Magenta Pixie

Magenta Pixie – The Vertical Pillar of Light – 10-2-14

Magenta Pixie – Moving Deeper into the Fabric of Hyperspace

Magenta Pixie – Communicating with Cells Organs of your Body – Macrocosmic – Microcosmic Unification

Magenta Pixie – What Happens To Us Physically During Ascension?

Map to Ascension – MagentaPixie With “Joseph ”

Magenta Pixie – Inner Resonance – Disclosure of Truth in Ascension

Magenta Pixie – The Mission of the Starseeds

Magenta Pixie – Fear into Love – creating Heaven on Earth

Magenta Pixie – The Stargate Keepers – The Halls of Amenti – Thirteenth Crystal Skull

Magenta Pixie – The Akashic Records – Keepers of the Akash – Master Librarians

Magenta Pixie – Living Geometry of Creation

Magenta Pixie – Stargate Into Intergalactic Interstellar Travel – July, August 2014

Magenta Pixie – Diamond Consciouness – Light Body Immortality

Magenta Pixie – Dreamtime-Dreamspace Telepathy – Diamond Soul Matrix

Magenta Pixie – The Garden of Eden – The Organic Human – 6-20-16

Magenta Pixie – The Organic Human – Activating Rainbow DNA

Magenta Pixie – Dreaming the Rainbow – Violet Flame

Magenta Pixie – Dreaming the Rainbow – Poetic Creations – Violet Flame – Meditation

Magenta Pixie – Spirit Comunication

Magenta Pixie – The 12th Dimensional Matrix – Intergalactic Stargate Travel

Magenta Pixie – Astral Projection – Out of Body Travel

Magenta Pixie – Colour Rays, Language of Light Codes – Working with the Higher Metaphor

Magenta Pixie – Challenge of the Wayshowers – Ascension – October 2013

Magenta Pixie – 2013 – The Year of the Merkabah

Magenta Pixie – Communicating with the cells and organs of your own body – Macrocosmic/Microcosmic Unification

Quantum Wizardry – Magenta Pixie Interviews Ildiko Scurr – Life Retuning

Magenta Pixie – Multidimensional Light Body – Full Memory Matrix

Magenta Pixie – Dreaming in the Multidimensional Astral Body

Magenta Pixie – The Multidimensional Light Body – Full Memory Matrix

Magenta Pixie – Lightbody Activations – Lifting The Shadow – Transmissions for June, July 2013

Magenta Pixie – Incarnational Energy Matrix – Creating The Grid Of Light – 13th Baktun – True Occult Reality

Magenta Pixie – Keycodes from Kuthumi – The Yellow Ray

Magenta Pixie – Language of Light Stargate – Love and Joy

Magenta Pixie – Cosmic Gateway – Spring Equinox 2013

The whisperings of the Higher Self – Magenta Pixie

Downloads from Divinity – Bypassing Barrier Protocols – Magenta Pixie

Wormholes within Hyperspace – Magenta Pixie



One thought on “MAGENTA PIXIE”

  1. I’m very very weirded out by Phil Good “channeling” the “WWC of 9”
    …watching your video a few months ago (it was the one on B Kavehnaugh) you CLEARLY STATED the 9 were other versions of YOU, so how is Phil (who makes me feel funny when he does/like he’s enraptured by fame and Your stardom) channel YOUR higher aspects?? I’d LOVE for you to make a YouTube that really breaks down this “engagement”…because it’s not sitting right, with me, and others if spoken to about this… thanks in advance for any clarity on this.


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