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Awakening Cellular Dreams with the Powerful Wesak Moon ~ Celestial Weather by Deborah | DL Zeta


GEORGI STANKOV – Ascension Dreams of the PAT – 4-29-15


Bill Ballard – Dream Your Wildest Dreams for New Earth – A Peter Pan Story – 10-31-12


Are Your Dreams of 3D?



Lisa Gawlas – The Energy Corridor Leading To April – Dreams Come True – 3-28-15


Judith Kusel – The Call To Greatness – Living Our Visions And Dreams – 2015 Onward – 3-23-15




Saul via John Smallman – You are all powerful beyond your Wildest Dreams – So are your intentions – 3-15-15


Saul via John Smallman – The Event – Awakening into your Fully Conscious State – Oneness With God – You are all Powerful beyond your Wildest Dreams! – 3-15-15




Jill Renee Feeler – How to Live your BIG Dreams – 2-11-15



Lord Sananda – Dreams Really do Come True – 8-25-14


Magnetic Wind of the Sun – Testing the Indigenous Dreamspell for the Symmetry of what is Shareable – Dan Winter and Steve Tribbeck from EarthPortals


What Dreams May Come – On the Passing of Robin Williams – Conversations With God and the Individual Nature of the Afterlife


Julian Wells – Pleiadian Update – Diamonds Forever Show – Channeled Messages – Yeshua On Dreams, Potential, Optomism – Ashtar: Possibility of Doomsday (Negative Polarity) Is Gone – You’re Free Now – Watch the Children for New Energy, Leadership – New Generation Of Angels – You Are The Center Of Your Universe



Celestial Vision – Dreams and Eclipse Portals – Transport us to Future Life Tracks – 9-13-14


Abraham Hicks – Lucid Dreams









DL Zeta – Dreams are Messages from your Soul – 11-17-13

D L Zeta – Dreams and Eclipse Portals Transport us to Future Life Tracks

Free Spirit – 5 Ways To Have Amazing and Other-Worldly Lucid Dreams – 9-2-14



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September 16, 2014 at 10:38 pm

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  1. What is a dream? Where does it come from? I mean, I understand that it comes from the subconcious mind, but when you get a recurring dream of being with another woman’s man (although when awake, I have no desire for this person. In fact, we do not even communicate or see each other, although, in the dream we are closer than ever in a funny kind of way. To what extent is a dream something I want to become a reality? I am so confused…



    December 6, 2014 at 1:18 am

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