QHHT Reunion – 2017 Recording – by Oracles and Healers – 5-27-17

QHHT Reunion 2017 Recording

I have appended below a recording of the “SC Summit”

from the QHHT Reunion in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

that was held in early June.

The SC Summit was begun several years ago

by Dolores Cannon and has become a tradition

at these meetings.

via QHHT Reunion 2017 Recording — Oracles and Healers

On Meeting The Divine Babaji


Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath

“Dear Souls, As a server of humanity, I bring to you the message of the sacred Kriya Yoga given to us by the supreme initiator of humanity, Shiv Goraksha Babaji. Babaji is the visible invisible savior of humanity. He is called the nameless one and yet He goes by many names.And as He’s beyond the comprehension of the normal ken of humanity He often accommodates to the limited understanding of us human beings and appears to us from time to time. He has given to us a means whereby, a pathway to peace whereby we may realize the Divine Indweller within the depths of our own consciousness.”

Come to a retreat. Learn advanced techniques of Kriya yoga, experience the awakening of your kundalini, Shivapat and Pranapat. Spend time with a living Kriya Master who can expertly oversee your spiritual development.

Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath World Tour Schedule: http://www.siddhanath.org/events/yogi…


SHELDAN NIDLE, ALEXANDRA MEADOR – Consciousness, Coming Changes – There Are No Rules – All is Flow – 6-27-17


Galactic Connection

Published on May 9, 2017

Sheldan Nidle has been in contact with several ET races and the Galactic Federation of Light since he was a child. He is well known in our community for decades, and his weekly channeled messages from the Sirians are eagerly awaited and regularly posted on the Galactic Connection Daily Blog . This one-hour interview is followed by a presentation of Alexandra’s two new product lines of sacred alchemical oils and essences designed for this intense pre-Ascension phase we are presently experiencing. This tumultuous and promising chapter in our lives is also the primary topic of discussion here.

In this timely and exciting interview, Sheldon Nidle speaks with Alexandra about the big changes that are impending in our immediate future. The demise of USA, Inc. is imminent, according to Sheldan, and the establishment of the new NESARA Republic will closely follow. Sheldan and Alexandra discuss the desperate ploys recently undertaken by the failing forces of darkness to delay this plan, and especially their antics surrounding North Korea. Taking into consideration the many factors of uncertainty, Sheldan gives here his best estimate as to when the political system will be overhauled and prosperity funds will be released.

Alexandra and Sheldan also discuss the ultimate galactic and spiritual stages of the rapid transformations of Earth and society now already upon us: Ascension and the New Earth. They ponder whether we will be taken aboard the ships or into Inner Earth when Gaia experiences her great changes. Despite some uncertainty about the modality of our planetary transformation, Sheldan and Alexandra emphasize that the victory of light over dark forces is already sealed. They also agree that Nibiru does not present any present danger, and that there is no cause for existential fear and dismay about any of the coming changes, but quite the reverse. Joy and celebration are most appropriate.

Sheldan discusses how the galactics have been keeping the worst abuses and catastrophic intents of the Illuminati in check, while allowing Earth’s inhabitants and starseeds to effect those planetary and political changes whose responsibility they took on with this incarnation. He also gives an overview of the future roles and tasks of our galactic ‘mentors’, once the ‘landings’ have commenced, or we are taken aboard the ships. The inner earth Agarthans also will play a major role in these events, according to Sheldan.

A great deal of the conversation revolves around Sheldan’s deep understanding of physics, both the true physics of the universe taught by his own galactic contacts, and also the mistaken views of conventional science. In fact, the world is much simpler than our arcane and complicated scientific disciplines make it out to be. Sheldan is writing a new book on consciousness, the most profound and fundamental aspect of our many worlds, and the basis for all physical manifestation. Here there is but one rule, he says: there are no rules. Rather than the hard and fixed objects of our Cartesian paradigm, in reality, Sheldan says, speaking of the energy that lies beyond matter, “everything flows.” Or at least, it should. This is our birthright; it is what we all once knew and it is that which now awaits us, with New Earth.

