Lunaya Shekinah – Light Language – Birthing Higher Consciousness

Pleiadian Alaje – Connect with Your Heart – Raise Your Vibration – Experience Higher Consciousness

Sheldan Nidle Update – Sacred Morality will Form within You – Higher Consciousness leads to Sacred Morality Society – Disclosure brings Immense Exchange of Data and Wisdom – Earth Conferences to include Representatives of Nearby Galaxies – 5-20-14

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – Moving into Light of Higher Consciousness – Act as Enlightened Being in Daily Life – 4-7-14

Deepak Chopra – The Secret of Healing – Meditations For Transformation, Higher Consciousness

Arcturus ANT – How to Meditate – Connecting to Higher Consciousness

Love – Raise Your Vibrational Frequency – Higher Consciousness

How do you know when higher consciousness guides you?

Baba – Divine Feminine – Higher Consciousness

Sheldan Nidle Report – US Corporation, Fed to go into Receivership – PP, RV, GCR to Follow – Restructuring Global Societies – Humanity, Flora, Fauna, Gaia Suffering – Humanitarian Projects Ready To Begin – Balance Between Diversity and Sustenance – Expel the Darkess, Prepare Full Consciousness – New Governance, Prosperity – Mentors, Crystal Light Chambers – New, Higher Energies Flow Through You – Each day, Thank Universe for your Blessings – 10-21-14

Gaia Portal – Supremacy of Higher Light transformations remains a constant as Gaia arises in consciousness – 9-9-14

SaLuSa via Mike Quincy – Look forward to an Ever-expanding Level of Consciousness – You will enjoy a Sudden Change that will Thrust You Forward into a Higher Level of Being – 9-5-14

Healers Journal – The Mystical Art of Breathing – How to Access Higher States of Consciousness With Your Breath

Recoding To 12 Strand DNA Sequence – Second Neural Network – Supporting Multidimensional Consciousness – Photon Belt Lifting Us Into Higher Dimensional Frequency –

Alisa Battaglia – Mass Consciousness Grids – Accessing the Higher Realms through the Earth

SaLuSa on Higher Love – Unconditional Love belongs to 5D World – “Higher Conscious Love” linked to your “Frequency-Vibration-Level of Consciousness” – Channeller Multidimensional Ocean – 6-24-14

Meline-LaFont – Spring Equinox – Birthing Quantum Consciousness – Message from Higher Self

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council – Fear is Obstacle to Ascension, Consciousness – No Fear in Higher Dimensions – 3-10-14

Waking Times – 7 Tactics to Trick the World into Higher Consciousness – 1-24-14

Infinite Rays Of Higher Light – Meditational Mystical Journey – Christ Consciousness

The Event – (Celestial Consciousness Trigger) – Higher Self Interview – Suzanne Spooner, Ron Head – Nov 2013

Pleiadians and the Arcturians – Invite Higher Spiritual Realms Into Consciousness – Divinity of Humans, Ainimals – Imagine Your New Future – – September-24-2013

Abraham Hicks – Jesus – Higher Levels of Consciousness

Andy Bokarski – My Higher Self – The Christ Consciousness is Now Anchored on Mother Earth – Awakening To Higher Love

Christ Consciousness – Seeing God Everywhere – ChannelHigherSelf




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