ECETI News From Mexico 2 – James Gilliland – 11-19-14

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James Gilliland

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This is a personal letter from James Gilliland, who is the head of ECETI (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence). I think it is remarkable that someone with a “bent” for ET life here on Earth is also spiritually aware of how the two, ET’s and Earth, really tie together in the best sense for both.

Please read this remarkable letter, think about the spiritual connection for you between ET’s and a higher vibration here on Earth, and…


Today’s letter is on a personal note with observations of the global shifts and changes. Personally I have watched feelings arise I thought were dealt with long ago. I have watched people enter my life almost identical to people in the past harboring the same personas. We magnetize people and events to us according to our consciousness and wish as I may I am not immune to this process. Thankfully I have mastered a few more tools and methods to process, gain the wisdom and allow these experiences to settle in the soul as wisdom. The sad part is I watch as so many others hold on to their wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences guarding them like their grandest treasures. God forbid pointing these programs out because they are met with vehement defensiveness. I have never before seen the need to be right defended against all base logic. The more I process my own issues and rise in consciousness the more I feel like an alien. There is very little love on this planet. When I say love it is not the love most seek and desire. It is a love without agendas, without attachments and judgements. Not the love with hooks, the desire to fill unfulfilled expectations, the voids left by past relationships. It is the love that only comes with ones own personal God, Spirit, Creator connection. It is the love that allows that connection to flow freely though us. One of the first steps to this process is just being kind to others, all life including ourselves. In todays society there is not a lot of kindness being expressed for each other or the Earth. In many cases we have become a nation of wounded zombies with our souls buried under layers of chemicals, psychotronics, psychic turbulence and the programming of social consciousness. The heavy metals like aluminum, strontium, and barium in the chemtrails as well as the fluoride in the water are working. Very well I might add.

For many years I have felt centered in my own connection with spirit but as of late these new energies are off the scale. They are coming in waves, increasing exponentially bringing up the past sometimes ancient memories to process and deal with. Lately I personally feel the closeness of my Star Nation families. I feel the old world leaving and a new world taking its place. There is a part of me that feels sad the old world is leaving along with those who cannot master their attachment to it. There is another part of me that feels tears of joy the new world is finally arriving. There is a part of me observing this process and another part of me participating in it. I can always pull myself out of the process, the old world yet maybe it is time to embrace it fully yet with my feet firmly planted in the new world.

Time to move in and through it with the intention of ascending to a higher reality. We are all vast beings multidimensional in nature yet our human self keeps demanding the most attention. It wants to be the master, the captain of the ship yet it is not qualified in the least when measured by the higher selves.

Lately I feel as if my higher self has run out of ideas, weary of providing solutions unheeded. This may very well be the point. Time to surrender all of it, let go, release all attachment to the outcome and focus on holding my own center. Allow others to heal themselves in their own time frame. This is hard in relationships and community living because we have no authority in the free will and choices of another and at the same time we have to interact with them. This includes interacting with those raised in dysfunctional families never receiving base healthy reference points or families where there is a long history of projection and blame. Very few have the spiritual maturity and emotional control to step back and look at a situation in the understanding there just might be two sides to a story and their might even be a better way of doing things. Insights gained through experience often can avoid making mistakes already made if one has the humility to learn. I am finding now is the time to love myself enough to set the necessary boundaries in unhealthy situations choosing not to participate. Time to let the old world die. It does not matter if you have the keys to someone else’s quantum leap in evolution. If they are caught up in their own self importance, defending a wounded ego or the need to be right it is their kingdom. No matter how dysfunctional it is it is their divine right. When it bleeds into your world it is also your divine right to say what needs to be said and set whatever boundaries are necessary. There is an awakening and healing etiquette. As above so below. This includes the higher dimensional beings acting within universal law which need your consent, you have to initiate the contact and the degenerate beings acting outside of universal law without your consent. The good news is if you are aligned with the higher dimensions and acting according to universal law, “God is with you.” The ultimate power. It never was about overpowering others it has always been about empowering others. This abuse of power is creating a huge back lash along with the reaction to actions based on greed at the expense of humanity and the Earth. It has become epidemic and is unsustainable.

