Lisa Gawles – The Reflections of Your Creative Energy – 11-3-14

Arjun Walia – Nothing Is Solid – Everything Is Energy – World Of Quantum Physics

Meindert Arends – How Negative Energy Affects Your Life – How to Clear It – The Mind Unleashed – 10-31-14

Lee Harris – Energy Forecast – November 2014

Irene Chung – What Is Energy

Lord Ashtar – Rise and Shine with Gaia, Lightworkers! – Ascension NOW – Earth Energy Meditation – 10-27-14

Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – Quality of Love Known as Transmutation – Life Experiences Transmute into Higher Spiritual Energy – 10-24-14

Removing the Shackles 10-14-14… “Drowning in the Tidal Wave of Energy: Riding the Surf to BEing”

Georgi Stankov, Light Warrior – Ascension Energy Update – The Seeding of the New Human Race Will Take Place This Weekend – 10-11-14

PL Chang – How Fear Weakens Your Energy of Empowerment

Lee Harris – September 2014 – Speed Pulses, Vast Energy of Opening in October – 9-30-14

Michelle Walling, CHLC – Ascension – How to Emerge on the Other Side of Chaos – Back To Basics of Raising our Vibration, Clearing Negativity, Going Within – Center ourselves, Clear our Energy, Ground ourselves to Mother Earth – 4-4-14

Judith Dagley – Secret To Getting Unstuck – Reciprocal Energy Exchange – 8-3-14

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – Make Room for the New Energy to Come Flowing In – 8-28-14

Lisa Gawlas – We will be Walking an Energy Field Bridge to the New Earth – Each step Atones Us to the New Earth – 9-21-14

Georgi Stankov – Ascension Energy Update – Huge Transformations, Fall Equinox – Metatron Message – 9-19-14

Lincoln Gergar – Expand Your Perception – Feel Etheric Energy of Sound – Channel Higher Self

Soon Europe Might Not Need Power Plants – A New Energy Revolution Is Coming

Abraham Hicks – More Energy

Sphere of Energy Appears in Kemerovo Russia

Georgi Stankov – Ascension Energy Update – New Stage in the Ascension Process – Higher Timeline – “Extreme Expansion of our Awareness” – ( Experiences of Wayshowers) – 9-5-14

Alien Ship Harvests Solar Energy?

Emmanuel Dagher – September Energy Forecast – 9-2-14

Jennifer Hoffman – Enlightening Life – September 2014 Energy Report – Moving from Healing to Wholeness, Human Beings into Divine Humans, Limitation into Expansion, Fear into Love, Judgment into Acceptance

Olena Gill – Clearly Seen – Earth Energy Report – September 2014

Earth Energy Healing Tip

Black Tourmaline Crystals – Space Clearing, Gridding, Grounding, Wide-reaching Energy, EMF Protection, Psychic Attack, Transmuting Negative to Positive Energy,

Lisa Gawles – The Building of Your New Energy Field – Bubble of Creation – 8-26-14

Tibetan Bowl Energy Balancing – soundbodycenter

Natalie Glasson – Awakening the Positive Energy of Atlantis Within You – 8-21-14

Judith Kusel – Energy Shifts

Dana Mrkich – Tools for Clearing Your Energy – 8-20-14

Bashar Archives – Positive and Negative Energy

Gaia Portal – Separation of Phase Levels appears in all Media of Energy – 8-18-14

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