DL Zeta 2



DL Zeta – Future Vision – Awakened Timelines of New Earth – 9-28-14

DL Zeta – Dreams and Eclipse Portals – Transport Us to Future Life Tracks – 9-24-14

DL Zeta – Spirit Journeys to Future Timelines – 8-18-14

DL Zeta – Merging with Peace and Oneness in Dimensions Beyond Words and Time – 8-9-14

DL Zeta – Soul Synching with Past and Future Selves – 8-2-14

DL Zeta – Inner Unification – Revolution of Oneness on the Inner Planes – 7-12-14

DL Zeta – Opening to Summer Rites of Divine Love and Awakening – 6-22-14

DL Zeta – Twenty Steps to Activating Fifth-Dimensional Timelines – 3-13-14

DL Zeta – A Call to Lightworkers – Amplify your Light – Join in Consciousness – 6-19-14

DL Zeta – New Earth Shamans Create Fifth-Dimensional Doorways – 6-17-14

DL Zeta – Dreams are Messages from your Soul – 11-17-13

DL Zeta – Wesak Energies Downloads – Past-Life Skills, Future Time Planes, Software Upgrades – 5-14-14

DL Zeta – Eclipse: Portal To The Divine – Reveals A New Mosaic Of Human Consciousness – 4-30-14

DL Zeta – 20 Steps to Activating Fifth-Dimensional Timelines – 3-13-14

DL Zeta – Clearing a Space for High-Vibrational Energies to Flow into your Life – 2-5-14

DL Zeta – We Are The Bridge Between Two Merging Worlds – 12-8-13

DL Zeta – The Aries Lunar Eclipse – Unexpected Timeline Shifts Transport us Into the Void

DL Zeta – Upgrading our Lens of Perception – Shifting to Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

DL Zeta – Crossroads Moments Offer Glimpses Into Your Parallel Universes Of Self – 10 August 2013

DL Zeta – Shifting Timelines Activates Potentials Within Your Life Hologram – 27 July 2013

DL Zeta – Unified Mind and Spirit Radiates Amazing Lightness Of Being

Channeler: DL Zeta – Harnessing Eclipse Energies for Emotional Healing

D L Zeta – Stand Strong in Love as the Shadow Hastens – 8-29-14

D. L. Zeta – Creating New Realities based on the Frequency of Love – 7-10-14

D L Zeta – Vivid Dreams May Come – The Magic and Power of April’s Eclipse Series




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