Dana Mrkich – Tools for Clearing Your Energy – 8-20-14

Guided Meditation by Lilian Eden – Light Journey – Chakra Clearing, Balancing

Brenda Hoffman – What and Why – New Earth Clearing Tools – 7–23-14

Judith Kusel – The Raising of Consciousness – Cleansing and Clearing – 7-7-14

Fran Healing – For Those of You Who Would Like Help With Physical Ascension Symptoms and Clearings – 6-20-14

Ashtar – Update About the Present Clearing Process – Tsunami Of Love – 5-13-14

Archangel Zadkiel via Fran Zepeda – You are Nearing the End of this Clearing – 5-6-14

Christie Marie Sheldon – Unlimited Abundance – Energy Clearing Session

Judy Satori – Arcturian Blessing for Clearing the Physical Body

Michelle Walling, CHLC – Ascension – How to Emerge on the Other Side of Chaos – Back To Basics of Raising our Vibration, Clearing Negativity, Going Within – Center ourselves, Clear our Energy, Ground ourselves to Mother Earth – 4-4-14

Archangel Michael – Clearing Negative Memories

Bill Ballard – Clearing the Self Imposed Quantum Debris From Our Field – 2-9-14

DL Zeta – Clearing a Space for High-Vibrational Energies to Flow into your Life – 2-5-14

Caroline Aguiar – Clearing Our Energy Fields

Chakra Healing/Clearing Meditation

Almine – ThatChannelTV – Clearing Sub-Conscious – Creating A New World – 10-3-13

Meditation – Clearing Negativity – Strengthening Your Aura

Amateo Ra – How to Let Go – Clearing Your Consciousness of Unwanted Programs

Linda Christensen – Inner Healing – Clearing Emotional Blocks as Spiritual Practice

Arcturian Group – Karma Clearing – Releasing Fear – September-28-2013

Solar Plexus Chakra Clearing

Judy Satori – Emotional Clearing Technique

Kauilapele at Mount Shasta – Clearing Energies of the Past – Removing Negativity

Ascension Guide Bill Ballard – Geniune Clearing – Victim Consciousness

Pleiadian Alien Alaje – Meditation For Clearing Out Bad Energies





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