Russellian Science – Synopsis of the Magnetic-Electric, Cubic Wave-field Model of Creation

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This is the method by which our sexless, formless, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent Creator creates this infinite Electric Universe of ever repeating motions from the stillness of the Magnetic Universe of invisible white Light of eternity.

Russellian Science proves with Sacred Geometry, how the Creator centers and bounds all electric motions which give form to our ever changing Universe of electric thought wave motions, from the motionless state of eternal rest and peace, which humans have called “the kingdom of heaven”.

Please for give the poor quality of this video. I was very sick while making it for many weeks with a chemtrail induced cold which has lasted for 2 months now. I made the error
@7:438:10 of repeating this again immediatey following it. It is very important information that is being repeated, so hopefully everyone will use the redundancy to reinforce their learning of these ideas.

Produced by Robert Otey

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