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We have forgotten who we are and what we can do. It is said that the Atlantean civilization had harnessed the great power of the third eye or indigo (Ajna) chakra, but had begun to use it for negative purposes before the continent was destroyed.

In our materialistic, profit driven and controlled society, we’re never encouraged to open our third eye, for if we do, society would change unrecognisably for ever.

The third eye, indigo or Ajna chakra, pineal gland, ‘all seeing eye’ or whatever you wish to call it, is our link between our physical earthly illusion and universal intelligent infinity (and the spirit world).

It is the gateway to alternate dimensions, higher densities of existence and the ‘afterlife’ where thoughts become reality and time has no bearing on anything. It is pictured as an eye in the center of the forehead on most illustrations and representations, however it resides at the center of the brain.

The third eye is so called because it allows you to see what your human eyes cannot see. The third eye is in fact your indigo chakra, one of seven main chakras that run up from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.

This indigo chakra is likened to a gateway, the connection between your physical body and your etheric body. The etheric body is your default body that you utilize upon physical death and return to the etheric planes of existence to rest.

The pineal gland is the physical manifestation of your third eye, it is a physical organ in the very center of your brain that contains components very much like that of an eye.

It contains water, rods and cones like an eye and is therefore thought to be the receiver that converts universal energy into imagery for your brain to read. Turn off the lights and all other stimulation and your pineal gland is activated, secreting melatonin which is critical for sleep, however during meditation this substance helps your physical body to connect to the spirit world.

The pineal gland also manufactures DMT a catalytic substance abundant in nature known as the spirit molecule – said to catapult you into alternate realities. With enough practice, meditation can fully activate your pineal gland and be a free flowing gateway to intelligent infinity and cosmic energy, healing both the body and mind.

Imagine what humanity could achieve armed with the wisdom of intelligent infinity. Anyone who meditates frequently will likely tell you that their intelligence has been enhanced, they feel more balanced, at one with the world and the universe, that they now view life differently, that material possessions hold less meaning and so on.

Their pineal gland is cleansed and active and they are receiving intelligent energy frequently. They are better able to tap into the mass consciousness, the akashic records of all time and space, they start to experience uncanny events and coincidences such as telepathic experiences, clairvoyance, empathic episodes and more.

They are better able to connect with loved ones who have passed-over, they have premonitions, vivid dreams, and are better able manifest their own realities.

You must not only work on activating your physical third eye, that’s the pineal gland, but also work on activating it’s spiritual double – the indigo chakra (true third eye).

To Cleanse Your Pineal Gland (Physical Manifestation of Indigo Chakra)

Meditation is the key to activating the physical manifestation of your third eye – the pineal gland. There is no best way to meditate.

The aim is the removal of stimuli, that’s removing light, sensations, irritations, unnecessary sounds and more, with a view to shutting down your physical body without sleeping.

By turning off your body, your pineal gland turns on. Please see the article on ‘headaches caused by pineal gland activation’ – which can often be a side effect when your pineal gland is exercised for the first time through meditation.

If you feel your pineal gland activating, you are experiencing in-streaming universal energy into your indigo chakra and it’s vibration or harmonics are becoming attuned and aligned with your other chakras (energy centers).

You may use sound to harmonize the energies within the room that you are meditating. Tibetans sometimes use a singing bowl to create sounds for healing, and the transformational qualities of gongs were used by ancient cultures such as Greeks, Egyptians, Persians and Romans.

Nowadays meditation music of a constant tone or pitch that resonates with you is sufficient.

The purpose of sound is to align the vibrational energies in a room and within your self to one frequency so that you can effectively calibrate your pineal gland to one frequency allowing it to tune into universal energies without undue interference and noise. Avoid music with too many differing notes or sound effects – a constant sound is best.

(Here’s a good book on the The Third Eye written by a man preordained to be a Tibetan priest)

Do not consume fluoride as this calcifies your pineal gland and is a neurotoxin. Call your water supplier to check if they add fluoride, buy ‘no added fluoride’ mineral water and fluoride free toothpaste if possible.

Fluoride collects most abundantly within the pineal gland than any other part of the body. See the article on fluoride and the pineal gland.

By meditating for at least 20 minutes everyday you will start to exercise and activate your pineal gland.

Having as close as possible to a varied raw vegan diet (feels impossible sometimes) is best, because a healthy body complex is abundant with vital energies especially those from the sun. Plenty of sleep also activates your pineal gland but not to the same extent as meditation which is conscious sleep.


– Visualize healing energies entering your third eye in the center of your brain and cleansing it. Do this for as long as possible. Hold the visualization in your mind’s eye and feel the intention of providing healing to your pineal gland – visualization and intention result in manifestation (becoming real on earth) if the intention is true enough.

– Perform manifestation as per the article on astral projection or practice visualization as per the article on visualization and intention. The indigo third eye has form-maker capabilities when properly utilized (must be done in love and light). This actively puts your third eye to use.

– Practice communication with friends and loved ones who have passed over as in the article ‘Communicating with the spirit world yourself’, this also exercises your third eye.

