Russellian Science, TEC, Part 14 – The Creator’s Omnipotent Energy

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This unit addresses many of the misconceptions sold to humanity as knowledge by the corporate owned medias and schools. The false system of science which has enslaved mankind to wars and corporate manufactured scarcity is based on a Creator-less view of Creation.

In this video we show just how impossible it is to have a Creation without a Creator. The Creator is the source of all energy which gives form to what mankind calls the material Universe. All energy comes from the fulcrum of stillness which is the immutable and eternal Magnetic Universe of rest, zero curvature and absolute cold.

The Creator’s Magnetic Universe has been refered to as ” the kingdom of Heaven, Nirvana, Vallhala, Amenta, The Happy hunting grounds etc. The Creator’s Magnetic Universe of Still Light controls the spiraling sexed wave forms which give form to the Electric Universe of Creation.……………………

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