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Energy Update ~ Huge Crystalline Blast!!! & A Bit About Embodiment ~ July 2, 2016

By Lisa Brown, 07/01/2016

We had an itty bitty solar flare frequency that then shifted to full-blow crystalline…. These bring cellular cleansings for those who feel any energy/emotions trying to clear the physical body…. (honor this).

Each must clear all programs from their own physical body gridwork (muscles), structures (bones), systems (organs/fluid/blood)…. It will exist in each’s physical reality until this is completed. Each will still belong to the collective beliefs/mentalities/realities/experiences held within. The ONLY WAY to physically leave a dimension/timeline is to clear it within.

One will not truly understand until they can see inside their own body and connect with all through their own consciousness. As each BECOMES LIGHT, then the knowledge held within this phonotic light running through the body becomes yours. You do not receive it from an outside anything anymore.

Your presence, your being in-tune, your focus, your openness and your ability to HOLD THE HIGHER FREQUENCY inside your body until it is the way you function naturally… this is your own embodiment process. There is an activation that will occur, and then every moment that you do not go back to the old ways firmly embeds it within you as your new physical reality world. This can take years for some, even most of this lifetime… with everything expediting since the 2012 StarGate/Gateway …. It doesn’t matter how long your human “thinks” you’ve been doing this (which is another separation of time/comparison/ego game)… for how long you remain or achieve is dictated by your own separation….. 30 years or 3…. The embodiment of light is accomplished through intentional dedication, focus, commitment, priorities and how much you are truly invested in the entire process of EXISTING AS PURE LIGHT.

You create a new reality from inside of you. You allow your own reality… by that which you believe and do. You convince yourself of all things, you insist, you hold realities firmly in place… and only once you stop trying to control it all and open up to your own inner wisdom & higher consciousness guidance will you intentionally activate your new realities to come forth for you. Your inner connection drive your entire reality here. There is no separation unless you hold it still…..

These cosmic upgrades are FREEING all from the bondage of the old. Yet as long as you still point the finger, you are missing the entire point.

These Diamond Light Code Frequencies, abundance frequencies, rainbow frequencies, Christed Consciousness (Crystalline) frequencies… these purify your entire human existence, your whole physical body…. these RETURN YOU to an existence forgotten …

Very fine & pristinely powerful these frequencies today. Very powerful every day …. for us all….. ♥

We also have a huge WAVE entering into the mix…. ♥ LOVE ♥ Star Particle Activations may bring the itchies for some. ♦ We are also starting to tune, so senses will be enhanced….

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker, Master of all things Energy ♦



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