Brandon West – The Human Energy Field and DNA – How You Choose Your Genes – 3-6-15


Ellen Sutherland – How to Feel the Human Energy Field


Human Energy Field – Biopsychological Effects of Ascension


Dr. Robin Kelly – The Human Hologram – Unified Field Revisited – JustEnergyRadio


Science of Human Spirit – Dr. Colin Ross & Corrina – Psychology, Body Energy Fields


Jesus via John Smallman – Your Loving Peaceful Presence is a unique and irreplaceable individual Field of Energy – 2-28-15


One thought on “HUMAN ENERGY FIELD”

  1. Hi,
    I have never believed in all this stuff before, but a couple of months ago i started to see a golden lines around me in the early hours of the morning, about 2.00am/3.00am when i visited the bathroom, the exact shape as in your drawing, about 2/3 feet away from me, i have seen this about five times, i want it to happen more, but cant control it, it just happens out of the blue, do you know how i can see it at will.


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