Bashar – The Periscope Technique


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Bashar – Our Cosmic Heritage

Bashar – Be Yourself

Bashar – The Periscope Technique – Reality Seen By Higher Self

Bashar – The Alchemist

Bashar – Higher Mind

Bashar Archives – Positive and Negative Energy

Bashar – Lightning in a Bottle – 2014 Highlights – Be The Living Example – Nothing Can Harm You If You Don’t Operate on the Same Frequency Domain

Teachings from Bashar – Darryl Anka – Stay In Alignment With Who You Really Are

Bashar – The 3 Aspects of You

Bashar – Incredible Interaction with a Hybridized Human

Bashar – Surely That’s Impossible – Bashar On Mass Awakening

Bashar – 3rd 4th 5th Dimension – Choosing Future – Past Lives Consciously

Bashar – Accelerate YourSelf

Cox and Bashar – Everything Changes Everything

Bashar – 被曝の治癒 バシャール  – UFOs Support Japanese Against Radioactive Contamination

Bashar and Astrophysicist Tom Campell – Link between Ascension and Speed of Light

Happy Valentine’s Day from Bashar

Bashar Talks About His World

Bashar – The Four Laws of Creation – Creating Your Reality

Tribute to Bashar – 30 Years of Contact with Bashar – 12-19-13

Bashar – ISON (2013), The Christmas Comet

Bashar – Saturns Day – The Council of Nine

Bashar on Ascension – Higher Mind Assisting Manifestation – Darryl Anka (2012)

Bashar – Cetacean Transformation

Bashar – New Senses

Bashar – About Nibiru – A Different Perspective

Rising from the Ashes – Bashar

Bashar – The Structure Of Existance – 2013

Bashar – 9 Levels of Consciousness

Bashar on Money, Information and Exchange

Bashar – 4 Laws – Motivation – Goals

Bashar – Densities of Body – Ascension

Bashar – Darryl Anka On TV – Inward Bound _ Full Movie

Bashar – The Path of Highest Excitement

Bashar – The Secret and Visualization

Bashar – How do We Design Our Reality

Bashar – Dark and Light

Bashar – Animal Consciousness

Alan Steinfeld Interviews Bashar – New Realities

Bashar – Spirit Guides and Trust

Bashar – Music Eidolonic Field – Phi Ratio Digital

Bashar – About Other People

Follow Your Passion And Joy – Bashar

Bashar – Reality is in your consciousness

Bashar – About Marijuana

Bashar – December 21, 2012 and the Agenda for Contact With the “Interstellar Alliance”

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