The basis for foreign policy is domination through superior technology to steal the resources of a less powerful nation. People are manipulated through manufactured lack, control of their monetary systems, whereas they are enslaved through dependency. Exporting the American dream is a trap concerning many people who already are rich in what is really valuable. This is the modes operand of the old world. This policy is about to change with the fall of tyranny, “IE The International Banksters.” This is unfolding as we speak. The karmic reaction to their actions and those who ignorantly follow their agendas is escalating. As the people awaken and unify they will not longer be in support of the ways of tyranny. That awakening is here. The odds are ten million to one which explains the genocidal practices of the controllers. If their mind control programs, mainstream media, school programming, psyhotronic network such as microwave, ELF waves, start to fail and people wake up to who they are and what they have done to them it is game over. Why do you think it is imperative and first priority to take away your guns? Do you think they want to save lives? It is their lives they want to save along with the reaction to their actions, the awakened peoples response which is their greatest fear. Now do you see why they are putting fluoride in your water, aspartame in your food, allowing GMOs with a known history of causing debilitating diseases. Did you know the cows and pigs fed GMO corn are becoming sterile, dying of ulcerated stomachs. Rats in longer studies are riddled with cancer and covered with tumors. Does that not fit nicely into their depopulation program. Big Pharma loves that program. The banksters have extracted trillions of dollars and giving it to their friends, none of which went back into the economy. Then our leadership gives them trillions more again and again in what they call quantitive easing burying the people under a mountain of debt that can never be repaid. How does that serve the people? At what point do the people wake up and realize it is not their debt and put the burden back on the people who created it. There is the United States of America and the United States of America Corporation. Guess who created the debt? Which one are you governed by? How many false flags will the people fall for before they wake up to who is behind them? How many wars will be fought on the basis of lies and deceptions by our leadership? Do you think this is sustainable? Do you think World War 3 is sustainable? Einstein said, “ I don’t know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought but world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Do we really want to go in that direction? The corporations run the world. There are just a few families that own the major corporations. As you move up the hierarchical ladder of wealth, greed and power over others we go into the archons. These are demonic beings, degenerate Ets, and forces which feed of the pain and suffering of humanity. They have only distain with no compassion for humans. Why else would you have the global genocide, the poisoned air, water, food, endless wars. This includes the spreading of depleted uranium and the nuclear disasters. The good news is we have higher dimensional friends and family throughout the multiverse that are putting an end to the archon network. Their puppets here on Earth, the cabal, have lost their support. There are families of the more enlightened kind which have the support of the higher dimensional beings. They also have wealth and resources far beyond the cabal. The cabal, their international banksters, and the modes operandi is not frequency specific to the Earth’s evolution. Their ways are finished. Especially when the archon network is gone and the people awaken to what they have done to them for centuries. They have financed both sides of every war since Napoleon. In most cases they instigate them with false flag operations the history of which is now being revealed. They have lied and mislead the people in every war creating fictitious threats, sinking ships and shifting blame, they even dress up as the enemy or pay mercenaries to generate these wars. Why? It is big business. They cash in on the wars and the natural resources of both countries when they cannot repay the debt. So how long will the people fall for this? How long will the corporate owned lame stream media be able to perpetuate these lies? As long as the internet stays up[,] not for long. It has already all been exposed for people with ears to hear. Even the attempts to character assassinate the truth tellers and brand them as crazy conspiracy theories has failed. The denial of UFOs went real well with the latest poll in Texas after a major flyover showed 99% of the people believed in extraterrestrials. So much for the cover up. Over 60 years of denial and silence through deadly force did not suppress that issue. One of their last ditch efforts to rule through fear is to create a false flag ufo invasion. The ones coming now are here to liberate an already invaded civilization. It is not what is coming that is the problem it is what is already here.

Times are changing, the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth is well underway. It is a process backed by the highest of highs and cannot be stopped. Our only choice is do we align ourselves with the process or be left behind. Get out in nature, eat close to the Earth. Know where your food comes from, if it has been tampered with. Know where your water comes from. Test it. Know what is raining down on you in the skies. Rise up and put a stop to it. Make your own personal God connection, take the time to meditate. Initiate help from the higher dimensions through prayer for protection and guidance. These are all necessary in the days to come. It may get a bit rocky so be prepared yet in the long run it will all turn out good. Humanity and the Earth will be liberated of tyranny. It will no longer be fashionable or tolerated in the days to come. Be well,

james gilliland A.R.R.

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