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Separation is Over

Jesus Through John – Your awakening from the illusion, from the unreality in which you have apparently been immersed for eons is imminent! – 1-20-14


Ascended Masters and Pleiadians – Allow the Illusion of Separation to Dissolve


Natalie Glasson – Co-Create Beyond Illusion And Separation – By The God And Goddess Creator Vibrations – 3 May 2014


Steve Beckow – The Challenge of the Times – Illusion Of Separation1-25-14


Rising Life – The Ultimate Hero’s Journey – Stage 1, Separation


Master Serapis Bey via Natalie Glasson – Journey of Separation to Unity – 6-12-14


Saul via John Smallman – The Heat Is On – The Illusion Is Melting – 6-1-14


Perception of Separation – Reality of Oneness – Galactic Free Press – 5-5-14


The Arcturian Group – You are the Divine I AM – Illusion increasingly dissolves with each soul who hears and heeds their inner voice – Oracles and Healers – Marilyn Raffaele


Saint Germain – Separation and Duality – Energetic Changes – Channeled by Méline Lafont – Awakening To Higher Love


Saul Through John Smallman – That is the separation – The apparent aloneness of a small and insignificant individual


Lucas – Transitioning Transpiring – Are You Calling Freedom : Unity With All Or Just Separation Again? – 28 May 2013


Jesus – Becoming Less Addicted To The Illusion


Bridging the physical realm and the Divine – 10-27-14


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November 27, 2014 at 6:07 pm

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