Sheldan Nidle’s website is http://www.paoweb.com

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of person(s) interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of Alexandra Meadors and Galactic Connection.
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BLOSSOM GOODCHILD – The Federation of Light – Being on Board – 6-27-17



Hello there. Ok, let’s get this party started. It’s 11.11. Whoo hoo! More enquiries as to how to access that key within us? Any other clues as to how to play The Game? Have many people sussed it out and ‘finished’? These and more are the kind of questions souls are asking. Can you oblige us?

In the first instance we offer you our heartfelt Gratitude for ‘Being on board’.

Oh, how I wish I was!

Yet, so often you are.

Yet, so often you say this kind of thing and I have absolutely no recall of it. Which is the same sort of thing up for discussion. What is the point of say ‘often Being on board’ if I can’t remember it?

There is much point. For when your Soul travels ‘on board’ it is like a ‘home coming’. Yet, also, it is as if you simply pick up your ‘duties’ where you left off.

Which are?

Depending on the Soul … they are varied. Consider the vastness of YOUR Universe and all there is to be done.

Yes, but like what kind of thing? Perhaps I am just the tea lady?

Or, perhaps you have skills far beyond your Knowing within your Earthly body.

Perhaps I do. Perhaps you could share them with me?

They would be skills such as determining certain Energies in certain places and what can be done to uplift them … Or, depending on what they are… disperse them. They could be skills of designation … skills of repairing gaps in layers of Energy … sending Energy … Healing … visiting other Planets and discussing future plans … there is a never ending list.

And when I /we are on board what form do we take?

It depends on which vessel you are travelling. Sometimes, you choose to simply leave the body and rest. Other times you are full steam ahead and may take on an opportunity to ‘appear’ as a Being, of a form that is different from your own human form.

Wait a minute … are you saying … we can leave (say, in our  sleep or meditation) perhaps, and just CHOOSE who we want to become and then, when it’s time to slip back in our bodies we just … do?

More or less.

Well, what does more or less mean?

It means that it pretty much how it is, and yet, obviously, there is more to it than that.

Far out, Brussel sprout. That’s HUGE. I know everything is possible, yet, I thought we could choose to change form when we are no longer in our Earthly bodies, and THEN go on to experiencing something different.

The complicated matter about this is … you are stuck in time. By this we mean you ‘think’ you are.

You ‘think’ that the only life you are experiencing is this one at this time. When in fact, everything is all happening all at once. You are merely slipping in and out of focussing on a different experience of yourselves.

OK, I’ll try and follow … then … same question … why can’t we remember?

Because there is a ‘security’ button … for want of finding a word …

Yes, waiting for the word ‘button’ to come through took a lot of concentration. What does it do?

It keeps you safe and secure. Imagine if you were to experience everything at once, as you are doing … and remember it all … and be aware of it all. Your mind would certainly play tricks on you, for you would become confused as to what is real and what is not. When in fact it is all real. You would be ‘jumping’ in and out of worlds and find it very hard to remain sane!

Therefore, a security button is in place … (we wish we could explain this design more fully) to allow you to remain of sane mind. When you are in your human form, you are focused on that … when you choose to focus on another form and experience of yourself … that’s the world you FEEL you are in.

And what happens to my human form when I choose to be somewhere else? It can’t just stop, as if I am a robot being unplugged and then plugged in again, when I am ready to have some more of the human life? Dearie me … I am finding this very hard to keep up with.

Yet, not wishing to make this more complex than it already is, for it is not easy for us to put into words also, Blossom … Consider yourself a rose … and this is not the same analogy that White Cloud speaks of … regarding Soul groups.

Imagine you, as an individual rose with many petals upon it … ‘out there in nowhere land’. Your desire is to experience everything that is there for you. Things that YOU choose … not that which another rose may choose. Your choices. So, one petal will leave the rose and go into one experience, another into another and so on and so on … ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

That which another rose chooses may be different experiences, yet, you are from the same ‘rose bush’ and therefore, able to feel those experiences even though they are not directly yours.

