Judith Kusel

Judith Kusel – Becoming Consciously Aware – 10-12-14

Judith Kusel – Stargate Opening – Greatest Epoch in Human History – Gathering Together of Triads within Soul Groups – 9-29-14

Judith Kusel – 2014 and Beyond – New Golden Age Master Plan and Activations – 6-9-14

Judith Kusel – Reborn – Time of New Beginnings – 8-30-14

Judith Kusel – Soul mates, Sexual Energies

Judith Kusel – Energy Shifts

Judith Kusel – Activation of Keys and Codes Within – 7-21-14

Judith Kusel – The Awakening – Deep Within – 7-15-14

Judith Kusel – Energy Fields of the Earth – 7-3-14

Judith Kusel – The Inner Earth – The Crystalline Web of Light – Vortex Energy Centers of the Earth – 6-16-14

Judith Kusel – Celebrating the Rites of Womanhood – 6-3-14

Judith Kusel – The New Earth and Cosmic Citizenship – 5-25-14

Judith Kusel – Cosmic Law 2 – As within – So without – 2-22-14

Sophia – The Return To Wisdom – Judith Kusel – 1-24-14

Judith Kusel – New Cosmic Portal Opening Up – Immense New Wave of Cosmic Changes is Upon Us

Judith Kusel – Pyramid Activation – Inner Earth Changes

Return of the Divine Feminine and the Triple Goddess – July 7, 2013 by Judith Kusel




One thought on “JUDITH KUSEL”

  1. Hi judith could you contact me on my email address it seems you didn’t receive my last email. Thank you


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