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clinton r gandy


I read an essay on empathy. It certainly has not been something I set out for in my life as a special interest to cultivate, but the more spiritually evolved I become the more empathetic I become. Empathy requires that we reserve judgment. It was a huge moment for me when I realized I could be very disappointed for a person without being disappointed in a person.

When we recognize the part of us that is spirit/high power/God, it makes it impossible not to see the spirit part in others regardless of how at odds it is with the human part at the time. Humans are so messy. Driven by countless fears and an egoic mind set that insist we be right at all times, we are all, ALL of us very hard to love at times. I guess my own definition for empathy is to be willing to see the spirit trying in someone regardless of their circumstance.

There are different types of empathy and they boil down sometimes to the difference in being “store bought” or “homemade”. The “Store bought” variety can be categorized when you acknowledge struggle of another from a brain/cognitive point of view. The “Homemade” variety is when you live in a state of connection to spirit and gratitude that your spirit is producing it’s own source of Empathy, the emotional, spiritual connection with others.

Both a valid and both are good, but those who find their way to an empathetic state of being by thinking themselves there, will never experience the power of connection with the story of others through the spirit- empathetic awareness. There has long been detailed the people who take musical lessons and learn the fingering and the counting of the notes but never ever are able to convey the emotions of the pieces they play. There is a component to spirit that is lacking in them. Their dedication and study still is hard work that must have acknowledgment but they cannot interpret the passion of the piece the way that others do without trying.

Not everyone has the capacity to feel the plight or passion of others. Being empathetic and compassion is very difficult in the aspect that if you don’t learn how to manage what I believe to be spiritual gifts, they can easily overwhelm you.

Every year I get a little angry at all the people trying to bust the door down of the Mission on 80 trying to serve “Thanksgiving and Christmas” to the unfortunate. If I worked there I would ask them, “would you consider June 3 or August 6th, we have all the compassionate folks we need for Christmas and Thanksgiving”. “Can u still find it important to serve some Parker House Dinner Rolls when it isn’t an act designed by you to make you feel better about yourself while doing the least amount possible”.

That is an example of “Store Bought” empathy. It’s too planned and calculated. Real empathy is only possible for those of us who know that, “What we have is enough”, “Giving you a break” won’t leave me without one, “Recognizing your struggle”, won’t sweep me into it and all of us have monsters two inches from our tails and most of us just no how to disguise the panic better than others.

It’s long been said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and I know personally speaking when I operate from spirit, I have no trouble at all honoring and acknowledging the struggle and pain of others. It is only when my ego and “human” concerns overshadow my gratitude that I forget that judgment is not necessary. I lose nothing, NOTHING by acknowledging your struggle and I gain a connection to spirit that cannot be found any other way.

People want to go immediately to the sick or homeless when they picture struggle. I’ve been aware and lucky enough to have learned to look wherever I am. I know a single mother starting to work full time for the first time in years. She’s frightened and she’s doing it. I know a mother who’s two children are at an age where they clearly see their father can’t stop drinking. I know a teenager who has to go live with relatives he didn’t even know he had in order to stay out of foster care. I know old people who can’t afford their medicine. I know a young girl who just realized she is obese when the kids at school pointed it out. I know several people who work as hard as long as they can and they can’t pay their bills. The stories of the human condition fill the pages and the hours of the history of the world. I haven’t forfeited a thing by having concern for them.

I lose nothing by seeing and validating your struggle. The Ego says I need to fix the struggle but the spirit only asks me to acknowledge

Complex and alternately beautiful laws of God come in to play when I try to explain this inexpiable truth, we are all connected. When I honor your struggle with acknowledgement I honor my own, loving you when you make it very difficult to even like you, I gain my own self acceptance. When I honor the part of God in you, the part of God in me expands exponentially.

Gratitude, empathy and compassion are the three ingredients that give me a good life today. They keep my spirit growing, my human side (ego) in check and they make me feel almost on a daily basis, it’s all worth showing up for.

When I was young I had a Beagle. It’ was a sweet sweet dog without a vicious bone in its body. One day it got hit by a car and my dad rushed out to help it and it tried to bite my dad’s hand off. When we are led by pain and fear, real or imagined, all of us, are very hard to love. Empathy AND Compassion help me look beyond the ugliness of pain and see a spirit in crisis.

Buddha via Linda Dillon – Compassion and Wesak – – 5-3-15

buddha_lotus01Buddha via Linda Dillon

I am Buddha. Thank you for calling to me as I have been calling to you. There are many of us who can speak about this time and undertaking of peace.

For it is not simply the purview of Archangel Michael, although we all bow to him as we bow to the Mother and Father and One and All.

I bow to the spider and the ant, to the moss on the rocks, to the stars in the sky, and I bow, my friends, to each of you.

I have known of the tragedy and the perils of war, and, the tragedy and perils of separation. I have learned not only that these are choices but also illusions. I do not need to explain this further to you, my friends, because you have come to a place of a knowing, of a wisdom that we share; that the only path is not a path of struggle but a path of peace.

Does that mean that there will never be an obstacle in your way; an obstacle that you, in your wisdom, have created and placed in the way? Or that the Mother, in her ultimate wisdom, has placed in your way? Or that humanity, in their desire to maintain the status quo, has placed in your way?

Of course it does not mean there will not be obstacles. Sometimes you will walk around the obstacle; sometimes simply roll it away; sometimes you will even blow it up…St. Germaine can always help you with that!

The journey includes the obstacles that are but nothing…nothing. The obstacles are part of the journey, but the journey is not about the obstacles; the journey is about your service to the Divine Mother.

Your journey is about your divine service and your commitment to your sacred self and to each other. You do not live alone on this planet, you never have, and yet the journey is a sole journey. You can only take your journey; you cannot take another’s path. You may contribute, you may minutely participate in another’s journey…and one would hope it would be in a sacred union way, although that is not always the case.

But you send compassion, you hold the wisdom, and there are moments where you share insights. Those insights are not based on what you think or feel or your opinion of what another should do. Your insights, your wisdom can only be based on the sacred teachings, the dharma, on the Universal Law, and what you have come to know through your journey.

That is what compassion is. It is a sweetness and an understanding (albeit limited) of what another is experiencing and a sending of Love to aid. It is not assuming another’s undertaking; as I have said before, that is highway robbery. Know that as you send compassion you also receive it; you also receive it from me, from Jesus Sananda, and from Lord Maitreya, from Shirdi Sai Baba, from many.

This is a time, Wesak, in my tradition, for the renewal of sacred vows. You say, “Why? Why, when I have committed to this path and to the Mother and to the journey, including the obstacles, long ago; why would I need or choose to recommit my vows?”

It is a deepening, it brings you to a more profound understanding of what it is that you undertake, and your capacity, not only to go forward but to bring many with you…not pushing and shoving or pulling, but guiding.

What you committed to two years ago, ten years ago, one thousand years ago, was one thing, but you are wiser now. You may not always feel that but I assure you, you are wiser, you are more deeply integrated, you are more unified, and in the purest sense of the word, you are more powerful.

The energy that has been released around the planet (Nepal, Oregon, & Chile) is the power of leadership as guardians.

Yes, as the Mother has said, there is a new breed, ‘Guardians of the Truth’, ‘Guardians of the Path’. It is to gently serve, not through the amassing of riches or followers; adherents or monks, not through the adherence of what used to be known as power.

What you are calling upon, and receiving, is the power of One and the power of Love and that is what I give you. I give you the power of compassion.

One of the most tragic situations of humans is that they believe themselves, not only to be overlooked or unheard, but to be misunderstood. This is a belief that other humans do not understand who they truly are, that they do not credit them, they do not acknowledge them, that the fullness of their being is not seen, that they are misunderstood.

Compassion reassures and the power allows your heart and your eyes; your physical eyes, not merely your third and fourth, but your physical eyes, to be open to see where there is human suffering, whether it is because of war, or the war within, or the war amongst.

There is no room for battling tribes, families, communities, sectors, factions; it is all a distraction from the journey at hand.

