ECKHART TOLLE – What Do I Do When My Partner Isn’t Awake Spiritually? – by Evolutionary_Mystic Post – 3-23-18

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BREATH – Your Natural Healing Tool – Ascension Energies – by Ascension Energies – dreamweaver333

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“It’s like breathing,” we say,

to illustrate the ease of a particular task

or the acquisition of a new skill

that isn’t really difficult.

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STEVE ROTHER @ The Group – The Evolving Human   –   Changes in DNA of the Physical Body   –  by Love Has Won – 3-22-18

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By Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones.

We join you this day as a collective, for we have a little story to tell you about events that are taking place on your planet. You are reaching beautiful levels of evolution. The Earth herself is changing as well; you have seen so much beauty here. Let us first tell you that you are becoming new humans, and that is incredibly exciting. Last time we talked about the multidimensional you and how you have hidden some of your perfection in 11 different experiences of your life, making different choices and each one selecting different routes.  Over here when you make a decision that is equally weighted. Although you may go this direction in one dimension, in another you take that other choice. So, really nothing is lost to your experience as a spirit pretending to be human.

Changes in DNA of the Physical Body

What we are talking about today is your own physical being, for it is starting to change as well. It starts on the very smallest level–the level of your DNA, which has many more strands than you have been aware of. There are a total of 12 strands with a very weak magnetic field that basically outlines the other strands. What is happening is that these strands are starting to be reactivated. As this happens and as the dimensional walls between your other dimensions start to thin, the physical body starts to change. Now it has been quite some time that we’ve been telling you about emotions bleeding over from one of your lifetimes into another. Sometimes you may suddenly find yourself feeling very happy, sad or even depressed for seemingly no reason, only to find out that you are tapping in to one of the experiences that is happening in another dimension that you never had to deal with before. Well, now you are also starting to receive thoughts and feelings through those walls. Not only are the magnetic portions of the wave going through the wall, but now parts of the electrical portions are traveling through as well. Let us explain what that means.

Thoughts Passing Through the Dimensional Walls

In the third dimension, you typically experienced life as linear, one moment after the next. In the fourth dimension, you have learned that time is actually circular. Now that you are in the fifth dimension you are finding it is actually a spiral, which is a combination of moving forward through both time and space. Yet it is always repeating itself, over and over again, allowing for perfection. With these changes, you are starting to think differently because of being grounded firmly in the fifth dimension. Although all of humanity has stepped into this energy, there are many still grasping onto the old third dimensional ideas. That explains why there is so much incredible separation taking place on your planet right now. So, what are the thoughts that you are starting to become of aware of through the dimensional walls? How do you deal with that? Well, we tell you in some ways it means you are going to get new ideas. In other ways you will stop linear thinking because that is your process as well. You have always had one thought after another, leading to another and so forth. It can branch out in different ways, of course, but you only take one path at a time. What if it were possible to start experiencing nonlinear thinking? You are now starting to experience the capabilities that we have here at Home. Just like with time, we are in the now every moment. Everything is accessible, no matter which way we point. You sometimes talk about time travel on your planet, and we have no problem with that. We always pick up whatever we want, at any time that we want.

Nonlinear Thinking: Taking Shortcuts in the Thought Process

What if you could do the same with your thoughts? Well, that is beginning to happen with all of humanity. The human animal is starting to evolve very quickly in order to carry more light. You are eventually moving into light body, which you have done before. You have done it in the days of Lemuria, as the Anasazi and Mayans. Before you have done it in small segments of the Earth, but this time it is going to be a rather large move. You are starting to move in these directions now, and one of the interim steps is to release the habit of linear thinking. What this will provide is shortcuts everywhere, although it will be very frustrating for your systems. Your math teachers want to know how you arrived at a solution. But what if you could just go to the right answer every time, and not worry about all the steps that you had to take? That would be very frustrating for the teachers and school administrators, but it could advance humanity quite rapidly. Basically, that is what lies ahead, learning how to stop thinking in a linear fashion. So, what exercises can you do and how can you work with this? How can you start to practice this right now?

Well, it is actually nonlinear thinking. Dear ones, much of what you consider sometimes to be intuition is truly channeling. When you get those answers very rapidly, you do not quite know where they came from. Most of the time on Earth, people do not trust an answer that is received in that way. They want to be able to go back and follow the rules of how you got there when in reality it was simply a movement. We find it really interesting because many of the great discoveries on your planet were made from people who simply knew this was the truth. Then they go through their entire lives trying to figure out whatever was necessary to put one foot in front of the other, building a linear path and proving that truth. If they did not know it in the first place, they would not have discovered it. We are speaking of Copernicus, Fibonacci, Socrates, Einstein and even Tesla himself; they knew something first and then went about proving it.  That sense of knowing is channeling and non-linear thinking. After receiving this message, they would then have to figure out the linear path backwards in order to prove it.

