Purpose of Life

Wes Annec – Enlightenment Really Is the Purpose of Life

Steve Beckow – Into the Golden Age of Gaia – The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment

Steve Beckow – The Purpose of Life Re-Stated – Golden Age Of Gaia – 4-24-14

Suzanne Lie – Message from IlliaEm – Beginning Our Primary Mission – Journey Back To Self – 9-28-14

Evita Ochel, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower – Exploring Purpose of Earth, Cosmic Life – 9-13-14

Your Primary Purpose in Life ♥ Ekhart Tolle ♥

Archangel Nathaniel – Find Your Life Purpose and Passion – Lisa Beachy: Guided Meditation

Archangel Uriel via Jennifer Hoffman – The Soul Energy Imprint – Your Life Purpose – 12-16-13

Simion – Find, Achieve Your Life Purpose

12 Steps of the Spiritual Journey to Awakening – Life Path and Purpose Series

Noah Hammond – Life Purpose – How to Find Your Life’s Purpose and Live It Now

Your Divine Life’s Purpose

Channeller Lincoln – Find your Life Purpose – Created By Your Soul

Post # 1,000 – Your Divine Life’s Purpose

Sovereign Being: Life’s Purpose

Wes Annac – Contact With Silver Beings – Embrace your Creative Routes – Many of you are on Earth for the Sole Purpose of Doing Them – 9-23-14

Steve Beckow – Life as the Ultimate Experiment, Part 1/4 – 9-16-14

D L Zeta – Dreams and Eclipse Portals Transport us to Future Life Tracks

Jennifer Hoffman – Enlightening Life – September 2014 Energy Report – Moving from Healing to Wholeness, Human Beings into Divine Humans, Limitation into Expansion, Fear into Love, Judgment into Acceptance

Buddy Higgins Personal Story – Transformation by Speaking Life to My Body, Cells, DNA, Atoms

Marc Chernoff – 25 Spiritual Truths to Remember When Life Gets Tough – Healer’s Journal – 8-18-14

Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – Your Mission Will Strengthen in Purity and Purpose – 8-19-14

Steve Beckow – Life is a Game – And It’s Rigged! – 8-6-14

Master Kuthumi – You Are the Rainbow and the Pot of Gold – You are Missing the Greatest Pleasure Life has to Offer – Realization that You Are Loved Endlessly and that You Are Not Alone – Channeler Kathryn E May – 7-30-14

Luminita Saviuc – 25 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Buddha – 7-4-14

Jennifer Hoffman – Enlightening Life – Energies of July 2014 – 7-1-14

Steve Beckow – Soul Contracts and Life Reviews, Part 3/4 – GoldenAgeOfGaia – 6-24-14

Chris Bourne – Humanity is Waking Up from Lifetimes of Amnesia and Ascending In Consciousness – 5-24-14

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