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Arcturian Message via Suzanne Lie – Stairway of Unity Consciousness – 9-13-14

Arcturian Message via Suzanne Lie – The Stairway of Unity Consciousness – 9-11-14

Eric Whitacre – Virtual Choir – Unity Consciousness

Hilarion’s Weekly Message via Marlene Swetlishoff – Ascension – Alligning New Energies – Oneness of All, Unity Consciousness – 8-17-14

Steve Rother Channels The Group – Predictions, Comments and Questions for September 2014 – People Are Making Their Voices Heard – Connect To Each Other As People of Planet Earth – Telepathy Will Become Your Communications Grid – You Have Entered The Age Of Harmony – Unity Consciousness

Suzanne Lie – Jaqual’s Story 2 – Multidimensional Unity Consciousness – 8-4-14

We Are All One – InTimes Of Danger Love Prevails – 2014: The Year Of Unity Consciousness – Devastating Balkans Floods – People Risk Their Lives To Save The Animals – May 2014

Ron van Dyke – 9th Wave – Challenge of the Challenge of Unity Consciousness

Separation is Over


What is Unity Consciousness – Zingdad / Adamu Speaks

Pleaidian Message – Re: Access Symbols – Web of Collective Unity Consciousness

Liora – Unity Consciousness – Ascension Message

Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness – All That Is – Is You – Is GOD

Advanced Meditation Of Unity Consciousness – The “New YOU Attunement”

12-12-12 ~ The Twelfth Initiatory Gateway of One Unity Consciousness







  1. Would like to have the Believe and One ,the dream of separation is over posters would like to post them in the building of my new ministry of conscious awareness where can I obtain them


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