What if you were able to just take the shortcut? Would you not be able to speed things up rather rapidly on your planet? We tell you, dear ones, that is exactly what is ahead. All that is needed is to become aware of your thought processes to start with.  You can always come up with a great idea, but when you do come up with it go backwards to discover what led you to that idea.  What were you thinking just before that, and even before that? Follow the path backwards, so that you become aware of your linear thinking habits. That is the beginning of the process, then pretty soon you will be able to make these jumps. Because you are human, you are not going to trust it. Very few people do in the beginning because it takes practice to start understanding that it is no longer necessary to go through all these paths. You can come up with the right answer every single time, and especially to the big questions. Why? Because there are so many beings on the other side of the veil that want you to succeed, they are dropping these ideas into your form of consciousness. If you can step out of linear thinking, you can interpret and trust them. You have this stream of consciousness that extends right above your heads; you tap in and grab one of these thoughts to bring it in. Are you responsible for all of these thoughts? No, some are what you would call negative thoughts. When you receive one do not try to release or ignore it just say, “Oh, there is a negative thought. I think I will just let that one go by. But here’s a really bright thought over here, so I am going to grab this one and discover it. Dear ones, choose your thoughts carefully. You are not responsible for what goes into your head, but you are responsible for what stays there.

Grasp those ideas and start dreaming, learning to channel in heart. Your entire reality will start changing very quickly, because you will gain a new perception of everything around you. And the more open you are to that perception, the more you will begin to see change. Change is ahead for every single one of you, dear ones. You have placed yourself here on this Earth at exactly this moment for a reason. There is no one here by accident, no one here that is just taking up space. Yes, you are here on purpose. We love to see you work with that and we can’t wait to see what happens next.  You have some very exciting times on your planet.  Although there are challenges we are not worried because the best people are on the job.

It is with the greatest of honor that we reflect you in this way helped you remember who you are in these times of change. You have already won the game dear ones.  We leave you with three little reminders to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity for you are nurturing yourself. Do not forget to play well together.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group

A video version of this channeling is available here.





OPEN-HEARTED REBEL – BUILDING HUMAN RIGHTS ON NOVA EARTH – 3-19-18 – by Steve Beckow @ Golden Age Of Gaia

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I’ve gathered together most of the essays on the blog on human rights and I present that to you to assist you in your work in building Nova Earth.

The introduction follows and the book appears below.

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Human Rights as a concept arose in the face of glaring conditions of inequality and poverty, including servitude, prompting others to speculate on why some people should be seen as unequal and moving them to action.

Oftentimes a spiritual conversion is the source of the knowledge of the innate equality of all. An excellent example of that is John Newton, the slave trader who had a shipboard spiritual revelation that led him to compose Amazing Grace. He quit slaving and became an Anglican minister.

At the moment of his revelation, I’m sure that the equality of all was seen and deeply understood.

One doesn’t have to be a slave trader. One can be a visionary like Mahala Yousafzai, Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King. One can bring this knowledge in from other lifetimes.

Whenever higher realities have been glimpsed, such as happened to John Newton, the seer realizes immediately that this world was meant to honour what is in fact the reality – that all people are created free and equal.

All people are here for the same purpose: To realize who we are. (1) All of us travel through lifetime after lifetime learning more deeply what our essence is by interacting with others, creating situations that cause us to reflect on who we are.

As we journey together, every person has equal rights and freedoms, by virtue of being a spark of God.

Some people may have unequal rights because they’re unequally doing things like carrying babies and nursing them. This inequity – sometimes biological, sometimes for other reasons – calls for affirmative action. But otherwise all people have equal rights.

Broadly speaking, I’d think those rights include the right to do anything people wish, short of harming one another.

But we’re not there yet as a society. I think we will be shortly, as the consciousness vibrations of the planet continue to rise.

Until we reach such an umbrageous acceptance of each other, we may have to approach the task of building a new human-rights house one plank at a time.

  • Every person has the right to speak freely, without fear of harm or punishment.
  • Every person has the right to marry whomever they please.
  • Every person has the right to worship as they please.

On and on the individual planks go.

All of us realize the interim nature of human rights. In more refined dimensions of experience, like the astral world or the Fifth Dimension, there’s no need for them. There’s no scarcity of anything and hence no grounds for friction between people.

People sort themselves out; the people who pursue criminality go to one place and the people who love unity and harmony go to another. (2) Thus, no one steals from each other where we’re going – if we were going there.

Besides, everyone is bathed in higher-dimensional love there, in the experience of which no one could or would wish another harm. (3)

So we only need human rights here on the Third/Fourth Dimension, in our everyday world, where “saint” rubs shoulders with “sinner.” Here is where protection from possible harm is wanted and needed. And as long as it is, human rights are the instruments that frame our response.