So, in compassion to others and in compassion to your sacred self, use this power to know when to lead around the obstacle, through the obstacle, to roll the obstacle away, because it is illusion. It is simply something placed in your path that you may learn more deeply the truth of who you are.

I am going to help you as well; and I give you, each of you, my blessings during this time of Wesak. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon, 5/2/15
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

The Freezing Homeless Child – Social Experiment – Would We Offer Our Help? – OCK-TV

Lady Nada via Julie Miller – Growing a Garden of Compassion – 2-20-15

ladyNadaLady Nada   via  Julie Miller

Growing a Garden of Compassion


The era which you are in, is rich with so many advancements in nearly all areas imaginable. Information is being supplied to you constantly, at every hour and from many different cultural approaches and belief systems.

With so many self-help resources, literally at your fingertips, self-education and the development of your whole self has become a much more joyful experience.

The only major problem that can arise, is deciphering from all that coming through the information highway within your Internet is a chore…discerning what you really need from all the distractions that can lure you off track.

As the wise Dalai Lama once mentioned, for one to be truly happy, practice compassion; that is all no more no less.

For when you practice compassion in all things regardless of the circumstance or event, you are coming from a peaceful place of mind, open and clear in your thinking and accepting that all things have reason and purpose and behind every single one, there is something to learn and grow from.

Happiness that is real and true cannot be found from anything external; not your job, not your spouse, not your children and definitely not the material things you have collected over the years.

True happiness comes only from you and to achieve true happiness and to bring it forward daily and consistently, it is more than going inward and bringing out the good that is found there, but it is also discovered within your relationships and connections with others, regardless if those others are friend, co-worker, family or stranger.

It is true Beautiful Bright Hearts, when you genuinely care about other people, the love that comes from you not only helps them to feel better, but also boosts how you feel towards yourself.

So many dear souls truly think that they want to be loved, when in fact what they wish for the most is to feel that they are loving and caring by others.

For others to think of you as being genuinely caring; practicing compassion and true kindness will encourage happiness to be a constant part of your daily life, not just in fleeting moments.

Even if you are not someone who is normally empathetic towards others, you can improve on being more compassionate towards other people by recognizing that you do have a compassionate heart.

A great way Beautiful Bright Hearts to know that you are compassionate and kind towards others is being able to put yourself in another’s shoes.

You can understand from your own experience what it is like to lose a job, to have a partner leave you, or to discover you have an illness, or any other sudden life-changing turn life can bring.

Being able to relate, even in the smallest of ways helps bring people together, makes them feel less vulnerable and alone.

A true compassionately, kind person, is someone that is outward-focused simply because they have the ability to not only think but to feel the low energy others who are suffering may be exhibiting.

It is always easy to feel compassion for someone who has gone through a similar experience as you have.

It takes a lot more effort to be compassionate and kind towards someone who is going through something you have never dealt with, but it is not impossible when you try to imagine yourself in their shoes.

It is okay to admit that you don’t know first-hand what they are going through, while at the same time being kind and supportive, open to learn from their experience and to help lift them up from feeling they are a victim of anything, but a survivor of life’s many unpredictable challenges.

Another way to demonstrate that you are a truly compassionate and kind individual is that you don’t put any emphasis on money.

Yes, you need money to pay bills, to put a roof over your head and to purchase food if you don’t farm it yourself, but even farmers require money to grow and maintain their crops.

But money does not buy long-lasting, true happiness. All money will do is get you from one thrill to the next; short-lived happiness that keeps you yearning for more gadgets that require more money.

You appreciate the simple things in life that does not come from money at all, as it is derived from following your heart in all instances that comes through from gentle and loving ministrations.

Being kind to yourself is a great way Beautiful Bright Hearts to cultivate true compassion.

Self-compassion and self-love is the hardest of things for many of God’s beautiful sons and daughters to achieve on a consistent basis.

Many dear souls are extremely hard on themselves; attaching great expectations on themselves that sometimes are foolhardy and damaging to their own self-worth.

To feel compassionate towards another, you must be able to demonstrate true compassion towards yourself first. If you don’t love yourself for all that you are, how can you love another for the same things?

By practicing self-compassion and self-love you are teaching others that compassion and kindness is gift that is meant to be shared, not hoarded for yourself.

When you are giving compassion Beautiful Bright Hearts, you are giving a part of yourself through your open demonstrate of inner-strength, heart-given wisdom and ability to guide by personal experience.

When you can empower another dear soul by your own uplifting example, then you are able to see clearly who you really are at a greater and more divine capacity than thought before, while not expecting anything in return because your gift of compassion and kindness is always unconditional.

Guiding and supporting others by being compassionate and kind role models brings forth true and divine grace as you come to the realization that this gift of compassion was something each of you already have and is meant to be shared with each other.

When you think of mindfulness, compassion plays a large role. You are able to put yourself in the present moment.

Someone who is truly compassionate, is mindful and attentive when they are interacting with others.

They are not checking to see who has recently left them a message, they are present with their focus when they are in the company of another. Attentive listening and understanding is critical to your ability to demonstrating a true compassionate heart.

As you become more mindful, you develop new relationships with your feelings and emotions and you learn to let them go, as you understand they are just passing through.

You become emotionally mature enough to realize and to understand that getting caught up in your emotional thought forms is not productive or helpful.

Learning to clear your mind from emotional and mental overload will help you see clearly and be able to understand what is needed at every moment, offering you an opportunity to demonstrate from your heart, pure and genuine kindness and compassion.

We have noticed that some dear souls over-express gratitude. It is not necessary to express thanks and gratitude in every sentence at every interaction or even in every comment.

That is the ego talking. If you are inspired by something you have read or witnessed, giving verbal or written thanks is not always required. Allowing the experience to move you through active demonstration is a way to show your gratitude.

Doing things that feel good is often thought to be selfish but in truth is not. But when you do things that feel good to you for other people, there is a reciprocating feeling of betterment of yourself…a light fills your whole being that signals that you did well. This deep and profound feeling is your thanks.

Remember, even when facing something that is perceived as negative, there are an equal amount of positives; you simply have to change your thoughts to see from a different perception.

Some people will make up clever excuses, saying that, “it’s easier said than done,” and other similar lines, but in truth, it is that simple, you just have to want to try.

Just thinking and wishing gratitude towards others will provide happiness to your own moment in life.

Well-wishing is a long, practiced mental exercise that does not require dialogue with another.

Just by thinking thankful thoughts that are truly kind and genuinely compassionate towards another brings about more happy feelings that have the capability of being long-lasting.

Take the time Beautiful Bright Hearts to slow down a little, and express yourself genuinely that reflects your loving and caring side more often.

Sprinkling a little love here and there will help grow and cultivate a lovely garden filled with compassion and kindness for all, including yourself of course.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller


Paul Lenda – Survival of the Kindest – Humankind Evolving, Becoming More Compassionate – 12-15-14

Paul LendaBy Paul Lenda, March 9, 2013 at | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

In recent history it has been thought that human beings are hardwired to be instinctively selfish. This perception of reality made for way for the Western “every man for himself” concept and idea that we are individualistic at the core of our nature.

However, many studies being conducted over the past several years are demonstrating that this idea is not accurately portraying the underlying nature of human beings.

There is mounting evidence that the human race is evolving towards becoming more compassionate and collaborative since our survival counts on these things.

In fact, the reasons given by a growing group of psychologists as to why we humans are as successful at surviving and thriving as we are, is because of our nurturing, altruistic, and compassionate traits.

With the understanding of the concept of oneness and the interconnected nature of all aspects in Reality, it is realized that this revolutionary perception on evolution makes sense. By being kind to another, we benefit not only that other individual by elevating their positive emotions, but also benefit ourselves by elevating our own.

There has been a study done at the University of Montreal that has found that emotions, depending on whether they are positive or negative, have the ability to either increase or decrease pain.

With this being the case, it would be in the best interests of human beings to gravitate towards positive and compassionate feelings and emotions rather than those to the contrary.

