Message From Lord Sananda – Join Us To Create Abundance, Prosperity and Freedom – Cleansing Dark Energies – Channeled by Dr. Kathryn E May – 4-21-14


Dr. Kathryn E May – Live Channeler


Sananda: Join Us to Create Prosperity and Freedom

It was a beautiful day in the valley. The sun was bright in the deep blue sky, with hardly a cloud in sight. The girls were planning a birthday party for their friend, and excitement filled the air. It was a glorious day. All around their table were the flowers in bloom and the sound of water running into the pool. What an idyllic spot to have a party.

We love to see you there on the ground, enjoying yourselves, loving one another. It is the atmosphere which portends abundance, harmony and peace. You see, you have been taught that meditation with the intention of creating something positive is a very effective tool, which it is indeed, but you do not realize how powerful the effect is when a group of people get together to have fun. The simple act of sitting down together to have dinner creates a vortex of Love which will settle into the molecules of the table and chairs, the walls and floors of the house.

Children are especially sensitive to the feelings around them, and can detect the vibrations which are carried within the objects they encounter. Feel yourself as the child you have been, and become aware of the feelings which are stored in the objects around you. Have you filled the atmosphere with Love? Then your furniture, walls and local environment will wear the energy of your heart.

I am describing this phenomenon to you to give you a part of the picture so you can see what we are up against when we talk about raising the vibrations on the planet. It means washing away the dark pockets of energy which remain from all the years of negativity and fear. The old tradition of burning sage was used to clear away negative energies from a building or a person suffering from lingering Darkness.

You may not be aware that your dogs and cats are especially talented at moving energies, to remove negativity by absorbing it themselves, then transmuting it and releasing it to the Universe to be reabsorbed. Cats especially are well adapted to this work. Remember the Halloween pictures which always show a black cat following along after the wicked witch and other Dark beings? It is not because the cat enjoys their company; it is the symbolic depiction of the cat’s natural tendency to take responsibility for clearing away the negative effects of the beings she accompanies. The black coloring represents the cat’s ability to take on the dark energies in order to protect others from it.

There are many species of animals, plants and elementals who are there among you to help balance the energies and restore Light to a previously darkened environment. As of this week, they will become evident in large numbers, bringing LoveLight and joy to all who encounter them, for humankind has passed a milestone of tremendous importance this week.

As Lightworkers all over the globe have awakened to take part in consciously raising the vibration, the long climb out of Darkness reached a turning point. As portals were being cleared, Earth’s crystals were reactivated and ley lines reestablished by various groups working around the world, a tipping point was suddenly reached. It became possible for your Creator beings to complete clearings which would have been impossible to accomplish even the day before.

Most of you are completely unaware of the teams of Masters who are working now, in bodies on the ground, to lift the energies and clear away the remnants of the past eons. You are aware of the residue of dark ideas in your own thinking. Multiply that by thousands, and you have an idea of the nooks and crannies that need to be cleared in Mother Terra’s aura and physical body. Multiply it by trillions and you get the feel of the shared energy on the surface of the planet which needs to be cleaned, cleared and made ready for all to ascend.

You are far more profoundly affected by the ambient energies in your life than you acknowledge. It is why millions of people who know nothing about ascension are now feeling differently about themselves, their work and their environment. You see, the changes are occurring on every level, to every being, whether they agree with it or even notice it. This is possible because of your previous agreement – some call it the contract you came here to fulfill. Long before this lifetime, you knew what you would encounter here and what you would learn from it. You gave your permission to be upgraded from carbon to crystalline for the coming ascension.

We had many fail-safe agreements in place before you entered this life, all carefully considered and agreed upon in the Council meetings with your own committee and with the larger Councils which are overseeing the success of this mission. Insofar as we were able to consider all the possible timelines, we agreed on the steps you and others would be asked to take, and devised back-up plans for alternate scenarios.

You are now being asked to speed up your adaptation to the higher energies because you as a group have succeeded in raising the vibration and jumping timelines with such success that we are now in a completely new place with new possibilities. It is a very exciting time for us here in higher dimensions, because we are seeing the unfolding of events with great pleasure and satisfaction.