– Simply meditate in silence as often and for as long as possible (within reason) as a lifelong endeavor.

To Cleanse Your Indigo Chakra (The Third Eye)

Your indigo chakra is of your etheric body which is superimposed onto and within your physical body. The indigo chakra is the gateway to this body and can be overly active and free flowing or more often, blocked and suppressed – trapping you in this third density earthly reality.

Thoughts and emotions are more real to the indigo etheric body than any earthly physical act, therefore balancing of the self is required for a free flowing radiant indigo chakra (third eye).

Although each of your seven chakras is a point of energy influx requiring balancing and unblocking, the indigo energy center requires attention for the particular purpose of spiritual progression, accessing intelligent infinity and developing spiritual abilities.

In order to enjoy a balanced and free flowing indigo chakra, your other chakras also require balancing.

To do this please refer to the article ‘How to Unblock Your Chakras Yourself’. As an example, if you have a blockage in your yellow chakra this can manifest as inflated ego.

If you’re performing work with your indigo chakra, for example, accessing higher wisdom through meditation and contemplation, the blockage in your yellow chakra will cause you to seek information predominantly of a self serving or negative nature.

By balancing and activating all chakras and not just indigo, you can remove all illusions and dissolve all misconceptions. In other words, you will reach a higher state of consciousness by balancing all chakras.

Your third eye, indigo chakra is activated by:

– Working on understanding and accepting the self. Consider every part of your personality, especially aspects with which you are uncomfortable and wish to change. Some self analysis is required and may take time.

A balance must be sought in all situations where you know and accept yourself and are completely comfortable and confident with your thoughts, intentions and actions, without feeling excess confidence or narcissism.

Everybody is different and balances differently, however the task is to achieve total knowing and acceptance of the self.

– Begin to understand that when you look at another person you are seeing a manifestation of yourself no matter who they are.

This is because we all belong to one unified whole. Each consciousness possesses different knowledge and experience that is gathered over time, as well as having different personalities.

But at our core we are all interlinked. For example; the electromagnetic energy of the earth radiates through each and every one of us, and our own electromagnetic energy radiating from our own bodies intertwines with this earthly energy and connects us all.

We are all part of one mass consciousness and you can connect with this with a properly activated third eye.

– Work on realizing the oneness of all things. Third eye energy influx depends on the extent to which you are aware of the oneness of yourself with the universe and all things.

You are the universe and everything in it – and it is you. You are a focal point of consciousness, generating a spirit. Gathering about your spirit are the atoms of a physical body that will exist for a time and then lose them.

The atoms will continue to exist in other forms devoid of spirit attachment. More accurately, the energy contained within those atoms that make up your mind/body/spirit complex, all came from the universe longer ago than you can imagine and will remain in existence further into the future than you can conceive.

By realizing you are the ‘creator’ or ‘god’, you can transfer energy to and from creation as if one entity. This realization is key. You are the energy and you are within the energy of the whole universal conscious entity, so take it and use it.

Why Activate Your Third Eye?

As mentioned, humanity can only leap forward if each of us relearn to use our third eye in love and light. Not like the Atlantean people who are said to, approximately 15,000 years ago, have become technologically advanced but not like we are today.

They were able to enhance and utilize the indigo energy center of each individual and use it for accelerated learning and experience through space and time. They were able to manipulate intelligent energy to create real and vivid manifestations, or life-forms within this earthly realm.

This was the catalyst for their self destruction because instead of using their third eye/indigo chakra abilities for advancement, healing, learning and other positive behaviors, they began to gravitate toward the negative, and used their energy manifestations for the purpose of conflict and war, leading to their ultimate destruction.

Through meditation and practice, your perception will begin to transcend time and space – going over to the realm where time has no meaning and realities can be manifested and explored at will.

The infinite wisdom gained through all existence is at your disposal. Life holds no boundaries. Our physical realm unravels to reveal itself for what it really is, a vibratory frequency of light energy.

Those who perform energy healing, mediumship or teach of a positive nature to do with the oneness of all things, are examples of people with an activated and radiant third eye.

Dreaming can become a useful tool for learning and discovery when your third eye is activated and cleansed. You have one foot in the spirit world every night and you can work on remembering your adventures – much learning and experience can be gained during dream time.

Your spiritual abilities are activated and manifested through your third eye, indigo chakra, for example, you use your intuition about an important decision, you empathically sense that a loved one is in distress, you’re visited in a dream by a spirit guide, or you manifest great happiness for yourself. This is all facilitated by an activated and free flowing third eye.

As for the Earth and humanity as a whole. If each of us were taught to meditate and use our third eyes from a young age, a great knowing and understanding of universal oneness would prevail.

Positive behaviors would win over the negativities on Earth because we would all see how life can be and know that negative behaviors such as war, greed, hoarding, manipulation and more, are unnecessary and we would know how to prevent them from happening.

We could all be fully aware of the true nature of reality and change our lives to facilitate the pursuit of pleasure, enlightenment, experience and understanding. We can wake up from the illusion and look toward infinite universal love, light and intelligence for guidance – which is within each of us.

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