Julian Wells – Pleiadian Update – Diamonds Forever Show – Channeled Messages – Yeshua On Dreams, Potential, Optomism – Ashtar: Possibility of Doomsday (Negative Polarity) Is Gone – You’re Free Now – Watch the Children for New Energy, Leadership – New Generation Of Angels – You Are The Center Of Your Universe




Julien Wells

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-WOW, 4 hour show! Absolutely packed with richness and awesomeness
-Julien briefly describes the services he offers to the public
-Everyone is heading for accessing broader information within themselves
-How he connected with the Pleiadians
-Telepathic communication
-We ALL can do it
-Brief summary of the update where 11,000 cabal members were taken to sanctuary by the Pleiadians (Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fxf-X…, Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tfVQ…)
-Angels also participated in the pick-up
-Julien Bi-locates to initiate the update for today
-Ashtar Command is also present
-4 Pleiadians step forward to speak (Mahlia, Teric, Aidan, and Achoua)
-11,000 cabal members have become 2 groups working on technology merging
-They are mostly fully 5D at this point, they have rearranged their vibrations to more aligned with broader awareness
-They wish to make clear that pick-ups of this nature will not happen again
-Percentages of “Light Quotient” statistics around the world (Light Quotient is defined by the percentage of beings who have come to the realization that they have a Higher Being, Broader Mind, etc. Basically people who have come to understand that their PERSONAL connection to Source or God exists)
-If Hope had dropped below 10% NWO could have begun
-By end of this year, beginning of next year inspirational people will shine so brightly everyone will shift to wonder how they are doing it. Will result in MASSIVE HOPE SPREAD
-(Do not underestimate raising vibration, folks!! This is why we say happiness of SELF, lighting up ONESELF is the single most important thing to do to tip Ascension- Crystal)
-“Doomsday” (apocolypse of negative polarity) is gone from all timelines of those listening to this now, you are Free now
-Archon’s grip over Earth, net over Earth is disintegrating, they can only focus on small regions, USA is still main target
-There some countries which are now free of it almost completely, this is who Ashtar has been connecting with
-The Families involved in maintaining 3D illusion are facing resistance they’ve never known
-Prevailing thought that speaking heart is now safe, more humaneness building
-FIND YOUR HEART, CHOOSE TO BE IN HEART more than to accept a negative projected reality
-This is often called “being selfish” or uncaring, or even NOT being in their heart (ie, we should be lowering vibration for another’s sake; it’s noble, feeling bad for others is useful)
-Despair does not lead to progress EVER, it only creates slingshot effect (which is what we’re looking at now, people are tired of being tired, ready to shoot forward)
-There are no heroes, YOU save YOU
-Watch the children right now, there is arrangement with their higher beings that they are going to pick up some of the mantel of the energetic need for positivity
-Many consciousnesses becoming Angels now, “graduating” to that level
-Julien opens up for Elizabeth’s questions, she plays 20 min audio about the Pole Shift
-Awesome audio about when the flipping of Earth’s magnetic poles occurs
-Pleiadians talk about the Pole Shift
-Solar energy, magnetics, and DNA
-Timelines are always individual, this shift will occur by choice and only when one is ready
-The Sun is monumentally important to integrating more light
-What does “Raising Vibration” actually mean?
-The “Collective Consciousness” is actually YOU, just You, it’s always YOU YOU YOU! πŸ™‚
-Elizabeth plays clip from David Wilcock from July 17, 2014 (wow, really good update)
-Self-governing and responsibility
-Ashtar’s closing words “there’s no such thing as the “real world” if you are looking at the world and cannot identify it as yourself…”
-Julien’s closing words “Feel free to not take anyone else’s advice…”
-Elizabeth play’s Pharell’s “Happy” song πŸ™‚
-She opens up the room to callers and questions
-One note at the end: after Julien got cut off, a gentleman called in referencing something the Pleiadians said about not being a “Hero”. Elizabeth thought he said “Healer” and there was a mix-up there between them. Julien plans to put out another recording answering that question.
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