a certain vibration has been achieved. There was a tipping point for this vibrational alignment achieved a while ago; once the collective energy reached this point, it was guaranteed you would be able to attain the frequency you require for the Big Step.

What is currently happening is like a washing machine, or a drier, that is spinning frantically, getting faster and faster as the momentum grows, leaving space inside while the washing is stuck to the edges of the barrel.

Light workers’ vibration levels are growing exponentially. You are ‘sucking in’ much of the psychic and emotional dross that has not yet been cleared by humanity, in order to make the transition after the Big Step, easier for those who are currently still snoozing.

This is exhausting work. We understand that the lightworker family is bone tired, that many of you don’t sleep, that you have financial troubles, health worries, family concerns, and that on top of all this, you are working emotionally and psychically overtime. It is no wonder you are exhausted and feeling empty.

This work, this energetic transformation, needs to be done ‘in form’, as a human. That is why it cannot be done by the Galactics, though we help as much as we are allowed to, in line with Divine Law.

You are about to turn the corner. It will give you reassurance that you are doing what you are here to do, being who you are here to be. Yes, it will cause – and force – a great many changes, but these changes have already been planned in minute detail; from the most unknown one of you to the most famous among you, no-one is invisible to us or unassisted in these times.

Many of you will have noticed the increased focus on personal care among channels and wise ones. Take care of yourselves, your bodies, in any way you can. Your physical vessels are undergoing immense transformation, while also working tirelessly with you to uplift and transform Gaia and all humanity.

J: To be honest, we are just rehashing the words you have said so often before. I don’t mean to be rude, but ‘keep going’ is hard to hear when so many are so utterly exhausted.

A: It is still required. You still need to care for and nurture yourselves.

It is still required, so that you will have the strength in the last stage of the marathon you are running. You have all come this far, but the hardest is perhaps still to come, as there will be a massive energetic shift on the planet, which will create massive energetic shifts within all beings.

These energetic changes need to be normalised, adapted to, so that you can comfortably hold them within your bodies. This is energetic work at Olympic level, not high school level.

So take excellent care of your sweet selves.

J: I understand. It would just be more exciting to get something glossy, rather than repeating the same old information. We humans like new and shiny!

A: Then it may disappoint you to know that after the Big Step, you will be doing the same work as you are now!

J: Brilliant! Thanks for that!

A: However, it will take on a whole new depth and dimension. But for now, focus on keeping as upbeat as you can, honouring the feelings that bring you down … when you feel those uncomfortable, ugly feelings by noticing them and accepting them – you don’t have to find their root in your childhood, just let them know you have seen them, that is enough to clear them.

J: Sincerely, all joking aside, thank you.

A: We are always with you. Any of you who need us, need only call upon us and we are with you.

J: That is good to know. Thanks Ashian.…

ALEX COLLIER – EARTH and our Galaxy True History

Katerina Kostaki Official


Andromedan-Earth Representative on the Galactic Council Alex Collier presents in this two-hour speech the true history of Earth, our Galaxy and humanity and also gives us valuable information about the Galactic Council, our Evolution to the higher dimension and the extraterrestrials races which played a decisive role in our evolution and in shaping the current situation upon Earth.  

1.… 2.… 3.… 4.…


Holographic Mind: by Meg Benedicte

by Meg | Oct 14, 2020


I have always been fascinated by the power of the holographic mind and the human ability to transcend the physical realm, to instantaneously shift into the imaginary world of cognitive visualization. Not only can we imagine an entirely different reality in our mind, but the body responds to that virtual reality as if it is ‘real’.

Astonishingly, the brain cannot distinguish between an imagined experience or an actual physical experience…the mirror neurons in the brain act in similar fashion whether we are the observer or the participant. The body responds the same to both experiences. Human beings are wired for empathy.

The human organism is designed to particulate matter according to the exchange of information streaming in through photon (light) molecules. Human DNA uses photon light frequencies as an information tool for intercellular communication.  Within the brain there are millions of neurons (nerve cells) that communicate with each other at synapses through neurotransmitters.

As the human mind converts transmissions from the universal hologram, it fires neurons in harmony (in phase) called a “binding” process. Consciousness travels from our brain through a complex network of neural pathways to the receptor sites in our cells simultaneously through the entanglement of sub-atomic particles and the wave quality of photon light.

As a quantum healer, I use the power of this entrainment bonding in distance-healing with my clients. When two or more minds mutually focus on a singular purpose, no matter where we live, our brain waves began to mimic and match and our bodies experience identical sensations. We create ‘group coherence’ when we join together and form a ‘united mind’ in our global activations.

Olympic athletes have introduced meditation visualization in their training practice, strengthening their physical stamina by envisioning the entire race from start to finish. We can take advantage of this biological phenomenon by focusing intentioned visions of our future as if it is already formed. When two or more people partner together, especially with a common intention and focus…the electrical signaling, frequencies, peaking and troughing of the brain waves become resonant.

The human mind is multi-dimensional and linked to the ‘universal mind’. It is also malleable and vulnerable to manipulation. Biofeedback researchers in the 1960s were surprised when research subjects were able to mentally isolate nerve cells and have voluntary control over those cells apart from any other. The studies also discovered that many feelings, body sensations, and drugged states are attached to mind-brain ‘programs’.

