Laura Tong – How to Stay Blissfully Positive Around Negative People – 6-28-15

By Laura Tong, Purpose Fairy, June 26, 2015


“Just think of any negativity that comes at you as a raindrop falling into the ocean of your bliss.” ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Take heart and protect yourself against those who plunder your positivity with these practical strategies:

1. Have a one-person morning party.

As a change from (or supplement to) meditating, start the day loudly: sing lustily in the shower, listen to upbeat music and dance the day in to release feel-good endorphins.

2. Be a caricaturist.

Imagine those poor unhappy folks as caricatures to deflate the impact of their words.

3. Mix up your routine.

Before beginning a regimented activity like work, put yourself in a positive mood by varying your morning routine, even if it means getting up a little earlier. Take a short walk, meet up for breakfast with other positive friends, or do something creative.

4. Splash some color into the world.

Choose a bright outfit – orange or yellow are best for optimism.

5. Give yourself a temporary tattoo.

Draw a smiley face on your inner arm each morning. Gently massage this when caught in negative conversations during the day to remind yourself of happy thoughts.

6. Let go of the need to see the glass as either half-full or half-empty.

Picture instead that you have already drunk that glass of positivity to the bottom, and that the glass will always be refilled.

7. Affirm your positivity.

Repeat to yourself out loud, “I am a rock of positivity and optimism” to help keep you upbeat throughout the day.

8. Be a cheerful chatterbox.

Start conversations, and be prepared with a couple of happy topics to ensure you set a positive tone.

9. Use open body language.

Be open, big, alert and happy. Do this consciously, as unconscious mirroring of others’ negative body language is easy to fall into.

10. Bend the rules of etiquette.

Don’t look people in the eye when they are spouting negativity – look at their mouths instead. They’ll still think you are paying attention, but their words will have less impact.

11. Change the tone.

Seize upon a negative theme in the conversation and turn it around by telling a positive version based on your own experience.

12. Interrupt their negativity with a sweet.

Yes – offer them a treat. Use this break in the conversation to restart it in a positive way.

13. Understand what they are really saying.

Don’t take it personally. Gossip and miserable stories are often really tales of low self-worth or insecurity (we could all be called “negative” sometimes). Hear their real message, feel empathy and help them turn their mood around with some genuine, kind words.

14. Smell that positivity.

Wear a scent that uplifts you.

15. Mentally thank negative people.

Thank them silently for sharing their negative story or mood, but politely and firmly reject it in your mind at the same time.

16. Open the window.

Imagine all that negativity dissipating into the ether.

19. Pin up your manifesto.

Put a sign on your desk or in your office so people can see it before they speak to you: “If you haven’t got anything good to say, say it somewhere else.”

20. Make them dump their negativity.

Put a bin in front of your desk with a sign reading: “Please Dump Your Negativity Here.”

21. Take an oath.

Tell others you have taken a positivity oath and are sworn to optimism. If nothing else, this will freak negative people out sufficiently to leave you alone. You can even ask people to call you out if you are being negative – but don’t get defensive if they do!

22. Spread that happy state around.

Send negative people you interact with a link to subscribe to a source of positive daily inspiration. Copy this, then paste and personalize it:

Hey _______,

Loved talking to you this morning, but noticed you seemed a little down. I’ve sent you this link to a wonderful site that helped me when I was feeling a bit out of sorts.

If all else fails…

23. Tell them you have an allergy to negativity.

Explain you are worried your neck will swell up and warn them they might need to call 911.

Positivity Is Bliss

It’s ghastly to be surrounded by negative people, isn’t it?

You can’t exactly jump up screaming, “Get away from me, doom-mongers!”

But you can maintain your precious positivity, even when others are stinking up your emotional atmosphere.

Imagine being totally immune to negativity, even when surrounded by it.

Imagine your positivity as an impregnable shield.

Imagine staying joyfully content no matter what is going on around you.

You can absolutely keep from being dragged down by others’ pessimism and despair.

It’s not going to be quick and easy like a bowl of instant noodles, but you can do it a step at a time.

Start building your positivity defenses with any of the above techniques that speak to you.

Look forward to every day more and more as they become habits.

Armor yourself against your negative surroundings with your newly bulletproofed bliss.


Laura TongThis article was written by Laura Tong. Laura and her partner Mark are on a mission to help people declutter their mind and life of stress and strife.


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Mother Mary – Together We Are Reaching Greater Heights of Bliss – Each Breath Is Love – Channeler Fran Zepeda – 1-15-14


Mother Mary:

My precious, my lovely angels of light, of heartfelt grace and abundant love. I come to you today through this channel to bring to you my blessings, to bring you my heartfelt love and abundant grace.

As you embark upon and ride this increasingly building wave of light, it is necessary to look within and notice what still needs to be forgiven for and by yourselves. My dear children of the light, I do not speak of forgiveness in the terms that you have done something wrong, but rather, this: In the course of your clearing, you have unearthed, so to speak, many pockets of experiences still lingering in your energy fields and within your ever-expanding hearts.

So, I ask of you, forgive yourselves for the trespasses you have experienced in coming to know yourselves, in filtering through the many recesses of your heart. In a sense you are already forgiven, for in Creator’s eyes, you can never do wrong. What remains is your concept of yourselves, dear ones. Let me explain it this way: In the course of your travels to find your true selves, your Divine Selves, you have been walking, traveling, through the debris of many lifetimes and aspects of yourselves that inhibit you from realizing your true brilliance and your true purity.

