Archangel Michael via Meredith Murphy – Expect Wonderful! – Notes from the Ascending Energy Arc – Flipping the Mirror to Liberate the Godhead Within – 12-10-14

AA Michael   –   Liberate The Godhead Within

Notes from the Ascending Energy Arc

The recent Eclipse Cycle was truly a gift. So powerful. So clarifying. I’ve noticed through private channeling sessions and posts in our private Legion of Light Facebook group, that many are feeling a complete rebirth taking place in their lives. I know I am.

Of course, there are other experiences as well.
There are diverse ascension pathways unfolding in our world. You get to choose what timeline you’re on, and you create your moment to moment state of mind and energetic frequency. You decide what you encounter is true and will be integrated into your life and the way you see things.

In the transmissions I’m receiving there is a very subtle, and clear feeling of return and coming home. It’s a coming back to our human lives, informed by the wonderfully new way that we now understand life.

As I’m shown this, I see this long arc of expansion and clarification. This will continue as Earth is in an ascending energy flow.

As this expansion occurs in our lives we get more oriented to the fullness of our being and the non-physical realms. The purpose of this is not so much to having unusual multi-sensory experiences, but to facilitate our remembering.

We are awakening to the truth of our divine nature, our Godhead. As we begin to understand and claim our divine true nature, we are transforming. A lot of this change happens first in an inner experience. It happens within our meditations and our inner sight. For many of us as we awaken and experience a metamorphosis, just like the butterfly there is a time of withdrawing from our prior life. We step out of the stream of what was. To one degree or another we break out of old energy patterns there were the habits of our old lives.

At some point there is a deep integration and return. I see that happening in many lately. Although some of us are living the integrated truth of our inner spiritual knowings, and the demonstrated manifestation of what we know to be true, many are not yet.

For many the inner experiences and outer manifest world still feel very different and very separate. For example, — work that displeases and is unsatisfactory, yet a spiritual practice that feels rich and acknowledging. Health that is low-energy and fraught with pains and illness, yet an inner knowing that you are perfect and divine.

There is an option to claim your own integration and experience true blended being. How do you do this? You follow your heart’s desires and through that path, you discover how to live as the blended being you’ve become and are in your home and in your inner meditations and knowing, in all parts of your life.

As we apply our inner knowing, from a sovereign perspective, we begin to truly blend our being. Living our truth fully, and doing so in human life, HERE on this planet, with what IS for us, is how we open up our new expanded capacities. It’s the path of living our truth that blends the absolute and relative energies that make up who we know now ourselves to be.

We integrate the insights and rememberings of our true nature, the glimpses of the absolute that we have felt and sensed as true, into our relative, beautiful human lives. It’s the way we create on Earth our human and divinely inspired version of heaven. Again and again, continually revising, expanding, learning, discovering, growing in practical human ways and in expansive spiritual ways.

For each of us, this integration will emerge and balance differently; expressing our uniqueness. Yet for all of us it will involve a deep embracing of our humanity and grounding fully into this life experience. The energy of our focus will concentrate more fully on a sovereign expression of our human life. A cultivation and joyous creative flow day in day out as we continue to open up the gifts of our being, here.

This is the kind of thing we’re exploring in the current New Human Soar Fest. If you’d like to join us, in this pay-what-you-want, listen-when-you-feel-like-it, global series of transmissions, please do so. In the meanwhile I wanted to share this message that came through from Archangel Michael on day 3.

New Message from Archangel Michael
This message guides us gently and lovingly into an awareness of our true nature and yet, orients us to this, firmly and exuberantly in our humanity.
I hope it’s deeply inspiring and helpful….



Flipping the Mirror to Liberate the Godhead Within

Message from the Archangel Michael

Channeled by Meredith Murphy


“Beloved friends, let us start today by inviting you to turn further inward. To intentionally open you heart by placing your attention there. Attention remember amplifies. It also opens. Then with your attention on your heart gradually allow that focus of your awareness to extend so that you become aware gradually of the field of light that you are, present here.

Saint Germain – Recognize and Accept Fully I AM as the Mighty Presence of God in You – In Action

255608_10150286257449924_3749581_nVolume 3 – Discourse #2


  1. Thou Infinite, All-Pervading Presence — Thou Mighty Master within each human form!

  2. We acknowledge and accept Thy Full Presence manifest within these forms and within the human form of every individual that God has sent forth.

  3. We give praise and thanks that at last we have become aware of this Mighty Presence to Whom we can turn and recognize the Fullness of God’s Activity, the “I AM” of all things.

