Kwan Yin – Cleansing Meditation – 4-7-14


Lady Quan Yin




Kuan Yin

“I greet you all warmly and with love. Today I wish to teach you a short meditation in which you can cleanse your body of negativity and recharge your energy. Firstly, centre your energy in the depth of your solar plexus. You will find that you receive deeper healing and stronger energy if you begin working from there. Next, close your eyes and concentrate on relaxing your body and your mind. Take a deep breath and hold your energy in your lungs. Feel it warm and full of life, then exhale. Breathe out all of the day’s woes and negativity. When you next inhale, breathe in from your solar plexus, or your belly button. This breath will take the negative energy from that chakra and fill your lungs with it. Exhale it slowly, willingly releasing all of the tension and stress that may have built up there. Take your energy lower and breathe in from the sacral chakra, which is just below your solar plexus. Again, breathe out slowly, willingly releasing any negativity. In the next inhalation, breathe in from your base chakra, seeing the red colour and releasing the stress of the day in the outward breath. Now, picture your feet firmly grounded into Mother Earth, and breathe in her love and light, up through your feet and legs and bring it through your lung right up to your crown. Picture Mother Earth’s light joining with the light and love of the Creator, and bring it back down as you breathe out again. The light and love of God and the Earth are now merging and filling your body with peace, contentment and a feeling of wellbeing. Repeat the breath from your feet to your crown and out through your lungs twice more, breathing slowly on a count of eight. Then, continue to breathe in this combined light and love, and as you breathe out, send it back to the Earth, out to your friends and family, further out to the world and wherever else you are drawn to send it. You will find yourself soon fully relaxed, and, if practiced daily, your chakras will remain much clearer.

I wish you love and many blessings,

I AM Kuan Yin.

Victoria Cochrane



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