Andrew Bojarski – How to View Your Aura from a Picture – Aura Color Meanings – 3-12-14


Andy Bojarski

A lot of people have been asking me how I got my picture to show my violet aura color and what do different aura colors mean. This post will tell you where to go to upload a picture that you have to show your aura.

This post will also explain what the different colors mean. This way, you may be better able to understand a little bit more about yourself. There is a web site that I use where you can upload your picture to it from your desktop or laptop. Once you upload the picture, it takes a few seconds and that same picture is displayed showing your aura from the picture.

If you are going to do this, it is best to have a most recent picture of yourself as your aura can change based on how you feel. Also, make sure that the picture is not too high of a resolution picture as this may take a while to upload.  This web site is in German. However, it is very easy to understand.

Click HERE to go to the web site. Once you are there, just scroll down to the bottom. In the middle you will see a box where you upload your photo (step #1) and then you click on the button in step #2 and wait a few seconds and your photo with your aura will be displayed above the box.

You can then right click on the photo with your mouse and save it on your desktop or laptop. In addition, please scroll down a bit in this posting and you will see pictures of what the different colors mean. Find your color based on the aura picture and see if that accurately describes you. Have fun with this and see if you can change your colors based on how you are feeling.

There are also mantras there at the bottom of the picture to help you get to that aura color level. So anyways, have fun with this web site as you view your aura. Scroll down to see the aura meanings.  You can click on the pictures below and it will take you to the Facebook page where I got the pictures.  Sending all of you lots of love and many blessings…



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