Universal Consciousness

Laurence Newey – The Electric Universe

Russellian Science – TEC – Unit 5 – Creator’s Electric Universe

Max Igan – The Electric Universe

Russellian Science – TEC Part 17 – The Electric Nature of Magnets

Russellian Science – TEC, Part 9 – Magnetic Cubes and Electric Spheres of Creation

Russellian Science – TEC Part 9 – Magnetic Cubes – Electric Spheres of Creation

Russellian Science – TEC Part 7 – Creator of the Universe

Comet ISON – Mercury’s Electrical Phenomenon – Nov 12-18 2013 – Return of Mythical Plasma Dragons

Russellian Science – Synopsis of the Magnetic-Electric, Cubic Wave-field Model of Creation

Russellian Science – The Creator’s Omnipresent Love

Russellian Science, TEC Part 16 – The Creator’s Still White Magnetic Light of Omniscience

Russellian Science, TEC, Part 14 – The Creator’s Omnipotent Energy

Russellian Science TEC, Part 12 – The Unseen Octaves of Space Gases – Ether, Aether

Mars Interacts with ISON – 10-2-13

Russellian Science – TEC Part 15 – The Creator’s Omnipresent Love

Russellian Science – Creator’s Still White Magnetic Light of Omniscience

James Gilliland – Dealing With The Multilevel Shift

Deb West – Secret Space Program Conference – Intel on Black Ops Technology, ET’s, Free Energy – 8-12-14

Our Galactic Family – Graham Dewyea’s Interview with Bob Dean

Archangel Michael – There are universes yet unknown for you to explore – Channeler Ron Head – 8-5-14

Susoni – Strange Dark Stuff is Making the Universe too Bright – Rumor Mill News – 8-1-14

Eckhart Tolle Q&A – Please explain the Divine Purpose of the Universe

The Universe Is Always On Your Side, Even When It Doesn’t Seem That Way

Lauren Galey Interviews Sheldon Nidle – Galactic Federation Representative – Being on Board Sirian Space Ships – Advanced Learning about Universe, Lemuria, Atlantis – Coming Changes for Mankind – Stepping Into Full Consciousness

Conversations with St Germain via Goldenlight – Transformation of Money through Alchemy – Transforms your Planet – Affects Entire Universe – 7-19-14

Ambrose – How to Explore the Universe from the Comfort of Your Computer – 7-15-14

Diana Cooper – Birthing A New Civilization – 2032 Our Entire Universe will Ascend into 5th Dimension – James Swagger Capricorn Show

James Tyberonn – Earth-Shift – Multidimensionality – The Living Universe

11:11 – The Universe Has Your Number – GhostTalkBlog – 7-12-14

Archangel Michael – You and Your Universe – via David Scranton – 8-14-14

Galactic Family – Lightship Footage Compilation – James Gilliland’s Expansive, Sacred Understanding of Our Universe

Julian Wells – Pleiadian Update – Diamonds Forever Show – Channeled Messages – Yeshua On Dreams, Potential, Optomism – Ashtar: Possibility of Doomsday (Negative Polarity) Is Gone – You’re Free Now – Watch the Children for New Energy, Leadership – New Generation Of Angels – You Are The Center Of Your Universe

Aisha North – A short update on the energies – The Veil Between Earth and Universe Is Now Lifting – 8-9-14

Karen Dover – Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show – People Are Changing – Recharging from Earth, Universe – 8-6-14










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