  4. Greetings to you all.


  5. When Jesus said: “‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life,” He gave forth one of the mightiest utterances that can well be expressed.

  6. When He said “I AM,” He did not refer to the outer expression, but He did refer to the Mighty Master Presence—God Within, because He repeatedly said:

  7. “I of myself can do nothing. It is the Father within—the ‘I AM’—that doeth the works.”

  8. Again Jesus said: “‘I AM’ the Way, the Life, and the Truth,” giving recognition to the One and Only Power—God in Action within him.

  9. Again He said: “‘I AM’ the ‘Light’ that lighteth every man that cometh into the world,” prefacing every Statement of vital importance with the Words “I AM.”

  10. Contemplating “I AM” as anything and everything you wish to be is one of the mightiest means of loosening the Inner God Power, Love, Wisdom and Truth, and setting It into action in the outer experience.

  11. Again let us refer to His mighty utterance, perhaps one of the greatest ever spoken into the outer expression: “ ‘I AM’ the Open Door which no man can shut.”

  12. Do you not see how very vital this is when you come to review understandingly these Mighty Statements?

  13. When you recognize and accept fully “I AM” as the Mighty Presence of God in you—in action —you will have taken one of the greatest steps to liberation.

  14. Now mark you, in the utterance of the Truth that, “ ‘I AM’ the Open Door which no man can shut,” if you can but realize it, you have the key that allows you to step through the veil of flesh, carrying with you all consciousness that you have generated or accumulated which is imperfect; and there transmute it, or in other words, raise it into that Perfection into which you have stepped.

  15. Too much stress cannot be laid upon the importance of contemplating as often as possible the “I AM” as the Mighty, Active Presence of God in you, in your home, in your world, in your affairs.

  16. Every breath you breathe is God in Action in you.

  17. Your ability to express or send forth thought and feeling is God acting in you.

  18. You, having free will, it is entirely up to you to qualify the energy sent forth in your thought and feeling, and determine how it shall act for you.

  19. No one can say: “How shall I know how to qualify this energy?” for everyone knows the difference between destructive and constructive thought, feeling, and action.

  20. The student, in receiving instruction, should constantly analyze the motive back of the question to detect if in that motive there is a feeling of intellectual pride, arrogance or stubbornness in the outer mind and body.

  21. If there is within the motive a lurking desire to argue and prove the instruction wrong rather than receive the Blessing and Truth intended, the individual has unknowingly shut the door, for the time being, to his ability to receive the good offered.

  22. Again may I remind the students, regardless of their personal opinions as to what the Truth shall be, I have proven through many centuries, these condensed Instructions now being given forth.

  23. If one wants to receive the greatest benefit possible and the comprehension that will be absolute, certain freedom and liberation, listen with an entirely open mind, with the consciousness that the “I AM”— the Active Presence of God in you—is your certain ability to receive, accept, and apply without limit the Instruction which is being given forth with an accompanying Radiance—which will enable certain students at this time to comprehend these simple, yet mighty Assertions of Truth to their great Blessing and Freedom.

  24. The admonition has been before humanity through many centuries: “Ye cannot serve two masters.”

  25. Why is this so?

  26. First: because there is only One Intelligence, One Presence, One Power that can act, and that is the Presence of God acting in you.

  27. When you turn to the outer manifestation and give all kinds of expressions and appearances power, you are attempting to serve a false, usurping master, because the outer expression can only find an appearance through the use of God’s Mighty Energy.

  28. Your ability to lift your hand and the Life flowing through the nervous system of your outer form is God in Action in your body, through your mind.

  29. Dear Students, try to use this simple means as a reminder of God in Action in you.

  30. When you start to go down the street, think for an instant: “This is God’s Intelligence and Power by which I walk, and this is His Intelligence by which I know where ‘I AM’ going.”

  31. Thus you will see that it is no longer possible to go on without understanding that every move you make is God in Action.

  32. Every thought in your mind is God’s Energy, which enables you to think.

  33. When you know this is a fact—and there is no disputing it—why not adore, give full confidence to, trust in, have faith in, and accept this Mighty Presence of God in Action in you; instead of looking to the outer expression which is clothed, qualified, and colored by the outer, or human concept of things, regardless of the One Mighty Presence which enables the outer to express.

  34. All outer form and its attendant expression is but the experience Life by which each individual may learn—through his own experiences—the True Source of his Being, and come again into the Fullness of Perfection, through the Self-conscious knowing thus attained.