YOURS … allow you to ‘be in them’ whenever you feel the need.

Yet, I can’t just hop out of this human form and pop into being say, a ‘fairy form’ whenever I wish.

You do!

Aaah! Get me outta here!

We have said many times, that there is just the ONE ENERGY OF LOVE … of which everyONE, everyTHING is a part. So therefore, everything that IS … be it Fairy, Human, Elf, Tree, Light Being, Light vessel, Ocean, Star … you name it … YOU ARE A PART OF …  A PART OF IT.

Therefore, it is your given right to ‘slip into’ whatever takes your fancy … whenever you choose.

When you are a human … you are aware you are BEING human … When you are a tree, you are aware you are BEING a tree.

This is not to say … you are the whole tree … all the time.  Yet, you may choose to ‘pop in’ and experience BEING A TREE for a while, with the ENERGY of the tree that is whole and is there all of the time. And whilst you are BEING that tree … that is all you know … being a tree. You are not wondering why you cannot remember the part of you that is being human, or a star, or running water, or an animal … you are simply experiencing the feeling of Being the Energy of a tree.

If, you were to then pop out of the being a tree experience and pop back into your human form and remember being a tree … you may consider yourself to be going a little loco. So, until such a ‘space of understanding within you’ that can indeed, understand this concept … the security button is in place … to keep the mind ‘peaceful’.

WOW. That certainly is interesting. It makes sense to me … yet, difficult to grasp. Far from the question originally asked. Yet, that often happens with us.

It is not really that far at all, Blossom. Because the whole point is for you to tap into ALL OF THIS KNOWLEDGE that we offer. Each snippet of information being like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. On its own … it may look like ‘part’ of something else and when you find those other bits that fit perfectly into each other … only then, can you see the picture those few pieces are making … and THEY are just a tiny part of the complete jigsaw. Yet, as bit, by bit, by bit … the pieces come together … IT ALL MAKES SENSE. You may look back and think how easy or difficult one part of the puzzle may have been … yet, when looking on the picture as a whole … those easy or difficult bits do not matter anymore. For you have ‘brought it all together’ and in doing so … worked out how each little piece … one by one … made up the whole … and you are amazed at how PERFECT it is … in its wholeness.

As always, nicely put. This pathway we are on, is definitely one that opens up more possibilities to get ones head around, with each step we take. It can blow one’s mind sometimes. Yet, I do not think there is one soul that would choose to turn around and go back and take a different route.

Dearest souls … You say you find it so difficult to find the key to all the answers and you ask for more clues as to how to play The Game … … … … … … … … … …

Yep. You suddenly went blank on me … are you still there?

Yes.  … … … … … … … …

And?  … … … …

We hesitate … in that … we feel we have given you the basics that you need to know. There is no magical trick. There is no quick fix. You live, dearest friends, and you learn. Learning /rediscovering/remembering/yourself … IS … playing The Game.

The FUN is in finding out how The Game works.

I get that … because when I have little moments of ‘Getting it’ … it IS FUN! No matter the subject matter, person or circumstance I am in at the time.

If you knew all the answers … there would be no Game to play.

But why did we make this Game like it is?

To have a new experience. We could say why did you design a cow to be black and white or plain brown or plain black? To experience the diversity of colour in a cow!

Now I am laughing.

Good. This was our intent. Yet, we meant what we said.  Why is anything what it is? To experience it …. BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO. Do not forget that … YOU WANTED IT THIS WAY!

And as the experience unfolds… and you HAVE experienced it, you then move on to experience something else in a different way, so that you can experience that … and on it goes … on and on and on. One experience after another … always … and forever … what fun!

If we choose it to be a fun experience.

Indeed. Yet, experiences that are not such fun have also been chosen by you … for the contrast. Otherwise, how would you know what fun is? How would you know what anything is, if you did not have the contrast, in order to feel/know the difference of one from another?