By being more positive, compassionate, and kind, humans reap rewards instead of experiencing punishments from maladaptive and detrimental emotions and states of consciousness such as anger. In fact, anger has been found to be linked to all the major causes of death in humans.

It would therefore be obvious that the evolutionary process of consciousness would prefer emotional states that transcend anger.

If all of this is true, then the genes responsible for the predisposition of anger in some, as found in a study where there was a discovery that anger has a genetic component, will gradually tune out of existence according to the “survival of the kindest” model of consciousness evolution.

Dacher Keltner is the co-director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and he has expressed recently that “human beings have survived as a species because we have evolved the capacities to care for those in need and to cooperate. As Darwin long ago surmised, sympathy is our strongest instinct.”

This expression of empathy by human beings is directly connected to the realization of oneness being the fundamental aspect of Reality, whether it is a conscious or an unconscious realization.

Empathy is the ability to feel what another feels and has recently been found to be a genetic predisposition in human beings. By feeling what another feels, we are able to better understand what another is going through, since we are able to experience it for ourselves.

The greatest teacher in life is experience and so it is not difficult to understand that empathy is able to give critical insight into another’s life situation.

If a person is feeling melancholy, the feeling of empathy can have a person desire to elevate the melancholic individual’s emotional state to a higher level.

Once this process occurs, the higher emotional state will have a positive effect on the other person and benefit both parties. It is in our everyone’s best interests to have an elevated level of consciousness, for we are all One.

A sociologist by the name of Robb Willer has expressed that the more generous we are, the more respect and influence we are able to have. In one study which has backed up this assertion, participants were each given a modest amount of cash and were told to play games of varying complexity that would benefit the “public good.”

The findings demonstrated that participants who acted more generously received more gifts, respect and cooperation from their peers and had more influence over them.

Willer said that “the findings suggest that anyone who acts only in his or her narrow self-interest will be shunned, disrespected, even hated, but those who behave generously with others are held in high esteem by their peers and thus rise in status.

Given how much is to be gained through generosity, social scientists increasingly wonder less why people are ever generous and more why they are ever selfish.”

Call it karma, cause and effect, or a result of interconnectedness and oneness, being kind and compassionate is being seen as a driving force in the evolution of human consciousness and our continued extropy into the future.

There is evidence of positive emotional states increasing within the global consciousness of humanity, which shines a hopeful light on where the future of the human race will be.

After analyzing data from the World Values Survey based at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, it was found that in the past 25 years, the overall happiness of human beings around the world has been rising substantially.

This finding goes hand in hand with the theory of the human race experiencing an evolution of consciousness to progressively higher levels.

For humans to be inherently selfish would be illogical since they would only be harming themselves in the end. Given that humans are still thriving demonstrates that helping others, being kind, experiencing empathy, and practicing compassion have all been part of the human experience as long as we have existed.

If we are to truly experience extropy in the future, the realization of oneness is something that should be within the forefront of our minds. With oneness, come all the positive expressions of consciousness such as love, empathy, and kindness.

We are all in this together and it has become apparent that it is in our best interests, as a race, to express these higher states of be-ing.

Kingsley L Dennis – The Phoenix Generation – A New Era of Connection, Compassion, Consciousness – 11-29-14


~In the years ahead we are going to see great change sweeping through our diverse human societies. It will be change not only brought about by intentional minds and willing hearts; but also by necessity, by coercion, and from an evolutionary imperative. The 21st century will be equivalent to the dramatic ‘flat Earth to round Earth’ shift that was thrust upon humanity centuries before. Some may say we are in the midst of a 3rd Industrial Revolution. Yet rather than referring to this transition as an ‘industrial’ one, I consider this profound shift as a Revolution in Human Being – or rather as a Revolution in Human Becoming. The possibility of a genuine planetary civilization – with unity through diversity – and with the participation of an awakened and aware humanity, was never on the cards…until now. We have entered a phase where there will be new forms, new arrangements, new structures, new perspectives, and new emerging states of being.


We are, quite literally, shifting from one set of C-Values – Competition ~ Conflict ~ Control ~ Censorship – to a new set: Connection ~ Communication ~ Consciousness ~ Compassion. The world is re-arranging in order to come together in countless new ways – with innovative changes in our communication, our uses of technology, through conscious awareness, through people-centered action, and more. These are the seeds coming to harvest as part of a re-awakening, re-ordering, and re-balance upon this planet. We should recognize that the issues at stake are much larger than governments – they are global and dispersed throughout the peoples of the world. These issues are also too important to be left in the hands of governments alone. The future will be about visioning beyond our limitations – thinking anew, and in ways we are currently unaccustomed to. This is the new consciousness – not conceiving or perceiving within the old patterns. External change is not enough if there is no real change within each one of us.


The current generation(s) will be the ones who will have to shoulder the mental and emotional responsibility of change as they are forced to let go of both external and internal systems and states that are no longer beneficial to our future development. This is why I refer to our current generation(s) as the ‘Bridge Generation’, as it will be required of us to straddle both worlds. Those generations that come after us will be born as change rather than being born into change – this is a slight yet very significant difference.


Within the Bridge Generation we are experiencing the increasing diffusion of knowledge and information with an unprecedented rapidity. We are also grappling with the early waves of technocratic control that use insidious forms of surveillance for social manipulation. For those of us who accept to maintain this ‘bridge’, we will be required to deal with the grasping forces of authoritarian control whilst simultaneously assisting the transition clearly and calmly. It is a path that connects both sides during the transition. For this reason, it requires sincerity, integrity, and transparency. It is less about reliance upon external devices, and more about trusting one’s inner self and instincts.


In this respect the value of sincerity is of great importance, now more than ever, as we are surrounded by tales, stories, and false-mythologies selling us pseudo-spiritual escapism, media fear, and commodity idealism. The greater truth of this is more subtle and yet more powerful – it is the ongoing development of human society and the evolution of human consciousness. And it is an ongoing work in progress – and it is as simple and as difficult as that.


Those of us who form part of the Bridge Generation need to remain grounded, balanced, and work with the disruptive changes in society. In order to ‘build the bridge’ that will help steer us through the years ahead we will need not only to shift our perspectives but also to change the old system game-play by silently overwhelming the incumbent models – to make the new age the new normal. Many people in the Bridge Generation will feel the stirrings of a ‘calling’; a sense to activate something – some purpose or meaning – within them. Some may be attracted to books/writings, or to events, gatherings, or other signifiers. Other ways to activate a person’s calling – or actualized state – may come through doing; whilst others will be through being. Part of the process of opening ourselves up to what I have named abstractly as the ‘calling’ will be the need to prepare our minds to be receptive and open to new avenues of possibilities and potentials. The Bridge Generation does not yet share a common story, or even a shared consciousness. Yet these aspects within humanity are slowly beginning to emerge – and not just in isolated, individual pockets as in times past. With our awakenings we can begin to physically connect through our social technologies, and begin to build new potentials through this connectivity. We no longer have to work alone: by sharing what we know, feel, and what inspires us, we can participate in developmental change.


Change upon this planet will come through us, the people; and the attitudes, awareness, compassion, sincerity, etc, which we embody and manifest. The Bridge Generation needs to maintain a focus on the great opportunities emerging now and not become disheartened. Already there are countless examples of how this wave of change is occurring across the planet. Such examples include how people interact with new technologies; the impacts of social media; new emerging youth groups; and the rise of a global empathic mindset. The power of energetically-connected individuals is fuelling the ‘We’ feeling and bringing the disenchanted together to develop their networks. These developments exist in parallel to the increasing rise of the maverick tinkerers, innovators, and creative minds. These emerging new models are pushing against the old self-centered, hierarchical, control systems. Such new systems are showing that a new type of consciousness is arising, which will mark the generations to come.




