3 thoughts on “DIVINE PLAN”

  1. The aliens that Enoch spoke of purposely damaged our DNA to keep us in survival mode “slave mode”. Those same aliens are still here at work Gog and their accomplices in crime Magog all of the souls Cain has deceived into following him. When Jesus returns, He will end Cain’s existence. Then He will turn the battle to Gog & Magog. When Jesus shows up the oppressors are finished.

    Yes, without a doubt, the frequencies are definitely increasing. When the DNA gets fixed we will have total recall of every existence we have ever lived. I have become aware of certain existences I have been in the past by Divine Discernment, not by total recall. I’m receiving higher frequencies, but this clay vessel I occupy still lacks total recall, but am ready to receive.

    Adam = Jesus = Our Creator = Our connection to The One Creator Source = Multiple Perspectives.
    Cain = Single perspective = master oppressor = Satan = Prince of the darkness = Source’s chess opponent.
    Abel = Archangel Michael = Many characters in history = One of the 2 witnesses = Single perspective.
    Seth = Gabriel = Moses, John of Patmos, Second witness = Single perspective = Our Spiritual Brother.
    Gog = The aliens that where killed in the flood of Noah = fallen from Righteousness = Our Spiritual Cousins.
    Magog = Our Spiritual Brothers that Cain deceived = The oppressors = Single perspective.

    Cain was given the keys to Hades and he escaped September 23, 2015 4:21AM EST. He broke the key, but still managed to allow himself and Magog an out, the incarcerated half of Magog.

    I won’t say that this is how it happens every time, but The Creator Source is in charge, and His Will Is Being Done.

    Adam = Jesus has only one wish, that His Fathers will be done. Just as You should only have one wish, that Your Fathers will be done. That how You learn how to accomplish it successfully. What did You think You where going to do for an eternity? Eventually You will reach Creator Source Status, but You will never be alone, You will always have Assistance.

    Keys to receiving higher vibrations from the Source:
    1 – You must overcome the desires of Your clay vessel, think in 5D not 3D.
    2 – Your control over Your diet & weight & clay vessel in general. For example BM same time everyday.
    3 – Don’t use toothpaste with fluoride, it calcifies Your Pinal gland.
    4 – Get complete control of Your emotions.
    5 – Your Love for Your Creator must be absolute and talk to Him as if He where in the room, He is.
    6 – Start asking Your Higher Self for assistance in healing Your DNA.
    7 – Then you can use some of the techniques such as sounds that put You in touch with Higher Self.
    8 – Seek Your Creator, read what is written. You can ask Him anything, if it is Righteous You’ll get answers
    9 – Do as He says, remember that is His Will.
    10 – After Your Consciences Evolution is complete, enjoy the rest of Eternity spreading live & Love thought out the vast expansions of the Universe.


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