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The Black Hole of Forgiveness – The New Age Trap – When Is Forgiveness Actually Denial – Gabriella Brightlight / Kathryn E. May, PsyD – 9-9-14

Sananda – How Darkness Inspires Light – Invasion of the Angels – True Accounting of Humanity’s Wars, Atrocities – Gabriella and Kathryn – The Black Hole of Forgiveness

Pleiadian Asket – Even the Peaceful Find Love’s Nonsense a Challenge – Forgiveness – There are No Mistakes, Only Experience – 7-26-14

Luminita Saviuc – Why Forgiveness Is Power – WakingTimes

Deanna Lupinacci – Forgiveness – For you to Give yourself peacefulness – 6-21-14

Rise Earth – Healing Power of Forgiveness – Anne Hartley OM Times

Saul via John Smallman – If You are having Difficulty with Forgiveness ask for Help and for Clarity – 4-25-14

Mary W – Trust, Forgiveness, Love – Our Triflame and Chakras – 2-23-14

Forgiveness – Freedom of Letting Go

Anrita Melchizedek – Invocation of Forgiveness and Love

Forgiveness through Love

Forgiveness and Our Behaviors

Gary Renard on Forgiveness and Enlightenment

Power Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness – Releasing Pain, Hurts, Regrets and Mistakes






Update by Sheldan Nidle – Ancient Families Disbursements Have Begun – Coming Revaluation Reset of Currencies – Disbursement of Prosperity Programs Funds – World Humanitarian Projects – Coming Proclamation of Jubilee (Forgiveness of Debt) – NESARA (USA), GESARA – New Ascension Symptoms – Brain Regulation of Body Systems – 4 New Body Chakras – 8/26/14

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September 9, 2014 at 1:34 am

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