The Phoenix Generation

The generation now being born into the world is what I refer to as the Phoenix Generation: those children being born now who will be young adults around 2030. I suggest that it will be this generation in particular that will assist in the transition toward forming a planetary society – a transition more radical than the shift from agrarian to urban life during the 1st Industrial Revolution. This is a revolutionary transition from national-cultural consciousness to planetary awareness and consciousness. What this entails is not only a structural shift but also a qualitative one; that is, a shift in our values, psychology, and consciousness. It is my view that those of the Phoenix Generation will be born with increased instinctive intelligence and with a greater degree of inherited wisdom.


Those of the Phoenix Generation will usher in a period where the feminine and masculine energies of the world will be re-balanced. Human values of love, compassion, understanding, patience, tolerance, and empathy will be more openly expressed and part of an active world – and not seen as predominantly ‘female’ values. The division that separates the masculine and feminine energies will gradually be replaced by a newer energy of unity – of coming together. Similarly, the artificial stigma around ‘male’ and ‘female’ roles in the world will be changed through the younger ‘phoenix’ men and women re-modelling role expectations. Women’s participation will be more keenly appreciated, sought, and brought into collaboration in such major areas as global politics, economy, and business. An all-round intuitive energy will be the marker for the upcoming decades, and will find expression through young women of the Phoenix Generation holding key positions as change agents. What is set to occur is a long overdue re-balance of the male and female energies.


A generation of young people is arriving into a world that is more technologically assisted than in our entire history as a species. And they will be arriving with minds that see things differently than we currently do. That is, their thinking patterns will not automatically accept many of our beliefs, ideologies, or our socio-cultural systems. As the Phoenix Generation grow up and integrate and participate into their respective societies there will naturally be changes in many diverse areas of social life; such as education, health, politics, media, economics, technology use, innovation, and spiritual practice….




How About Some Compassion? – Working for The Light – Empower and Balance Blog – 11-16-14

Rose lpEmpower and Balance Blog

Before I move into my topic of today, “compassion”, I want to introduce you to the rose in the photo. While living in Seattle for numerous years, Lincoln Park became my haven. I am a country girl and big cities are challenging to me. I often walked in Lincoln park, up in the forested areas and down by the Puget Sound. There was a path I loved to take, starting at the north end, down an alley of sorts, behind a row of houses on the water. I love beauty, flowers and smells, so I had a “smell” routine, stopping along the path to sniff my favorites as I walked toward the path along the sound. This rose was my favorite. Notice its fragile beauty. Can you feel the softness of the petals, almost cool to touch? Can you see the delicate orange and pink color? If you lean in, you can smell the enticing citrus scent…so delicious you can almost taste it. That is compassion. To behold the beauty, gently holding another, taking in the vision, fragility, and yes, even the scent. In that action, you behold the divinity in another. No matter what they’ve done, or said, you see beyond that, just as we risk the thorns of a rose so that we can be touched by the beauty. I’d like you to remember that rose and call upon its beauty, fragility, scent and feel, so that when you need to call upon compassion, you have a tool to bring you into that place.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that my lifetimes long path has been to fight the dark, since it’s very inception, and bring forth the light. More recently, I’ve deepened my work within the sessions John and I are doing, leading us to work more directly with the Chimera, dark forces who have ruled this planet for 25,000 years, and the cabal, humans playing out these dark agendas. You can read more details on John’s blog The Chimera have had in place a quarantine around the planet, to keep out the light and prevent it from dispelling the dark and transforming this planet, a veil in place within humanity to keep them from remembering their divinity, and much more dark technologies on the planet and placed within humanity to keep us all enslaved, downtrodden and under their control.

Dark interference and implants were placed in humans, and dark beliefs spread into religions, institutions, and throughout society to keep humans living a very limited life. Certainly there have been breakthroughs from time to time, but the violence here, the awful ways we can treat each other, the atmosphere of fear that is spread through the dark based media and various dark run black ops, keeps humans from knowing the fullness of their power, their hearts, and their divinity. I’m bringing all this up because I want you to know that you are not fully responsible for all those things you think you did poorly, the times you were less than upright in your behavior, etc. I’m not excusing any of us from being responsible, or accountable, as I strive to do that daily. What I am saying is that there ARE reasons beyond your control that have led much of who you have been, how you have been acting or reacting. Add into that the economic slavery placed upon humanity, the toxins spewed into the air physically and electrically, and it is amazing there is as much support, forgiveness, and kindness in humanity at this time. That speaks volumes for the big heartedness of this race called humans. So……have some compassion for yourself first of all, and then for the others around you. Look with softened eyes, a tender heart, reach out with a gentle hand, take a deep breath and feel compassion for all you’ve done, all you’ve been, what others have gone through.

Now, let’s move further out.

The Chimera was a cloned race, created by Ankara, a creator God on a dark path. They were created to occupy and conquer. They were created without light bodies. So these guys didn’t have a chance at all. Ankara surrendered to the light, in the late 90’s and then asked all his cloned races to surrender. The Chimera refused and the planet continued to be held within the grasp of the cabal and the dark technologies. So, they had a choice, and chose to continue their path of darkness. Through the work John and I have been doing though, I learned that at the core of their DNA, they were programmed for darkness. They also had energetic contracts to follow this path. That’s a lot to fight against. And yet, on Oct. 15th, when John and I approached the head of the Chimera and offered him the option of transitioning to the light, with the stipulation that he negotiate a surrender of the entire Chimera forces and shut down all the dark technologies, he took us up on the offer. At the time, he thought he could trick us. But once it was done, he was now held within the light. John assisted him in gaining a light body, and then he went on to obtain the full surrender of the Chimera, and is now working for the light to finish clearing all darkness and bringing the planet and humanity to the light. Ultimately he has chosen to become human, and other Chimera members have made that choice, too. Some of the Chimera chose to return to their own planets. Of those beings who choose to become human, I say WELCOME. And I offer them compassion for the dark roles they were led to play. I’m asking you to have compassion for them as well.

The Cabal and their minions are another matter. These people are human, with light bodies, created from Source and thus light. Although they were subject to the same dark interference and implants we all had, they also made conscious choices to play their dark roles of destruction, greed, control, and deceit, and have wreaked havoc on the health, well-being, structure and finances of humanity and the planet. They have stopped at nothing to destroy any semblance of peace, prosperity, success or fulfillment of the masses. The truth will soon be coming out about all that they have done, and left to our 3D ways, we could cry for arrests, trials, and persecution. I am calling instead for compassion.

With the surrender of the Chimera and the dismantling of all their technologies, the Cabal are left powerless. Through the mirror containment set up around them by John and I, and other work done by other light-workers and “white hats” in high places, they can no longer succeed. So they are sidelined, no matter how much they may snarl and spit out threats. The gravy train stops now. They, too, have the choice now to transition to the light, taking their skill sets and using them for the light, or at the time of the ascension of this planet, they will be dissolved into Source again.

Humanity is now at a choice point. Do we go backwards and hold our fists in the air shouting for justice, or do we protect ourselves and our planet, yes, but show compassion, and allow these sidelined dark path humans to choose the light? Are we strong enough to shower them with love and forgiveness, showing them that we are stronger than darkness? I feel that the more humanity owns it’s big heartedness, steps into its power, and shines out compassion, the sooner the remaining inertia and illusion of power that the cabal still seems to hold, will just dissolve.

So remember the rose…its velvety texture, its orange and pink beauty, its fragility, the sweet citrus scent, open your heart, step into your power and beam out compassion….for yourself, for others, for the Chimera, for the planet, and for those humans who have played such a dark role. Let’s be the Saviors of this planet.


About katelon

I have been a wellness trainer, therapist, consultant and coach for 34 years, trained in 16 therapies from massage and reflexology to hypnotherapy and NLP, to past life regression and various spiritual therapies. I do my work in person and long distance. I also offer workshops to companies in wellness, stress release, diversity, team building, communication and more. My deepest dream is to create wellness centers all over the world, for not only individual wellness but environmental, family, business, community, and international wellness. I envision of world of peace, harmony and cooperation. I am available as a consultant to work with the creation of wellness centers and eco-villages and often refer others to various wellness centers and resorts in the area of their preference.

