Invoking  the Violet Flame of Saint Germaine


Patti Cota Robles

Violet Flame Invocation


Clair Booth Prophet

How to Use the Violet Flame Daily – Saint Germain’s Mantra

GoldRing Violet Heart Flame Purification Healing Meditation


Igniting the Violet Flame – The Energies of Creation Meditation Series


Violet Flame Earth Clean-Up Meditation — Lord Ashtar – Now, Today for the Next Week, at Least 15 Minutes Per Day


Morning Message from the Arcturians – by Suzanne Lie – Send Unconditional Love – Violet Flame Transmutes All Fear – 6-2-15


Angie Webster – Violet Flame Mirror Self Reiki – 4-26-15


Violet Flame in Reiki Healing


Patricia Cota-Robles – Violet Flame of 1,000 Suns – 3-26-15


Ascended Master Victory – We are in your Atmosphere Charging Violet Flames – 1-16-15


Violet Flame of Transmutation – 1-1-15


IlliaEm, Arcturian Elohim via Dr Suzanne Lie – Inside the Violet Flame – 11-23-14


Violet Flame ~ Crystal Illuminations Painting


Jesus Christ via Kim Michaels – Violet Flames, Holy Spirit – 11-13-14


The Violet Flame Consciousness – Speaks Through Natalie Glasson – 11-9-14


Lightworkers, Light Your Violet Flames – Violet Flame Transmutation Meditation by St. Germain – 8-27-14



Violet flame to help heal body, mind and soul 


Violet Flame   –    – Healing Meditation with Diana Lang 


 The Violet Flame

 The violet flame is one of the greatest little-known spiritual tools on the planet, and a tremendous gift from God to mankind. The violet flame–a high-frequency energy that can penetrate your nervous system, your heart, your brain–to increase stamina, longevity, and your extrasensory perception. The power of the violet flame will remain sealed in your Higher Consciousness until you summon it. The Violet Flame allegedly transmutes energies allowing a soul to burn off the karmic ties that bind it to the emotional grid or physical realms. Its purpose is to transmute negative energy into positive energy. You might remember the story of Moses and the burning bush. ‘And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.’ (Exodus 3:2) The bush wasn’t consumed because it was a spiritual fire – the violet fire. Spiritual fire is not just symbolic. It is a reality that you can experience in your own life. As your vibration accelerates, you may become more attuned to the vibration of divine love and to the voice of God speaking in your heart. You may begin to feel a renewed sense of freedom as the violet flame restores vitality and joy, bringing you into harmony with your higher Self. And as you free yourself, you will be freer to help your loved ones, your community and the world.

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