2 thoughts on “GAIA PORTAL”

  1. If there is a Portal I have entered and know the way……At the time of Hopi Prophecy Rock night of… I was awoke in my Dream Time to a lot of distructive shattering of glass , furnature , rocks, just a Force to reckoned with. I went through this cave , tunnel, and at the end to the left. a door. I placed my feet firmly into the soil and was ready to RUNNNNNNN. I knocked on door. A Woman older than myself answered, I asked will you hurt me. She stated. I could Never Hurt You. The door opened up I entered and sat next to her. This Dark Woman and I were talking and listening for Hours it seemed like eternity. For when I woke I was still within the Cave with Mother of Us All. She still asleep, I stood and reached to here and placed my hand on her right Hip closest to me. and Left. When I awoke in My Bed . I rushed to the Computer and The Rock Split and it was WHITE. Meaning Time would continue and did not receive a Shaking…..This I sent to Eileen Eilight a few months later. and Steve Nelson….. My Lineage is Melungeon on Fathers side. Which is a Mixture of Brazilian Indiginous, Island Blacks, Native American. Portugese. German, Irish. This has nothing to do with Native American and the known fact that we are all connected in some way…. What Way, Collectively we know nothing about what we are thinking 87% non use of Brain we don’t use it . or don’t have memory of it may be sponanious like combustion…. POP….POP…. Any way why me…… Now 12 years later I am getting my voice and using it…. with all my knowledge I will help others to see the Light……The Violet Flame…. Been through the Womb Tunnel back wards Home…… After 3 tries I eventually got to the end like a blasted hole there it is as I stood I saw ahead of me a Crystal City Church, City and the Steeples and pointed roofs. A Bursted Violet Flame flowing from this City of Lights…… and off below this opening is a Bridge and I could not reach so had to return to sleep……..Maybe Mother was searching for compassion and Unconditional Love. If it exists , Time would keep. Till No Soul and all souls are hard hearted…..spoiled meat……… well there were shadows of ancestors there I sensed this but Only Me….and Mother Earth…. My Birthday Falls on April 22 1957 double 22 and april 22 is Earth Day…. I am motherless. Victim of Racial Inequality. within Family Disfunction and denial……… Now this is a lot but wondering if this is just it and nothing else. some answers please.


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