Patricia Diane Cota-Robles – Life-Transforming Success – The Divine Plan – 9-11-15

Patricia Cota-Robles

I AM sending out this very important information on September 8th because it is the day that is celebrated in the outer world as Mother Mary’s Birthday. This powerful representative of the Divine Feminine and Universal Keeper of the Flame of the Immaculate Concept, is working in unison with Saint Germain who is the Universal Keeper of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. Together they have God Victoriously fulfilled a facet of the Divine Plan that they initiated on behalf of ALL Humanity and every particle of Life evolving on this Planet during the initial impulse of our fall from Grace. The success of their Divine Mission has catapulted Humanity and the Earth into frequencies of vibration that will allow us to tangibly experience one of the most critical facets of our Ascension process. We are in the midst of this amazing event this very moment. Our conscious awareness of the opportunity at hand will allow us to participate in ways that will transform our lives forever.

The information I am sharing with you in this article is complicated, but it is something you know in the deepest recesses of your heart or you would not be on Earth during this auspicious time. If possible, please print this article out and read it when you have time to go within and really contemplate what has happened during the past few weeks and what is happening now during the month of September 2015. Within the Divinity of your Heart your I AM Presence will confirm the Truth of this information. Then through this inner knowing, you will clearly understand just how to assimilate and effectively utilize the profound opportunity at hand.

On August 15, 2015, the day celebrated in the outer world as Mother Mary’s Ascension Day, approximately 700 people from 22 countries gathered within the Portal of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation and Transfiguring Divine Love in Tucson, Arizona. The vehicle for this gathering of selfless Lightworkers was the 29th Annual World Congress on Illumination. We were joined in consciousness by Lightworkers all over the World who were projecting Light from their various locations into the portal in Tucson.

In one-pointed consciousness, we unified our Heart Flames and formed a powerful transformer through which the Light of God would flow throughout the entire week to accomplish the vital facet of the Divine Plan that was destined to be victoriously accomplished through the unified efforts of the entire Company of Heaven and embodied Lightworkers around the World.

On August 16, 2015, Archangel Michael and his mighty Legions of Power and Protection descended into the atmosphere of Earth. Archangel Michael directed his Legions to traverse the Earth north, south, east, and west. One of these powerful messengers of God entered the aura of every single man, woman, and child on Earth and with the permission of each person’s I AM Presence established an invincible forcefield of Protection and Divine Love around the fragmented and fear-based aspect of every person’s human ego.

This invincible forcefield of Protection and Divine Love was specifically designed to prevent these wayward aspects of Humanity’s fallen consciousness from interfering with the influx of Light that would burst, ONCE AND FOR ALL, the paralyzing and oppressive grip that our human egos have had, since the fall, on our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies.

Once that forcefield of Light was secured around every person’s human ego, our Father-Mother God sounded a Cosmic Tone that signaled to ALL Creation that the Cosmic Moment had at last arrived. This was the moment Humanity’s I AM Presences and the Company of Heaven had been working toward since the miscreation of our fragmented and fear-based human egos literally millions of years ago.

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In response, the Legions of Light throughout Infinity projected their Light and Love in, through, and around every particle and wave of Life on Earth, thus, holding the sacred space for God’s Eternal Victory in the next critical facet of the unfolding Divine Plan.

When all was in readiness, our Father-Mother God Breathed into the Heart Flame of every person’s I AM Presence the most intensified frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light that Humanity was capable of withstanding at that moment. On the Holy Breath of God, every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Light within Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional Earthly Bodies Ascended in energy, vibration, and consciousness into a frequency of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light that burst asunder our human ego’s paralyzing grip. This event PERMANENTLY freed Humanity’s Earthly Bodies from the bonds our egos have used to manipulate and control us through fear-based thoughts, feelings, actions, and distorted beliefs in separation and duality.