Message from Jim Carrey

Anantha Shayana. D

A letter from Jim Carrey as an invite for his Better U foundation!

Read the letter @…

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – On Love and Compassion

moxietype’s channel

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev talks about Love and Compassion. An excerpt from Disk 3 of Eastern Mystics. Available for download worldwide at…

Dr. Donna Rockwell – Compassion and Mindfulness


A PsychAlive Interview with mindfulness expert Dr. Donna Rockwell

Steve Rother Channels ‘The Group’ – July 2014 – Ascension, Predictions,Comments, Questions

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Ron van Dyk – Dialogue with Ambassador of White Dragon Society – The Dragon Family’s Vision for Humanity – Please Listen With Your Heart and Mind Open – Let Us Passionately Embrace This Vision Of Our Future – Let Us Joyously Accept Our New Responsibilities As World Citizens – 6-21-14

Steve Rother Channels ‘The Group’ – July 2014 – Ascension, Predictions,Comments, Questions

We Are All One – InTimes Of Danger Love Prevails – 2014: The Year Of Unity Consciousness – Devastating Balkans Floods – People Risk Their Lives To Save The Animals – May 2014

Thanks to Jean Haines Post for these inspiring images.

Unprecedented floods have raged across the Balkans affecting over a million people. Fleeing in panic, in packed boats and trucks, many owners could not bring their animals along – but others courageously risked their own lives to save beloved pets.


A Serbian emergency services worker evacuates a dog from floodwaters in the town of Obrenovac, 40 kilometers west of Belgrade, on May 16, 2014. (AFP Photo/Andrej Isakovic)


Photo from Twitter/@ChaosAddicted

Photo from Twitter/@KacicaBicBoziji

Photo from Twitter/@njofranjofra


Photo from Twitter/@alna_anna


Photo from Twitter/@JuliaDavisNews


Huffington Post – Anonymous Saudi Man Has A Beautifully Simple Idea To Feed The Poor With ‘Charity Fridge’ – 5-21-14

fridge charity


Sometimes, making a difference can be shockingly simple.

A man living in the city of Hail, Saudi Arabia, came up with a brilliant idea to feed needy people in his neighborhood while sparing them the “shame” of begging, according to Gulf News.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, installed a refrigerator on the street in front of his house and invited neighbors to donate their extra food, so that hungry people could come and eat.

The idea gained international attention after religious scholar Shaikh Mohammad Al Araifi praised the act of charity on his Twitter account with a picture of the fridge. “I’ve always said the people of Hail are generous. A man puts a fridge outside his house for leftover food; an indirect act of charity for the needy,” he said, in a translation provided by the BBC. “Oh how I love you, Hail!”

Twitter applauded the simple gesture. “That is exactly what we needed: A simple, but bright idea that goes a long way in helping people,” posted user Sniper, according to Gulf News. “The idea should now be adopted and all large mosques in the country should place fridges to take and distribute food.”

The Muslim holy month of fasting, Ramadan, will begin at the end of June. Bahraini national Salah told Gulf News that the charity fridge concept should be adopted in Bahrain during Ramadan. “It is a great act of charity that can make many people happy and satisfied,” he said. “There is the food factor, but there is also the spiritual dimension, especially during the sacred month when people engage deeply in acts of charity.”


Jason Gray – With Every Act of Love

Bob Marshall·659 videos

A sure-fire #1 song if I ever heard one. Catchy, with a couple of stories, and with a message about acts of love. Co-written by Jason Gray and Jason Ingram (is it my imagination of does Jason Ingram co-write 75% of all popular Christian songs?) I used some pictures from several ministries at my church, like mission trips, AWANA, and Vacation Bible School. That’s my lovely wife surrounded by the four Guatemalan girls

Anonymous – Homeless people in US deported to camps

ANONYMOUS·311 videos

Greetings World.
We are Anonymous.

It begins with the homeless. Then another group, then another, Until, well, just remember Germany. It isn’t pretty!

According to MSN, the Columbia City Council unanimously approved the plan, creating special police patrols, that would enforce “quality of life” laws, involving loitering, public urination, and other crimes not necessarily restricted to the homeless population.

Those officers would then offer the homeless a choice:

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Go to jail for their homelessness or be shuffled to a 240-bed, 24-hour shelter on the outskirts of town, which they wouldn’t be allowed to easily leave.
According to the Activist Post, the Columbia South Carolina plan is already complete with an urgent Emergency Homeless Response report. And that report includes information about hauling the homeless away in transport vans to an already stationed shelter with workers, phone number for townspeople to report “the person in need,” an officer stationed to control foot traffic, public feeding moved there, more foot patrol officers for the city to keep out the homeless. Oh, and the homeless can’t walk off the premises!

If they want to leave, they must get permission, set up an appointment and be shuttled by a transport van. A patrolman will guard the road leading in to make sure homeless don’t wander off downtown.

Ex-prisoners will be shuttled there unless someone picks them up from the county jail. No foot traffic allowed, only shuttle van arrival. The plan is a city plan and not a federal government plan.

But this is not the only area making it a crime for being homeless. It turns out that since 2011, the city of Boston is moving its homeless out of the city into what they call “Home Base”, near Salem, away from the city. People in Southern California, were getting concerned from homeless disappearing off the streets.

Most of the homeless in places like Sacramento, are taken and driven out of town in tent cities of their own. They have made it a crime to be homeless, and round them up and move them there. They are guarded, and people have hotlines to call if they spot a homeless person. They ship them out and place them in these camps. They are not permitted to leave, and they are not permitted to wander the streets of the bigger cities without a permit. If that is not a determent camp, I don’t know what is.

They are moving to make it a crime to be homeless in Miami as well. Where are they putting the people from these “round ups”?

This is almost like the 19 40’s rounding up of the undesirables, happening right before our very eyes. The only thing different is, that this is the United States, and not Germany.

Now we have the cutting of EBT, and Food Banks by 5 Billion. Unemployment continuing to sky rocket, and over 3.5 million homeless with the numbers growing daily. We have 18.5 million vacant homes, and homes in Detroit, that are being sold for a dollar, but we can’t find places to house people other then FEMA camps? I think we all know what happens from here, if we continue to let it.

When the people of bigger cities wake up to find that all the homeless have disappeared over night, you actually know where they are. The question is, are you next?

In closing, I want to remind you all that there are 3.5 million homeless in the US, and 18.5 million vacant homes. So, can anyone tell me why do we keep voting, if politicians can never fix any of the real problems of our society? This system is corrupt and obsolete, and it has to go!


We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We will not forgive governments forcing people to become homeless.
We will not forget that we can be next.
To the corrupt governments holding our future from us.
You will expect us soon enough!

Power of Touch – Juarez Rodrigues

Juarez Rodrigues·14 videos

There are times—during intense grief or fear, but also in ecstatic moments of joy or love—when only the language of touch can fully express what we feel. This video is an invitation for people to relearn the power of touch. There’s much to be gained from embracing our tactile sense—in particular, more positive interactions and a deeper sense of connection with others.

Have you touched someone today?

Directed by Juarez Rodrigues
Produced by Juarez Rodrigues and Iñigo inchaurraga Heredia
Starring Sarah Sofie Boussnina
Music by Giorgio Giampà
Special Thanks to Francesca Wazowski Van Haverbeke, Falase Eniola, Daria Rustambekova and Moritz Conzen

Eckhart Tolle – On Compassion

CCARE at Stanford University·120 videos

Conversations on Compassion with Dr. James Doty and Eckhart Tolle, spiritual teacher and author hosted by CCARE at Stanford University on February 12, 2013.

