james Gilliland


ECETI News From Mexico 2 – James Gilliland – 11-19-14

James Gilliland – Dealing With The Multilevel Shift

Galactic Family – Lightship Footage Compilation – James Gilliland’s Expansive, Sacred Understanding of Our Universe

James Gilliland – Behind The Mask of Disclosure

Time For Us To Lead Ourselves – James Gilliland – ECETI UFO

ECETI, James Gilliland – Star Visitors Sanctuary on Hawaii – As You Wish Talk Radio – 6-28-14

James Gilliland – Shift Changes – Positive Outcomes

James Gilliland of ECETI

James Gilliland – The Shift Is Hitting The Fan – 4-6-14

James Gilliland Update – New Portals Have Opened – Event is Close – Earth Now Flooded With Light, Beings of Light, Spacecraft – 2-23-14

James Gilliland – May You Be Blessed With Chaos

James Gilliland – Making It Throgh The Holidays – 12-25-13

James Gilliland – Self Healing and Leadership

James Gilliland – Archons, Annunaki, 2014 and Beyond

James Gilliland – Contact Has Begun – Conversations With ETs

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