Russellian Science, TEC Part 16 – The Creator’s Still White Magnetic Light of Omniscience

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Defining the term Magnetism of Russellian Science and the “still magnetic light” which is the source of all Mind Idea behind Creation.

@1:25 Please note: this should properly read “The word Magnetism “FALSELY” connotes a physical attribute. We had trouble with the original line and edited it, but created a meaning which was unintended and inconsistent with what we are trying convey. Magnetism is not a force, nor is it material or physical. It is spiritual, being that it is of the Creator’s still magnetic light of zero curvature, stillness and abosolute cold, which is the Magnetic Universe that controls and dominates the electric Universe. It is the immutable fulcrum of enery power, kowledge and love which creates all electric motions that give form to our Electric Universe.

This Part quotes “Atomic Suicide?” and teaches the fundamental principles that help to define the Still White Light of the Creator’s Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent Mind (Heaven) as authored by Dr. Walter & Lao Russell to mankind. Mind may only be known. It cannot be sensed or measured with any devices of mankind. It may be known through the use of mankind’s own mind as an extension of the One-Mind of the Creator.

“It (Science) is, at long last, realizing that the action universe of motion must have a fulcrum which does not move. This will lead to the placing of energy in the fulcrum Source of this universal mirage of motion instead of in the mirage-extension where Science now places it. When that day comes, science will first question the universal vacuum for CAUSE rather than search within effect for cause. When this transformation takes place in man’s thinking science will have leaped ahead one thousand years in that day.”
~ Dr. Walter and Lao Russell – from “Atomic Suicide?”

For a deeper examination of the term “Magnetism” used by Walter and Lao Russell, which is radically different and bears no similarity to the academic defintion, see this three part series:…

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