Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael – Earth Changes Coming, Prepare Now! – October 2014Anna Merkaba – Archangel Metatron and 33rd Dimension – Earth Entering the Purple Photon Belt – State of Hibernation – 9-19-14

Ascended Master Hilarion – Archangel Michael – Earth Changes – Holding Your Frequency – 8-27-14

Ascended Master Hilarion – Archangel Michael – Earth Changes – Holding Your Frequency – 8-27-14

From GoldenMind – The Beinsa Douno Prophecy of 1944 – Earth Changes – Beginning of Golden Age – 7-9-14

Will Berlinghof – Cosmic Awareness on the Earth Changes – Passing of Planet Nibiru – 7-4-14

Message from Nibiru and the AnAnnUki – Preparing Humanity to be Calm and Hopeful – Nibiru Prepares to Safely Pass Above Us – Channeled by Méline Lafont – 11-10-12

Ascension Guide Steve Rother – Predictions June 2014 – Great Earth Changes – Raising Your Vibration To Mitigate Coming Earth Changes – Entering Mini Ice Age – Coming Pacific Seismic Event – Redistribution Of Water On Earth – Crop Failures Worldwide – Earth’s Reset of Energy will Continue to Summer 2015 – Step Out Of Fear – Step Into Creation and Heal Our Earrth and Humanity – June 2014

New Tolec Interview – Andromeda Council – We’re at a Precipice of Change – Dramatic Earth Changes – We Are All From Other Star Systems – 5-10-14

Answers Of An Alien From Andromeda, 115 – Earth Changes – Pole Migration – Changes to Solar System – ET Races On Earth – 4-15-14

Jose Bazan – Amazing Earth Changes – Late 2014 – Atlantis Will Arise – Major Rifts in Continental Shelves – Eden Is Restored

Courtney Brown – Atlantis – Earth Changes – Interviewer Kerry Cassidy

Judith Kusel – Pyramid Activation – Inner Earth Changes

ETs Assisting Earth – Arcturian message part 7- Solar rays, Earth changes, Energy transmutation.

James Gilliland – Earth Changes and 2013

Ascended Masters’ world message for 2012-2013 regarding the Earth changes

Sheldan Nidle Update – Planetary Changes on Mercury, Earth, Venus, Mars – Truth About Lemuria, Atlantis, Annunaki, Ionia – Our Religions Created by Annunaki – Celestial Cleansing Music of Love and of Light wll fill Your Soul – 5-6-14

Father God / Zorra – Big Changes For Your Earth, Galaxy and Beyond – Your recovery from control of invading colonizers ( Reptilians, Greys, Draconians ) – Codes of your DNA strands Now Being Activated by Cosmic Plasma Waves and Prime Creator – Channeler, Dr. Kathryn E May




4 thoughts on “EARTH CHANGES”

  1. Regards the changes , there was a great boost of energy to the Logos of the Earth on July 8th.1964 called The Primary Initiation of Earth.Details are available to be read for students of metaphysics and spirituality. The vibrations have been increasing since but are being held and controlled by Mother Earth to allow us to exist. In time this will be such that a great many will not be able to endure reincarnating here and will go to a more primitive planet.

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