Take a moment now to visualize your heart as pure as snow, as golden as the shining essence of that pure substance that you call gold, as shimmering as the facets of an exquisitely cut diamond. Now enter that vast cavern of your Heart Center and take up residence permanently. Notice anything that is not coinciding with that image of yourselves as pure, glistening, golden energies of Love and Compassion, and forgive yourselves for harboring anything to the contrary. Then gently release those impurities, to re-unite in their pure divine form with your pure heart.

This is not the time to carry around anything that is contrary to your image of yourselves as high beings of love and glimmering light. Nurture your essence with a quiet acceptance and indulgence of your true expansiveness and purity. That is the true you. Anything else is just debris you have picked up along the way to realizing your true essence.

And my dear beloveds, you are well on your way to discovering just how expansive and shimmering and exquisite you are. Rest within that knowledge that your connection with your Heart Center and your connection to Source are one and the same. You are gathering all your aspects to meet that perception of yourselves. Forgive yourselves for any detour you may make in the course of your day back to the mindsets of your old provisional selves, merely the path you have taken to cast off the masks of yesteryear to unfold the new you, complete with love and compassion and enfoldment of all into your heart of hearts for the betterment of all.

I walk with you, dear ones; I take your hand in mine and I hold you deeply in my heart as you hold the world in yours, as you nurture your new concept of yourselves as brilliant shimmering globes of light capable of holding the universes within, gently and with unending love.

For you are reaching a time when you will not be able to differentiate between your past individual concept of yourself and the melding of all into Oneness. Yes, you will still have all those unique qualities that contribute so valiantly and brilliantly to the world, but it will feel like you are in concert with many many musical notes in complete harmony with your own. The symphony you are creating together is building and expanding to encompass a tone and quality not seen yet. You merely have to allow your unique note of Now to sing out with purity and complete abandon.

And you are discovering it, dear ones, as you look within and connect with your Heart Center. Gather up all your energy and invite all your aspects including your Higher Self to dance and sing with you in expert harmony and you will find that as others do the same, the music is coming to such a vast crescendo it makes your heart melt in joy and appreciation.

And so my dear ones, I encompass you in my Love as you continue this journey of self-discovery, of discovery of your Divine Hearts, and revel in its vast comfort as a completeness and wholeness pervades your perception of yourselves.

And so my beloveds, love yourselves as you have never loved yourselves  before, and forgive yourselves for not loving yourselves enough, and carry on with the certainty that you are building a world of such shimmering magnitude with just your presence in it and with your readiness to experience deeper meaning and knowing within yourselves in each moment.

I offer my guidance in this to all you precious angels of Love. You are magnificent and so full of grace, and together we are reaching greater heights of bliss with each Breath of Love that we take together.

All my love,

Mother Mary

©2013 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

Hilarion – Golden Age Is Upon Us – Frequency of Bliss – Alignment with your Christ Self – 10-13-13

Matt Muckleroy·1,037 videos

Gaia Celebreates – 7th Golden Age

Darla Ken Jensen Pearce·26 videos

Music: from the album ~ “Cosmo Frequency” Thanks to Paul Martinson of Celestial Vibrations ~ EP for permission to use his Music. Featured is “Horizon and Winter Solstice” ~ This video celebrates the Beauty and Preciousness of Gaia, our beloved Mother Earth. It is an honor and privilege to live on this gorgeous planet and this is my small way of thanking her for the blessings we all share living here. It also celebrates her ascension out of “Duality” which I am very grateful to be leaving with it’s animosity between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. She is sure to become much more pure and bright as we leave 3D BS and go into the Fifth Dimension and enter into the Age of Aquarius. It’s the most exciting time to be alive and know that the Company of Heaven is here to assist us throughout the Ascension process and beyond. On May10, 2009 ~ I had an opportunity to work with the Galactic Federation of Light on a small task for the heart of Mother Earth and it was a special experience working with them. This is why I call them the very “Company of Heaven” because up close and personal this is what I found them to be and sent directly to us by our beloved Heavenly Father. We are under Divine Intervention now and they are here by Heaven’s Decree thank goodness and mercy! Thanks again to Paul Martinson for his fantastic music, this video would not be the same without it. Much love to all of us as we journey on together into the Fifth dimension and a World Where Love Prevails Over All. A link to Paul’s music:

Four Keys to Ascension-Grounding by Szuson Wong, Ph.D.

Grounding and Chi Exercises by Szuson Wong (DVD)

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Szuson Wong presentation, Sunday, April 27th, at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Ascension is not about leaving the Earth, rather it is about living in the New Earth and in the New Heaven right here, right now, by grounding the 5th dimensional energies and by transforming our carbon-based bodies into crystalline bodies. Grounding the 5th dimensional energies in our Heart and in our Dan Tien allow us to operate from our Seat of Power in co-creating and manifesting our dreams and visions.

Szuson Wong, Ph.D., international teacher, speaker, author, intuitive/energetic healer for over 25 years, empowers people to live from the heart and to fulfill their spiritual destinies. Szuson assists clients in co-creating new identities and new scripts of love, joy, and abundance, by grounding the 5th dimensional energies, through meditation and spiritual practices as shared in her energetic healing DVD, Four Keys to Ascension-Grounding and Raising Your Vibration with Chi Exercises and her book, Guardian of Gaia. More information at