Yes, there are still challenges to be resolved, but look how all of you with boots on the ground have been carrying the ball, moving us forward little by little, bringing forth information which reveals the truth about the darkness you have lived with so long. You can feel it in the air – other countries challenging the cabal and its grip on the U.S. policies of creating false flags and starting wars to gain power and access to oil and other natural resources. A new day is truly dawning, Beloved Ones, when countries around the world are willing to align to stop the economic and military iron grip which has strangled whole countries into submission.

It is difficult for Americans to accept that the wars they have given their children to have been nothing but a ploy by the wealthiest ones to create chaos and confusion in order to gain power over others. You do not see yourselves that way, and for the most part, you are not cruel, but many have been convinced of the rightness of what has been done by the powerful propaganda machine which promotes fear of others. Those “others” you have been encouraged to fear and attack for trumped up reasons are always the ones who are in possession of something the cabal covets. Of the hundreds of wars around the planet since World War II, the U.S. has been the instigator in most of these conflicts.

It has taken a great toll, physically, psychologically and emotionally. Being the aggressor while pretending to be the protector of freedom and democracy requires a deep amnesia of past events. It also requires that you close your eyes to the unsavory actions of the secret government which has been the source of these aggressive actions. It is not that all information has been hidden; the Dark Ones have developed a skill for hiding in plain sight. They count on the population to interpret events according to the story line which is fed to everyone through the mainstream media.

I am talking to you about these things today, Dear Ones, because there will very shortly be revelations of wrongdoing which will shock even the most well-informed truth seekers. In coming weeks, it is very possible that other countries will begin to uncover the lies which have been baldly repeated. The most obvious of those lies is the 9/11 tragedy, which is seen as “an inside job” by nearly everyone on the planet outside the United States.

Of course, revealing other countries’ dirty laundry invites a full exploration of everyone’s atrocities. It has been a world-wide conspiracy of silence – “I won’t tell if you don’t” – but there are many in the higher ranks around the world who would now welcome a cleansing and reconciliation, and the opportunity to begin anew.

All of you know from your own experience how difficult it is to acknowledge your mistakes, especially the ones where you were complicit by your own silence. It is time for this humbling and compassionate approach to life on Planet Earth. There will be arrests and trials, and there will be dissension in the ranks as witnesses are asked to stand against those they have been loyal to. It will be a time when cooler heads and warmer hearts will be needed to avoid further bloodshed and unrest.

I ask you now to walk with me on the path of peace. We are brothers and sisters all, and we deserve to share this life on our beloved planet without interference from the forces of greed. It is time, Dearly Beloveds, to rise up, join hands in solidarity, and create the world you have longed for.

Tonight, May 21, 2014, there will be a meditation at 8 PM EDT to focus the energy of millions of people to raise the energy on the planet, to send loving energy to those who are standing in the way of the release of the Prosperity funds you have been promised, and to create the final opening of energetic waves of peace and harmony on Planet Earth. We will meet on with Kathryn and Anne, and all around the world with groups that will gather for this purpose. It is the end of the Old Era, the time of suffering, poverty and war. We have entered the New Golden Age. It is time for the great wave of joy which will carry the first wave of Ascension of humankind to its completion. Join with us, Dear Ones, to envision the prosperity and the changes it will bring. Focus on the part of the Great Project you will be involved in: see your actions, your feelings of joy and commitment, and celebrate with us the new wave of cooperation, friendship across boundaries, and abundance for all.

As you envision and proclaim the changes, so they will be created and brought into existence. Universal Law requires it. See it vividly in your mind’s eye – the joy of the children who are well-fed and dressed, the water flowing clean and clear for all to enjoy, the resources like food, free energy, transportation and housing available to all, and you among others celebrating, singing and dancing for joy.

It is up to you, each one of you, to make this happen now. Join with us to raise the vibration to such a high level that it will raise all boats, all souls, all beings. Everything you envision now as a group will be created in the Universe, ready to be experienced along the present timeline.

So Be It.

I am you loving Sananda. I join my heart with yours.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, May 21, 2014, 6 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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