Steve Beckow – What Does It Mean to Say that All is in Alignment Now? – 8-15-14

Mary Magdalene via Natalie Glasson – The Period of Alignment – 9-28-14

Abraham Hicks – Powerful Art – Alignment Before Creation

Méline Portia Lafont – September Alignment Energies – What Is Important To Know As We Move Through This – 9-12-14

Advanced Soul Alignment – Oneness By Universal Logos – Lord Melchizedek via Natalie Glasson -9-2-14

Marina Macario – 2,160 Year Astrological Alignment Marks The End Of Patriarchy – – 8-28-14

rysa5 – The Grand Cycle – Arcturian Alignment

Crystalai / Dr. Angela Barnett – DNA Harmonic Alignment – 8-9-14

Crystalai – DNA Harmonic Alignment – 7-29-14

Teachings from Bashar – Darryl Anka – Stay In Alignment With Who You Really Are

Open Hand Foundation – The Great Realignment (part 3) – Message in a Bottle

Thetawave – A Powerful Triple Realignment Is Here – Center of the Sun

Lisa Gawles – A Tsunami of Change – Earthquakes of Realignment for All – 6-27-14

Deep Sea Obelisk – Alignments to Giza, Stonehenge, Xi’an – Googe Earth v6

Fuzzy Maisen – The Higher Self, Source-Self, Expansion,Purpose,Manifestations, Alignment

Gaia Energetic Alignments Progress to Unprecedented Levels – 5-23-14

Open Hand Foundation – The Great Realignment – Gaia’s Dramatic Healing

Humanity – A Vision From Down Home – Vision Alignment Project

Humankind requests alignment with The One, and this request has been acknowledged and accepted – 5-11-14



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