Are you a Stanford student, alum, faculty or staff? Sign the Stanford Charter for Compassion now to get Stanford officially recognized as a compassionate university: http://compassionatestanford.weebly.c…

Angels Compassion – The Board Of Karma – Humanity Heaing

Humanity Healing·251 videos


Higher Self via April Bender – Importance of Self-Care, Compassion, Love – During This Most Crucial Time – 3-29-14


Higher Self: The Importance of Self-Care, Compassion, and Love During This Most Crucial Time, channeled by April Bender, March 28, 2014 at | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

I wish to discuss with you today, the importance of Self-Care, Compassion and Love. As these are the crucial qualities or energies that you should be abundantly expressing to Self at this time. Because in order for you to fully Reclaim your empowered Divine center, or seat/throne of Divine Empowerment (solar plexus), you must first believe yourself worthy of it.

And this feeling of worthiness is something you need to work into your overall day, not just when things are quiet and/or you are alone.You must learn to truly BELIEVE and have FAITH in who and what YOU ARE, in every way, shape and form – even during the intensity of such expansive and therefore extremely challenging, clearing/transmutation waves. If, in your heart, you believe yourself unworthy in some way, then your inner sun cannot fully shine!

This is why you and others may be experiencing a rather dramatic ping-pong effect between states of feeling uncomfortably full, agitated, and constricted (physically, emotionally, spiritually) – and states of lightness, joy, and optimistic expectation. You are reconciling the two energies together, inducing them into a “higher” form/expression – therefore, you need to learn to stay in your “center” while these two energy streams come together. It is where you are most effective – it is the seat of your power and the point of least oscillation/motion.

For remember, this Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process that the Collective Higher Mind is now initiating, is a tremendous opportunity for you to step into true MASTERSHIP. And part of this mastery, IS learning to stay in your empowered “center,” even if “storms” are seemingly raging all around you – even if you need to express your thoughts and emotions in order to continue on throughout the day, for while doing so, if you stay “centered” in your expression of these, you’ll have an authentic Expressive and constructive release or co-creative “out-breath.”

Now is NOT the time to be holding back your authenticity in any way – the world needs to hear from you, though in a way your words/expressions can find the most fertile ground. As the Reclamation of Your and the Collective’s Self-Sovereignty, among other Divine Birthrights, demands it.

If you are truly in a situation where you cannot be expressive, be absolutely sure to take time later that day to express or “out-breathe” through some form of co-creation or contemplative practice, whatever it is that has taken up so much space within you. It is in this manner that you will be aiding in the completion of all 3 Acts of the Sequencing Process, as fully outlined in my previous message. If necessary, the demands of the day can simply wait a moment or two, because not only you, but the world will be better off for your rest and self-care in the end.

You’ve been such a champion and lover of others throughout your life, now you must reach deep into your heart and fully embrace, truly LOVE and CARE FOR, ALL that YOU ARE. The doubts, the worries, the anxieties of lower vibrational living are but mere distractions – if you encounter these, it is only in the context of your need to either release, learn from and/or transmute them. Do NOT take them back into yourself – Do NOT take them as signs of backsliding and get depressed – instead, confront or acknowledge the information/sensation and then LET IT GO. In most cases what you are encountering are the fears, anxieties and doubts of the Collective (yes, especially while you’re at work or out and about), as they are magnetized to you through your past or sometimes current “resonate” experiences, and this is also why you will be the one to help consciously transmute them.

You must remember the “bigger” picture throughout your day. You must stop trying to “fit” where you don’t, and stop trying to “do” what is not yours to do. For your real work already lies before you – and only a tiny portion of it is located in your office cubicle. Stop letting that, and other environments overtake your experience/perception. You are NEVER given more than you can handle, and I make darn sure of that. Stand confidently and proudly in WHO YOU ARE, whether others value YOU or not. Acknowledge and REJOICE in your natural strengths, passions, and gifts even if the 3D world doesn’t acknowledge them as meaningful. For soon, they will acknowledge them not only as meaningful, but crucial to the experience of Health/Wholeness and/or the Reclamation of all your Divine Birthrights and by extension, those of the Collective.

And don’t forget you are there, in that “working” experience because I PUT YOU THERE for a reason. The good work that is taking place there, both energetically and tangibly, could use your energetic “conversion” and “amplification” skills. Others are precisely where they are for the very same reasons, whether they were consciously guided there or not. All are contributing to this rather epic drama of Creation known as “Earth,” at the capacity/level in which they are able to do so. Never doubt the fruitfulness of your “placement” in Life.

Plus, the stronger your “center” and measure of “self-love,” the more strongly your Soul/Star family can come through to you. If you think the experiences are cool now, just wait until you’ve FULLY activated/reclaimed your true Divine Center/Core Essence. And to “claim” it, all you need to do is let go of any fear/trepidation and simply step into it, OWN it – TRUST it. Even if that means you need to step into it over and over again until it “sticks” or holds, and you then master it.

You need to also be aware of the fact the Reconciliation of Unfinished Business/Energy Act, will create experiences for you, in which conflicting energies are brought together within you for Resolution/Transmutation. And know that I, will also throw a few “tests” or “curve-balls your way as part of assessing your overall development, which is not a judgement, but to help me further plan the rest of your/our journey/experiences. So instead of taking things personally, zoom out and remember the larger picture. See these as challenges you can easily surmount for the good of the Collective, instead of a personal slight or even worse, failure. The things you’re getting confused or mired in, are the SAME things/triggers that ALWAYS throw you off – because your physical environment has not yet changed and/or does not match what you are feeling/sensing inside.

So cast off this pattern of extreme ping-ponging after every wave induction. There will always be oscillations, but they don’t need to be experienced as dramatically or uncomfortably, especially when you can always hold in your awareness, the larger picture of what’s really going on underneath it all.

And you can always call upon your newly expanded inner “toolkit,” to help get you through this challenging Sequencing Process. Like calling upon the elements to replenish your vessel when the tank starts running low, relaxing/traveling into your heart and/or solar plexus for a soothing shower of unconditional love and empowerment, spending time with your plant/animal allies, or simply remembering to “shield” yourself as appropriate throughout the day, etc…

So as the winds of change whip, whirl and sometimes howl all around/within you, remember how truly special, unique, and wonderful you truly are. For you are on the front lines of this Grand Ascension Cycle! You are aiding in the conscious co-creation of an entirely new world/experience or WAY OF BEING. And it is very hard, long, soul-tiring work but it’s also the most SOULFULLY UPLIFTING and REWARDING. So take it easy on yourself and give yourself a break from the self-criticism. Be kind, loving, patient, and compassionate with Self. And get/stay in YOUR CENTER!

And if you’re sharing this with others, remind them to check in with their Higher Selves, just as you did me, when things got to feeling too constricting or overwhelming. As I think you’ll agree, there can be no greater soothing balm than the one that is crafted from and given to Self.
(see Learning to Communicate/Commune with Higher Self for tips.)

You are almost to the top of the mountain now – just hang in there a little while longer.

Much love, gratitude, and respect to you always my dear.

Until next time. . .


Rumi Quotes – Alchemy of Compassion

Mrityunjaya Dodwad·7 videos

Created by Mrityunjaya Dodwad…This video is dedicated to legendary poet Mevalana Rumi ..his message is so impactful to humanity and man kind.

Our Animal Friends Teach Us Kindness And Compassion

MysticLight100·20 videos

If our animal friends can show love, kindness, compassion, and acceptance of each other, then so can we. Humanity needs to wake up and realize that we are “One Family” and start accepting each other for who we are. Be loving, kind, compassionate, and forgiving. If we do these things then we can create a peaceful world where there is no more wars, conflicts, destruction, starvation, and suffering. Through love, kindness, and compassion we begin heling ourselves and each other.

Ron van Dyke – Hearing The Cries Of The People – 2-19-14

paradoxman316·1,171 videos

I just noticed it’s 11:11 AM as I begin this blurb. 🙂 I keep hearing people tell me and others to stay positive. It would be good advice if it meant that the most positive thing anyone can do is to tell the truth, your truth in the moment. However, that’s not what is usually meant by such advice. What is normally implied is to stay away from negative thoughts and feelings – suppress them if you must, but don’t speak them. That gives them power of manifestation. To me, and maybe I’ve got it all wrong, that is the blueprint for how to live an inauthentic life. Is that what everyone else wants? It’s not what I want. Healing my own shadow involves listening and giving voice to the cries of humanity that the establishment tries to suppress, the cries for truth and justice, the cries for equal and fair treatment under universal law. As I’ve said before, I will not be free until all are free. I’m on a mission to spread the message that we are all brothers and sisters, interconnected in a single web of Life. I choose to hear the cries of the people.