When triggered, the subjects experienced a series of memories, false memories, hypnotic commands, and body sensations that were attached together in a ‘program’. With limited cognitive brain capacity, humans are susceptible to suggestive dominant mind-control programs that enter from the media and familial, cultural, and religious belief systems.

A portion of the brain’s transmissions originate from the ‘global collective’ brain. The human mind consists of a variety of separate ‘programs’ that have developed throughout history (e.g. misogyny, racism, sexism), some dating back thousands of years ago. Due to continual fragmenting of the human psyche from early childhood, there exist an array of distorted mental programs that require healing, clearing and transmuting. Our minds need a thorough purging!

According to Trauma Healer, Jane Clapp ( “Neuroscientists argue that people more likely to believe conspiracy theories have brains more prone to illusory pattern perception, AKA finding connections where there are none, related to extra levels of dopamine. Dopamine is released when our brain is expecting a reward. Once the brain sees a pattern often heightened by the survival-based negativity bias we all have at birth, we get a jolt of ‘excitement’. We actively seek out and zero in on perceived or actual threats to our survival. The negativity bias is further amplified by chronic or traumatic stress via negative neuroplasticity. We become VERY good at noticing potential threat. Once we have enough information to support a theory, then comes the confirmation bias. Ahh yes! See!!!! All these random pieces of information now make sense. ‘The smoke alarm part of my brain is telling me the truth. Here is the ‘evidence’.’ This heightened activation then limits access to our prefrontal cortex keeping our lid flipped and a loop is created reinforcing hyperarousal, in addition to the negativity and confirmation bias. A chronically flipped lid is how we often lose discernment and personal agency. Once we jump on a loop that loop can become very hard to jump off. ”

In light of unprecedented problems now facing the world, both as a species and as a planet, we need to develop ‘mental resilience and strength’.  With the introduction of digital AI algorithms and the distorted mental programs that evolved over time to survive specific situations are making us easy targets for manipulation.  We need to contain our mental space and develop multi-dimensional dual-brain balance.

When we unlock from the global ‘virtual reality’ simulations, the two asymmetrical brains can then cohere in a new singularity.  This activates our potential to self organize to a higher level of evolution. Living as a holistic being, in touch with our feminine and masculine qualities, we transcend the left-right (clockwise) animal symmetry. With two fully developed, yet distinctly different brains, we are autonomous, free from outside manipulation. We have attained a higher inner balance, integration and coherence, a self organization in the midst of chaos. In the zero point of singularity, we flow in brainwave entrainment with our Higher Self – without fear or delusion!

Humans have an innate need to evolve and grow into ever more expansive fields of consciousness. As we navigate the delicate balance of mental and emotional health during this volatile year, we join together and support each other and humanity into a new paradigm of unity consciousness. If you missed our Heart Health Activations, you can receive the healing benefits in the replay:

Join other Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we gather for some mental wellness on our upcoming Mental Health Global Activations on Saturday, October 17th. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg

Copyright (c) 2020 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

The Golden iLght Channel

The Golden Light Channel

with Charlie Ward, Laura Eisenhower & David Nino Rodriguez

Clicking the image below will bring you to Charlie’s bitchute site with other videos.

To watch Laura and David’s Dark to Light show:

Charlie comes on around the 17:50 minute mark.

GAIA PORTAL – Cosmic Delineations are made apparent – 10-22-20

Cosmic Delineations are made apparent.
Alignments with Higher Beings accelerates.
Sparseness is released.
Abundance in all forms is recognized.
Humanity wins.


SR Reading — The Earth Plan

Space Observing System

SR Reading — The Earth Plan

Co-Creating a New World ~ Judith Kusel ~ 22 October 2020 — The Earth Plan

Source: Judith KuselA whole new World with endless possibilities, endless opportunities, endless exploration and existence is opening for all of us in the higher dimensional state.We are embarking on totally new and much higher dimensional territory, and therein lies the wonder of it all. The more I see what is unfolding and experiencing this, the more…

Co-Creating a New World ~ Judith Kusel ~ 22 October 2020 — The Earth Plan

Master Kuthumi via Natalie Glasson, October 23d, 2020 — Sananda

The Most Recent Channeling from The Sacred School of OmNa by Natalie Glasson Master Kuthumi Awakening of Mother Earth’s Womb by Master Kuthumi Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa Greetings beloved friends and beings of…Read more

Master Kuthumi via Natalie Glasson, October 23d, 2020 — Sananda

News and Views – 10-23-20


: First test of ‘immunity passport’ takes place today

🔴 WATCH LIVE: Final 2020 Presidential Debate LIVE Coverage- Trump vs. Biden -10-22-20

Biden: I Would Transition From the Oil Industry ‘Over Time’

The Epoch Times
A $15 Minimum Wage Should Be Kept as State Option: Trump

A $15 Minimum Wage Should Be Kept as State Option: Trump

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Oct. 23, 2020


The Truth can change Your life

Golden Light NOW Moment – We Are All Emanations of Source Creator

“All beings – and all that exists –
including planets, galaxies and universes,
are emanations from source creator.
We all come from the great source of love.
We are all from the One.”

– The Council of Angels

© The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright
and credit at top without alteration when reposting this message.


The Truth can change Your life