  35. The outer experience of Life is but a constant, changing, passing picture that the outer mind has created in its pretense (imagination) of being the Real Actor.

  36. Thus is the attention so constantly fixed upon the outer, which alone contains imperfection, that the Children of God have forgotten their own Divinity and must come back to It again.

  37. God is the Giver, the Receiver, and the Gift, and is the Sole Owner of all the intelligence, substance, energy and opulence there is in the Universe.

  38. If the Children of God would learn to give for the joy of giving, whether it be love, money, service, or whatever it may be, they would open the door to such vast opulence that it would be impossible to want for a single thing in the outer expression.

  39. The unfortunate thing in humanity—which has caused such rampant selfishness and unprecedented condemnation of each other—is the idea of claiming ownership to these wonderful Blessings of God; for there is but One Love acting, One Intelligence, Power and Substance, and that is God in every individual.

  40. The Warning that should be placed before every student and individual is to guard against the desire of the outer self to claim power of its own.

  41. If in every act of the personality, God were given full credit, transformations unbelievable could not help taking place in the one thus giving full credit and power where it belongs.

  42. There has rarely been a correct understanding of supply and demand.

  43. There is positively abundant supply omnipresent, but the demand for it must be made before the Law of the Universe permits it to come into the expression and use of the individual.

  44. The individual, having free will, must consciously, with full determination, make the demand, and it cannot fail to come forth into expression—no matter what it is—so long as the individual holds an unwavering, determined consciousness.

  45. This simple Statement used with sincere determination: “ ‘I AM’ the great Opulence of God made visible in my use right now and continuously,” will bring to the individual all he can possibly use.

  46. The limiting element so many students seem to be unaware of is that they start out declaring the Truth, for instance, as in the above Statement, but before many hours have passed over their heads, if they were to analyze themselves conscientiously, they would find in their feelings lurking doubt or fear, for both these are feelings.

  47. Naturally, this neutralizes to a large extent the constructive force that would quickly bring about the fulfillment of the desire or demand.

  48. Once a student can become fully aware that every right desire or wish is God in Action, propelling his energy forth to full accomplishment, and is always Self-sustained, he would become aware of the Limitless Love, Power and Intelligence he has with which to accomplish any given purpose.

  49. With this simple understanding, the word failure would be completely wiped out from his world, and in a very short time from his consciousness, because he would see that he was wielding Intelligence and Power that could not fail.

  50. Thus, students and individuals come into their Full Dominion as God intends.

  51. It was never intended by the Great, All-wise, All-loving Father that any of His children should want for a single thing; but because they allow their attention to become fixed on the outer appearance, which is like the changing sands of the desert, they have, knowingly or unknowingly, cut themselves off, to a large degree, from that Great Opulence and Intelligence.

  52. This Great Opulence is their birthright which everyone can have who will again turn to the “I AM”—the Active Principle of God forever within himself—as the Only Source of Active Life, Intelligence and Opulence.

  53. All through the ages there have been certain standards of conduct necessary for the student who desires to reach beyond certain attainments.

  54. This is the conserving and governing of the Life Force, through the sex.

  55. For an individual who has been using this energy without any thought of governing it to suddenly say, “I will cease this,” cut it off as it were, without understanding the correct attitude of consciousness, would be simply suppressing a flow of energy which he has caused to flow in the wrong direction.

  56. Any student who wishes to govern this will find this simple Statement the most efficient—if used understandingly—of anyone particular thing that can be given.

  57. This will normally and naturally govern the flow of the Life Energy and bring it back into its natural channels.

  58. It is the Mighty Statement of Jesus: “ ‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life.”

  59. This Statement will not only purify the thought, but is the most powerful, lifting, adjusting force that can be used for the correction of this greatest of barriers to the Full Height of Spiritual Attainment.

  60. Anyone who begins to feel the Inner Impulse to correct this condition and will use this Statement earnestly and continuously will raise this marvelous current of energy to the highest center in the brain, as was originally intended.

  61. He will find his mind flooded with the most marvelous ideas—with the abundant, sustaining Power and ability coming into expression and use for the blessing of all mankind.

  62. I ask any student to try this and watch the results in his own mind and body.

  63. Feel deeply this Statement of Jesus: “ ‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life.”

  64. Repeat it three times, either silently or audibly, and notice the lifting of consciousness which you will experience.

  65. There may be some who will need to try this several times in order to feel the amazing uplift that others will experience at the first trial.

  66. This will show you in a small way what can be done by its continued use.

  67. There is only one means of overcoming, or rising out of anything, and that is, after you know what it is you are to rise out of, to take your outer attention completely away from it, fixing it firmly upon the above Statement.