Open Hand Foundation – Compassion as a key to Ascension – 10-2-12

St Francis, was an incarnated angel of compassion, and has had a special place in my heart throughout the aeons. When I immerse myself in nature, walking in the woods, he’ll frequently appear. He’ll transform into an earthly presence, as if breathed into being through the breath of the trees. We’ll walk together, delighting in the vibrations of light as it flickers through the trees. We’ll feel the Angels’ chorus singing the birds into life, whilst an ethereal pulse enlivens a gentle breeze that ignites the whole forest with Love. In these moments, time ceases to be. That moment is eternal…

Strength of true compassion

Eventually, he’ll fade – he always fades, back into the mists. He’ll fade, yet, he will always leave me with an incredible beacon of sentience. He infuses an unmistakable shining light, a message, that ALL beings are worthy of love and compassion. A message that the strength of true compassion is enough to shatter the old world and unleash the light of the earth to birth a new one – a new world based on unconditional love and compassion for all.

The message has come in many forms, encoded, in the space between the spaces, as a story free from dogma, to be touched only by the Soul. It carries with it an untainted innocence waiting to be realised and reborn. The message awaits within the heart of each of us, dormant until stirred, like a hibernating seed, unaware, yet ever yearning for the moment to be set free.

The gift that St Francis brings us holds an important key to our evolution.

‘Compassion for all sentient life’.

It holds a crucial part in the earthly ascension into a higher paradigm.

Ascension in a nutshell…

The Ascension process is complete when our centre of consciousness moves from one paradigm into a higher one. Until that moment of transition we are repeatedly drawn back to resolve, remove and let go of the judgement, attachment and blockages that are keeping the lower paradigm in place. We need to release the self imposed shackles that hold us there. The old paradigm pulls us back until we honour the fullness of who we truly are, with every cell of our being.

When you move onwards through the Gateway of Ascension, the only thing that you can take with you is ‘YOU’ – but first it is necessary to actually realise and remember who YOU are. When you remember, it is much easier to let go of ‘that which you are not’, until all that remains is a boundless, liberated, sentient soul. I see it as one of the most important aspects of the spiritual journey. For when we truly remember who we are, so many other pieces of the puzzle fall effortlessly into place. The shackles fly off!

Ascension it’s about absolute and total commitment to the path of the Soul, without compromise. Whatever it takes!

It’s embracing Oneness, whilst honouring the vehicle of duality. It’s knowing that they are necessary complements of one another whilst being awesomely OK with the paradox. It’s bringing in the fullness of our spiritual beingness as a whole, complete incarnated human being. Without one another there is no momentum for Ascension, since the only ‘way out’ is through.

Mother Earth is moving onwards – She is ascending. There is no time greater in the history of humankind to align with the ascension process.

For more insight and detail about the whole ascension process I highly recommend this article:

Compassion for all sentient beings

One of the most important keys that I have found on the road to Ascension, is “Love and compassion for all sentient beings”. When we touch that space of absolute oneness, compassion is something that arises naturally, as a surge of light from the well of divine consciousness itself.

True compassion holds a particular vibration. This vibration is crucial, as it works somewhat like a key to unlock the higher paradigm within us. It is this vibration that will take us through the Gateway of Ascension, because, as it resounds from our core, it will shatter the entire lower paradigm around us, leaving no other way, than expansive evolution.

The way to access it, is to remove all the blockages that denature and anaesthetise us from the fullness of it’s radiance – which, in a nutshell, amounts to letting go of the entire lower paradigm.

No judgement

To truly understand compassion, it is important that there is no judgement of it and what it means. ALL is the operative word. True compassion does not judge who is worthy or not.

Compassion is not a thought that decides that ‘you’ve got to love all creatures, beings and trees’ – you just do, naturally, because, you touch a space, where you experience no ‘you and them’ anymore, but rather, you are all one of the same. It’s so deep that the entire world falls away at times. It’s an energy at the core of all sentient life.

Be aware, though…. it cannot be imitated. Authenticity is an important ‘test’ on the journey. A difficult challenge at times in a world of countless illusionary bubbles. You cannot raise your vibration sufficiently to ascend unless you radiate from from the core. True compassion is like a razor edged sword. It is a key tenet of the fifth dimensional realm.

When you walk the edge of the blade, you swing open the gates, and the higher paradigm floods in; through you.

Authentic compassion -v- synthetic compassion

I often get asked questions like ‘how do I know if the love and compassion I feel is authentic, real or if I just fabricated it out of my own neediness?’

Really great questions. So how do you know?

If in any doubt, if you care or feel that you care, but are unsure of where it is coming from, I say, keep feeling. Keep unraveling. Watch your motivations. Watch closely within. If it is difficult. Keep holding the space. Keep opening. Notice what is going on…


Where does the energy arise from?
How does it make you feel?
Do you need the situation to have a particular outcome?
Do you need a particular response?
Do you placate others, in order to ‘keep the peace’, to make everyone feel comfortable whilst losing peace in your own heart or feeling drained yourself?
Do you judge people as ‘good’ or ‘bad’?
Do you love yourself?

There’s a kind of aneasthetised compassion, that may appear as brilliantly caring on the surface, yet, underneath, the person could be seething with resentment for putting them selves last, or it could be the ‘programmed dogmatic response’ of compassion, which is rather just placating others, making ourselves feel like we are doing our bit, telling people what they want to hear, in order that no one ever has to confront anything uncomfortable. Look for the signs of masked compassion.

Loving yourself

Above all, love yourself. Forgive yourself. We’ve all screwed up somewhere down the line! Forgive yourself. You can’t even begin to feel true compassion whilst harbouring guilt, resentment and self depreciation. You can only help others to the point you’ve helped yourself. So, I would say, if you haven’t forgiven yourself yet, then go ahead! Love yourself.

Compassion and the comfort zone

True love and compassion, does not seek to placate in order to keep the peace. Nor does it purposefully avoid conflict. True compassion recognises the truth of the situation, holding an open space, and then allowing whatever is divinely given to flow in. It might just be an energy, like a beacon of light that inspires; it might equally be that you are given to bring ‘undesirable’ news, that will invoke a conflict in order to evolve a higher harmony. This often pushes people out of their comfort zone, inviting a deeper exploration and letting go of ‘stuff’.
It’s a gift.
It’s a response from the Soul.

Gandhi was an excellent example of this. He stood with unwavering compassion, non-judgement and love for all sentient beings. He didn’t shrink in the face of adversity. He stood fast with honesty, integrity and an open heart. As the metaphoric walls crumbled around him, an unmistakable light permeated from the centre of his Soul. This light is within us all. It is an unattached, unwavering beacon.

You might feel the most incredible compassion, even when holding up a mirror to another, knowing that it is possible that they’ll blame you for being the bringer of ‘bad’ news or even hate you for it. But you trust. Sometimes the most loving thing to do, is to say something that needs to be said, if it is divinely given to do so, whatever the perceived outcome may be. You can do it lovingly, but at times, there is just no softly softly way to be honest. At times it may create the space to allow a higher harmony to flood in, it to allow an older, outdated energy to fall away. Trust and non-attachment to the outcome is almost always required in these situations. Remember, Higher consciousness knows exactly how to navigate through the chaos.

Sometimes the most loving thing to do, is to walk away. Humility is not needing any particular outcome. Humility is being a messenger from beyond, yet without being attached to the message. Humility is not having to prove our point. It is trusting that if we are meant to walk away, then that is the right thing to do. It is feeling what is divinely given to do, right in that moment.

No two situations ever call for exactly the same response.