I think we must leave it there. Tickety boo … thanks so much for that … a most interesting chitchat!

We too, have enjoyed it greatly. Until next time, we offer deepest Love into the hearts of Each one.

In Love and thanks.

» Source – Channel: Blossom Goodchild

ANASTACIA @ In5D – The Importance Of Acknowledging The Energetic Shift That Came With The Solstice – 6-27-17

False Illusion


by Anastacia,   Australian Correspondent, In5D.com




For 3 days there was a stop or pause in energies of the Divine as in Updates. I rested in those days, more than I have all year.

I now look back on this and see this as a incubation or hibernation time for the message to come through this morning as I awoke of:


And if we have now come to a place or point of this, then new truths will now be revealed! Is what I came back with when I felt/received this.

The term FALSE TWIN came through recently in a healing/removal that the Divine did with me to do with a false twin soul connection. (More on this in Pt 2).

There is more to this and will not go into this here. I do know that this is new for humanity this ‘removal/separation’ that was done, and may share more later on this.

Just know that this is Beyond false twin connections that have been known of before as I know I am a template for humanity, and this is ‘one of those times’. This is where all felt like a twin soul connection yet this is bigger than that, as this was only revealed to myself recently and I ‘knew’ with the healing that was done and the removal, that this was new for humanity.

This is Beyond the illusion many speak or write of in humanity with those who are yet to awaken.

This is something new and different and just came through in this Divine message that came through to myself.

Just giving you a ‘heads up’ as I sit and feel into this with more guidance and insight to come.

Please take this in as new information that ‘just came through’, for those who are wanting to say ‘I know what you mean, or who want to write what this means, as this is new, oh so very new that I am bringing through to humanity linking our Spirit through our Soul as a direct link to and of the Divine.


Those who have been living a ‘lie/falsely’ spiritually or emotionally are being revealed as false – energetically now. Remember this is said with much unconditional love.

This is different and above and beyond and at a whole other level of not being able to wear masks anymore, as these words have been written before.

When I say ‘living a lie’ I am not implying those souls were doing this deliberately, yet some may have. This is meaning those that have been lying to themselves can no longer do this, do you understand?

This means that there will be a profound ‘change’ in souls who this will take time with, in linking their Spirit to their Soul as the ‘old ways’ no longer ‘apply’ or cannot be applied as they were, say from 2-3 weeks ago.

This is like a division of sorts and I say this with much love – of souls energetically who were close, where one has faced their inner shadow sides and those who are yet to.

As one is not able to bring this to ones attention until that soul is ready to face what they are needing to deep deep within.

This is where taking a step back and realizing others are not where you may be ‘at’.

Of really really getting this now as it may take time.

And this is very different to anything or any other time or shift I have known…this is that BIG.

As often we do not want to ‘let go’ of the person who we once knew as they were as many have changed with these energies recently.

More like, souls are being very real and others are doing the best they can in their souls journeys in what they are needing to learn…in being more ‘real’.

And we need to take a little step back and honour those souls for where they are at.

We are not to ‘tell them what to do’ or judge them, no.

We are to take a step back, bring our energy into ourselves and adjust to our new changes and also adjust to where other souls, and those close to us especially, are now at.

Re adjust, regroup, re feel into this for yourself and others and then continue on with a very new connection or let go, depending on ones souls contract.

More soon as guided and at it ‘comes’.


*NEW* False twin souls being revealed in a very new way, that stems from Ancient Wounding, this is new and different for humanity that has only been revealed recently. A follow on from Pt 1.

This is a Healing that I experienced recently, as a Template for humanity in linking my Spirit with my Soul in 6D Human embodiment.

The Divine came and did a healing and removal in a way that has not be done with myself before.

There was a separation of like a fetus and a placenta that was removed over a whole day. There so was much to this with chakras and more that occurred….and in other ways and is continuing in ‘bits and pieces’. So many layers and levels of healing with this.