  68. Any condition in the outer experience that one wishes to overcome can readily be accomplished by the use of this Statement, as well as using it to change the flow of the misdirected energy.

  69. I had one student who felt the Inner Impulse to redirect this Mighty Energy, and the use of this single Statement alone enabled her with little assistance to raise her body.

  70. In one year a marvelous transformation took place in her entire outer appearance.

  71. It seems incredible that in the recorded Statements accredited to Jesus—which were only a part of what He really gave forth—that so few of humanity would receive the mighty import of those wonderful Words of Wisdom.

  72. At no time in the history of the world have so many Mighty Statements been given as He taught.

  73. Everyone of these, when conscientiously used, holds within it the attendant Radiance and accomplishment with which He attained.

  74. You not only have this Power of the “I AM,” but His individual Assistance also when these Statements are used.

  75. One should often contemplate the true meaning of these Mighty Statements of Jesus.

  76. When once you understand that your thought, feeling and expression of “I AM” sets the Mighty God Power in you into action—without any limit—then you receive that upon which the desire is fixed.

  77. It should be no trouble for the student to see and understand that the outer appearance is but man’s distorted creation—by claiming the outer as a source of power—when a moment’s contemplation will cause him to realize that there is but One Love, Intelligence, and Power which can act, and that is God.

  78. The human, or outer defects or discrepancies, have nothing to do with the Omnipresent Perfection of God, for anything imperfect is the creation of the outer concept of mankind.

  79. If man will turn to the “Mighty I AM” within, knowing that God is all Perfection, and that all outer appearance is but man’s creation through the misuse of the God Power, he will see at once that if he sincerely contemplates and accepts the Perfection of God, he will cause to come into manifestation in his Life and experience this same Mighty Perfection.

  80. There is no possible means of bringing this Perfection into your mind, body and outer experience except by knowing and accepting the Mighty, Active Presence of God in you.

  81. Such full recognition will cause this Inner Power to propel this Perfection of God into your outer visible experience.

  82. Say to students: “‘I AM’ putting forth, as a Messenger of this Truth, Statements of Truth which will positively produce results—if unwaveringly held to and used.”

  83. Students think things do not work because they do a thing today and forget it all next week.

  84. The desire for Light and Truth is the Presence of God in the desire—propelling Itself forth into action.

  85. For illumination use the Statement:

  86. “ ‘I AM’ the full comprehension and illumination of this thing I want to know and understand.”

  87. The day your eyes are opened to see some of these Marvelous Ascended Beings, the joy will last through eternity.

  88. If one does not take the attitude that: “I have the ability to do this,” he never in the world can accomplish the thing he wishes to do.

  89. The moment you express, “‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life”—in thought and feeling—it immediately turns all the energy of your Being to the center in the brain which is the Source of your Being.

  90. You cannot overestimate the Power in this Statement.

  91. There is no limit to what you can do with it.

  92. It was the Statement that Jesus used most in his most difficult trials.

  93. Always know that when you decree a constructive thing, it is God in you propelling you to do it.

  94. It is the most foolish question imaginable to ask, “Have you proved this in your own experience?”

  95. Each individual has to prove it for himself or it will mean nothing to him.

  96. Nothing ever really means anything to anyone until he uses it.

  97. The feeling carries with it a certain coexistent sight.

  98. One often feels a thing with such clearness that he really sees it from the Inner Standpoint.

  99. As you enter the Ascended State, thought, feeling, seeing, and color are almost simultaneously manifest.

  100. Harmonious sound is quiet.

  101. This is why ravishing music is the most quieting in its effect, while bombastic music is just the opposite.


  102. Thou Mighty, Majestic, Conquering “I AM,” we give praise and thanks for our comprehension of Thee as God Acting in us; and with Thy Mighty Presence and Radiance, cause us to feel the Mighty Import of Thy Mighty Truth and Wondrous Presence.

  103. When we contemplate Thee, let Thy Mighty Radiance fill us with that comprehending Consciousness to know and apply Thy Assertions of Truth more and more perfectly.

  104. We give praise and thanks for Thy Mighty Perfection and Truth for all those who look unwaveringly to Thee.

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Eileen Meyer – Welcome To The I AM Field – Being One with Source – 7-24-14

Eileen MeyerI have found myself stumbling upon highly relevant, vibrational messages that I language-translated from roughly 2005 to present – a series of sign-posts to help prepare us for these times. I realize, now more than ever, that I need and welcome these feeling reminders that infuse me with the Truth. You see, I can honestly say that I am no longer addicted to the mental-grid. I am in active recovery. Lucidity is not “one day”, but one moment at a time as I adapt to my wholeness in the I AM Field.

