Violet Flame ~ Crystal Illuminations Painting

Tania Marie

Crystal Illumination - Violet Flame (1) Crystal Illumination – Violet Flame by Tania Marie

As you know I have taken an indefinite painting hiatus, feeling drawn to focus my creative energy elsewhere, but now and then have accepted some painting commissions if it felt in alignment. This is the first of three commissioned paintings I had promised, which takes me back to my beloved Crystal Illuminations paintings that many of you lovingly embraced. The next two custom pieces will be a continuation of the spiritual animal paintings in the Universal ARKitecture series taking us into the realm of bird symbolism.

This was commissioned as a gift from a dear client to her sister to support her in her life with her personal journey and challenges she has been facing. I was given the opportunity to intuit the crystals for this intent and then channel the energy forth that they reflected in support of this.

What resulted…

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