As there is so MUCH ADJUSTING that is needed or required in the human to do with this!

When this was happening, I knew then that this was VERY NEW TO HUMANITY as I am and have been a template for humanity, this is one of ‘those times’.

Since then it has ‘come to light’ that this was from a past life/Ancient trauma that these two souls experienced! This was recently revealed as to this trauma.

This divine healing I had was in relation to both souls owning and recognising in Divine Love their ‘sides’ of energy to be able to continue on again in Divine Love with a new connection, not as twin souls. Read that again.

To continue on with their very very close connection NOT AS TWIN SOULS…that very recently they were…yet did not know this was a FALSE TWIN connection.

This is about souls ‘latching’ onto each other from a past life WOUNDING that was so TRAUMATIC.

As there is so much blame that one did not know was of their own, as this was ‘masked’ due to this false twin soul connection. And now with the new FALSE ILLUSION ENERGY that is fully here (P 1) and has been revealed energetically, I can now share what I am here.

Now this is so very big and new!

It is taking Master souls who come from Pure Divine Unconditional Love to reach a place of True Love to be able to go through this separation of energies and then a new connection of no longer feeling the twin flame connection. Very interesting to say the least!

As this on all accounts, signs and feelings, on all layers and levels felt genuinely as a twin soul connection.

This is above and beyond those amazing souls who have shared how they recognized their false twin soul.

This is so very deep and ancient and is not recognizable! And please do not ask me, ‘how do I know if my twin soul is true or false’. That is a process of honoring what you are feeling your current connection with another is. Please do not let the ‘head’ kick in and question with this…rather, feel into resonations deeply and sit with this for more to be revealed if this is the case.


So much adjusting and communication and healing is needing to take place with this.

As the person that one goes through with this, can then seem a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON.

It is quite a surprise and even a shock when this occurs.

All one knew as in the past connection with their false twin flame, is TOTALLY DIFFERENT NOW.

They are still themselves, yet they are not who they very recently were, it’s a very unusual experience and one has to go through this to fully understand these words here.

As ‘knowing and experiencing are world’s apart’ and this is one of those times.

What also ‘comes with this’ can be all you know before in your own ‘everyday’ life also being an illusion…of where we are ‘at’ now.

Sit with this one as this is currently being felt and experienced as I write this.

And I will share more soon as guided.

As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty


Ascended Earth Master
In6D human embodiment/8D in Spirit

About the author: Anastacia is a Rainbow Bridge as a Trailblazer and WaySeer in linking our Soul to our Spirit, through our emotions.All she shares is by experiencing first hand and then sharing Energy Real-Time Updates of Humanities Ascension as it occurs. Linking 3D and 5D and Beyond, guiding and teaching in Service to Humanity and Gaia. She had a vision as a child when Christ came to her and lifted her up…and more recently was gifted her Spiritual Soul, when Christ came to her again as their palms touched with Rainbow energy….so she is able to see all that occurs in the Astrals and Multi-Dimensions in having two souls, double the information and insights. Having cleared her vessel from Spirit to Soul by going through the Abyss and back to be a clear vessel of Pure Divine Light, coming from Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty and Realness. Anastacia is Australian and was ‘tasked’ by Spirit to be part of teaching and leading Australia’s Ascension in linking our Spirit to our Soul, through our Emotions, as part of her role here as well. She has written many articles over the years and has been going within for 20 years, so much of what humanity is feeling and going through, she has already been through, while still experiencing her and Humanities Ascension as an Ascended Master.




ZORRA CALL – RV/GCR Update – One Who Knows – from: 6-24-17 – July 4 event – ” Time To Be Jubilant” – Disclosure Details – Healing Ships – Peace On Earth – Intel Update – 6-27-17 – “It’s time to Change Our World. Our Time Is At Hand!”