During my “contact”, or massive “doses” of Source Love over my lifetime, I was informed that the process of exiting “the existing grid” and adapting to our Whole and Natural Selves, was THE most challenging addiction for humanity to overcome. And they taught me ways to return to this Present-Moment, Natural State – instantaneously. They shared that if one can re-identify, recall, and re-emerge within the Universal, Natural, Truthful state of BEing and ONEness, then ONE is HERE NOW. When you are HERE NOW, all past programming, all past conditioning, all fear of being psychically attacked, or being sucked into the associated quicksand vibrations of victimhood, doom and despair, cannot locate you. Why? Because instead of existing, participating, and buying-into the limitations of a conditioned existence, you NOW exist – ONE with SOURCE. THIS is where you recall and act from your Infinite Self and BEing. This is the shift. This is the doorway that every single human being has the opportunity to step through now.

In the past, when I have streamed or translated this wisdom into language for individuals or groups, do you know what the predominant reaction was? In these sessions, the intellect was purposely bypassed, therefore leaving nothing but a glazing over of the eyes. Even though the vibrational messages were activating the infinitely spacious heart-field, I would literally watch the ego/mind-grid seduce them back into the smaller, yet familiar lattice of existence. Through this I learned that language was the barrier and I began to back off from sharing it in this way. I experimented with the translation until I realized that I if I entered the presence, I could have a blended conversation between client, the I AM Consciousness that provides images and feelings in my 3rd eye, and my own human experience and perspective as a guide to assist in reorientation to the Infinite world beyond what we have been conditioned within.

I was all-too aware that I wasn’t exactly popular with my work, which made it a poor source of revenue. And I was aware that it was because the consciousness contacting me was not willing to provide exciting, dramatic stories about the cosmos and all of it’s dimensions, labels, and characters to enable you to stay in what they termed “your repetitive, closed loops of consciousness” – which I learned is yet another defense against actually meeting the actual Presence NOW. The I AM Field simply kept repeating…

Yes, we are familiar with the stories… now, are you ready to be who you are? Because when you are BEING who you are, you will not desire to engage us in a game of trivial pursuit! More than likely you will lose ALL interest in getting answers to questions. Questions and answers are symbolic of your perceived separation from Source. You will go direct, and you will find far more exciting things to BE and DO in the Presence.

Language can keep us locked into the “existing grid”. It is conscious FEELING that leads us directly to our ACTUAL experience of Infinite Oneness and Power. One of the first teaching messages within this I AM Field was, “Know what you feel so that you may FEEL what you KNOW.” It took me years to fully grok the power and potency of that message. There is nothing I can say (yes, I’m aware of the irony of using language to type this blog post) that can make you take this conscious step into owning your Infinite Self. EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL MUST MAKE THIS CHOICE FOR THEMSELVES. All I can do is… hopefully inspire from the telling of my own travels.

From my own past experience, if I persisted for an explanation from some clients as to why they don’t seem interested in actively working with and re-identifying with the I AM Field, they had some form of this response:

“I’m busy. It’s too hard to find the time to sit still and give voice to feeling what I feel so that I may pop into the Infinite Field to re-call, reidentify, and act/create from this ALL-KNOWING Field. In the end, it’s just too hard… and I don’t have the privacy to give voice to what I really feel anyway.” 

In other words, what your programmed self is saying is,

“Thank you, but my egoic self is still invested in perpetuating this unreal world and existence. It may not be a perfect life, but in the end, I’m okay with being controlled and manipulated by something outside of mySelf. I’d rather pretend that I’m powerless and I don’t know anything. And not only that, I have a job, a family, friends… I have a false image to uphold in this false world. Yes, I’d rather physically die in order to re-turn in the direction of Source, and recall All That I AM.”