I don’t think we realize that the notion of human rights also implies human limits. It implies limitations on behavior as much as it implies freedom. And it isn’t just based on whose side shouts the loudest. The limitations on freedom apply to everyone.

Here’s an example. If I have the right to marry whom I choose and you’re my uncle insisting I marry your son, my human rights call for your freedom of action to be restricted.

We don’t think about that much.

I’m thinking particularly of women and children in this regard. Men need to realize that the restoration of the human rights of women and children on this planet will mean the restriction of the freedom of action of men. Think about it.

It’s time, men.


(1) See “It All Works Out in the Final Reel,” April 14, 2017, at

(2) See “Destination Depends on Life Lived” at

(3) This is another aspect of a higher reality being experienced. For one person it can be a glimpse of Reality; for another, it’s the experience of higher-dimensional love.

In either case, the person, while in that state, wishes to harm nobody. Hence there is no need for human rights. Or even forgiveness, since there are no transgressions to forgive.


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LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Controller System Case Study – 3-22-18



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Divide and Conquer is a predatory negotiation tactic commonly used in sales and marketing businesses in the 3D world, to manipulate people’s perceptions and get them to do what you want them to do. In this case it would be for the purpose of generating sales and making a lot of money on a consumer product or an investment deal. Or perhaps rewarding Senior managment in the multinational corporate conglomerates with government funnelled incentive packages to continue to carry out the archontic deception agenda of the Controller groups. Under the guise of generating winners and losers in the psychopathic corporate workplace model, it has become socially acceptable to lie, cheat, steal and manipulate other people as long as that person is making large sums of money and reaching quotas for himself and his employer, as well as feeding the larger interests of the death culture. What kind of predators is this society shaping by rewarding deceivers and manipulators with incentives such as huge paychecks? What might this look like in business?

The Controller strategy is to intentionally cause stress and confusion in the business competitor or enemy camp, by getting them at each other’s throats through spreading disagreements so they are distracted from the larger issues of the negotiation. When they are arguing over their own internal interests and problems, then the manipulator works to gain control over the larger issues happening in the negotiation. When others are distracted in disagreement with one another, the manipulator pays attention to the proposed solutions that the key people with influence in the group will accept. The manipulator then supports the key person’s position to work against the opponents in their own internal group, to gain favor and to get what he really wants in the outcome of negotiation.

Increasing stress and confusion in the targeted business-person or in the masses is done on purpose to break them down so they go into self-doubt and become uncertain and confused about what is actually happening. Controllers purposely increase stress and confusion as a manipulation method to destabilize and weaken others, so they will be easily persuaded to go along with any solution the Controller offers just to reduce their stress. This is also called the Problem, Reaction and Solution tactic.

This works on the principle that a drowning person will clutch at a straw, so the Controller in his manipulation deliberately attempts to push them under water so he can then offer them the straw.

This is so he can offer only what he is willing to in order to take advantage of the others weaknesses, and not offer the best solutions for mutual benefit. Predatorial people don’t care about the negative effects they have on others, only that they believe they are the winner. Their negative ego only wants to win, and they see everything as between winners and losers, unable to comprehend the motivation of win-win agreements. When people are stressed, confused and overloaded, common sense, rational and critical thinking are lost. They generally fail to see the larger picture or overview and make impulsive decisions. Instead, they will choose the first thing offered to them that will reduce that immediate feeling of stress and confusion, even though it may cause much greater problems later on or put them at a significant long term disadvantage.

Controller System of Inversion

In everyday life, Inverted Systems allow for the production of artificial storefronts or business facades that more effectively hide the real intentions of that industry from the public, which allows for easy dark infiltration to feed corruption, reversals and blackmail. The imposters hire Psychopaths and marketing propaganda teams to represent them, while operating from within the deep compartmental layers built upon the same inverted system of energy. Thus, they generally remain hidden from view and scrutiny, unseen and unknown by the rest of the workforce, or the greater public. It is important to be able to identify the profiles of psychopathic and criminal behavior, because psychopaths are specifically being groomed in humanity in order to act as the managerial gatekeeper in the industries that enforce the inverted systems and enforce the reversals to stay in place. Thus, the Workplace Psychopaths are doing their job of serving the anti-human structures that increase the overall suffering in the world.

To gain a larger perspective of the working model of the Global Control System of Energy Inversion, we must first understand the concept of closed loop entropic systems, repetitive mind control systems that turn inward or invert the overall system of energy to be directly funneled to a singular hidden or veiled source. The Controller Pillars of Society are pyramidal organizations that make up our civilization’s main structural systems, which are intentionally corrupted at the top in order to continue to feed the system of energy inversion, which is intrinsically required to maintain the NAA’s human enslavement methods.