ZORRA COMES IN AT  –  1: 56: 09



Published on Jun 24, 2017

By Zorra * Zaraya * Jane
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Our Mission
At Zorra of Hollow Earth, our mission is to bring new, inspiring messages, information and

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Message from Babaji – PROPHECY – It Will All Happen Very Fast – 6-26-17 – Era Of Light

babajiUnderstand: when the “day of days” is dawning, everything happens very fast. Understand: when the sky returns to the earth, it will only take a few moments. Understand: when God reveals himself to you and calls you by name, the age of darkness will come to an end.


Today you wonder how things will unfold. You observe current events with worry, and sometimes even with fear. You ask yourself – rightfully so – how will this end? When will there be peace? And when can we celebrate the unity of all human beings?


The “evil forces” assemble right before you in a threatening way; they try to forcefully control mankind with one last strike and want to continue abusing this earth for their destructive actions. You have knowledge of these procedures.

You are no longer the ones you once were

Deep down inside you know what it’s about here on earth now, and that’s why you can neither find rest nor peace, because you know what’s at stake: good or evil, light or dark? Which way will the pendulum really swing at the end of times?

Don’t worry, all you light warriors and light beings of this earth. Have no fear, all you active people who don’t miss any opportunity to let your light shine and your love rule. Through good deeds, the right words, free thoughts and pure emotions, you are capable of what nobody before you was capable of.

This mankind has begun to take decisive action for peace and unity. This mankind cannot in the least be compared to the human beings that you were a long time ago and throughout the ages.

Many of you have entered this earth as newborns and will leave it as enlightened beings. Many of you have come to correct shortcomings and mistakes from the past.

And some of you are here on earth to take the reins for the future path of mankind into their hands and to live up to their responsibility now as an earthly as well as a cosmic being.

Escape from the matrix?

The awakening has begun. Even though only a small group of people has awakened, the power emanating from those who have is what is crucial. A power that leads mankind to the necessary choice of direction: continue within the old system or break out of this matrix?

At soul level this decision has long been made. What matters now is to confirm this choice at the level of your everyday consciousness. An adequate number of people are aware of the implications and have decided for their own future and for the future of the earth: There shall be peace and harmony between all forms of life on the surface and in inner-earth. It has been decided and it has been agreed upon.

The power of manifestation will unfold fully in the process. Very soon every event will align with your inner impulses; your light is shining brightly and your will is insurmountable.

You are no longer a toy or a malleable mass in the hands of dark forces. Their time has run out now, and your time has come. However, one aspect should never be ignored: When the day comes that will change everything and everyone, it’ll all happen very fast!

This means that on that very day god himself will directly get involved in what is happening. God himself, that I am, will create actualities no human could ever have dreamed of.

There are no human concepts or vision of that day inside your mind. God will take the wheel of this world in a moment of grace and bless you with the peace and happiness you desired. A life of glory and love will return to this earth.

God himself will raise and expand your awareness so that you are prepared to receive his light and grace. In only a few moments everything will change. What you have long been waiting for will not only come true but it will far surpass all expectations.

Whom does this prophecy concern?

It concerns all humans who have prepared themselves for that day by purifying their being. It concerns everyone who has turned into a pure vessel for love and who has arrived in the land of peace.

It concerns everyone who practices kindness and is less concerned with their own wellbeing than the wellbeing of others. And everyone who is full of love for god and who offers everything to the creator, even if it be their own transient life and transient reality.

The true mystics amongst you will be elevated that day. The genuine human beings will be relieved of all veils and will be reborn. It is time that you expect the impossible and the unbelievable without waiting for it. Meanwhile use the time to completely rid your being of your dominant ego.  Become a clean vessel so you can receive god in it.

Then you will have done everything; then you will be accorded a grand reception, and the upcoming day will be a great blessing for you. Come now and enter the fields of god’s grace by fully dedicating yourself to transformation and by opening yourself up to a reality beyond imagination.

I love you endlessly. Whoever calls me is under my protection, and who treads the path through fire with me will not burn. I am infinite omnipresent consciousness in all worlds and in all of creation.

Everyone knows me – do you?


» Source – Channel: Jahn J Kassl