Compare this to the addiction of substance abuse. If you have a friend or family member who is addicted to meth/heroin/crack, etc., and they are saying these power-less statements to you, I do believe that you would more clearly recognize the absurdity of this position and defense. And guess what? Most of us are addicted to the small world, and some are only beginning to get glimmers that there may be a problem and it isn’t healthy or wise to agree to this tiny, controlled existence. Sadly, we spend a lot of our time and energy enabling others to stay addicted and support/perpetuate the insanity as well. Even so-called spiritual and religious practices can be part of the smallness-addiction. Want to know a clear sign that you still exist in the controlled grid of existence? If your God or Creator-oriented beliefs and activities always keep you in perpetual seeking beyond, or “out there”, and one never “actually” arrives (though some loudly claim that they do). I know you’ve heard this all before, but it’s the truth. In REALity, there is nothing to seek. YOU are IT. You ALL-READY reside in the Infinite Field. It is simply a shift into the feeling perspective – from the (highly manipulatable) mind-based grid to the empowered, Heart-Knowing Field.

I’m not able to do much of the talky-talk sessions with people anymore. There’s nothing left to talk about – except to point interested parties in the direction of identifying and adapting to Grace. It’s really time to exit the language-based grid. The work that I have trained for my entire life – through “contact” and actual practice with re-called Source Energy, is to share or broadcast this vibration of the Infinite Self. And since we truly are all ONE, those that are in the midst of these frequencies may find and identify with their SELVES too. It took me years to integrate and re-identify with these frequencies of the natural and whole SELF, and I’m still not fully and constantly HERE… but I do have the tools and the ability to lock into it at will. A little secret? I wrote this article because on one particular morning I was overwhelmed with unusual feelings of despair, fatigue, and hopelessness. It goes to show you how quickly we can get ungrounded or off-balance as we continue to navigate and interact with the existing world-grid, and allow the disempowering, or fear-based frequencies to grab hold and suck us under. I then recalled as I had been shown over the years – even as I flailed within the quicksand of doom – that all I need do is invite the feeling-frequency of who I AM into my solar plexus as I speak out loud the truth of what I am feeling in that moment – with total honesty and innocence. The rapid shift into Peaceful Presence is nothing short of astonishing. Had I been experiencing psychic attack? Probably. But don’t give it any energy or credibility. It’s simply another stupid story that I/We no longer choose to live within. Remember, those lower-vibrational, virtual-reality beings cannot find you when you lock into the Heart-Present. And when a critical mass is reached – of Present Moment Beings – they will no longer have a playground, and no one left to agree to play their silly virtual games. We will all be exploring the joy of actual wholeness – in form – and they themselves will be forced to flee, or actually feel the power of SOURCE LOVE too.

I KNOW that the transformation of humanity is set to trigger a massive, domino effect throughout ALL consciousness. This is the massive potential that lies in your individual choice to fully and REALLy BE who you are. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for? I say, we are the ones who are arriving as whole beings in our existing form, and we are the ones that see… and are consciously stepping up to tap that very first domino.

There are well over 1500 words in this post, attempting to describe the joy and celebration of this amazing evolution in consciousness. Simultaneously, I am in it… and I AM speechless.

~ EM

P.S. I AM Orientation Sessions are available – and/or donations accepted to support my existence in the world. I lost my previous site last month because I couldn’t keep up the payments. I am currently building the new, basic (free) site here:  Thank you (bow).



Archangel Zadkiel via Fran Zepeda – Your Radiant Divinity – 6-29-14

Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel: Your Radiant Divinity, channeled by Fran Zepeda, June 27, 2014 at:

The radiance that is your true self has many facets and within those facets are even more facets, and on and on, and so on into infinity. You are comprised of so many facets, and Beloveds, you are venturing to gather all those facets into and unto yourselves and in that, are creating a brilliance that is indescribable.

We give you that you are immense in your scope and thus you can easily see that Oneness is not far from being understood if you consider that concept and idiom in that light.

And so beloveds, rejoice in your immense Radiance for it is affecting the world in so many ways. Allow it to grow as you integrate all your facets by being aware of them and welcoming them to you in all their glory.

For you are immense. You are of Source. You are glorious. You are One with all.

And how do you integrate your facets? Your aspects? By continuing to clear, and by continuing to absorb more Light and by allowing and loving the many parts of you, even those unknown to you at this time. By considering yourself as whole and complete, without exception. By knowing you are One with Source.

By discarding the cloak of separateness.

By having such immense Love for who you are…With deep Gratitude for all you are.

And by welcoming and owning your Divine Self as the whole of you. By thanking your ego for its part in your awakening and absorbing it into yourself with Love as part of you but not the whole of you, not the controller of you.

By letting your True Divine Self BE in all its glory.

I continue to be available to assist you with my violet flame in transmuting all that doesn’t serve you so that you can BE Radiance as your True Divine Self. Just call on me.

I AM Zadkiel, at your service.”

©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are


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Liora – Sacred Self Reunion – Angel Ascension Message