ALIYAH MARR – A Vision for the New Earth – by Steve Beckow – 1-1-17

Earth is now ruled by the Organic Energies of the Vital Life Force itself – All Living Things participate in this Explosion of Creative Force – Dissolution of Higher Self, Shadow aspects within Human Race – Channeler: Anarchistbanjo – 12-26-14

 Dr. Angela Barnett – Joy Of The New Earth – 9-13


Planetary Ascension – The Renewal of the Earth – Birth of the Sacred

Crystalai Blog – New Earth Islands of Light – How to Get There – 5-4-14

Wes Annec – Planetary Healing – Music in the Fourth Dimension

Judith Kusel – The New Earth and Cosmic Citizenship – 5-25-14

Open Hand Foundation – The Great Realignment – Gaia’s Dramatic Healing

Visiting New Earth – suzannelie

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