Tiara Kumara – Nervous System Recalibration – 2-29-16

Chakras Energy Increase – Headaches, flashes of light suddenly across your vision – Pains to your shoulder and Rib Muscles – Improvements to your adrenals and immune system create some quick, sudden jolts – Body Guardians check on your progress – New diaphrams to be installed.

Haripriya Suraj @ REIKI WITH FRIENDS – Lightworkers, Ascension and Reiki – – ASCENSION SYMPTOMS – 5-25-15

Physical Symptoms

As the body receives higher volumes of light, it must adapt to vibrating at higher frequencies than before. This process can cause physical discomfort and symptoms of varied kinds. Some common ones include:

  •  Discomfort in the heart chakra. This can include mild pain, heart palpitations and a feeling of immense pressure in the heart area. It can often feel like the heart is being pushed out of the chest.
  •  Pressure in the head, hazy vision, light headedness.
  •  Reddish or pinkish eyes.
  •  Less tolerance to unhealthy foods. Increased abdominal discomfort.
  •  Feelings of electrical energy running up and down the legs, spine and possibly even other areas of the body.
  •  Skin changes, appearance of rashes and allergic tendencies.
  •  Fatigue and less physical energy.
  •  Altered sleep patterns- needing less or more sleep than usual.
  •  Protein and other food cravings.
  •  Frequent thirst.
  •  Lack of hunger or excessive hunger.

Mental-Emotional Symptoms

  •  Heightened sensitivity to noise, sounds, crowds and energies of people.
  •  Less tolerance for people and situations of a lower vibration.
  •  Angry outbursts, especially at the people close to us.
  •  Agitation and restlessness.
  •  Need to cry.
  •  Emergence of old pain buried in the energy field.

Life Changes

  •  Less appeal for mechanical work and a longing to do work that fulfils the soul.
  •  Relationship changes. People that don’t serve our growth make an exit and those that do serve our growth come in.
  •  Increased need for time to rest, contemplate and be by ourselves.
  •  A longing to serve, help, heal and teach.

Tips to Cope

  • Listen to your body– Slow down and rest if you must. Eat and drink as per your body’s needs in each moment and do away with your usual routine if necessary. It is common to need more water than usual. This is beneficial as water helps flush out toxins from the system.
  •  Reiki practice and Angels– The beauty of Reiki is that it is gentle and powerful at the same time. Daily practice can help you cope with the symptoms better. While you practise, request Reiki and the Angels to ease your symptoms and to help you feel comfortable.
  •  Trust Inner Guidance– Sometime back, I was in the midst of such a cycle and had to cope with varied symptoms. I tried all sorts of things to feel better but nothing helped. The discomfort got worse and I prayed for help. I received guidance that I must sit outdoors in the sun. I did as instructed and allowed the sun to wash over me. The discomfort vanished within minutes of exposure to the sun’s energy. This was soon followed by an episode of cold and sore throat which was the body’s way of releasing toxins from my system. This is just an example of what it means to trust your inner guidance. True inner guidance feels safe and loving and asks you to do simple practical things.

The Blue Ray via Shekina Rose

Feeling loss,

Feeling a settling after receiving huge spiritual downloads and insights

Most are due to the rewiring of new energetic systems and multidimensional sensory awareness of your Divine Original Blueprint coming online

Times of brain fog

Not being able to remember events and forgetfulness

3rd eye pineal awakening and activation

Digestion issues, bloating and weight gain

Changing your diet for your frequency, and even though your diet may be good, more shifts in what you eat

Periods of needing to sleep and rest

Wanting to cleanse and feeling spiritual and cellular release and purification

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