In spite of the pain and suffering our egos have inflicted in our lives and the chaos they have created on a global level, they are still part of us and cannot be destroyed. They must be transformed and Loved into the Light. That, in fact, was the next phase of the Divine Plan.

Once the human ego’s oppressive grip was burst asunder, the I AM Presence of every person was able to Breathe their ego into their Heart Flame. At this point, every ego was still encapsulated in the invincible forcefield of Protection and Love created by Archangel Michael’s Legions of Light. Now, within the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame, our I AM Presence will perpetually bathe our ego in frequencies of Forgiveness and Divine Love until this aspect of our fallen personality surrenders to the Light of God and is Eternally Loved FREE.

Each of Archangel Michael’s selfless Legions of Light has volunteered to remain in our auras and to sustain the forcefield of Protection and Love around our egos until this process is complete. This means very practically that our human ego will never again be able to manipulate and control us through its fragmented and fear-based consciousness.

This Reality is filtering into people’s hearts and conscious minds daily and hourly. Millions of people are tangibly feeling the monumental shift of consciousness that has occurred in their everyday experiences. Many others have not sensed this shift yet and are still acting out of the HABIT of their previous behavior patterns. However, without the ego to empower these habits their strength will soon dissipate and the inner guidance of the person’s I AM Presence will be clearly heard. This is what is meant by the statement, “We will see with new eyes and hear with new ears.”

The guidance from our I AM Presence is always based in Love and Reverence for Life. This means without the interference of our human ego, our I AM Presence will be able to easily project viable solutions to our Earthly challenges that will be perceived through our open hearts and conscious minds.

The Next Critical Steps of Preparation

During the next two days, August 17-18, 2015, the Company of Heaven worked with Lightworkers and the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to clear and heal the traumatized areas in Humanity’s Earthly Bodies. These are the dense areas where our human egos previously existed. Since we are One and there is NO separation, this Activity of Light also cleared and healed the areas in the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata within the bodies of Mother Earth as well. These were areas where the deliberate actions of Humanity’s human egos had wounded and traumatized the Planet.

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The Divine Intent of this intervention was to prepare every man, woman, and child, and Mother Earth herself, at a cellular level for an influx of Light that the Company of Heaven said would have literally vaporized the Earth and all her Life as recently as four years ago. That dramatic statement was given to us by the Beings of Light to demonstrate the unprecedented acceleration in frequency and consciousness Humanity and the Earth have experienced at an atomic and subatomic level since theBirth of the New Earth on December 21-22, 2012.

The two Gifts from On High that accomplished this monumental clearing and healing were the most intensified frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Fire that the Earth and Humanity had ever been able to assimilate. This Crystalline Solar Fire contained sacred geometric patterns and previously unknown archetypes associated with the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love and the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. These Gifts of Sacred Fire from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God were encoded to clear and heal the bodies of Humanity and Mother Earth the maximum that Cosmic Law would allow. This Activity of Light paved the way for the fulfillment of a Divine Plan that Mother Mary and Saint Germain vowed to accomplish on behalf of ALL of the Sons and Daughters of God evolving on this Planet if we were ever freed from the grip of our human egos.

On August 19, 2015, Mother Mary and Saint Germain projected their luminous Presence into our sanctuary to guide us through an Activity of Light that they had been orchestrating since Humanity’s fall from Grace.

On this Planet Ages ago, the Sons and Daughters of God made the fateful decision to use our free will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling to create patterns of imperfection that were not based in Love. That tragic choice resulted in Humanity’s catastrophic fall into the abyss of separation and duality. That horrific event resulted in the unintended consequences that formed our fragmented and fear-based human egos.

Mother Mary is the Universal Keeper of the Flame of the Immaculate Concept, which reflects the Original Blueprint and the Divine Potential of every person, place, condition, and thing existing in the Causal Body of God. Saint Germain is the Universal Keeper of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection, which reflects the perfect balance of our Father God’s Blue Flame of Divine Power and our Mother God’s Pink Flame of Divine Love. When these two selfless messengers of God witnessed Humanity’s devastating fall from Grace they realized that without superhuman Divine Intervention the potential of the Children of God lifting ourselves out of the quagmire of negativity we were miscreating was practically nonexistent.

