God’s Love

KRYON – God Designs Human Beings Through Accelerated Evolution

LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – God Worlds

Rinus Verhagen – GESARA — The Hands of God – 11-15-18

CHRISTINE DAY – The Pleiadians – The Pure Force of God Light

STEVE BECKOW – By Love Seeking Love, God Meets God – 11-3-18 – Golden Age Of Gaia

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Enhancing Your Personal God Essence – 7-31-18 –

The GOD Frequency – Visualization Technique to MANIFEST

Divine Mother God on Another Incoming Wave of Ascension Energies – 9-13-19 – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure

MOTHER GOD says the Great Shift has Started – 11-19-19 – by Linda Li – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure

jESUS through JOHN – Love never discriminates, it is unconditionally accepting of All that God has created – 11-1-19 – via John Smallman

MOTHER GOD says the Great Shift has Started – 11-19-19 – by Linda Li – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure


DIVINE MOTHER GOD – Gaia Has Ascended, THE GRAND FLASH – 10-23-19

MOTHER GOD – Ascension Process Occurring Faster Than Anticipated – Channeler: Linda Li – via Love Has Won

KRYON: Imagine To Be God

A Message From God – The Highly Energetic Year Of Grace – 1-5-20 – courtesy of Rose Rambles

MOTHER GOD via Linda Li The Impact of The Event – courtesy of Love Has Won

MOTHER GOD: on Extremely Critical Situations on The Planet – Channeled by Linda Li – 11-27-19

Tiruvannamalai – We Are All Homeless Until We Find God

– Unique Events Of 2020 – LIVESTREAM –

URGENT MESSAGE TO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! – Mother / Father God – by Ashtar Command Crew – 1-14-20

How To Get Closer To God If You Don’t Attend Church

Saul via John Smallman – The Event – Awakening into your Fully Conscious State – Oneness With God – You are all Powerful beyond your Wildest Dreams! – 3-15-15


Mother/Father God, Part 198 – Our Part in the Heavenly Project – Channel Dr. Kathryn E May – 2-15-14


Jesus via John Smallman – You are Godlike Beings, Children of the Divine Creator, Created like unto Him – Vast, Powerful, and Majestic – 10-14-15


THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS by GOD – Heavenletter #5433 – 10-9-15


THE NEW EARTH TIMES, EDITION #35 – MOTHER GOD – Worldwide Transmutation of Brutality – Former Minions Sprint for Freedom – 10-8-15


Karen Dover – Arrival of the New Earth – GOD’s promise delivered – 9-27-15


GEORGI STANKOV – Oneness with God – Collapsing Linear Time – Humanity Awakens To Unity Consciousness – Strong Confirmation – 9-23-15


The New Earth Times – Mother’s Mini-Message #22 – Operation Home Free, by Mother God – Channeler Kathryn E May


NOW – by FATHER GOD – Channeler Kathryn E May – 9-7-15


Mother God via Kathryn E May – Exposing the Frequency War, Part 1 – Your Etheric Body Takes the Hit


Beyond the Looking Glass – By Mother God – Channeler Kathryn E May


Rise and Shine! – By Father God – Channeler Kathryn E May – Blue Avians are here to help you through Ascension – Nibiru here to assist Humanity – Time for you to assist others in their Ascension – Earth’s New Golden Age – 8-14-15


Archangel Gabriel – When you dedicate your life to God, you move into the lifestream of Pure Consciousness where there are no limitations – 8-14-15


Channeler Simon NightStarr – The God-Magic Series – All Movement is Telekinetic, Part 3 – Your Observation Subtly Manipulates Matter – 8-13-15


Mother’s Mini-Message, #21 – It’s High-Time to Trade in Your 3d Practicality – by Mother God – 8-10-15


Mother’s Mini-Message, #21 – It’s High-Time to Trade in Your 3d Practicality – by Mother God – 8-10-15



7 thoughts on “GOD”

  1. Now we know that the Universe is infinitely more complex that all the deities we fabricated. Now we can understand TRUTH. Universe is the unborn, He is the source of Itself. She is the Mother and the Daughter, and the Universe is the Father and the Son. This is OBVIOUS. This ends all the so called “Holy Wars”


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