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CRYSTAL ANDASOLA and ARI KOPEL – Spiritual Pep Talk – Create Relationship With Creator, Connect To Source – Listen To Intuition, It Knows Only Truth – Follow Your Heart – Use Discernment – The Initiate Needs To Move Forward – 5-29-15

Suzanne Lie – Message from IlliaEm – Beginning Our Primary Mission – Journey Back To Self – 9-28-14

The Group via Channeler Steve Rother – The Golden Key – The Balance of Power – 7-17-14

Aisha North – A Message From Mother – We have Shifted the Balance away from Tethering on the Brink of Disaster and Into That Space where Creation can once again Occur – 7-24-14

Anu Shi Asta – Balance The Feminine and Masculine Within

Ian Ellington – The Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy

Ben Arion – Ascension Symptoms and Finding Balance – 5-23-14

See Energy in the Air – Higher Balance Institute

Anna Merkaba – Purification Process Has Begun – Strong Ascension Symptoms Coming – Taming Incoming Energies – Feel at Peace – Regain Your Balance Quickly Efficiently – 4-13-14

Dana Mrkich – Equinox – Time For Balance – 3-21-14

Lincoln Gergar – Living in Balance with Life, Spiritual Selves

LIORA – Balance and Neutrality – Angelic Attunement Message

Archangel Gabriel – 2014 – The Year of Balanced Relationships

Karen Doonan – Find Balance Whilst Dissolving 3D Earth

Wes Annac – Heightened Energy – A Balanced Ego – 11-22-13

Dr. Rajwant Singh – Finding Balance – Becoming Fearless

Angel Wisdom – Emotional Balance – August 1, 2013

Divine Balance

Ashtanga Yoga – Maria Villella – Finding the Balance on your Hands and in Your Life

Yin and Yang: The Art of Living In Balance – Traditional Chinese Medicine and Your Health

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