With that realization, Mother Mary took a Sacred Oath promising before God to hold the Immaculate Concept for every Son and Daughter of God evolving on Earth until each and every one of us Awakened effectively enough to burst the bonds of our human egos and return to Christ Consciousness. Saint Germain, in turn, took a Sacred Oath promising before God to hold the balance of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection within the Heart Flame of each and every person’s I AM Presence until the human ego was Loved Free and Humanity’s Earthly Bodies were reclaimed.

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On August 19, 2015, Mother Mary and Saint Germain affirmed that THIS WAS THAT COSMIC MOMENT! This was the sacred and holy day for which Mother Mary and Saint Germain had been preparing for millions of years.

With Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her securely held within the transformer of our Unified Heart Flames, Mother Mary and Saint Germain bathed the Earth and all her Life in newly encoded 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar frequencies of the Flame of the Immaculate Concept and the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Flame of the Immaculate Concept is an exquisite Madonna Blue Flame with a Crystalline White aura. The Madonna Blue Flame pulsates with the Immaculate Concept of ALL Life and the Crystalline White aura pulsates with frequencies of the Ascension Flame.

The Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection blazes in perfect balance with all of the various frequencies of our Father God’s Blue Flame of Divine Power and our Mother God’s Pink Flame of Divine Love.

Once these Sacred Flames were secured within the Core of Purity in every electron of precious Life energy on Earth, Mother Mary and Saint Germain guided Humanity’s I AM Presences through the process of reversing the adverse effects that Humanity’s fall from Grace has had on our DNA structures.

Scientists believe that our DNA consists of two strands that form a double-helix configuration. They believe that the genetic codes within this double-helix contain everything we need to explain our existence. For a long time scientists thought that our DNA was stationary and could not be changed. They called more than 94% of our DNA “Junk” DNA, because they had no idea what its purpose was.

Scientists now know that our DNA structures are shimmering, waveform configurations that are moment by moment being modified by Light, solar radiation, magnetic fields, sonic impulses, thoughtforms, emotions, and most profoundly—GAMMA-RAYS. What they do not realize yet is that originally we had 12 strands of DNA that functioned as a very elaborate communication system. This DNA system allowed us to maintain conscious awareness of all of the multidimensional and multifaceted aspects of ourselves. At that time, our DNA also allowed us to easily perceive the Immaculate Concept of our Divine Potential as Sons and Daughters of God. This is when we functioned in the full embrace of Christ Consciousness.

With the fall, we descended into such dense and discordant frequencies of separation and duality that our 12 strands of DNA short circuited into the two strands that our scientists have discovered. The reality is that the genetic codes in these fragmented strands of DNA do not contain our full potential. On the contrary, they contain barely enough of our genetic codings to sustain brain consciousness. This is why it is perceived that we only use 10% of our brain capacity and that, in most instances, we no longer experience Christ Consciousness.

With the unprecedented shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness Humanity and all Life on Earth had experienced since the Birth of the New Earth in 2012, and the long awaited removal of Humanity’s human egos, Mother Mary and Saint Germain were finally able to fulfill their sacred oaths. During what was perceived by many to be a miraculous Act of Divine Grace, the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth was empowered in previously unknown ways which allowed them to recalibrate and re-circuit our fragmented strands of DNA into TWELVE NEW 5TH-DIMENSIONAL CRYSTALLINE SOLAR STRANDS OF DNA.

Every person’s I AM Presence integrated and assimilated this Life-transforming shift  in the Realms of Cause in preparation for Humanity’s Initiation into a Higher Order of Being, which was destined to be God Victoriously accomplished the next day…Read More Spirit Library

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