This week the alternative media started connecting some larger dots in how money and other incentives are funneled through government storefronts in order to control and manipulate people appointed into the inner circle of the Senior Executive Service (SES) program. This is a direct example of the Controller System of Inversion presented for case study. Over the last week, a petition to remove the SES organization and its unelected members has been posted on the white house web page to bring more attention to this level of hidden corruption between major corporate players deciding on government policy, highlighting those relationships made between the controlled online media organizations and government.

The Senior Executive Service (SES) is a position classification in the civil service of the United States federal government, somewhat analogous to general officer or flag officer ranks in the U.S. Armed Forces. The SES was designed to be a corps of executives selected for their leadership qualifications, serving in key positions just below the top Presidential appointees as a link between them and the rest of the civil service workforce. A civil servant is a person employed in the public sector employed for a government department or agency.

SES is “Senior Executive Services” and is under fire by the alternative media which is revealing the hidden agenda of linking the US government with senior management in major corporate media conglomerates like Facebook and Instagram, through funneling huge dollars to these people in SES to prioritize the cabal and deep state objectives. These objectives are based upon the intelligence communities psychological operations that have set up a variety of storefronts to financially gain from the propaganda that pushes the anti-human mind control towards the death culture, war profiteering and human suffering.

This is a petition on the white house pages.

“Remove the unconstitutional 9000 Senior Executive Services (SES) members.”

“These people were not elected and are running all the goverment agencies secretly in the background. Their names are secret as are their salaries. Most of these people were appointed by Obama. They all (9000 approx.) make more money than the president. This is outrageous! Watch link for info.”

This video of Kim Dotcom’s message is not an endorsement of his personal agenda, legal woes with the US, or his personal views of Clinton. However, this video provides some useful information about the underlying corruption and the SES, which details more examples of those in the top echelon of corporate media being directly connected to the Senior Executive Service payroll.

This is highlighting the changing landscape of the cabal wars behind the facade that is carrying this out and the conflict seems to be gaining momentum. Although we do not want to pay too close attention to information that is designed as a distraction and to derail us from our purpose, at the very least its clear that the cabal groups and related hidden forces are majorly duking it out for control at this time. The question is when will the in-fighting spill out beyond the hidden barriers of the media manipulated illusion produced for the public?

A poignant statement was relayed to me about Clinton, a public, powerful and wealthy male in high government that was caught foisting himself onto female co-workers and having many unethical sexual relationships, that clearly indicated severe power abuses and harmful harassment and gaslighting of the women involved. When he was discovered and asked why he did this and put his career and reputation at risk through continuing these sexual predator behaviors, which severely disturbed his presidential duties in government office, he replied “Because I Can”.

This statement defines the motives of dark forces and Imposter Spirits perfectly. Why do these dark forces do it, Because They Can. Why do predatorial people continue to abuse others, Because They Can.

It takes incredible spiritual strength to not allow ourselves to be overcome by the powerful forces of negative emotions like grief and anger when we discover we all have been deceived and duped by the Controller System and the Archontic Deception Strategies. No matter what others may have done to deceive us or manipulate us in the past, we can be the person that wakes up and refuses to succumb to the Service to Self dark force ideology “Because I Can”. Instead, consciously choosing to align with the truth spirit, refusing to give our power away to abusers, and being of service to the humanitarian objectives of the Christ Consciousness which operates at a much higher frequency.

Once we can fully recognize the people, leaders, entities around us that are psychopaths and really operate in Service to Self motivations, we can make choices every day to disengage with them, refusing to feed our energy into that paradigm anymore. Refocus your mind and emotions by becoming productive and being in service to the greater whole, doing what you can to make a difference every day, taking small and consistent steps to improve yourself to be the person you really want to be.

In Love and Service,


(Source: ES Newsletter – Divide and Conquer Tactics, Ascension Glossary – Workplace Psychopaths)

Master Beings & Souls of Light – Its Time to Unify our 3D & 5D Operating Systems

Published on Mar 1, 2018

El Morya and Mother Mary share a perfect message and invitation to Greater Unity, Wholeness, Awareness, and Integration for March 2018 and beyond, as the New Earth continues to unfurl its Wings and its Greater Light. This message precedes a second one received from Mother Mary, which will post tomorrow, on 3/2/2018, speaking to the Energies of March 2018. Profound Shifts and Immense Light are streaming through in abundance to the Earth’s Energy Fields and Divine Blueprint for this New Golden Age Unfolding. These messages were received by channel Marie Mohler. For more information, books, products, and inspiration, as well as to inquire about Soul Readings with Marie, please visit: Additionally, you can find her books on:…