Blockages are simply an opportunity to unleash the soul

If you feel that your compassion is tainted in any way, don’t lose heart. See it as an opportunity to unravel the blockages within you, in order that you touch a depth of Soul that will ignite the higher paradigm. Keep chipping away. Break down the walls and unleash the light of your Soul.

Surrender, flow and trust that as each moment arises, you will know what to do. If you don’t know, then hold the space, surrender, let go, until what you are meant to do wells up from the centre of your soul. True compassion is something to be experienced. It is an unmistakable resonance from the centre of your Soul. It will propel you forwards and give you the strength to do whatever is divinely given to do.

Rise Up

The invitation to ascend into the higher paradigm is there for us all.
Rise up my friends. Rise up. Time won’t wait anymore…

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Thubten Chodron – Cultivating a Compassionate Heart – 1-29-14

Cultivating Compassionate Heart - cover



Cultivating a Compassionate Heart :
The Yoga Method of Chenrezig   /   by Thubten Chodron

Perhaps the most widely known and loved deity throughout the Buddhist world, Chenrezig – also known as Avalokiteshvara, Kuan Yin, or Kannon – is the Buddha of Compassion.

Buddhists turn to Chenrezig for protection, friendship, and inspiration on a daily basis.

The meditation practice in this book – composed by a teacher with an extensive Western following – is presented as a useful manual for ease of practice.

An enlightening (and often humorous) commentary by well-known author Thubten Chodron offers instructions and tips on making the practice even more relevant to daily life.

Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara / Kuan Yin) is not only Tibet’s patron deity, he also is the embodiment of the compassion of all the Buddhas and as such is deemed the best possible contemplative gateway to the cultivation of compassion.

In this book, which has received high praise from monastics and lay Buddhist scholars alike – the American-born nun Ven. Thubten Chodron lucidly and engagingly elucidates the Tibetan Buddhist yoga of Chenrezig. Her explanations are based not only on scriptural but also oral teachings, which makes them eminently authoritative and practical.

Essentially, Cultivating a Compassionate Heart  is a knowledgeable, highly practical, and fairly extensive commentary on the Chenrezig sadhana. The book starts with the Thousand-Armed Chenrezig visualization and the preliminary prayers found in most sadhanas and the long mantra of Chenrezig. Only then does the author proceed to explaining the various concepts that make up the theoretical underpinnings of this extraordinary practice.

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Heavenletter #4741 – The Human Condition – 11-17-13


God said:

How can you not be compassionate for everyone else who walks on Earth unsure of where to go and what to do? Which human being on Earth knows what is going to befall? From an Earth point of view, there are land mines everywhere of one kind or another. Once My beloved children on Earth stepped out of their door, cautious of wild animals. Now there are buses to watch out for and cars and any number of footfalls.

There is no armor to wear. Even steel does not work. Hard hats do not always work. Each day all on Earth wake up to a world that may wound them in one way or another, and hearts are tender.

From a human point of view, everyone is brave to wake up in the morning, unknowing of what may befall to themselves and those closest to them and also to so-called strangers.

I ask again: How can your heart not be tender to everyone who lives on Earth, in your same house or in a land far away?

Everyone wakes from sleep, and everyone has to meet the day whatever it may hold or may not hold.

This is what is called the human condition.

How can everyone’s heart not support every other? The least everyone can do who walks the Earth is to care about one another.

It is true you are all in this life together. Oneness means One with Me, and Oneness means One with everyone and everything.

In Truth, beloveds, there are not too many decisions you have to make. You think you have a myriad of decisions to make. Not so. You are to make the world as comfortable a place as you can for all the hearts and souls on Earth. You are not over-solicitous, yet you have in mind that you serve Me, and you serve the Children of God. You serve all the creatures and all the vegetation. You serve the mountains and the planes. You serve as one who serves water. It is not really such a big thing to serve. It is a natural thing.

If you open a coconut, you share the coconut and the coconut milk. If you milk a cow or a goat, you share the milk. You do not have to bear a heavy yoke. Not at all. There will be lightness in your step.

You merely give back to the Universe all that I have given you. When you have, you give.

It is not that you give to the poor. Let there be no poor. Who are you to separate human beings and name them poor?

Which man, woman, or child, or animal of the Earth or bird of the sky is to go hungry?

Giving takes nothing away from you. It nourishes you.

It is better that there is no reason for begging. Benevolence does not mean you are higher than anyone else. Perhaps more fortunate, yes. Higher? No. Make a world where there are no beggars, where there is no such concept as begging. No one is to be a burden who makes others look away.

Do those who are sure they have greater merit – do they create beggarliness? Certainly beggars cannot create themselves all alone. Does the world create the more fortunate in order to create the less fortunate?

Let everyone wake up in the morning with good will in his heart for all.

In the morning, you brush your teeth. Now also cleanse your heart. If everyone left his door with good will in his heart, what would the world be?

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Message To Off World Beings – from

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Sophia Love·41 videos

It is time we spoke for ourselves. — Released on January 1, 2012, the answer came as a comment in mid-April 2012. It is now July 1, 2012 and the comments and conversation continues. I cannot authenticate the commenter, yet he/she is another voice in this pivotal year. The comments are offered almost daily, you might want to check them out.


What’s happened since then?  We’ve woken up on a grand scale.  We made a choice to shift this planet ourselves, which is not surprising for a population of Masters.  UFO sightings have increased tenfold.  UFO landings have not.

That’s fine.  The invitation still stands.  They know where we live.  They even know who sent the invite.

We have woken up and thrown off our covers to reveal our sovereignty.  We are not meek or subservient, but absolutely brilliant.  Any conversation that leaves us waiting or having to perform yet one more thing in order to receive something is not worth having.

Recognize a continuation of the experiment wherever and whenever it shows up.  It may spring from an unlikely source, yet the feeling of waiting and unworthiness is unmistakable.

Now I’ve looked for ships, seen ships and spoken to their inhabitants.  It’ll be great to meet them and get to know each other.  That could happen anytime.  There is nothing left to do in order to receive a response to an invitation.  Once sent, the ball is clearly in another court.

Do you realize what you’ve done?  The cabal is coming down.  Not because someone else from someplace else brought them down, but because you did.  You planned it that way.  You’ve succeeded.

There is nothing more powerful than a self aware being.  You are lesser than none; a beacon of light.  The veil has been thick and obscured your vision.  It can be a bit blurry when you first emerge – confusion results.  You’ve mistakenly believed that the light was emanating from some other.  Not so.  Those are mirrors.  The reflection of your light is blinding.

In this time of emergence, carefully evaluate everything.  Songs, conversations and actions are reflections of where we are.  Anything that empowers and instigates fun and joy without requirement or judgment is growth producing.

It’s a tricky moment.  We are equal to everyone.  Not greater.  Not lesser.  Equal.  Expect as much respect as you offer.  Regardless of worlds from which we spring, we are One.
Worldwide disclosure will catapult many events and expose eons of hidden history.  We’ve been clear on our intent.  We’ve spoken as One.  We do not need to speak again.  The invite was sent and received.

Why it hasn’t been accepted is not clear.  Yet one thing is.  Any message that informs us there is still something we must do before it is, is just a continuation of slave talk.  That experiment is over.

Be ready for the new and expect your wildest dreams.  You are beholden to none, whether on or off world.

We are at the threshold of amazing.  This demands a willingness to trust yourself, to love without condition and to hold yourself in a place of power.  If you’ve ever heard the expression, “He’s more afraid of you than you are of him”, consider the idea that it doesn’t only apply to wild animals.  This delay of contact would seem to imply that it references our off world cousins as well.

Understand the power you hold may be perceived as dangerous or unpredictable.  Send only love, acceptance and unity without fear or subservience.
Embrace a world that includes all possibilities for creation and life and that is the world we’ll inhabit.  This is our intention, our creation, our world.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

Typhoon Haiyan – How You Can Help


Typhoon Haiyan   –   How You Can Help

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Make A Donation:

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Save the Children   –

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SBTF Urgent Needs Map

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